Preservation    of   WealthCHANGEYOUR     PARADIGM! POW’s one-two punch  marketing strategy Produce wealth withPOW’s Benef...
Preservation                                      of   WealthCHANGEYOUR     PARADIGM! Are you tired of working hard and ha...
2. POW’s income program allowsConsultants to earn significant income requiredto build wealth. How significant? You will   ...
Produce                                                                              wealth                               ...
Optionship4-YearMoney BackGuarantee.Buy with confidence!A         ny Preferred Customer or Associate that has purchased an...
Highest            paying   binary   M              any binary programs require you to obtain 300 BV on your         remai...
Two  industryprofessionalslead POW                           J                                 ustin Davis is the founder ...
Now is the time to CHANGE YOUR      PARADIGM!High Income doesn’t equate to WealthP r o d u c e , P r o v i d e a n d P r e...
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Change Your Paradigm with Preservation of Wealth


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Change Your Paradigm with Preservation of Wealth

  1. 1. Preservation of WealthCHANGEYOUR PARADIGM! POW’s one-two punch marketing strategy Produce wealth withPOW’s Benefit Program Two industryprofessionals lead POW
  2. 2. Preservation of WealthCHANGEYOUR PARADIGM! Are you tired of working hard and having little to show for it? Our economy has two different types of income creation, which are linear and residual income. Linear income is trading hours for dollars and residual income is repeat income created from one effort.E xamples of residual income would be authoring a book, acting in a movie, singing a song, or being part of network marketing. This industry has be the fastest growing company in the industry andcreated more millionaires than any other industry in then sustaining its position as a legacy for genera-the world and 70 percent of those millionaires are tions to come.women. Most network marketing programs haveyou purchase products. You consume them, make POW’s one-two punch marketinga little money and at the end of the day, you are strategystill broke, in debt and have nothing to show for itall. Isn’t it time to change your paradigm? POW’s mission is to provide the average person There couldn’t be a better program at this time the opportunity to create wealth. To accomplish itsin history and in this economy. Unemployment is mission, POW uses a two-step approach to produce,high. Everyone’s cash flow is tight. Inflation is rising provide and preserve wealth.and hyperinflation threatening. Social Security’s future First POW offers the best possible pricing on preciousis uncertain. However, Preservation of Wealth (POW) has a metal bullion as well as providing many other benefits thatblueprint to help you produce, provide and preserve your wealth so are designed to save you money. This helps to increase your fundsthat you can change your paradigm. required to build wealth. POW offers two methods to accomplish build- The company is transacting millions of dollars in metals revenue and ing funds.has a long list of satisfied customers. It’s quietly becoming the premier 1. POW’s Benefit Program will help build funds by saving money onmetals and networking company. POW boasts exclusive contracts with services and products for both normal purchases being made anyway andsuppliers and much more. Preservation of Wealth’s CEO Bill Constain significant savings on precious metals, especially in the form of gold andbelieves “all of the elements are present” for his company to potentially silver coins and bullion, being used to build wealth. C O N T E N T S POW’s one-two punch marketing   Produce wealth with POW’s Benefit Program • Page 4 strategy • Page 2 Optionship 4-year money back guarantee • Page 5 Silver may be the best possible way to   build wealth • Page 3 Highest paying binary • Page 6 Increasing your “financial literacy” • Page 3  Two industry professionals lead POW • Page 7   All information contained in this feature article is provided by the featured company. This is an 8-page insert supplement in NMBJ.  The act of publishing a story should not be construed as an endorsement or judgement NMBJ has newsworthy articles on current   industry events, the best training columns  of the featured company by Network Marketing Business Journal. Network Marketing Business in the industry and cost-effective  Journal assumes no responsibility for performance, integrity or claims made by the featured advertising that works! company. THIS IS A SPECIAL  Call: 815-726-5555 or FAX 815-726-5550 All information contained in other columns is the responsibility of the individual columnist. The opinions expressed by the columnist are his or her own and do not necessarily reflect the FEATURE MAGAZINE 20636 Burl Court • Unit E • Joliet, Il 60433 opinions of Network Marketing Business Journal. The entire contents of Network Marketing Business Journal are protected under the federal copyright act. Reproduction of any printed issue or portion thereof is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent or permission of Network Marketing Business Journal.
