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  1. 1. THIN CLIENT COMPUTING SCOTTSDALE , AZ Response to RFP NO. 01-917 Thin Client Devices and Monitors Submitted to: SNOWFLAKE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO.5
  2. 2. Focus on Server Based Computing Solutions Thin Client Computing provides the highest degree of knowledge and experience in the design and deployment of thin client solutions. Thin Client Computing is a Select Level NCD reseller and a Citrix Gold Reseller with additional authorizations in Education and UNIX based Citrix products. F ounded in 1997, Thin Client Computing (TCC) has an impressive track record in successful system design and deployment. Critical 24x7 systems, designed by TCC and utilizing Windows Based Terminals, are in use at Motorola SPS factories worldwide. Texas Instruments in Tucson, Arizona runs their factory production system using an X-Terminal system designed by TCC. Chase Manhattan runs the Tempe, AZ based Securities Call Center on our thin client system design as do engineering departments at Honeywell, Phillips Semiconductor, and, TDK Semiconductor. Navy ships worldwide operate their Raytheon Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) using terminals tested and configured by TCC. Thin Client Computing has been successful by applying these main objectives: To make the needs of the customer and their Information Technology requirements the driving force behind all of our design efforts To provide innovate and expert design assistance which leads to more efficient systems and overall lower cost To provide solutions assistance that allows the customer to fully understand the technology they own and successfully manage it using internal manpower and resources 2
  3. 3. How this applies to Snowflake RFP No. 01-917 While most of our client requests involve early stage systems design and product research, the Snowflake RFP is focused on acquiring the best thin client hardware and management software to support and enhance an existing Server Based Computing solution design. As a result, we took a long look at what products to recommend that would reflect and incorporate the results of our field experience to Snowflake’s greatest advantage. The areas that we analyzed and prioritized the most were: Ease of Use Manageability Reliability Pricing Compatibility Security Low Maintenance As a result we believe strongly that Network Computing Devices (NCD) offers the best total solution. While the hardware offered by various vendors is quite similar, the strengths of NCD remote management tools are unparallel in the marketplace. Other manufacturer’s products offer similar software features, however, they simple do not match the breadth of features offered by NCD. In particular, NCD ThinPATH Plus offers local port support that surpasses all other manufacturer’s offerings, including the features available within the Citrix ICA client software itself. NCD ThinPATH Manager is a comprehensive terminal management tool that truly accomplishes “hands-off” maintenance by making all possible settings of the terminal configurable from a central tool while also adding terminal grouping, naming , remote restart and many other features which allow a small IT staff to maintain a large scale system. In addition to working from a central console, these settings can also be maintained using a standard Web browse from any location. NCD Desktop Mirror accomplishes what no other vendor, including Citrix on the server on the side, has been able to do. In short, Desktop Mirror allows remote viewing and control of not only the thin client server session, but the actual device that the end user is working from. This functionality, only available from NCD, truly fulfills the promise of Thin Client/Server Based Computing- significantly reduced maintenance without the need to touch and visit the end user device, ever. 3
  4. 4. Additional Points of benefit to Snowflake Unfortunately, in today’s funding climate, public educational institutions do not have budgets comparable to commercial enterprises. While it is clear that NCD offers the right product for Snowflake’s requirement, it is not the least expensive option in the marketplace. To address this issue, Thin Client Computing has worked closely with NCD to develop special pricing that is only available for this project. In addition, we have chosen to respond to both Thin Client Device Specifications #1 and #2 with the same option- the new NCD ThinSTAR 500 Windows Based Terminal. This terminal is the new flagship of the NCD product line. While it is possible to meet the lower requirements with a lesser model, our commitment is to providing the absolute best solution for Snowflake. This includes providing the best available device, at the price of a lesser device, to allow you to use one single model in all cases and provide the highest performance level to the end user. In addition, the faster processor performance of the ThinSTAR 500 over other models will yield a significantly longer field service life. Purchase of Computer Monitors While we believe it is in the best interest of Snowflake to purchase thin client hardware and management software from a specialized vendor such as Thin Client Computing, we strongly recommend that Snowflake purchase the monitors from a large scale computer supplier. Thin clients are specialized devices requiring expertise to choose and configure properly, computer monitors are commodity items and widely available. As a result, we have chosen not include a bid for monitors. 4
  5. 5. ntact information for Thin Client Computing: hen Greenberg dent, Senior Technical Consultant Client Computing 2 N. Scottsdale Road D8453 432-8649 g@thinclient.net _________________ d ponsible for technical configurations and written RFP response) Dixon ager of Order Processing Client Computing 2 N. Scottsdale Road D8453 570-2000 n@thinclient.net ponsible for order entry, procurement, shipping and billing of orders received on this contract) : the products we are submitting for consideration by Snowflake require no additional outside service offerings. No employees of Thin t Computing are required to deploy or maintain these products. All requested features can readily be mastered by the existing staff at flake. The only functions provided by Thin Client Computing to complete his contract will be Order Processing.
