Quareo Solution Overview


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Managed Connectivity describes the reality that, for the first time ever, your entire Layer 1 network will be automatically documented with 100% accuracy using Connection Point ID.

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Quareo Solution Overview

  1. 1. Quareo™
  2. 2. Businesses and organizations worldwide are more dependent thanever upon networks that operate over a broadly distributed physicalinfrastructure layer, comprised of hundreds of millions of cables andconnections. The reliability or fallibility of these networks’ is dependentupon many factors, including comprehensive and accurate statusand documentation, and the ability of network personnel to isolate,troubleshoot, and repair failures.With network challenges and growing complexities, there is a greater need to identifya solution that will confront the following issues head-on:S e c u ri ty Every organization must mitigate the risk of network intrusion to prevent compromise of critical business information. Ever-increasing security threats raise the need for organizations to require complete network visibility and instantaneous intrusion detection.Hi gh Avai l abi l i ty Today’s networks require business continuity, but network operators currently lack visibility into the entire network as the physical layer is excluded from existing network management, monitoring systems and policies. With typically 60 to 80% of unplanned downtime originating in the physical layer, this lack of visibility and management capability poses serious risks to network availability.OPEX The costs associated with network infrastructure maintenance are staggering. Tracking, tracing, discovering and resolving network disruptions have a direct impact on your organization’s IT budgets and bottom line. Accurate knowledge of physical layer network topology leads to less network issues, faster resolution of problems and a reduced OPEX.Compl i an ce There are a variety of government regulations, compliance and reporting requirements regarding how an organization’s data is accessed, transacted and stored. Today’s network management tools simply do not have access to information related to physical layer connections where intrusion detection and accurate logging of events can guarantee network integrity and meet security, compliance and reporting requirements.Capac i ty an d S c al e The ever-increasing amount of network traffic and data storage requirements continues to drive complexity in the network. Data Centers need to be more agile and able to scale their network based on new demands. It is more critical than ever to choose solutions that allow for capacity and flexibility.
  3. 3. TE’s Q u a re o ™To solve these network issues, TE Connectivity introduces Quareo, a game-changingtechnology in the physical layer or layer 1 of the OSI model. This technology is based onunique identifiers for every connection point in the network, where a connection pointcan be defined as one end of an Ethernet cable or a port on a network device. Quareo isa Connection Point Identification Technology™, which provides unprecedented knowledgeabout the network including accurate documentation and reporting of changes, as well asenhanced security; Quareo enables higher network availability while lowering the networkoperating costs for a network, from the data center all the way to the desktop.Wh at is Q u a re o?Quareo is based on microchips that areembedded in connectors of TE’s high- Ope n Syste m Inte rco nne c t i o n M o d e l (OSI)performance copper and fiber networkcabling solutions. These microchips haveinformation related to the cable itself aswell as unique identifiers for each cable.Quareo PathManager software suite is Layer 3 Network Layerable to have real time communication Computer/Phone Sytemswith each cable and network panel.This information is stored in the QuareoPathManager database and is thenused to draw topology maps as well as Layer 2 Data Linkintegrate with industry applications. Layer 1 Physical LayerToday, network managers utilize multiple routers or switches Finally, the same can be said for the appliances, be they IP phones,connected together to effectively run the network. The perception is laptops, PCs, WAPs, etc. These items aren’t directly connected to thethat these routers or switches are physically connected to each other, servers, routers or switches. They are connected to the physical layerbut the reality is that they are actually connected together through that connects them to the servers.the physical layer. Although the network perception is that all these items are connectedThe same is true for application servers. They either have multiple together via a direct connections, the reality is that they are allservers, or partitions of servers are logically connected together connected together through a complex and distributed physicalthrough routers or switches. Again, these servers aren’t physically layer infrastructure.connected to the routers or switches directly. They are connected viathe physical layer.
  4. 4. How i s th e Qu are o di f fe re nt ? The technology uniquely identifies each connection at the time of install, which enables the Quareo PathManager software to automatically self-discover, inventory and document the connection and co-relate all other connections in the network to create a comprehensive network view of the connection points. Every physical change in the network is recorded for real-time monitoring and event logs, topology mapping and problem solving from the data center to the desktop. Quareo delivers unprecedented security and business continuity by making every outage, interruption or intrusion instantaneously visible via graphic display and reporting tools. Wh at i s th e val u e of Qua re o? Quareo enables easier, smarter network management for everyone from cable installers to network managers, strengthening physical security, boosting availability and providing real-time communication with network assets. Quareo brings a new level of business intelligence to the network by making possible a wealth of new applications. Organizations can now increase service levels and reduce OPEX across the entire network with access to new applications functionality made possible by Quareo, ranging from security and inventory management to remote diagnostics and managed or outsourced services. This unparalleled visibility into a network will enable organizations to have documented compliance to regulatory or industry requirements as well as to network security policies. Why TE? TE network connectivity solutions can be found in many of the world’s largest telecommunications networks and data centers, including highly secure commercial and government installations that demand mission-critical quality and reliability. Quareo technology represents a logical, next generation innovation based on the core competencies of TE bolstered by patent-pending chip technology and software. The design of the new Connection Point ID technology and corresponding open architecture software provides infinitely scalable physical layer visibility and management that integrates transparently with existing network management software.Contact us:Greensboro, NCUSA 55440-1101 TE Connectivity, TE connectivity (logo), Tyco Electronics, TE (logo), and Quareo are trademarks of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family ofTel: 1-800-553-0938 companies and its licensors.Fax: 1-717-986-7406 While TE Connectivity has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document, TE Connectivity does not guarantee that it is error-free, nor does TE Connectivity make any other representation, warranty or guarantee that the information iswww.te.com accurate, correct, reliable or current. TE Connectivity reserves the right to make any adjustments to the information contained herein at any time without notice. TE Connectivity expressly disclaims all implied warranties regarding the information contained herein, including,www.te.com/adc but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The dimensions in this document are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Consult TE Connectivity for the latest dimensions and design specifications. © 2011 Tyco Electronics Corporation, a TE Connectivity Ltd. Company. All Rights Reserved. 108415AE 4/11 Original © 2011