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  1. 1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DIVISION OF SAFETY AND BUILDINGS BUREAU OF INTEGRATED SERVICES Elevator Inspection Services RFP# DDGSB0002 Proposals must be submitted September 14, 2006 no later than 2:30 PM For further information regarding this RFP contact Noreen Ray at 608-267-7201 Issued By State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce LATE PROPOSALS WILL BE REJECTED
  2. 2. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 1 of 26 Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS STATE OF WISCONSIN i Elevator Inspection Services i LATE PROPOSALS WILL BE REJECTED i 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION........................2 1.1 Introduction of background........................2 1.2 Scope of the project........................2 1.3 Procuring and contracting Department........................3 1.4 Definitions........................3 1.5 Clarification and/or revisions to the specifications and requirements. 4 1.6 Contractor conference........................4 1.7 Reasonable accommodations........................4 1.8 Calendar of events........................5 1.9 Contract term........................5 1.10 VendorNet registration ........................5 2.0 PREPARING AND SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL........................6 2.1 General instructions........................6 2.2 Incurring costs........................6 2.3 Submitting the proposal........................6 2.4 Proposal organization and format........................6 2.5 Multiple proposals........................7 2.6 Oral presentations and site visits........................7 2.7 Demonstration........................7 3.0 PROPOSALS SELECTION AND AWARD PROCESS........................8
  3. 3. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 2 of 26 Pages 3.1 Preliminary evaluation........................8 3.2 Proposal scoring........................8 3.3 Right to reject proposals and negotiate contract terms........................8 3.5 Award......................10 3.6 Notification of intent to award......................10 3.7 Appeals Process......................10 4.1 Contractor ......................11 4.2 Contractors staff qualifications......................12 4.5 Starting date......................19 http://commerce.wi.gov/SB/SB-DivCodesListing.html or http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/code/comm/comm018.html 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Introduction and background The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for Elevator Inspection Services in Wisconsin for new installations and existing altered and remodeled elevators. The State as represented by its Department of Commerce intends to use the results of this process to award a contract for Elevator Inspection Services. 1.2 Scope of the project 1.2.1 Project Description The Contractor shall perform Elevator Inspection Services as required by the code of the State of Wisconsin, as well as those services described herein. Elevator Inspection Services will initially be provided for new and remodeled elevators in the 4 districts per Attachment G. It is estimated that there will be a 367 new and remodeled elevators in those districts. The Department reserves the right to amend the list of those elevators to be inspected by the Contractor. The Contractor shall submit via electronic inspection reports per the Electronic Data Interface (EDI) guideline reports on the results of such inspections or re-inspections on Department form SBD-10663-e or as requested by the Department.
  4. 4. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 3 of 26 Pages 1.2.2 Objectives and Needs The Contractor shall develop a schedule and perform acceptance inspections of the elevators in the specified area pursuant to s. Comm 18 and ANSI/ASME A17.1 and A18.1 as appropriate (depending on when the elevator was placed in service). The Contractor shall submit a written report on the results of such inspections in letter form or upon such forms as requested by the Department. The report shall certify to the operation of the elevator, or itemize the violations, citing the appropriate sections of ch. Comm 18, Wis. Adm. Code. The Contractor will be a deputy, as defined in s. 101.02, Stats. When the Contractor identifies violations, it will issue corrective orders. The Contractor shall submit reports via electronic mode on a weekly basis to the Department in letter form or upon such forms as requested by the Department. The report shall summarize the status of each inspection pending before the Contractor or closed within reporting period. 1.2.3 Current Operation The Department was responsible for the inspection of 672 new installations for 2005. Currently, the Department has 4 elevator inspectors covering the whole state, 3 that reside in the northern part and one in the southern part of the state. Staff are not able to schedule and perform all the new installation inspections in a timely manner in addition to the consulting, training and auditing services. 1.3 Procuring and contracting Department This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, which is the sole point of contact during the selection process. The person responsible for managing the procurement process is Noreen Ray. The contract resulting from this RFP will be administered by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. The contract administrator will be the Elevator Program Section Chief. 1.4 Definitions The following definitions are used through the RFP. Acceptance means the initial inspection and tests of new or altered equipment to check for compliance with the applicable Code requirements. Department means the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. Proposer/Vendor means a firm submitting a proposal in response to this RFP.