  3. 3. 2. POW’s income program allowsConsultants to earn significant income requiredto build wealth. How significant? You will gOLd is ALsO stiLL rising.soon learn how you can earn $100 in Fast Start MAny experts incLuding dr.Commission fits and be in profit with just afew sales. Additionally, POW’s 75 percent cap bOb LivingstOn And the s&Ain its binary compensation plan may be theindustry’s highest and you can earn unlimited finAnciAL digest beLieve gOLdnumber of cycles (number of times you get paid cOuLd hit the $3,000$100 a week) with five generations of match-ing bonuses and much more. This means there rAnge by 2013 Or evenis no limit on how much you can earn. POW’sincome program can rival any direct sales com- reAch $5,000 Anpany’s compensation plan. POW provides morethan a great way to generate income. POW also Ounce thisprovides the means to build wealth. decAde. In fact between all of the savings and sig-nificant income you can earn, POW providesthe means to generate the funds needed to startbuilding wealth. The second step is to provide a system tobuild wealth. To do this, requires somethingthat is a proven long-term asset with a his-toric growth in value that can be purchased at or its customers, they are only here to sell pre- from under $20 an ounce to over $40 an ounce.below market value to maximize the gains and cious metals at the best possible price. Yes, Yet silver is still considered to be under wealth. You will soon learn how POW many experts believe silver will out perform Historically, gold usually costs about 15prices not only beat every multi-level market- the stock market, any bank instrument, real times more than silver. Gold is now fluctuatinging (MLM)/direct sales competition but also the estate and even gold for years to come. As the between $1,435 and $1,475. At $1,455, silverbiggest names in mainstream bullion. POW is dollar continues to fall in value, especially due should cost $97 per ounce. It is now just overa highly competitive metals business that also to the quantitative easing policy of the Federal about $40 an ounce, but rising.has a tremendous compensation plan tied to the Reserve Bank (the Fed), precious metals prices However, gold is also still rising. ManyBenefits Program and its numismatics. usually rise not only proportionally but in a experts including Dr. Bob Livingston and the compound manner as more as people turn to S&A Financial Digest believe gold could hitSilver may be the best possible metals as a safety net. As the dollar has fallen the $3,000 range by 2013 or even reach $5,000way to build wealth in six months from requiring only $1.18 to pur- an ounce this decade. With gold even at $3,000 Although Preservation of Wealth does not chase a Euro Dollar to now requiring $1.45 to an ounce, silver should historically reach $200give or offer financial advice or strategies to purchase the same Euro Dollar, silver has risen an ounce. That is a 500 percent increase! Do you think the stock market will increase that much? The Dow Jones would then have to exceed 60,000. Do you think that the home that fell from $250,000 in the last couple of years to $200,000 will turn around and cost a mil- lion dollars in the same amount of time? Even if silver just rises to $100, that would be a 250 percent gain. The owners of Network Marketing Business Journal (NMBJ) believe in and are purchasing precious metals. We believe that precious metals, especially silver is not only the best hedge against inflation, but it is the best way to build and preserve wealth. Increasing your “financial literacy” POW is determined, perhaps because the executive team has backgrounds in financial planning, to teach people how to get and sustain wealth, particularly through high-end precious metals. Bill Constain, POW’s CEO, explains MAny experts beLieve siLver wiLL Out perfOrM that the average person can do this for no more the stOck MArket, Any bAnk instruMent, reAL than the cost of an evening of entertainment. He states precious metals never go out of style, estAte And even gOLd fOr yeArs tO cOMe. have a great wealth-building track record and need no experience to understand or to sell to prospects. NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses •  3
  4. 4. Produce wealth POW’s with Benefit ProgrampOw’s benefit program is the first of the company’s one-two punch to produce, provideand then preserve wealth for its customers. the value of pOw benefits program is in itssavings potential and discounts. the company has many extra benefit programs that arefree, including health cost saving benefits!S ome things in the Program are dental, vision, legal, pharmacy, cash- back shopping mall benefits and recreation/entertainment discounts. POW is maximizing for its customers savings on things they wouldbe paying for anyway! The company has many satisfied customers getting,as Constain put it, “Value, value, value.”Silver and gold coins preserve POW customers’wealth You can buy the same Eagles, Maples, Pandas, Philharmonics, etc.,from other coin dealers but POW sells them at its cost. Its customerscombine their purchasing power to buy gold, silver, platinum coins atthe best possible pricing. In fact, POW’s discounts on coins are so deepand so low that coin dealers