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  • nice presentation and a wonderful overall picture of how LOA and Analytics works.
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  • Frame in a way that “Analytics has been designed to provide useful data to aid decision makers in”:Strategic PlanningAssessing Learning OutcomesIncreasing Student Retention
  • Starting at slide 9 @ 14:27 to slide 12 @ 19:01
  • Learning analytics has been around for quite a while in the form of business intelligence, assessment/evaluation, HCI research and other research models
  • From Campbell and Oblinger (2008)There are many models out there but they tend to be variatoins of the Campbell and Oblinger modelCapture – select and organize your data: Analytics requires determining what data is available, what form it is in, and methods for collecting itReport – analytics tools – and John will talk a little more about those - perform queries, examine the information, and identify trends, patterns, and exceptions in the data. Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation) are often generated as well, depending on the contextPredict - The rules governing the models can be simple or extremely complex, based on numerous data points and statistical algorithms to generate predictions.Act - The goal of any analytics project is to enable an institution to act based on predictions and probabilities. Actions might range from “information” to “invention.” Refine – at the heart of a sound analytics approach is the spirit of continuous improvement and process refinement
  • When assembled, the Analytics solution will enable you to answer a number of questions. If you need to report on learning outcomes, are students meeting targets? If you need a strategic report on course operations, you can ask where students are enrolled, whether they are participating, and whether quizzes they are taking are successful. Student success will help you answer whether students are engaged in their classes, and whether they are on track for success.
  • Help clarify vague, fuzzy goalsHelp students understand learning expectations, and self-improveMake scoring easier and fasterMake scoring more accurate, unbiased, and consistentImprove feedback to studentsImprove feedback to faculty and staff
  • Frame in a way that “Analytics has been designed to provide useful data to aid decision makers in”:Strategic PlanningAssessing Learning OutcomesIncreasing Student Retention
  • Shows relationships between learning outcomes and other learning outcomes at various organizational levelsInstitutional levelProgram levelDepartment levelCourse template level
  • Shows relationships between learning outcomes and organizational structuresInstitutional levelProgram levelDepartment levelCourse template level
  • Displays individual learner progress on competency achievement over time. Data is grouped by Course, followedby Competency, Learning Objective, and Assessment Activity. This report is available in the Analytics Portal andthe Administrative Console.Use the Individual Progress on Competencies Over Time report to address the question "How do studentachievement rates vary across courses?" This report enables educators to compare student performance against common competencies across courses.
  • Displays overall progress on Competencies, Learning Objectives, and Assessment Activities within one or morecourses. Data is grouped by course, followed by Competency, Learning Objective, and Assessment Activity. Thisreport is available in the Analytics Portal and the Administrative Console.Use the Progress on Competencies by Course report to address the question "How are students within a courseoffering progressing towards the achievement of expected competencies?" The report enables educators tocompare achievements against set targets and identify specific areas where learners might be havingdifficulties.
  • Displays progress for one or more competencies across all courses that utilize the competency. Data is groupedby Competency, Learning Objective, and Assessment Activity, and shows a summary of progress for each course.This report is available in the Analytics Portal and the Administrative Console.Use the Progress on Competencies Across Courses report to address the question "How do student achievementrates vary across courses?" This report enables educators to compare student performance against commoncompetencies across courses.
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  • Desire2Learn Learning Analytics

    1. 1. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comwww.Desire2Learn.comLet’s transformteaching andlearning, together.Desire2Learn AnalyticsLearning Outcomes Assessment
    2. 2. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearning Analytics
    3. 3.• What is the goal?– Use datarigorously &empirically– to transformteaching &learningLearning AnalyticsAim to personalizethe learning journey
    4. 4. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearner DataMark David Milliron at Educause 2011• “Bring data to learning moment”– Data in the hands of students, instructors &advisors– Use data to make decisions at the momentof learning• “Can you use information about me?”– Institutions use data about students everyday• “…to help me?”– Amazon, Netflix, etc. use behavior dataevery day to help users (people) make thebest choicesWas CEO Bill & MelindaGates FoundationNow WGU TexasChancellorMark David Milliron
    5. 5. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearner Data• Big Data – activity data• Academic Tenacity– Self-regulating behavior– Self-adjusting to stay on target & achieve goals• Predictive Modeling– “Based on the achievements of other students likeyou.”