  5. 5. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 4 of 26 Pages State means State of Wisconsin Elevator means an elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator, lift, moving sidewalk, stage lift, or other similar device within the scope of ch. Comm 18, Wis. Adm. Code. Contractor means proposer awarded the contract. 1.5 Clarification and/or revisions to the specifications and requirements. Any questions concerning this RFP must be submitted in writing before the mandatory vendor conference or presented on 07/31/06, to: Noreen Ray Contract Specialist Department of Commerce 201 W. Washington Avenue, 4TH Floor Post Office Box 2689 Madison, WI 53701-2689 608/267-7201 - Voice 608/266-9946 - Fax E-mail: nray@commerce.state.wi.us Vendors are expected to raise any questions, exceptions, or additions they have concerning the RFP document at this point in the RFP process. If a vendor discovers any significant ambiguity, error, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other deficiency in this RFP, the vendor should immediately notify the above named individual of such error and request modifications or clarification of the RFP. In the event that it becomes necessary to provide additional clarifying data or information, or to revise any part of this RFP, revisions/amendments and/or supplements will be provided to all recipients of this initial RFP. Each proposal shall stipulate that it is predicated upon the terms and conditions of this RFP and any supplements or revisions thereof. Any contact with State employees concerning this RFP is prohibited, except as authorized by the RFP manager during the period from date of release of the RFP until the notice of intent to contract is released. 1.6 Vendor Conference A vendor conference will be held August 10, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room 4A, 201 W. Washington Avenue, 4th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin, to respond to written questions and to provide any needed additional instruction to vendors on the submission of proposals. All proposers are required to attend the vendors conference. If a vendor fails to attend the conference and submits a proposal, the proposal will be rejected. Teleconferencing may also be arranged if a request is submitted by phone to Noreen Ray no later than 4:30 PM, August 2, 2006. 1.7 Reasonable accommodations
  6. 6. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 5 of 26 Pages The Department will provide reasonable accommodations, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. If you think you need accommodations at a bid opening/vendor conference, contact Noreen Ray at 608-267-7201 (voice) or (608) 264-8777(TTY). 1.8 Calendar of events Listed below are specific and estimated dates and times of actions related to this Request for Proposal (RFP). The actions with specific dates must be completed as indicated unless otherwise changed by the Department. In the event that the Department finds it necessary to change any of the specific dates and times in the calendar of events listed below, it will do so by issuing a supplement to this RFP. There may or may not be a formal notification issued for changes in the estimated dates and times. DATE EVENT 07/27/06(est.) Date of issue of the RFP. 08/08/06(est.) Last Day for submitting written inquiries 08/10/06(est.) Vendor Conference 08/17/06(est.) Mail notification to Vendors of supplements or revisions to the RFP. 09/14/06(est.) Proposals due from Vendors. 09/27/06 (est.) Vendor On-site Demonstration 10/10/06 (est.) Notification of intent to award sent to Vendor. 10/30/06 (est.) Contract start date. 1.9 Contract term The contract shall be effective on the date indicated on the contract execution date and shall run to 7/31/2007. 1.10 VendorNet registration The State of Wisconsin’s purchasing information and vendor notification service is available to all businesses and organizations that want to sell to the state. Anyone may access VendorNet on the Internet at http://vendornet.state.wi.us to get information on state purchasing practices and policies, goods and services that the state buys, and tips on selling to the state. Vendors may use the same Web site address for inclusion on the bidders list for goods and services that the organization wants to sell to the state. A subscription with notification guarantees the organization will receive an e-mail message each time a state agency, including any campus of the University of Wisconsin System, posts a request for bid or a request for proposal in their designated commodity/services area(s) with an estimated value over $25,000. Organizations without Internet access receive paper copies in the mail. Increasingly, state agencies also are using Vendor Net
