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    New Media DL Day One Intro Deck New Media DL Day One Intro Deck Presentation Transcript

    • Introduction to Google 1
    • Mike 2
    • Digital Revolution in Context Distribution andInformation Commerce Communication “Read” “Buy” “Talk”1994 1998 2000 2003 2006 2010Users 77M 400M 500M 1B 1.9B 3
    • Internet users worldwide2010 1.9 B Mobile subscribers2010 5B Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc.2010 800 exabytes Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
    • Internet users worldwide 2010 1.9 B 2020 5B Mobile subscribers 2010 5B 2020 10 B Digital information in the world – videos, photos, music, texts, etc. 2010 800 exabytes5 2020 53 zettabytes 5
    • Consumer Transformation ebay Farmville Amazon Selling $6B via 30M people using it 180 Kindle books mobile every day; an est. sold for every 100 in 2010 800K virtual tractors hardcovers sold daily at $3.33 each YouTube views iPhone App store Red Cross Lady Gaga 1.5B 5B apps 20% ($23M) of video views downloaded donations for Haiti in 6
    • The Three Be’s Be Found Be Engaging Be Accountable Google Confidential and Proprietary 7
    • Things we ll cover today •  Why Search Matters •  History of Google •  The Early Days •  Philosophy •  Business Model •  Beyond Search 8
    • Search is a Barometer 9
    • Search: One of the Most Popular OnlineActivities 74.2B Internet searches conducted worldwide in June 08; that s 11.1 searches for every person on Earth, in one month. If every search were a mile, we d go to the sun and back nearly 5 times every year.Sources: comScore qsearch, June 2008, (divided over 30 days for per day value); world population as of July 2008, 10distance to the sun,
    • How big is Search? 82% of Internet traffic begins at a search engine Searches by Country Share of Search AOL LLC All Others United States 14,471 2% Ask Network 10% 1% China 6,565 eBay 2% Japan 5,802 NHN United Kingdom 4,206 Corporation 2% Germany 3,747 France 2,855 Inc. 5% Google Korea 2,724 Microsoft Sites Sites 63% Canada 2,611 3% Italy 1,724 Yahoo Sites Brazil 1,664 12%Source: comScore World Metrix, January 2008 11 11 1
    • So What Are We Searching For? Search for Google Hot Trends 12
    • Search Trends Show Changing Preferences 13 1
    • … Subjects of Interest and Worry 14 1
    • … and New Trends and Opportunities Search for Google Insights for 15
    • Snapshot of Collective Conciousness 16
    • Google Search Predicts Box Office Gross OpeningOpening Weekend Box Office Gross Weekend: $110M Opening Weekend: $13M Searches, Week of Opening Day (Log) Source: Google internal data, sample of 65 top gross films of 2005 17
    • What Could You Do With Six Weeks to Go?Opening Weekend Box Office Gross 82% Correct Opening Weekend: $29M Opening Weekend: $18M Searches, 6 Weeks Before Opening Day (Log) Source: Google internal data, sample of 65 top gross films of 2005 18
    • Search: The Center of Online Advertising Search has by far the …and is on largest share of online ads… the rise % Online Advertising Revenue1 Projected for 2007 • 13.0 Billion searches 100% a month in the US 8% Rich Media 10% Email and referrals • Search sites have 80% 17% Classifieds 86% reach over the Internet 60% Display and 25% Sponsorship • 70 searches per user per month in US… and growing 40% 20% 40% Search 0% Type of Online Media1 eMarketer “Update: US Online Advertising Spending” Oct 2007. Source: comScore qSearch and MediaMetrix key measures report 19 1
    • 20
    • Philosophy: Google’s 9 Rules of Innovation:No Constraints •  Hiring is at the heart of all we do •  Ideas come from everywhereInitially, ignore:•  CPU power •  Share all information•  Storage •  Morph ideas, don t just kill them•  Bandwidth •  Users come first, not money•  Money •  Data drives all decisions •  Speed matters – iterate products •  Vision must be shared with the team •  20% time is at our core 21
    • Managing Innovation Core: search and ads Crawling, Ranking, Web Search, Maps, AdWords, Adsense, Gmail, etc. Related: extensions of core search News, Books, Product Search, Orkut, TV/ Radio/Print Ads, etc. Exploratory Google Mars, Lively, etc. 22
    • Google s Mission Organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful 23
    • Google Evolution: More Than Just Search 466451995 1998 2000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 ?
    • Connects Users, Advertisers, and Publishers Users •  Relevant and useful information U •  Access from anywhere •  Ease of use •  Objectivity A P Advertisers Publishers •  Precise campaign control •  Access to global advertiser network •  Measurable return on investment •  Better user experience •  International support and expertise •  Revenue opportunities •  Global audience of interested buyers •  Increased traffic 25 2
    • 98% Revenue – „Sponsored Links” Queries Ads Clicks RevenueRevenue = Users * * * * User Query Ads Click 26 2
    • The Digital Landscape Provides Many Potential Combinations Ad Format Embedded Text Display Rich Media Website Content Text Direct Video Blog Video Games mention Ads Email Ads Content Company Product Gadgets Site Microsite On FromLocation Search On niche consumer “Premium” to Pages sites Sites consumer BUZZ Popular Social Portal content Email Sites site Responses/ comments Onlin MobilDevice e e PDA Phone 27 2
    • Search is Increasingly Local 70% of US households use the Internet for local informationSource: The Kelsey Group, March 2006 28
    • Search is Going Mobile•  Mobile web. 40% of US adults The Future of The Mobile Web: Powerful Handsets, Full HTML with a mobile phone have used it Browsers, 3G/WiFi Speed, Apps to access the web1•  Mobile search. 10 million Americans use mobile search at RIM iPhon least once per week (104% y/y e growth)1•  Smartphone impact. iPhone users search 50x more than those on traditional mobile devices2 Android•  The future. Just 19% have smartphones today; 49% intend to purchase in next 2 years1Source: (1) comScore M:Metrix, September 2008. Mobile Market View, The Kelsey Group and ConStat, October 2008.
    • Video Consumption Continues to Grow… x2 75% 75% Did you know… YouTube is now the 2nd largest US households search engine 75% of US Internet streaming video in the US. * users watched a video doubled in online last month the last yearSources: emarketer, October 2008; comScore Video Metrix, August 2008; Comscore, August 2008
    • Incredible Audience SizeYouTube has more usersin the US than there arepeople in France… 31
    • An interactive world 35 hrs+ Uploaded to YouTube 32
    • Search Goes Beyond Search Engines Size = # monthly UUNote: Social and media are ranked roughly by the amount of activity of each in comparison to the other on a given site.Source: Nielsen//NetRatings
    • Our Integrated Marketing & Commerce Solution Mobile TV Ads LocalEngage Search Find Buy Conversion Tracking Measure 34
    • Google is Easy 35
    • Making Google Easy is Hard 36
    • What s Next? 37
    • Search in 2001… Google Confidential and Proprietary 38
    • Today… Better answers, fasterSearch within a search(Easier to find results)‫‏‬Organic resultsSearch WikiImage results Video Results Google Confidential and Proprietary 39
    • Introducing the +1 Button, RecommendationsDesigned for Google Search Available on: ü  Google search results ü  Google search ads ü  3rd Party sites (coming soon) 40
    • Google Apps = Cloud Computing 4141
    • Chrome: An Open Source Browser 42
    • Android: An Open Source Mobile Platform 43
    • Target Mobile Devices: Click to Call 44