  6. 6. stomer References _______________ d Roberts orola SPS Client/Server Infrastructure a, Arizona 655-5293 _______________ Ferris orola SPS less and Broadband Systems Group, Radio Products Division E. Elliot Road, MD:EL536, Tempe, AZ 85284 480-413-7847 _______________ Hutcherson rmation Technology s Instrument on, AZ 746-7184 _______________ A. Camarillo President, Information Technology e Manhattan pe, AZ 902-7258 _______________ 6
  7. 7. hin Client Device Specification #1 and #2 (combined) ommendation for both specifications: NCD ThinSTAR 500 4.1 HARDWARE MINIMUM Requirements Actual Specification if Different 266 MHz (Spec #1) 300 MHz CPU 300 Mhz (Spec #2) Expandable to 256 MB Ram Memory 32 MB Flash Memory 16 MB Output: 1/8” mini, full 16-bit stereo Audio Only NCD has bi-directional audio support Input: 1/8” mini microphone 4.2 SOFTWARE Operating System Microsoft CE Transport Protocols TCP/IP, PPP, RAS Microsoft RDP Character based terminal emulations also Display Protocols Citrix ICA available Must be able to lock down terminals (Pass Word Protected) to prevent Key Features YES changes or modification to configurations by the user if deemed necessary. DISPLAY CAPABILITIES VESA Monitor Support Up to 1280x1024 Resolution Up to 1280x1024 16 bit color at 85hz Refresh Rate 85 Hz non-interlaced 16 million Colors 16 or 256 7
  8. 8. in Client Device Specification #1 and #2 (continued) 4 PERIPHERAL PORTS MINIMUM Requirements Actual Specification if Different 2 standard Serial 2 - DB-9 RS32C Ports 2 optional, expandable to 4 ports total 1 – DB-25 bi-directional Centronics- Parallel compatible Enhanced Parallel Port Expansion Slot YES PCI, 1 slot Mouse One PS/2 Type connector Key Board One PS/2 Type connector Two USB ports USB One USB Port • TCP/IP with DNS and DHCP • DHCP support for automatic firmware upgrades and unit configuration All listed plus: • SNMP for device discovery • Local Browser • Supports Citrix load • Citrix NFuse Support Networking balancing on ICA • Automatic update over TCP/IP or dial • One RJ45 connector: Auto- up sense 10BaseT/100BaseTX • Wake on LAN twisted-pair Ethernet • Multiple master browser support on ICA CRT One D-sub 15-pin female 8
  9. 9. in Client Device Specification #1 and #2 (continued) MINIMUM Requirements Actual Specification if Different 4.5 REGULATORY COMPLIANCE RF interference • FCC Class B • CE mark • EN55022B • VCCI Safety • UL 1950, CSA 950 • TUV-GS • EN 60950 Ergonomics • EPA Energy Star ERVER OS ORT/COMPATIBILITY Microsoft Windows 2000 All listed plus: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Microsoft Windows XP Service Addition Microsoft .NET Citrix MedaFrame, Terminal Server Edition CITRIX METAFRAME XP ARRANTIES 3 year Parts and Labor (If certain restrictions apply) Please explain; NVIRONMENT (Operating) Temperature • 10-40° C Humidity • 10-80% Altitude • Up to 10,000 ft OWER REQUIREMENTS (Please specify) 55 watts Max AC input power 9
  10. 10. in Client Device Specification #1 and #2 mote Management ommendation: NCD ThinPATH software REMOTE MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATIVE SOFTWARE NCD ThinPATH software offers the ability to manage, reconfigure and discover remote terminals from a single point. It can distribute and upgrade software and firmware from a centralized location, and, allows for centralized deployment and management for all installed terminals. FIRMWARE UPDATES NCD ThinPATH software is able to flash new firmware when it is necessary to update Operating System, Client Software (Citrix ICA Client), individual or group terminal configuration, or, any additional upgrades. 10
  11. 11. ailed Features of NCD ThinPATH software: ThinPATH Manager ThinPATH Manager is a comprehensive set of tools that enable the remote configuration and administration of NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals from a l location. NCD ThinPATH Manager is designed to offer customers a variety of methods to manage their terminals: with SNMP, through a web browser or through a file NT server. er to achieve total cost of ownership savings associated with thin clients and the server-based computing model, centralized remote management is essential. NCD ATH Manager is a comprehensive set of remote management tools that enable the remote configuration and administration of one to thousands of NCD