  7. 7. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 6 of 26 Pages to post simplified bids valued at $25,000 or less. Vendors also may receive e- mail notices of these simplified bid opportunities. 2.0 PREPARING AND SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL 2.1 General instructions The evaluation and selection of a Contractor and the contract will be based on the information submitted in the vendor’s proposal plus references and any required on-site visits or oral presentations. Failure to respond to each of the requirements in the RFP may be the basis for rejecting a response. Elaborate proposals (e.g. expensive artwork) beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective proposal are not necessary or desired. 2.2 Incurring costs The State of Wisconsin is not liable for any cost incurred by the proposers in replying to this RFP. 2.3 Submitting the proposal Proposers must submit an original and three copies of all materials required for acceptance of their proposal by September 14, 2006, to Noreen Ray at the address listed in Section 1.5, which appears on Page 5 of this RFP. Proposals must be received in the above office by the specified time stated above. Proposals will be time-stamped. Late proposals will not be accepted. Receipt of a proposal by the State mail system does not constitute receipt of a proposal by the Department for purposes of this RFP. All proposals must be packaged, sealed and show the following information on the outside of the package, in the upper lefthand corner, just below the return address: -- Contractor’s name and address -- Request for proposal title -- Request for proposal number -- Proposal due date One original copy of each Cost Proposal for any or all Districts must be sealed and submitted as a separate part of the proposal. The outside of the envelope must be clearly labeled with the words “Cost Proposal, RFP #DDGSB0002” and name of the vendor and due date. The cost proposal is due to the addressee on the due date and time noted above. 2.4 Proposal organization and format Proposals must be typed and submitted on 8.5 by 11 inch paper and bound securely. Proposals should be organized and presented in the order and by the
  8. 8. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 7 of 26 Pages number assigned in the RFP. Proposals must be organized with the following headings and subheadings. Each heading and subheading should be separated by tabs or otherwise clearly marked. The RFP sections which should be submitted or responded to are: RFP Cover Page (form DOA-3261) Introduction Response to General Proposal Requirements (sect. 4.0) Tabulate responses for 4.1 thru 4.5 Required forms (sect. 6.0) Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information (Attachment C) Vendor Information (Attachment D) Vendor References (Attachment G) Cost Proposal(s) (Attachment B) The vendor must submit its Cost Proposal(s) on the form provided in Attachment B according to the instructions provided. Failure to provide any requested information in the prescribed format may result in disqualification of the proposal. No mention of the cost proposal may be made in the response to the general requirements of this Request for Proposal. 2.5 Multiple proposals Multiple proposals from a vendor will be permissible; however each proposal must conform fully to the requirements for the RFP. Each such proposal must be submitted separately and labeled as Proposal #1, Proposal #2, etc. on each page included in the response. Alternate acquisition plans do not constitute multiple proposals. 2.6 On-site Demonstration Top-scoring vendor(s) will be required to demonstrate their service(s) at a site identified by the Department. All staff who will be responsible for the contracted inspections must have a resume submitted per Section 4.2. At least one of the staff who will be responsible for these contracted inspections must perform the on-site demonstration. The Department will furnish detailed specifications concerning the demonstration site and the particular test it will use to exercise the vendor’s service(s). Failure of a proposer to furnish the service(s) it has proposed for demonstration within the time constraints of the proceeding paragraph will result in rejection of that proposal. Failure of any service(s) to meet the Department’s specified requirements during the demonstration may result in rejection of the proposal. The successful demonstration of the proposer’s service(s) does not constitute acceptance by the Department. Any service(s) furnished by the proposer for the purposes of this demonstration must be identical in every respect to those, which will be furnished if a contract results.
