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Trainer vs Performance Consultant
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Trainer vs Performance Consultant


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Pretty basic, but it gets the idea across. It did help set the stage in one department I led, where we aimed to morph into performance consultants.

Pretty basic, but it gets the idea across. It did help set the stage in one department I led, where we aimed to morph into performance consultants.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Trainer vs. Performance Consultant What’s the difference? How do we get there?
  • 2. Trainer Respond to Training Requests ADDIE Process  Analysis  Design  Development  Implementation Instruction  Evaluation TAugust 2003 Performance Development 2 PC
  • 3. Performance Consultant Business Partner Wider Array of Diagnostic Tools Systems Approach Expanded Solutions A Different Philosophy A Bigger Tool Kit TAugust 2003 Performance Development 3 PC
  • 4. The Consultant’s Curse If your only tool is a hammer… Everything starts to look like a nail! TAugust 2003 Performance Development 4 PC
  • 5. Key Differences Trainer Perf. Consultant Focus Learning needs Performance needs Structured learning Solutions that change Output experiences performance Accountability Training activity Better business results Participant reaction & Performance change Measures learning & ROI Training needs: Assessments Performance gaps knowledge and skills Relationship to Org Produces measurable Cost center Goals results TAugust 2003 Performance Development 5 PC
  • 6. PC as Business Partner Demonstrate Business Knowledge Get Involved with Business Issues Coach the Client Become a Single Point of Contact Proactively Identify Opportunities for Performance Solutions TAugust 2003 Performance Development 6 PC
  • 7. Diagnostic Tools Performance Analysis Process Training Needs Analysis: Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups, and Observations Force Field Analysis Root Cause Analysis (Fishbone) Climate Surveys Process Mapping …and more… TAugust 2003 Performance Development 7 PC
  • 8. Systems Approach Strategy Clear Expectations Feedback Loops Policies Business Processes Training Job Profiles/Fit Org Structure Tools/Technology Competencies Reward Systems Environment/Culture TAugust 2003 Performance Development 8 PC
  • 9. Expanded Solutions Strategic Planning Expectations/Feedback Selection Process Training Compensation/Incentives Process Redesign …and more… TAugust 2003 Performance Development 9 PC
  • 10. So Now What?Subtitled…“Meanwhile, back at the ranch…” TAugust 2003 Performance Development 10 PC
  • 11. Monday, Monday Never try to eat an elephant in one bite Focus on step one:  Over-define the problem  Document everything Problem-solve to the edge of your comfort zone Bring in reinforcements as needed; but remain the contact point TAugust 2003 Performance Development 11 PC
  • 12. That’s it from me Now it’s your turn…