CRO for SEOs - Better Together #SearchLove



The who, why, and how of CRO. SEOs should be using CRO in their day to day to increase their value.

The who, why, and how of CRO. SEOs should be using CRO in their day to day to increase their value.



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    CRO for SEOs - Better Together #SearchLove CRO for SEOs - Better Together #SearchLove Presentation Transcript

    • CRO & SEO – BetterTogetherWho, Why, and HowMIKE PANTOLIANO
    • Aiming to be a complete web marketerMICHAEL PANTOLIANO Web Marketing Consultant @MikeCP
    • Who?
    • 2009!Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Meet Mark
    • Mark
    • MarkThose Were His Bosses
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5 Project 6Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • CRO (duh)
    • Why?
    • Reason 1Michael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 2Michael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 3Michael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 4Michael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 5aMichael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 5bMichael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Reason 6Michael Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Market Research : SEO ::Consumer Behavior : CRO
    • Big Ass Market Research Report 2012 Prepared For: Big Important Company Inc.Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Control Big Ass Persona Report 2012 15% Lift Prepared For: Big Important Company Inc. 27% Lift 30% Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Successful Headline Test Banner Ads Text Ads Email Direct Mail Radio TVMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • 7 ReasonBecause You’reWatching This Presentation
    • 100% Experience 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% SEO Tactical CROMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • How?
    • Process Hacks
    • There’s Something Identify Missing Implement Something Here to Test Find Run Test SignificanceMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • ―Progress in manufacturing is measured by the production of high quality goods. The unit of progress for Lean Startups is validated learning-a rigorous method for demonstrating progress when one is embedded in the soil of extreme uncertainty.‖Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • What Did We Learn From that Test?Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Use Evernote
    • Holy Crap! Free Stuff Bonus!
    • Make Friends with Designers
    • And here Spend more time hereMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • What’s up with this?
    • Ask The Right Questions
    • Gathering Feedback Sales / SupportMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • The Power of Mockups &Wireframing
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Mockups for Getting Buy-In
    • Mockups on SteroidsMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Tools of the TradeMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Get Snippets Integrated Early!
    • ―Best‖ Practices* *Ya Gotsta Test
    • Certificate of Authenticity This shit is real. I swear to God. Signed by The President Of the WorldAuthenticity Rules
    • "I highly recommend this. Surgery would have been awful. I thought that it would be time consuming, but it wasnt bad at all, especially considering how great I feel." Mary S., Tuscaloosa, ALMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Awesome #2 Awesome #1Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Holy Cats!Headlines Are Important
    • Holy Cats Dogs!Headlines Are Important
    • Bullshit
    • Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Simplicity+++
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Emphasize ―You‖, Not ―We‖
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Optimizing for speed ISdoing CRO
    • For every 1 second of load time, conversion drops 7%! & @jcolmanMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Be (a) Human
    • Stop It
    • Just,Stop It
    • The commonality across all of these examples (and thousands more in our other studies) is that users pay attention to information-carrying images that show content thats relevant to the task at hand. And users ignore purely decorative images that dont add real content to the page. So much fluff — of which theres too much already on the Web. Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • These folks seem legit
    • Get InspirationDon’t Just Copy
    • Users fixating on images Users ignoring the images themselves
    • Sweat the Small StuffTest the big stuff
    • Recap
    • Who?Mike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • ROI Career Level Up (not provided) Panda Traffic that Doesn’t ConvertWhy? Customer Behavior Intuition++ Responsibility Level UpMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Strive for Validated Learning Be Authentic Simplicity ―You‖, Not ―We‖ Be (a) Human Be Inspired – Don’t Just Copy How? Sweat the small stuff – Test the big stuffMike Pantoliano | @MikeCP
    • Thanks!More:101 Landing Page Optimization Tips (Unbounce)What Spending $252,000 On Conversion Rate OptimizationTaught Me (Quicksprout)616 (and counting) CRO Tips (Unbounce)MIKE PANTOLIANO