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  • 1. March 24, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: Subject: This Request for Proposal (RFP) is an official notification of the need for structural engineer services. This RFP is being issued to solicit a Letter of Interest (LoI) and a Project Proposal from firms qualified to perform structural engineering work on federal funded projects. A submittal does not guarantee that the firm will be contracted to perform any services but only serves notice that the firm desires to be considered. Project Description: The project will be to evaluate no more than four locations within the Klamath Falls, Oregon area that have been identified as having the potential to meet the needs of an operating facility for Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District Offices. The new facility will be constructed or remodeled to meet current seismic hazard requirements for a public safety essential services facility, as well as site hardened for security purposes within the CJIS security requirements and expectations, and meet ADA requirements. Response Due Date and Time: April 24, 2009, and no later than 5:00 p.m. (PST) Contact for Questions: Administrative Assistant Shana Hobbs Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District PO Box 999 335 S. Spring St. Klamath Falls, OR 97601 Telephone: (541)884-4876 ext.3 Fax: (541)884-5026 E-mail: Submittal requirements: 1. Letter of Interest 2. Project Proposal Requirements for Letters of Interest (LoI): LoI’s will include the following, and must be received with the Project Proposal not later than “Response Due Date and Time” as shown above. Responses received after this deadline will not be considered. Submittals must include all required attachments to be considered for selection.
  • 2. 1. Identification and Qualifications a) Provide the firm name, address of responsible office from which the work will be performed and the name and email address of the contact person authorized to negotiate for the associated work. b) Provide personnel resumes and such additional information concerning qualifications as may be relevant to the project. 2. Key staff and Project approach a) List the Project Manager and other key staff members, and include the percent of time the project manager will be committed for the contract, if selected. b) Provide a description of your Project Approach relative to this project. Project Proposals: The proposal must include full range of project design delivery services, including management of construction. The proposal should include scope of service and project costs. Project Funding Requirements: This project will be funded through United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development and other sources; this funding specifies that wages must comply with the Davis-Bacon Act prevailing wage provisions applicable to the project. Project Requirements: USDA application further requires the following: 1. A preliminary engineering report to include scope of work, project budget, and an environment report. 2. Drafting of plans, specifications, and bid contract(s) for USDA review. 3. Bid oversight and construction monitoring. Submit To: Executive Director Jeanine Dilley Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District PO Box 999 335 S. Spring St. Klamath Falls, OR 97601 Selection Procedures: Responding qualified candidates will be selected for an interview based on the evaluation of the Letter of Interest (LoI) and Project Proposal. The Interview Selection Rating Form that will be used to evaluate and score the submittals is included for your reference. Term of Contract:
  • 3. From start of project through completion. 3-24-09 RFP Supplemental Information New Building or Remodel Site Requirements For Klamath 9-1-1 Operating Facility Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District is seeking an adequate operating facility. To facilitate the acquisition of the appropriate, most cost effective facility choice that meets our needs; we are currently seeking a structural engineering firm that can evaluate potential site/building options and manage the construction project in compliance with USDA Rural Development standards. The District is requesting our current facility and adjacent building be evaluated as well as no more than three other potential sites in the Klamath Falls area. The preferred selected site would need to meet the below listed requirements, and overall be the recommended location and type of facility by the selected structural engineering firm. A. Total overall building size approximately 4000 sq ft. This will include approximately 1000 sq ft. of open floor space for the Communications Center; 200 sq ft. of for equipment/computer room; 2800 total sq ft of administrative office space to accommodate 6 separate offices, conference room, training room, storage area, kitchen/break room, media center, foyer, restrooms. B. Preferred site location would be removed from main thorough fares and be conducive to site hardening for exterior security purposes. C. Lot size adequate to accommodate “open to the public” front access parking 10 vehicles. D. Fenced secure parking in rear or side area to accommodate employee parking for 15-20 vehicles. E. Space and acceptance for back-up generator and fuel storage at rear of building, which will run weekly tests, generating considerable noise. Storage type shed at rear of building. F. Building must meet or be able to attain upon refit, seismic requirements for public safety essential services rating.
  • 4. G. Utilities accessibility will be a consideration – water, sewer, electric, Qwest phone and fiber optics, and microwave link. H. Line of site to Hogsback mountain, north of Klamath Falls, for microwave radio connectivity. I. Restricted access security doors on exterior and interior sections of building.