    6. 6. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comCircular Resource Strategy• Mark David Milliron commented on CRS• Resources to support achievement of learningoutcomes– Use Analytics to perform triage & evaluate– Are these the best resources to achieve outcomes– Are the students performing well on assessments– All decisions are data (analytics) based– Make improvements going forward (next cycle)
    7. 7. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comDefining Learning AnalyticsAccording to SOLAR(Society for Learning Analytics Research)• Learning Analytics is themeasurement, collection, analysis, and reporting ofdata about learners and their contexts, for purposesof understanding and optimizing learning and theenvironment in which it occurs.
    8. 8. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comDomain of Learning Analytics• Widely varied due to theextreme diversity• Typical domains:– Increases in learning andknowledge– Social network and contentanalysis– Personalization, adaptation,and remediation– Prediction and interventionprescription– Training effectiveness &business impact
    9. 9. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comFive Basic Steps of Learning AnalyticsCaptureReportPredictActRefine
    10. 10. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearningOutcomesAssessmentCollectevidence andaggregateachievementof outcomesStudentSuccess &EngagementUniquevisualizationsfrom multipledata sourcesStrategicPlanningAggregate resultsfrom enrollments,surveys, grades andassessmentsanalysisThree Segments of AnalyticsLearningAnalytics(Tactile)AcademicAnalytics(Strategic)
    11. 11. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comWhat doesAnalytics answer?Competencies, Learning OutcomesRubricsAssessmentPre-AssessmentPost-AssessmentAre students prepared?Are students on-track?Did students learn?Are students meeting learning targets?And at what levels?LearningOutcomes LearningOutcomesAssessmentCollect evidence andaggregate achievementof outcomes
    12. 12. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comOrganization Unit Objects (OUs)• Create custom org units andrelationships as needed• Could be manually definedin the DOMEOrganizationTermsCustom OrgUnitsDepartmentsCourse TemplatesCourseOfferingsSections Groups
    13. 13. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comOutcome StructureLearning Activities &RubricsLearning ObjectivesCompetenciesInstitutionalOutcomes C0C1LO1A1-R1 A2-R2LO2A3-R1C2LO3A4 –R1
    14. 14. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comDefine Outcomes, Plan AssessmentsInstitutionProgramDepartmentCourses
    15. 15. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comRubrics Rubrics help institutions and instructors understand studentachievement of learning outcomes. The benefits of using rubrics in courses can be observed byboth the instructor and student.
    16. 16. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comCourse Analytics• Native in the Learning Environment• Student can view their own progress• Instructor can see overall course progress
    17. 17. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comStudent Analytics
    18. 18. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comStudent Analytics
    19. 19. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearning Outcomes Reports
    20. 20. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLearning Outcome AlignmentOrganization: Lake Valley University (4 learning outcome selections)LVU IO 1 -CommunicationLVU IO 2 – CriticalThinkingLVU IO 3 – CulturalAwarenessLVU IO 4 – InformationLiteracyEngineering Technology(11 selections)Lake Valley University (lvu)
    21. 21. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comCurriculum Mapping ReportLake Valley University (lvu)LVU IO 1 -CommunicationLVU IO 2 – CriticalThinkingLVU IO 3 – CulturalAwarenessLVU IO 4 –Information LiteracyProgram: Elementary Education(7 Course Template selections)Organization: Lake Valley University (4 learning outcomeselections)
    22. 22. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comIndividual Student ProgressFilter &SearchViewOverallProficienciesIdentifyKnowledgeGaps
    23. 23. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comAchievements by CourseFilter &
    24. 24. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comCompetency Progress Across CoursesFilter &Search
    25. 25. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comCourse Learn Outcome Evaluation
    26. 26. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comProgram Learning Outcome Evaluation
    27. 27. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comRubric Evaluation – Fall Release
    28. 28. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comSupport for Academic Achievement
    29. 29. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comSupport for Institutional Effectiveness
    30. 30. Subtitlewww.Desire2Learn.comLet’s transformteaching andlearning, together.For more information:Call us at 1.888.772.0325 Info@Desire2Learn.comMichael MooreSr. Advisory Consultant - AnalyticsMichael.Moore@Desire2Learn.comDon WalshProduct Planner –
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