  9. 9. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 8 of 26 Pages 2.7 Withdrawal of proposals Proposals shall be irrevocable until contract award unless the proposal is withdrawn. Proposers may withdraw a proposal in writing at any time up to the proposal closing date and time. To accomplish this, the written request must be signed by an authorized representative of the proposer and submitted to the RFP project manager. If a previously submitted proposal is withdrawn before the proposal due date and time, the proposer may submit another proposal at any time up to the proposal closing date and time. 3.0 PROPOSAL SELECTION AND AWARD PROCESS 3.1 Preliminary evaluation The proposals will first be reviewed to determine if mandatory requirements are met. Failure to meet mandatory requirements will result in the proposal being rejected. In the event that all Contractors do not meet one or more of the mandatory requirements, the Department reserves the right to continue the evaluation of the proposals and to select the proposal which most closely meets the requirements specified in this RFP. 3.2 Proposal scoring 3.2.1 Written accepted proposals will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and scored against the criteria stated in Section 3.4. The Department may require the proposers to make an oral presentation for the purposes of clarifying the proposal submitted. Proposals from certified Minority Business Enterprises may have points weighed by a factor of 1.00 to 1.05 to provide up to a five per cent (5%) preference to these businesses. The evaluation committee’s scoring will be tabulated and proposals ranked based on the numerical scores received. 3.2.2 Demonstration: The top scoring proposers from the written section will be required to conduct an elevator inspection at a site designated by the Department. The inspection conducted will be scored based on the criteria stated in Section 3.4. 3.2.3 Cost Proposals: The cost proposals submitted by the proposer will be scored based on the methodology stated in Section 3.4.3 & 6.2. 3.3 Right to reject proposals and negotiate contract terms The Department reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to negotiate the terms of the contract, including the award amount, with the selected proposer prior to entering into a contract. If contract negotiations cannot be
  10. 10. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 9 of 26 Pages concluded successfully with the highest scoring proposer, the Department may negotiate a contract with the next highest scoring proposer. 3.4 EVALUATION CRITERIA: POINTS 3.4.1 Written Evaluation 200 A. Professional Qualifications 1. Proposer has significant experience in conducting 24 elevator acceptance inspections. 2. Proposer has experience in issuing orders to building 10 owners to correct identified problems and conducting follow-up inspections and actions to ensure problems have been corrected. 3. Proposer has experience in working with building owners 10 to correct problems identified during elevator inspections. 4. Proposer has the ability to bill customers for services 16 provided. B. Staff Qualifications: 1. Lead/key staff have substantial experience in conducting 20 elevator acceptance inspections and directing other staff in the completion of inspections. 2. Lead/key staff have substantial experience in working 10 with building owners to correct problems identified. 3. Lead/key staff are credentialed to conduct the required 20 inspections in Wisconsin or have the necessary training or other qualifications to be credentialed in Wisconsin. C. Adequacy and Completeness of Operational Plan 1. The proposed plan of operation is complete and adequate. 10 2. The proposed plan of operation indicates that adequate 4 staff resources will be made available to perform the services required in the RFP. 3. The proposed plan of operation contains adequate 6 provisions for ensuring that all inspections conducted by the proposers staff are thorough and completed (quality control). D. Electronic Reporting Process: 1. The proposer has adequate electronic capability and 20 knowledge for reporting as required in this RFP. E. Adequacy of Inspection Protocol: 1. The process defined by the proposer is complete and 30 ensures that inspections will be carried out in accordance with RFP requirements.
  11. 11. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 10 of 26 Pages 2. The proposer has presented a logical sequence for 20 conducting the inspection. 3.4.2 On-Site Demonstration Evaluation: 100 A. The proposer conducted a complete and thorough 40 inspection of the elevator. B. The proposer identified all problems. 40 C. The proposer prepared a complete inspection record. 20 3.4.3 Cost Proposal Scoring: 100 100 400 400 3.5 Award and final offers The Department will compile the final scores (technical and cost) for each proposal. The award will be granted in one of two ways. The award may be granted to the highest scoring responsive and responsible proposer. Alternatively, the highest scoring proposer or proposers may be requested to submit final and best offers. If final and best offers are requested by the State and submitted by the vendor, they will be evaluated against the stated criteria, scored and ranked by the evaluation committee. The award then will be granted to the highest scoring proposer. However, a proposer should not expect that the Department will request a final and best offer. 3.6 Notification of intent to award All vendors who respond to this RFP will be notified in writing of the Department’s intent to award the contract as a result of this RFP. After notification of the intent to award is made, and under the supervision of Department staff, copies of proposals will be available for public inspection from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 201 W. Washington Avenue, 4th Fl., Madison, Wisconsin. Vendors should schedule reviews with Noreen Ray at 608-267-7201. 3.7 Appeals Process Notices of intent to protest and protests must be made in writing to the head procuring Department. Protestors should make their protests as specific as possible and should identify statutes and Wisconsin Administrative Code provisions that are alleged to have been violated. Any written notice of intent to protest the intent to award a contract must be filed with: Department of Commerce David K. Storey, Deputy Secretary 201 West Washington Avenue, 6th Fl.