ThinSTAR ws-based terminals from a central location. ghts Define configuration parameters for individual terminals or workgroups of terminals Industry's first web-based remote administration tool Intel's Wake-on LAN for a thin client SNMP management agent Intuitive graphical user interface alized Configuration entralized Configuration Tool provides system administrators with an intuitive, user-friendly interface on the NT server to create configurations that are loaded by als at boot up. Terminals may be configured individually, in definable workgroups (classes) and globally. Reduces desktop deployment time while providing a scalable management solution. Class set-up allows groups of terminals to be configured in one easy step. Remotely define RDP and ICA session connections. Customizable password protection. ased Administration hinPATH Manager's Web-based Administration Tool, all NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals may be administered quickly and easily from any web browser on twork. The service is password protected to prevent unauthorized use. Manage NCD ThinSTAR desktops remotely from any browser on the network. Easy Help Desk Tool for monitoring and diagnosis. e Restart Tool emote Restart Tool allows an administrator to bring a managed ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal into a state in which it can request configuration and flash content es. Perform terminal level updates and changes transparently and with no impact to end-user productivity. Round the clock administration of flash and configuration settings. Management component of Intel Wired For Management (WFM). 11
  12. 12. Wake-on LAN. es Access to terminal configuration via a web browser Wake-on-LAN for remote restart of terminals Detailed inventory of terminal hardware and software Full remote access to all terminal properties Customizable user access to terminal properties Set configuration parameters by individual or group of terminals Consistent user interface for both NCD ThinPATH manager and ocal terminal properties SNMP-ready with support for traps, objects and MIBs Password-protected settings 12
  13. 13. ailed Features of NCD ThinPATH software: ThinPATH Plus ws Audio Input and Output ThinPATH Plus software enables Windows sounds, ranging from the familiar Windows audio cues to WAV and video files to be heard at the PC or NCD ThinSTAR ws-based Terminal. Audio is a critical component of training or other education applications. The audio data stream dynamically adjusts to the available network load mpressing the data. This feature allows loaded networks or slower links to maintain the original fidelity of the audio without imposing arbitrary limitations. ry Applications ThinPATH Plus can be used to support a variety of industry specific applications with specialized serial and parallel devices. Examples include: bar code readers, credit eaders and check scanners for point-of-sale retail applications, dictation devices, smart card readers and light pens for point-of-care applications in the healthcare ry, and fingerprint recognition devices for security applications in the banking and airline industries. atically Allows Access to Local files from the Server er feature of the product allows users to run server applications that can access the data files stored on their desktop device. All NCD ThinSTAR terminals supports an al 1.4MB floppy disk drive. PC desktop users have complete access to any of their file systems, including both removable and fixed media. The server administrator nforce policies on device access, for example to allow data to be read from a floppy but not a hard disk. Additional security rules can be defined based on the user or T group. This type of policy can be used to allow specific users to access the floppy drive on the ThinSTAR but not others; computer labs could restrict students access ow instructors. Security can be limited to a specific desktop itself if PC desktops were used to access server based applications to a controlled station and allow other o act in a "kiosk" mode for customers to retrieve information without the possibility of customers loading their own software or viruses. CD ThinPATH Software Family ThinPATH Plus is a member of the NCD ThinPATH Software family. NCD ThinPATH Software provides enhanced functionality and flexibility