T56 Series III Module Depot Repair Industry Day
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T56 Series III Module Depot Repair Industry Day






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T56 Series III Module Depot Repair Industry Day Presentation Transcript

  • 1. T56 Series III Module Depot Repair Industry Day David Chipman, IPT Lead Kyle Richmond Contracting Officer P-3 / C-130FRT / E-2C / C-2 14 May 2008
  • 2. Purpose - Agenda
    • Purpose - A forum to improve industry understanding of Government requirements prior to final Solicitation (RFP) release.
    • Agenda
    • Opening Remarks/Ground Rules 13:00 – 13:15
    • Contract Technical Requirements 13:15 – 14:00
    • Contract Characteristics 14:00 – 14:15
    • Overview of Draft Sections L & M 14:15 – 14:30
    • Planned Schedule 14:30 – 14:45
    • Break 14:45 – 15:00
    • Question and Answer Period              15:00 – 15:45
    • Closing Remarks/ Adjourn              15:45 – 16:00
  • 3. Ground Rules
    • Nothing communicated today changes the terms and conditions of the RFP
      • Use information from Industry Day and Draft RFP package for GENERAL planning purposes
        • Do not rely on Draft RFP or Industry Day information for proposal preparation purposes
        • Information that can be relied upon for that purpose will be released in the Official RFP package on the NAVAIR homepage
  • 4. Ground Rules
        • All materials presented at this conference will be posted to the NAVAIR Open Solicitations website
        • Questions may be submitted in writing to the Government team. They will be formally addressed today and/or responses will be posted to the NAVAIR Open Solicitations website: http://www.navair.navy.mil/doing_business/open_solicitations/index.cfm
        • Questions that would reveal a potential offeror’s confidential business approach should not be presented in this forum
  • 5. Contract Technical Requirements
    • Background : The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) intends to procure services by full and open competition for the maintenance and repair of the Navy’s T56 Series III engines.
    • Scope : The prospective contract will be for the receipt, inspection, disassembly, repair and/or modification, assembly, testing, and preservation of the T56 Series III (-14 / -16 / -425) Propulsion System, modules, Quick Engine Change Kit (QECK), and components.
      • The Contractor will provide:
        • Facilities
        • Labor
        • Material
        • Ready For Issue (RFI) condition items
    • Three major modules of the engine to be maintained and repaired under this contract
      • Power Sections (PS)
      • Reduction Gear Assemblies (RGA)
      • Torquemeters (TM)
  • 6. Performance Work Scope – PWS Highlights
    • Repair T56 Series III Propulsion Systems, Power Sections, Reduction Gear Assemblies, Torquemeters, and Quick Engine Change Kits (QECKs).
    • Provide facilities, labor, test equipment, material and arrange for outside services, as required, to return items to an RFI condition.
    • Repair or replace out of limit parts or components regardless of the cause of the out of limit condition.
    • Forecast all material requirements.
    • The Government will not supply tooling to the Contractor for performance of repairs, with the exception of change kits required for incorporation of Technical Directives (TDs).
  • 7.
    • Repair IAW current depot maintenance manuals, intermediate maintenance manuals, Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB), Local Engineering Specifications (LES), Temporary Engineering Instructions (TEI), and Maintenance Requirements Cards (MRC) as listed in Section 6.0 of this PWS.
    • The Contractor shall take physical custody of all items received at its facility and shall maintain constant care over these items while in storage.
    • The Contractor shall keep any property received under this contract separate from other property.
    • All property received under this contract shall be in an enclosed area accessible only to authorized personnel and protected against loss, damage, and theft. Warehouse storage space shall be at a minimum of 36,000 square feet.
    Performance Work Scope – PWS Highlights
  • 8.
    • Perform the following tasks within 7 calendar days of receipt of item and a corresponding task order.
      • Report Receipt Of Items
      • Verify Maintenance Records
      • Inspect Items
      • Represerve Items
    • The Contractor shall repair all items received under this contract in a First-Received-First-Inducted (FRFI) process to support continuous inventory movement.
    • Beyond Economical Repair (BER): No items provided to the contractor for processing/repair shall be considered BER.
    Performance Work Scope – PWS Highlights
  • 9.
    • ENGINE DEPOT FIELD TEAMS : The Contractor shall provide T56 Series III Engine Field Team support upon ACO approval and issuance of a task order. These teams shall provide on-site depot level support for field activities. The fixed-price for each task will be negotiated based upon the number of hours proposed and the fixed hourly rate specified in Section B of this contract.