have come to POW to get the great deals forthemselves! Most have purchased the Benefit Program at full retail, asretail customers, just to obtain POW’s pricing. You can buy POW products at retail or in the Benefits Program – and bars are .999 fine silver and trade closer to spot price compared toeither at great savings. POW’s customers can save 15 to 60 percent when government-issued bullion. You can also purchase from POW NTR one-acquiring precious metals because the company sells the same coins, ounce Gold Triangles. Being both beautiful and unique, these .999 purebars, etc., without charging a markup or adding inflated shipping charges. one-ounce triangles are becoming more popular in recent years.There are no commissions paid to POW employees or its sales reps on For those on the Optionship Program, the products are numismatic,precious metal transactions. The more customers that POW has, the better graded coins. They are recognized as premium coins by the highestpricing all the customers and POW retail customers receive. regarded grading companies in the world. Each coin is encased in a pro- The American Eagle Silver is POW’s most popular selling coin, as tective clear plastic slab to preserve its brilliance and quality. Unlike thewell as the world’s most highly demanded coin. It was first released by bullion coins / bars that are sold at cost, some proceeds for the Optionshipthe U.S. Mint in 1986. It is struck only in the one troy ounce denomina- coins are paid back to the referral network in the form of Businesstion and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9 percent pure Volume (BV). Promoting these numismatic, collectible coins is a greatsilver. It is authorized by the U.S. Congress and its weight and content way to add residual income.are certified by the U.S. Mint. At-cost pricing is available to all customers regardless if they refer Other coins offered by POW include: the American Eagle Gold Coin; other customers. Many customers choose POW simply for at-cost pricingthe American Buffalo; the South African Krugerrand; the Canadian and will earn commission should they chose to make referrals. CustomersMaple Leaf; the Austrian Philharmonic; the Swiss Franc; the Morgan also receive Price Point Notifications via text message when POW hasSilver Dollar; the Silver Panda; and the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf. special deals, for example, Silver Eagles at 0.99 over spot. No other direct POW also offers silver bars that trade closer to spot compared to sales program offers low pricing over cost to POW’s!premium coins likes the Eagle or Maple and can be a very efficientway to own silver. Very popular in recent years, POW’s generic rounds 4 • NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses
  5. 5. Optionship4-YearMoney BackGuarantee.Buy with confidence!A ny Preferred Customer or Associate that has purchased an The Preferred Customer or Associate must be in good standing with Optionship Silver Coin of the Month starting May 1st, 2011, can Preservation of Wealth and they are the only ones that may return the sell their graded coin at the price they paid on the Optionship Optionship coin back to Preservation of Wealth for a refund. AssociatesProgram minus any tax or shipping with proof of a paid receipt and the may receive a Commission Charge for any returned coins.graded coin must be in perfect resale condition. Each coin must be sent by This guarantee applies only to the Optionship Program and limited tothe customer in a package paid by the customer with a tracking number no the number of coins purchased that month with a limit of three gradedmore than three months or 90 days after the four-year anniversary of the Optionship coins of the month. All other coins would not qualify.purchase of the Optionship Coin.POW’sindustry-highcompensation planP OW is much more than just an income- a Consultant. Once you make a 100 BV per- coin purchases alone depending on the number generating program. Its goal is to increase sonal sale or purchase and sponsor one person you purchase. Whenever a program is sold, your “financial IQ.” POW helps you in each of your right and leg legs who each does whether your sponsor sells one to you or youincrease your net funds available through savings 100 BV, you can become a Consultant and earn sell one to others, a $100 retail profit is paid.generated by its Benefit Program. POW’s main override commissions. That is a high 40 percent rate of profit. So sellgoal is to help you produce, provide and preserve This is standard for most binary structures three and you are in profit.wealth. However, POW’s compensation plan that permit only two persons directly under you. As you will soon read, you can sell just twocan boast several industry highs including the All others that you sponsor, or those under you Benefit Programs and help each of them to sellhighest cycle percentage payout (and that is on a sponsor, are placed into one of those two legs. two and you will earn another $100 in binary50/50 structure) and an industry-high 75 percent As those upline continue to build their business, override commissions. Either way you are in they must place all new people into one of their profit with just two or three