for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition from PCs and NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals. The NCD ThinPATH Software family is comprised of Management, Desktop rt, and Emulation modules. NCD ThinPATH Software offers a robust, low-cost Terminal Server solution. NCD ThinPATH Software is predicated on NCD’s decade of ence in meeting customer needs with industry-leading hardware and software technology. A good deal of our success is the result of of close working relationships with anies like Citrix®,IBM®, Intel® and Microsoft®. class technical support and NCD Technology Certified Resellers provide a decade of experience in thin client computing. Backed by formal service level agreements with Microsoft and Citrix, n choose from a wide range of services that cover the entire thin client environment. ical Specifications res Flexible mapping of server port to desktop device Supports both parallel and serial ports on local device (PC or NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal) Support for RS-232 serial peripherals Support to attach local printers through serial or parallel ports (includes any Windows NT 4.0 supported printer) Allows port mappings to follow end-user to different desktop or to bind a serial port to a specific desktop Enables a local printer to become a shared network printer An end-user session in not required on the desktop to operate Support for bi-directional serial transfers - Supports up to 57.6K baud Complete serial flow control support Support for an unlimited number of server ports 13
  14. 14. Full Windows audio input and output (WAV) Active network monitoring to reduce traffic Supports exporting of PC desktop files to mulit user server sessions Security prevents unauthroized network file access •Server based file security: •Device type (Removable, Fixed) •Access (Read Only, Read/Write, Denied) •User name •NT Group •Physical device rts MicroSolutions 1.4 MB floppy disk drive attached to ThinSTAR 14
  15. 15. ailed Features of NCD ThinPATH software: ThinPATH Desktop Mirror NCD offers a solution that remotely mirrors an entire thin client desktop over your TCP/IP network. NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror shares RDP or ICA sessions, al emulation sessions and set-up screens between NT Servers, PCs and/or NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals. ghts Compatible with multiple session protocols including ICA, RDP, and X Windows Shares the complete desktop including terminal properties screens on the NCD ThinSTAR terminal Supports TCP/IP and WAN networks Multi-level security process protects desktops from unauthorized access Accommodates differences between console and desktop display and keyboard configurations Remotely manages and shadows unattended desktops with a central access password Simple to install, use, and configure using NCD and Microsoft NT thin client architectures desktop activity from PCs and Windows-based Terminals to your desktop ying personnel to support and configure individual desktop devices throughout your enterprise is costly and inefficient. A solution is needed that enables remote, lized desktop support for Terminal Server Edition installations. NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror provides this support by enabling individual desktops to be viewed and ulated through mouse and keyboard input by one or several remote users. CD solution is unique to the market in that the complete desktop can be shared regardless of the type of information being presented. For example, the remote viewer e ICA and RDP sessions, as well as, the low-level hardware set-up screens on the NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal. This makes NCD ThinPATH Desktop the perfect support solution for help-desk, classroom and kiosk environments. shadowing solutions are limited to the display of only remote Windows sessions, not the entire desktop environment. network connectivity with minimum network traffic ThinPATH Desktop Mirror supports Windows NT Server 4.0, NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 95 and Windows 98 PC desktops along with NCD’s family of ThinSTAR ws-based Terminals. providing robust, remote support for networked desktops for applications such as technical support, training, and remote administration, ThinPATH