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000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
000 Ignite3 Welcome
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000 Ignite3 Welcome


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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Ignite Boston n Future Ignite Boston: January, May, September Event Date RSVPs Est Attend First Ignite May 31, 2007 184 230 Second Ignite Sept. 6, 2007 233 (+21%) 300 Third Ignite May 29, 2008 355 (34%) 400 Ignite Boston 4 Sept. 2008
  • 3. Our Sponsor ignite . oreilly . com
  • 4. Three things
  • 5. Meet People #1
  • 6. Participate #2 But... be mindful of the speakers!
  • 7. #3 Have fun!
  • 8. Ask Later 5-minute limit Plus 1
  • 9. Logistics
    • O’Reilly Folks here to help.
    • Agenda - Let’s stick to it.
    • Future Ignites - DIY and Boston 3 times.
    • Got a Talk! Get it ready. September is just around the corner . . . summer.
    • Sticker/tag yourself.
  • 10. Rating 41411 41411
    • Help us refine for future Ignites... not public display.
    • Each speaker will be assigned a letter.
    • Text/SMS IGBOS and that speaker's letter and a rating from 1 to 5 to 41411
    • For example, if you were rating the second speaker a 3, you'd text "igbos b3" to 41411 and you'd receive the following autoresponder:
    • Thank you for rating this Ignite speaker.
    • Please visit for upcoming Ignite event details.
  • 11. Rating the Talks - Final Order Text/SMS: 41411 igbos Xn Xn Rate: Low High n =1,2,3,4,5 RateLetter Firstname Lastname igbos H n John Viega Keynote: Security and Vulnerabilities igbos B n Fish Fishman Stage Magic in virtual worlds igbos C n Paul Oka Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope (WWT) igbos D n Mackenzie Cowell DIY-biology igbos E n Juhan Sonin Interface Design Tenets for Beautiful Design igbos F n Lucy Mendel Buy It Like You Mean It igbos G n Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos Friend discovery and file sharing in downtown Boston igbos A n Johnathan Zdiarski Keynote: iPhone, Forensics & Full Disclosure igbos I n Shava Nerad Machinimeconomics igbos J n Clark Freifeld HealthMap: Automated disease outbreak monitoring igbos K n Joe Cascio Distributed Twitter igbos L n Bryan House The Open Source Marketing Checklist igbos M n Jesse Vincent Web 2.0 is Sharecropping igbos N n Ravi Mehta Digital Goods, The Future of Online Communities igbos O n Alexander Wissner-Gross The environmental footprint of a website igbos P n Benjamin Mako Hill Voting Machinery for the Masses igbos Q n Overall Ignite Boston 3 Overall Rating of this event. igbos R n Andrei Kersha Telepresence Robots that do not Suck
  • 12. Let’s Get Going
    • 2 Keynotes
    • 15 Talks - five minutes each
    • Couple breaks... some questions
    • Try to be cognizant of the noise level when speakers are talking
    • Raffles and fun giveaways interspersed
    • Need to talk loudly - Go downstairs, please
  • 13. Now to kick off our Ignite Boston event, please welcome Jonathan Zdziarski Open iPhone Application Development