DATE:         August 10, 2009

TO:           All Vendors

FROM:         Julie Dabydeen, Buyer
QUESTIONS                                          ANSWERS
4.   What is the level of responsibility of the   The goal of t...
QUESTIONS                                         ANSWERS
10. Is it the intention of the State to have    The toll free ph...
QUESTIONS                                          ANSWERS
14. Will the provider be given access to the     If this become...
QUESTIONS                                         ANSWERS
22. Is each service mentioned in the RFP         Yes. Case manag...
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  1. 1. ADDENDUM TWO DATE: August 10, 2009 TO: All Vendors FROM: Julie Dabydeen, Buyer State Purchasing Bureau RE: Questions and Answers for RFP Number 2991Z1 to be opened September 3, 2009 2:00 p.m. Central Time Following are the questions submitted and answers provided for the above mentioned Request For Proposal. The questions and answers are to be considered as part of the Request For Proposal. 1 QUESTIONS ANSWERS 1. In response to the sentence on page Currently there are 588 families living outside 24, under section C “The family may of the State of Nebraska who currently live in Nebraska or another state…”, receive a form of subsidy and would be how many families do you currently eligible for post adoption / post guardianship have receiving subsidies outside of the services. This includes both adoption and state? In addition, what is the guardianship. expectation of service for those families Please refer to the RFP, Section IV.C. who are located out of the state?11 Project Requirements, page 24, for information on the expectation of service to those families who are out of state. 2. What access would contractor have to The Department will work with the Contractor the children and family records, to make the necessary information available. including N-Focus? What would be the However due to confidentiality there may be timeline for retrieval of documents from a requirement that the adoptive parents sign the vault? Who would requests for a release in order for certain information to those documents go through? be given to the Contractor. 3. Is there any additional training required Please refer to the RFP, Section IV.C. of staff for the RFP services? Project Requirements, page 25, and E.7.d., page 28.
  2. 2. QUESTIONS ANSWERS 4. What is the level of responsibility of the The goal of the program described in the contractor if parents request the child to RFP is to avoid the relinquishment of the be relinquished from their home? What child. If the adoptive parent wishes to pursue is the process for this occurrence? If a relinquishment as an alternative after family makes a firm decision that they receiving or being offered post adoption no longer want responsibility for services, the Contractor should refer the parenting the child, what is the parent to appropriate Department staff or to contractor’s role and responsibility? a private agency. More specific protocol will be developed with the agency awarded the post-adoption, post guardianship contract. The removal or reassignment of a contractor 5. On page 11 of the RFP under item J. or subcontractor employee would be based Contractor Personnel it states that “The upon performance considerations as State reserves the right to require the determined by the State in its sole discretion. contractor to reassign or remove from the project any contractor or No formal documentation is provided. subcontractor employee.” What are the criteria for this removal/reassignment? There is no provision for appeal. Will documentation of this be provided in writing? Will the contractor have any ability to appeal if an employee is removed/reassigned? 6. What is the geographic distribution of See attachment A to this Addendum. current subsidy families? 7. Is there any documentation of the This information is not available. volume of inquiries currently received from adoption or guardianship subsidy recipients at HHS? 8. How are calls received regarding Issues about subsidy should be referred to amount or issue with the subsidies the appropriate subsidy workers at the received to be handled by the Department. Information on how to contact contractor? these workers will be provided to the contractor. 9. On page 25 under section 2 “Direct The Department will work with the selected Service Provision Will Include” item b, it Contractor in order for the Contractor, as states that if callers to the toll free part of the screening process, to immediately phone line are deemed eligible for the verify that the caller is receiving a subsidy program then the case management and, therefore, is eligible for post adoption or process will begin on the phone. Is this post guardianship services. Eligibility is not when the contractor is able to begin based on the level of subsidy. The charging for units of service? Or is it Contractor is able to begin charging units of only when eligibility is verified through service upon determination of the eligibility of the state (i.e. checking their subsidy the caller. levels)? Page 2