Desktop Mirror also zes incremental network traffic by controlling the transfer of data packets. This ensures that the traffic generated by the mirroring process has minimal impact on the ctivity of other networked end users. Controlling the number of screen updates sent from the desktop to the viewer program reduces data traffic, and NCD ThinPATH op Mirror also compresses the data it sends over the network. se network productivity ThinPATH Desktop Mirror gives customers a cost-effective way to: Provide help desk support remotely and without hands-on visits Use a centralized training environment that shares a common desktop with all participants Maintain and configure kiosks from remote locations Support remote customers of Application Service Providers (ASP) Create and review documents with team members from their own desks Give presentations without using a meeting room 15
  16. 16. es Access NCD ThinSTARs and PCs from anywhere Full access to desktops from remote help desks Enables remote management of unattended kiosks Share instructor desktop concurrently with multiple students Desktop security configuration options Minimum user desktop performance impact No desktop connection to Terminal Server Edtion needed for client being viewed Requirements Server wth Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror software installed on the NT server op Requirements PCs utilizing Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 98 or Windows 95 NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals with 16 MB RAM TCP/IP network connection to NT Server Host 16
  17. 17. cing Information: TE: All products listed in response to this RFP are one-time purchases with no subscription fees, renewal fees, or, service charges. Product NCD List SUSD Tax Shipping art # Total Description Price (ea) Price (ea) Estimate Estimate ThinSTAR 500, 300 MHz, 32 MB 00 RAM, 16 MB flash, mouse, $649 $499 $38.50 $6.00 $543.50 keyboard ThinSTAR Operating Software 20 Allows Remote update of firmware and $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 software, runs as a Windows Service oftware Highly Recommended ThinPATH Manager 0-F2 $41 $36 $2.80 $0 $38.20 ThinPATH Desktop Mirror -F2 $41 $36 $2.80 $0 $38.20 ThinPATH Plus -F2 $41 $36 $2.80 $0 $38.20 ThinPATH Professional, includes 0-F2 Manager, Desktop Mirror, and Plus $88 $78 $6.00 $0 $84 Software and equipment is taxable unless Tax Exemption certificate is provided 17
  18. 18. OFFER To Snowflake Unified School District No. 5 pliance with the Notice of Invitation to Proposal and Instructions to Vendors, the undersigned hereby proposes and agrees to furnish the material and/or service as required in accordance e specifications, terms and conditions and amendments, contained in the proposal at the price set forth herein. N CLIENT COMPUTING For clarification of this offer: pany Name N. Scottsdale Rd D8453 Stephen Greenberg ess Company Representative sdale, AZ 85262 602 432 8649 / 602 296 0411 State, Zip Phone / Fax 946-Y na Sales Tax License No. __________________________________ orized Signature for Company a corporation? Yes_____ No __X__ _______________________________________ Printed Name na Bidders Only: Tax percentage to be applied 7.7% _______________________________________ Title _________________________________________________________________________________ ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER AND CONTRACT AWARD (FOR DISTRICT USE ONLY) offer is hereby accepted. re now bound to sell the product and/or services listed on the attached Notice of Award and/or Proposal Price Sheet(s) on the terms and conditions, or the prices set forth in the attached contract documents consisting of the Invitation to Proposal, Terms and Conditions, Special Terms and Conditions, nstructions to Vendors. contract at the Snowflake Unified School District No. 5 is for the THIN CLIENT WINDOWS-BASED TERMINALS AND/OR MONITORS. This act shall henceforth be referenced by the Snowflake Unified School District No. 5 as Contract #01-917. You are cautioned not to commence any e work or provide any service under contract until you receive an executed purchase order. flake Unified School District No. 5 ded this ______________day of_____________________ ________________________________________ d Sims, Snowflake Unified School District No. 5 18