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I was asked to do this presentation for Selby Town Council which I presented to some of them Yesterday. The topic is on the opportunities and threats that legislation and other statutory changes that might be faced over the next five years and advice to councillors.

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  • Welcome to this 10 minute briefing by Michael Beckett on challenges over the next 5 years for Selby Town Council.
  • Producing a timeline Construct a matrix Requested Advice, Insurance difference between advice and information Specific Advice Generic Advice Please see my written Advice Memo
  • Lobby to be on the agenda of Europe Look at what is being drafted Contact with MEPs and their officers Putting the case, making it easy for them to decide in your favour. Partner working with Local Government in Yorkshire and Humber, National Association of Local Councils etc.
  • Localism act into Local Government Finance Bill – Tax and Incremental funding borrowing. Business Rate receipts Impact on higher tiers of Govt of reducing income
  • Consultation Spin - Lip service – dynamic – responsive Relationship building – soft power Other bodies whose activities may impact the work of the Town Council
  • The Devil is in the detail… yet to be released Feed in to Development Plan – Local Development Framework Taking on more services should be considered Reference to the 2004 Boundary Commission Report which references the 2003 research.
  • Usually Governments plan for pre-general election spending to achieve feel good factor before Election Civil Service is seen to follow Govt’s lead but do so as soon as slow as possible knowing Direction from above may soon be a U-turn General Election allegedly planned for 2015 maybe earlier? 2015 Which way the wind blows – Will Town Councils be axed? Squeezed or empowered? 2016 Bending with the wind to jump on any appropriate bandwagons for additional resources for Selby, 2017 Going forward, optimising the Council’s performance in relating to Selbians,
  • Make it work for Selby
  • Recent power of Wellbeing might be worth invoking does require training ratio of 80% of Councillors to enact. The changes in competence should make us review what we do Sacred cows, horse trading and the hard grind of making this work
  • Optimise Outcomes Risk assessment of threats Consider Likelihood and impact Action to ameliorate, mitigate and accept… Identify and exploit opportunities
  • Thank you councillors, to optimise performance of Selby, you need the best Clerk for Selby. Building sustainable relationships, inspiring ambition, implementing the Councils decisions with diligence. I would love the opportunity to assist you in achieving this. I believe I will best meet your needs.
  • Michael Beckett 20120312 presentation to Selby Town Council

    1. 1. Selby Town Council:Challenges for 2012-2017 Briefing by Michael Beckett Monday 12th March 2012
    2. 2. The Purpose  Opportunities and/or threats  5 year horizon scanning  Legislative changes  Discussion area  Advice to Councillors  Legal disclaimer  Specific indicative advice  General advice
    3. 3. Europe  Currently preparing 2014 budget  Promoting Selby  Monitoring opportunities  Submissions to EU highlight Selby’s case  Lobbying with LGYH, YLCA, NALC and other elected officials
    4. 4. Westminster  Localism Act  General Power of competence  National Planning Policy Framework  Open Public Services Whitepaper  Local Government Finance Bill  Caps on other tiers of government
    5. 5. Whitehall and departments  Internal changes, SI’s and projects  Whitehall departments  Department Transport - Infrastructure  Environment, Food and Rural Affairs  Communities and Local Government  Culture Media and Sport  Non-Departmental Public Bodies
    6. 6. Localism  Statutory Instruments drafting  Neighbourhood Plan (DP/ LDF)  Local Referendums on SDC?  Selby become a Unitary?  Selby could merge with East Riding of Yorkshire, York, Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield, or even Doncaster.  North Yorkshire Unitary, in 2003 Ipsos Mori option Selby District residents favoured.  Service provision
    7. 7. Timeline  2012 Euro Budget, Homes Bonus & Localism  2013 Localism & new Govt initiatives  2014 Pre-election slowdown & spending?  2015 General Election?  2016 Shiny new flagship policies?  2017 Implementation
    8. 8. Conclusion, in summary  Monitor, adapt & implement  Consider a neighbourhood plan  Review standing orders  Town Council’s Business Plan - Review  Monitor Selby  Effects of caps on other tiers of government  Partnership working to provide co-ordination  Consulting local people to represent them  Optimise service provision
    9. 9. Advice Indicative Advice for Councillors  ‘Power of wellbeing’  ‘General power of competence’  Gap analysis, partners scope creep  Review services and priorities  Community Bid, services, neighbourhoods  Lead on modernisation and best practise
    10. 10. Selby Town Council: Threatsand Opportunities 2012-2017  Ameliorate threat risk  Exploit opportunities
    11. 11. Decisions requested & me Thanks for your listening I am open for questions You need the best for Selby. ___ Focus administration on relationships, providing options and delivering for Selby.