  3. 3. QUESTIONS ANSWERS 10. Is it the intention of the State to have The toll free phone line is intended to be the toll free phone line become a crisis available to subsidized adoptive parents or line for adoption and guardianship guardians who need assistance or support. subsidy families? What are the This may occur, but is not limited to, crisis expectations for services by the situations. Please refer to Section IV.C., contractor in response to crisis calls Item 1. Case Management and Item 2. Direct (i.e. Safe Haven type calls)? Service Provision for the description of expectations for services. 11. What data does the Department have Data on adoptive/guardianship parents who regarding yearly numbers of request that the adopted child be placed adoptive/guardianship parents who back in state custody is not available. request that the adopted child be placed back in state custody? How are those requests Currently, when an adoptive parent or currently handled? How would guardian contacts the Department and is this contract change that process? considering a request to place the child back in the Department’s custody, the parent or guardian is referred to the Children and Family Services Worker who processed the adoption when possible, or is referred to the Department’s Adoption Specialist. Limited consultation is provided to the parent or guardian and they are referred to community resources. This contract would provide for additional attention to case management for these families and access to services not currently readily available to them in order to prevent the disruption of the family. 12. Please clarify the procedure when the If the child is placed back in the Post-Adoption provider is case Department’s custody, the Contractor would manager for a adoption/guardian no longer be involved. (family) and the child or children are removed from that home back into state care. What is the Provider of Post- Adoption services responsible for? Would the services of the Post- Adoption provider immediately be terminated? 13. Can you give us the average adoption The Department does not believe that this subsidy paid per child in Nebraska and, information is relevant to this contract. if different, the subsidized guardianship Services provided in this contract are not payment per child. connected to the amount of subsidy provided. Page 3
  4. 4. QUESTIONS ANSWERS 14. Will the provider be given access to the If this becomes a relevant issue discussion determination for subsidy information will occur between the Contractor and the and yearly review? Department on how and if this information would be provided. 15. Can the direct service cost exceed the The RFP does not limit the amount of direct monthly subsidy provided to the family? service provided. 16. If the State is contacted by an adoptive/ Services can be referred by whoever is guardian family requesting assistance appropriate. will the State direct the family to the Post Adoption phone number or will the State employee /contractor call the provider for a direct referral? 17. What are the State’s current costs for The State does not currently purchase direct direct services to post- services to post-adoption/guardianship adoption/guardianship families? families. However, the Department currently has a contract with the Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association to provide support to foster parents and adoptive parents including mentoring and training. The contract, including the contract amount, is available on the Department website at s/CWJS/contract/NFAPA.PDF Information about NFAPA is available at 18. Please give us examples of expenses No further guidance is provided. or items that would be allowable as direct service to families. Section C Payment Schedule 2(b) 19. What is the number of subsidized See Attachment A to this Addendum. adoptions and guardianships in each service area? How many are out of state? 20. Can a bidder bid for specific service No. the bidder is expected to provide areas rather than the entire state? services to the entire state. 21. Will HHS be dividing the services in the No. see answer to #20. RFP among different bidders? Page 4
  5. 5. QUESTIONS ANSWERS 22. Is each service mentioned in the RFP Yes. Case management and services are (ex. respite, support groups, therapy) limited to 90 days. Please refer to Section all provided for a maximum of 90 IV.E.1.a.i.b. and 1.b.i.a. of the RFP. days? Services provided after the 90 day period are not be a part of this contract. However, the Can a client remain with a child or family may be able to continue to therapy group or therapist they access the service/provider if it is offered were with under this RFP after the through another funding source for which the 90 days under a different payment child/family is eligible. The Contractor sources? should assist the family in making the transition to other appropriate services following the 90 day post adoption or post guardianship services. 23. Are the awarded agencies expected to Please refer to Section IV.C. of the RFP, provide 100% of the services to the pages 24-26. clients for the 90 days? Page 5