personal sales. Thatpayout cap in a binary program. So despite that two legs, who may also be placed under you is not even counting profits from selling coinsPOW’s primary objective is to produce, provide in your sales organization creating more sales and bullion or all of the benefit savings youand preserve wealth, its compensation plan set volume for you. could be enjoying.higher standards for earning income too. POWprides itself with on-time commissions and no Fast retail profits Matching retail profitsmissed payout checks. The Benefit Program is sold for $249 and Qualified Consultants earn a $20 profitStarting with POW includes Dealer Cost precious metal bullion override when one of his or her personally spon- coins / bars. Additional benefits are all designed sored people sells a Benefit Program. So if all You can start as a retail customer and if you to save you money. It includes the POW Benefit you do is sell two programs to your two person-purchase the Benefit Program, you can even Program, which has sold for $249 by itself and ally sponsored people and help them sell theirpurchase coins at a savings. You can start as a many other benefits that can save you a lot of two qualifying programs, you will earn $200 inRetail Associate without any purchase and start money including some free health services ben- retail profits, $80 in retail overrides and a $100selling and earning retail profits. If you desire efits. The POW Benefit Program can literally binary override. That is already $380 and youto become a Consultant and earn override com- save you thousands of dollars in silver and gold are now able to earn even more!missions, you can sign an application to become NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses •  5
  6. 6. Highest paying binary M any binary programs require you to obtain 300 BV on your remain within their cap. POW has an industry high cap of 75 percent. right and 300 BV on your left to earn a commission (600 totals This means they pay more of the BV and you can earn more. BV). That is called a cycle. Most pay $50 on that 600 BV cycle or 10 percent on the weakest leg, which would be only $30 for that Five generations of Executive Matching Bonuses volume. Some programs make you have twice as much on your biggest (EMB) leg, but pay you on only your weakest leg. For example, you would be In a binary structure you can have only two Consultants on your first required to have 600 BV in your strong leg and 300 BV in your weaker level. The rest of the people you sponsor fall below them. leg and still pay you just $60 for the 900 total BV volumes or about 6.6 In POW’s matching structure, all of your personally sponsored percent. If you are paid 10 percent on the weak leg or $30, it would be people go right under you on your first level. This is called your first only 3.3 percent. generation. Everyone they personally sponsored goes on their first POW pays you a very high $100 per cycle and that’s on just a 50/50 level, which is your second level and is called your second generation. match of 300 BV and 300 BV. That equals 33.3 percent on your weak In POW this continues and you can earn a 10 percent matching bonus leg or 16.67 percent on total volume. That is probably the highest in of their binary commission on up to five generations, depending what the industry. rank of Executive you are. If you sponsor a lot of people, the five gen- That is not all! Even beginners in POW can cycle up to five times a erations of Executive Matching Bonuses could exceed even your binary week. That means you can earn up to $500 a week in binary overrides commissions and you already know how much that can be – unlimited! alone. You can advance in rank from Consultant to Executive to 10 Star Executive by sponsoring people and increasing sales and helping them Sales Performance Bonus succeed. You will earn more cycles per week and with sufficient BV Every month an Executive increases the number of active personally volume, you can Cycle 50, 100, 200 or more and even unlimited times a sponsored Consultants or Executives, they earn a 50 percent additional week. At even 200 cycles a week, you would earn over a million dollars first Executive Matching Bonus. That is on the new people and on all a year in just binary overrides. 10 Star Executives earn unlimited cycles of your personally sponsored first generation binary commissions too. with no caps on income and there is still more … . If you have already sponsored many active Consultants and Executives, these bonuses could mean thousands dollars more income a month for How can POW do this? continuing to build and support your sales organization. And of course, Most all companies with binary compensation structures cap off building your sales organization will also increase your binary com- the total amount they are willing to pay at 40 percent to as high, in a missions and regular EMBs too. Now imagine how much everyone’s few, as 60 percent of BV. If total commissions calculated exceeds their income will increase when all of the Executives continue to build their cap, they will prorate the commissions before they pay commissions to sales organization each month to earn the Sales Performance Bonuses! You should be excited about this compensation plan’s potential. However, income does not automatically convert to wealth. That is where the rest of POW has a sure advantage. Instead of just consuming your products and income, each month you purchase silver and gold coins and bullion with the new funds from your benefit savings and POW’s record-setting compensation plan, you can produce, provide and preserve your wealth. For most people, that will be a welcomed paradigm change.6 • NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses
  7. 7. Two industryprofessionalslead POW J ustin Davis is the founder and president of POW. Early in his career at Mutual of New York, he learned the value of financial planning and the benefits of precious metals. Before his time as a financial planner, Davis was fortunate to have success in net- working and ultimately walked away from financial planning when asked by a close friend to partner in a software development venture specific to MLM and networking. Bill Constain He’s had the pleasure of working hand in Justin Davis hand with the owners of many large and start- up companies and understands the power of networking. He’s enjoyed the friendships/rela- He has also served on the National Advisory Board for MoneyTrax INC,tionships of other MLMs, but always felt the need to simplify the process where he has mentored over 5,000 advisors around the country.of networking. It was time to take the simplicity of precious metals and Constain has earned over 10 industry designations, which includeduplicate that into business. Preservation of Wealth was created to provide Registered Financial Planner (the RFP), and leads a national team of finan-the best products in the world to people at the best prices, while keeping cial advisors servicing individuals, business owners, and corporations.things simple. He has been a trainer, mentor, and keynote speaker to the direct sales Bill Constain is POW’s CEO and national marketing director. He industry over the last 22 years. Constain has also served on various advi-is also the former president and founder of Strategic Wealth Network, sory boards including Isagenix International from 2008 to 2010 helpingbringing his clients nearly 20 years of experience in the financial and that company achieve over $1 billion in sales.legacy planning industry. He is a founding member of the National Constain is also the author of a new book entitled, Preserving WealthAssociation of Financial Advisors (NAFA), The International Who’s Who with Precious Metals and co-host of an Internet television program calledof Professionals, and The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives. “Preservation of Wealth Network.” S tarted in 2009, POW was originally designed to cater to the wealthy,Tough economy demands giving them access to precious metal purchasing. As time passed, it has grown to more than 3,000 customers and represented millions ofa new approach, a new dollars of purchasing power, which gives POW the best price to pass on to its customers. The company, which became so popular that many peopleparadigm looked at it as an income opportunity, is now poised to attract several hundred customers in the coming years. Now POW is changing the way people buy gold, silver and other precious metals. It’s an established, two-year company, celebrating its anniversary July 1, close to the United States’, and also providing independence – financial independence – and liberty during its Phase 2 launch. Like our Founding Fathers, POW’s founders were tired of people working hard but not making enough money or having any net wealth to show for it. They urge you to “get with the program” – their program – to produce, provide and preserve wealth now, not … someday. NMBJ Presents: Successful Home Businesses •  7
  8. 8. Now is the time to CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM!High Income doesn’t equate to WealthP r o d u c e , P r o v i d e a n d P r e s e r v e We a l t hIncome is what you earn. Wealth is what you haveworking for you. Most people have a negative net worth,ask yourself where you stand.Extraordinary SignificantSavings + Record Income • POW’s Benefit Program increases your funds with POW’s signifi-Opportunity = The solution cant savings in precious metal pricing, lifestyle benefits savings into produce, provide & travel, recreation, condos, legal, cash-back shopping mall, phar-preserve wealth. macy discounts and much more. • POW will help you to increase your financial literacy. It’s time • POW’s record-setting compensation plan can increase your in- come to generate funds to build wealth. to change • Earn $100 per Program Direct sale plus $20 on 2nd-level sales.your • Earn profits after with as little as two personal sales. • Earn $100 per cycle with just $300 BV in both legs. That’s a re- cord 33.33% on your weak leg! • Earn up to unlimited cycles and income. • Earn up to 5 generations of matching bonuses.paradigm! • • Earn Sales Performance Bonuses. Record-setting 75% cap. • Provides the most competitive prices on silver and gold coins and bullion to create true wealth. Experts state that precious metals are the best way to create and preserve wealth for the short and long term. For more information please contact: Mike Childs