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Intro to PGB Services

  1. 1. Introduction to Services May 3, 2010 Submitted by: Tim Parr Telephone: (415) 968-5040 E-Mail: may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  2. 2. CONTENTS 01 ABOUT PARR GOLDMAN & BYRNE 02 WHAT PARR GOLDMAN & BYRNE DOES 03 THINK OF IT THIS WAY... 04 SPECIFICALLY WHAT PGB DELIVERS 05 PRICING may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  3. 3. 2 01 ABOUT PARR GOLDMAN & BYRNE PGB has traditionally worked along PG&B was originally founded in 2002 by Tim This track record of up-ending conventional thinking has side leaders who face problems that Parr. The firm provides service in the areas of resulted in speaking engagements at trade events, col- Brand Strategy, Outsourced Creative Services, leges, and conferences. don’t neatly fit within the Marketing, and long term strategy consultation. PG&B has Design, or Strategy departments of a delivered solutions ranging from full creative Tim Parr has given lectures at the Stanford School of company. services for multi-national corporations, to strat- Design, the San Francisco Academy of Art, the Califor- egy implementation for 115 year old American nia College of Arts, Outdoor Retailer, Fly Fishing Re- We start be clearly defining a well brands. The firm follows a multidisciplinary ap- tailer, and Interbike. constructed vision based on the proach to inventing strong, clear visions and delivering market success. philosophies and mission that the company faces. PG&B has created solutions for a wide range of organizations. Clients include young start ups We then create stories that translate such as the iconic bicycle brand SWOBO, to how the company communicates industry leaders like PATAGONIA, and include such remarkable heritage brands like FILSON, and why your products matter. L.L. BEAN, and GOORIN BROS....none of which are younger than 115 years of age. The goal is to complement the ra- tional side of your business (that The firm’s work has not only resulted in radical meticulously builds benefits and client success, but in radical changes to industry- features into stuff), and build benefits wide assumptions and dynamics. and features into YOU. may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  4. 4. 3 02 WHAT PARR GOLDMAN & BYRNE DOES When PGB was originally hired by We all understand that great brands are not Not very efficient, and overall an unfortunate waste of Patagonia, we were the only outside solely defined by the products that they pro- good people’s time. duce, but also by big ideas and deep beliefs. agency to ever work on the Patago- These deep beliefs and big ideas are difficult to What we are hired to do is fairly simple: nia brand in it’s 30+ year history. copy, sustainable over time, and our strategic advantages for growing any company success- We allow all the people who manage your brand’s as- We work closely with CEO’s, CMO’s, fully. sets, and company, to care about all the same stuff you and founders to get people, prod- care about. All the time. ucts, and communication all working We also know that if we were to create an agreed upon bedrock of “truth” about your be- towards the same big goal. liefs and ideas…we could establish a point of view, and trajectory, that all corners of the busi- The firm has worked with a wide ness could embrace and develop. With that in range of consumer product brands hand, employees, customers, and vendors have that occupy an even wider range of an opportunity to be on the same page. distribution. From Saks 5th Avenue, The point of institutionalizing these beliefs is to to R.E.I. , to specialty sporting goods provide a relevant tool that performs as a channels, we’ve navigated them all “compass” to all creative (and operational) exe- with success. cution within the company. It is a story for eve- ryone to embrace and build upon. Establishing a direction comes from defining a vision, and realizing how that vision will be re- flected in communication strategies, it’s opera- tions (retail, web, etc.) and all product strate- gies. “Vision” is often a widely mis-understood and mis-managed corporate asset that can be better managed if it is better articulated. It rarely is. Usually we find wasted resources due to well meaning employees, just trying to do the best they can with the understanding that they ab- sorb over time. may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  5. 5. 4 03 THINK OF IT THIS WAY... SOUL (inner white circle): This center of your universe is what your company stands for above all else. It’s what drives us. .(/01)*2 CHARACTER (middle orange circle): 5-21'4: Our character traits form a personal- ;0+8*-*< ity that contains many dimensions of behavior. Your character must drive %&'(')*+( your communications and actions, or 30-*/(-'4 ,('-* you’re creating a bunch of BS that Here is a simple way of how some 5/-)+ %&'(')*+( %&'(')*+( A+B2-*+ your audiences will quickly recognize of your companies deepest beliefs as such. These days, you’ve got to ,('-* ,('-* (the soul of the company) will have be true. a profound effect on your day to day tasks. Simple solution? Yes. %&'(')*+( ,('-* !"#$ %&'(')*+( ,('-* ACTIONS (outer brown circle): Here are just some examples of what we make and “do” every day in order It has to’s what started your to make it all come to life for people. brand in the first place. %&'(')*+( %&'(')*+( .')@'9-89 Given the high cost of all these ac- ,('-* ,('-* tions, it’s amazing how little compa- 607+(*-2-89 %&'(')*+( nies invest in the other 2 parts of our ,('-* model. >+*'-4: By defining every ring in detail, we =+22'9+2 387-(/8?+8* maximize the effects that ALL of our actions have across all parts of the business. may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  6. 6. 5 04 SPECIFICALLY WHAT WE DELIVER Some of the most respected com- DIAGNOSTIC 3 weeks project panies ever built, have trusted PG&B Locating areas of interests and discussion. with one of their greatest assets...their names. We can schedule a half day that we spend at your office, meeting with your team and discuss- ing your business. We will then spend time for- We deliver projects as brief as two mulating some best practices in areas that we weeks, or more commonly, we stay feel will need deeper investigation. on-board to help navigate your posi- tion we’ve helped define. Sometimes for years. ARCHITECTURE 6-8 weeks project Drafting what matters. Why it matters. How to use what matters. Whether it’s a new product launch, or going back to re-install the deep First, there is the order of business of creating a beliefs of a 120 year old institutional relevant position within the market that will American brand, we have an ap- scale. This is us, with your team, coming up with proach to solve some widely misun- a complete brand strategy that properly articu- lates your vision and what it all means. derstood practices. BUILD monthly retainer Putting understanding to work. Design is communication. It is not the taste or flavor of the moment. PGB will manage the crea- tive that represents your business to ensure that communication is appropriate and clear for your target audiences. MANAGE monthly retainer Strategy + Design + Business We work directly with you on brand issues tied to daily opportunities and threats. may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  7. 