    Performance Work Scope – PWS Highlights
  • 10. Performance Work Scope – PWS Highlights
    • ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL SERVICES : The Contractor shall provide engineering and technical support upon ACO approval and issuance of a task order. Each task will be negotiated separately by the ACO. The fixed-price for each task will be negotiated based upon the number of hours proposed and the fixed hourly rate specified in Section B of this contract. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:
      • Coordinate engineering investigations of items that have been designated to be of special interest by the Navy. The T56 Series III ISSC will coordinate with the Contractor on the induction of engineering investigation (EI) exhibits. This work will include only contractor efforts expended supporting the engineering investigation that are over and above what is normally required. Specific disassembly, inspection and data recording instructions will be provided on a case by case basis. Disposition instructions and release of the EI exhibit will be provided by ISSC engineering upon completion of the EI
      • Develop solutions to emergent problems relating to the depot level repair of T56 Series III engines;
      • Follow-up monitoring of system performance;
      • Investigate and correct in-service deficiencies;
      • Investigate and process defective items reported by operating activities. (Items determined defective due to workmanship by the Contractor shall not be reimbursed)
  • 11. Contract Characteristics
    • Contract Type, Length and Maximum Quantity
      • Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
      • Base year with four (4) option years,
      • Maximum Quantity (annually)
        • 160 Power Sections
        • 180 Reduction Gear Assemblies
        • 140 Torquemeters
    • The Government may award a single delivery order contract or multiple delivery order contracts for the same or similar supplies or services to two or more sources under this solicitation
    • For single award, guaranteed minimum is $5M, base year only
    • For multiple award, guaranteed minimum is $2M per contract, base year only
  • 12. Contract Characteristics (cont’d)
    • Contract Type
      • Firm-Fixed Price
        • Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) 0X01-0X12 and 0X14
      • Separately Negotiated Fixed Price
        • CLINs 0X13, 0X15-0X19
        • Offeror to propose single, fully-burdened rate
        • Fixed number of labor hours to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis prior to issuance of a delivery order
      • Cost Reimbursable
        • CLINs 0X21 (Travel) and 0X22 (Material) in support of Separately Negotiated Fixed Price CLINs
  • 13. Contract Characteristics (cont’d)
    • Required Turn Around Time (TAT) for overhaul and maintenance is as follows:
      • Power Sections: 60 calendar days
      • Reduction Gear Assemblies: 70 calendar days
      • Torquemeters: 60 calendar days
    • The Contractor’s proposed TAT and Warranty provisions shall be incorporated into the contract at time of award
    • The quantities in Section B of the Draft RFP identified as “Maximum” represent the Government’s maximum requirement across any/all contracts that may be awarded. The minimum quantities for each contract are expressed in terms of dollars, and are specified in Clause 5252.216-9506 “MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM QUANTITIES (MAR 1999) (NAVAIR)” of this Draft RFP
  • 14. Source Selection/Evaluation Factors (RFP Section M)
    • Best Value Source Selection
    • Potential Multiple Award of ID/IQ Contracts
    • Evaluation Factors in descending order of importance--
      • Technical
      • Experience
      • Past Performance
      • Price
  • 15. Ratings/Evaluation
    • Technical Factor -The Government will assign both a proposal rating and a proposal risk
      • Technical Rating – assessment of the Offeror’s approach in meeting the solicitation requirements
      • Technical Risk – assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed approach on performance, schedule and pricing
    • Experience Factor –The Government will assign a risk rating only
      • Experience Risk – assessment as to whether, and to what extent, an Offeror has performed similar work before
    • Past Performance Factor –The Government will assign a risk rating only
      • Past Performance Risk – addresses the probability that the Offeror will successfully accomplish the contract requirements based on that Offeror’s (including subcontractors’ and /or team members’) relevant past performance and systemic improvement
    • Price Evaluation
      • Prices will be evaluated at “estimated” quantities contained in Section B
      • Total evaluated price may be adjusted to include Government costs required to accomplish the Offeror’s proposed approach
      • Evaluation to determine if pricing is complete and consistent with the Offeror’s technical approach, reflects a clear understanding of the requirement and contains any material imbalances
  • 16. Instructions to Offerors (RFP Section L)
    • Five Volumes Required--
      • Volume I: Executive Summary
      • Volume II: Technical (Oral Presentation)
      • Volume III: Experience (Oral Presentation)
      • Volume IV: Past Performance
      • Volume V: Price
  • 17. Section L (cont’d)
    • Comply with all requirements of the solicitation
    • Proposals that:
      • Take exceptions to or deviate from any terms/conditions
    • Alternate proposals are not acceptable
    • All proposals must be UNCLASSIFIED
    • No price information shall be included in any other volume, including cover letters!
    • Proposals Due – See Block 9 of SF 33
      • Past Performance and Volume 1 Executive Summary may be due prior to the remainder of proposal
    • The Government may incorporate into the final contract enhancing features included in the Offeror’s proposal
  • 18. Section L (cont’d)
    • Oral Presentation
      • Offerors will brief their Technical and Experience Volumes in person at a facility near Patuxent River, Maryland
      • The Contracting Officer will notify Offerors of the scheduled date and time of their presentation at least 7 calendar days prior
    • The Government intends to conduct full discussions for the entire proposal, Volumes I–V, as defined in FAR 15.306(d), following the Offeror’s initial oral presentation
  • 19. Planned Schedule 22 December 2008 Contract Award 05 December 2008 Source Selection Authority Decision 21 September 2008 Close Discussions 07 September 2008 Presentations End 24 August 2008 Presentations Begin 12 August 2008 Proposal(s) Receipt TBD Executive Summary, Past Performance Receipt 12 June 2008 Formal RFP Released ANTICIPATED DATE EVENT
  • 20. Break
  • 21. Questions, Comments and Discussion
  • 22. Contact Information
    • For any further questions, comments, or concerns regarding Request for Proposal N00019-08-R-0012, please contact:
      • Lauren Martz, Contracts Specialist,
      • (301) 757-5280 or [email_address]
      • Kyle Richmond, Contracting Officer,
      • (301) 757-5273 or [email_address]