7. 6 DIAGNOSTIC Locating areas of interests and discussion. Anyone who has spent time building great prod- How long will it take? ucts and competing in today’s hyper saturated 3 weeks consumer product markets, knows that it’s easy to simply lose the days to aggressive blocking What happens? and tackling. We know it’s become a necessity 1. Distribute key questions to leader- for survival and success. We understand the effort that you and your teams put into bringing ship team for review. products to market. We’ve done it ourselves. 2. Spend 1/2 day inside the corpo- rate headquarters meeting staff In this initial Diagnostic phase, we put energy and reviewing data. into defining the problems you believe you have, 3. Conduct our own research within or are currently trying to solve. We will define the issues that we can clearly effect...and give the market. some context to those issues that fall outside of our control, but not necessarily outside of our What gets delivered? worldview. •Clearly defined problem scope •Current situation analysis We review revenue and profit centers to see •Current opportunity map where the largest contributions (and biggest drains) are occurring, review competition, and gain insights on your current target audiences. We then return with a diagnostic report on where we believe advances could be made. DIAGNOSTIC may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  8. 8. 7 ARCHITECTURE Drafting what matters. Why it matters. How to use what matters. How long will it take? We believe that any vision can be, and should 6-8 weeks be, disassembled into definable parts where everyone can actually make use of it on a day What happens? to day basis. PGB uncovers which philosophies 1. Establish core team for project drive the company, where the company wants to go, and what tools are available to make it all 2. Conduct interviews with core team happen. 3. Define the approach for making the vision real Learning curves should be flattened as much as 4. Define the approach for making possible for everyone within a company, but the brand strategy relevant oddly enough, what we find is that there’s gaps. 5. Conduct our own market research Gaps usually grow over time as companies grow, and messages get layered. This layered 6. Project Workshop with core team reality makes learning curves (for even veterans) 7. Establish shared definition of prob- somewhat steep, and key ingredients get lost lems and project vision over time. 8. Work with core team to evaluate concepts, and evaluate the most Defining the architecture of your brand strategy ARCHITECTURE gives everyone who comes in contact with the likely to succeed options firm a deep understanding of why the company matters. We find that founders will even use the What gets delivered? tool, many years after we have left it behind, in •Shared vision and brand insights order to get a “bearing” on where to turn or review navigate next. •Documented specifics on Commu- The PGB Architecture tool acts as a compass to nication, Culture, and Offerings prac- anyone and/or everyone who comes in contact tices with your company for business purposes. •Documented specifics on Character Clients view this process and deliverable as be- traits and how those traits effect ing critical to their success in establishing a con- future behavior sistent vision and company message. DIAGNOSTIC •Working document that can be used “as is” or designed into a broader application of a Brand Bible. •Provides both a philosophical and a tangible set of parameters to test against. may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  9. 9. 8 BUILD Putting understanding to work. Your creative direction should be driven by your How long will it take? business strategy and your newly articulated 3-6 month retainers brand strategy. We don’t rely on any one per- son’s “taste” as being the criteria on whether your design language and execution fulfills your What happens? much needed market differentiation. 1. Work with in-house designers on BUILD migrating design principles to- Design is communication. “Art for Art’s sake” is wards company vision for the front of refrigerators. We believe that 2. Source freelance designers to graphic artists should be held to high standards, and managed as business partners in charge of work within the guidelines set forth communication at the most important points of within the Architecture of the customer contact. brand. 3. Manage creatives in their execu- PG&B will act as an outsourced creative direc- tion of communication design tor / art director for your company. We will take 4. Define the framework in a way that all the hard work that was completed in our ear- lier projects or services, and put those under- enables deep comprehension standings to work. We take the ideas and les- without stifling innovations and ARCHITECTURE sons that we’ve learned along the way and use growth. those tools to properly manage all creative communication. What gets delivered? •Outsourced Art Director / Creative Director with a deep understanding of your business and vision DIAGNOSTIC may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary
  10. 10. MANAGE 9 MANAGE Strategy + Design + Business How long will it take? When it comes time to implement the newly de- 3-6 months veloped mantra, our goal has always been to lead cultural change and adoption in the most inspirational way possible. What happens? BUILD 1. Continue to promote and install Most of our clients retain our consulting for the company’s renewed mode of many months after we complete an Architecture focused communication and de- phase, so we can all be held accountable for sign making sure the vision we are passionate about, doesn’t get either lost in translation, or squan- 2. Monitor and remedy any inconsis- dered by a reluctant team member. tencies with strategy and market 3. Participate with the migration over Business is never static, and what is true today of time rather than create a harsh your competitors, customers, and channels of transition distribution, may have some interesting opportu- 4. Participate in new opportunities nities tomorrow. We stay present with you and your team to troubleshoot and take advantage and issues that present them- ARCHITECTURE of what are some interesting times. selves What gets delivered? •Monthly participation and consulta- tion on all brand related issues. DIAGNOSTIC may 10, 2010 © 2010 Parr Goldman & Byrne, confidential and proprietary