  12. 12. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 11 of 26 Pages PO Box 7970 Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7970 and received in his office no later than five (5) working days after the notices of intent to award are issued. Any written protest must be received within ten (10) working days after the notice of intent to award is issued. The decision of the head of the procuring Department may be appealed to the Secretary of the Department of Administration within five (5) working days of issuance, with a copy of such appeal filed with the procuring Department. The appeal must allege a violation of a Wisconsin statute or a section of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. 4.0 GENERAL PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: 4.1 Contractor Qualifications and Experience. 4.1.1 Business History: a. Indicate the date the business was formed b. Indicate the current number of employees c. Indicate the total business revenues for each of the last three years. d. Indicate the name of the current owner(s) and if a corporation the name(s) of the current officers. e. Provide financial statements for the last three (3) years. 4.1.2 Past Experience: a. Describe the firm’s experience and capabilities in providing similar services to those required in this RFP. Be specific and identify contracts, dates, and results including information on the volume of elevator acceptance inspections completed. b. Describe the firm’s experience in issuing orders to building owners to correct problems identified and the types of follow-up actions taken. c. Describe the firm’s experience in working with building owners to correct identified problems and the results. Be as specific as possible. d. Describe the firm’s ability to bill customers for elevator inspection services. e. Indicate whether or not any contracts (within the last five years) which the firm had for elevator inspection services where terminated/canceled prior to the end of the contract period. If contracts were terminated, provide the name of the party who canceled the contract.
  13. 13. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 12 of 26 Pages 4.2 Vendor’s staff qualifications Provide resumes describing the educational and work experience for each of the key staff who would be assigned to the contracts and whether or not the individuals are licensed to conduct elevator inspections in Wisconsin. Indicate the responsibilities which will be assigned to each person. All staff responsible for the contracted inspections must have a resume submitted. 4.3 Plan of Operation: Describe your firms plan for providing the services required under this RFP including the number of staff that will be needed, whether existing staff will be used or additional staff will be hired, and how inspections will be scheduled. 4.4 Acceptance Inspection Protocol/Process: Describe in detail the elevator inspection procedures that your firm will use in conducting the required elevator acceptance inspections. 4.5 Electronic Reporting Process Describe your firm’s electronic capability and knowledge to comply with reporting via Electronic Data Interface (EDI) on the results of inspections and reinspections and any other reporting, such as Revenue generated reports (sect. 5.2.9) as required in this RFP. 5.0 MANDATORY AND TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS/SCOPE OF SERVICE: 5.1 Mandatory Requirements: 5.1.1 All proposers are required to attend the vendor conference in accordance with Section 1.6. Proposals will not be accepted from any proposer who fails to attend the conference in accordance with Section 1.6. 5.1.2 All persons employed by the selected proposer to conduct elevator inspections in Wisconsin must be licensed to conduct inspections in Wisconsin. In its proposal, the proposer must provide assurances that only credentialed individuals will be used. 5.1.3 Proposers must demonstrate that they have the ability to obtain the required insurance coverage specified in this document. The proposer selected will be required to provide certificates of insurance. 5.1.4 Proposers must have a minimum of five years experience in the provision of inspection services or equivalent technical background.
  14. 14. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 13 of 26 Pages 5.1.5 The Proposer shall demonstrate that it has the necessary personnel and expertise to perform the work outlined in the preceding sections and subsections, including staff who meet the criteria of Elevator Safety Inspector 3, which is the classification of existing state employees conducting similar work. The position description for Elevator Safety Inspector is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Attachment E. 5.1.6 All inspectors shall be credentialed in accordance with s.Comm 5.64, Wis. Adm Code. 5.1.7 Contractor must demonstrate they have a computer system with at least windows 98 and is compatible with EDI guidelines. 5.2 Technical Requirements/Scope of Services 5.2.1 The Contractor shall perform Elevator Inspection Services for new, altered and remodeled elevators as required by the code of the State of Wisconsin, as well as those services described herein. Elevator Inspection Services will be provided for specific elevators. 5.2.2 The Contractor shall perform inspections of elevators as described in section 1.2 of this RFP, pursuant to s. Comm 18 and ANSI/ASME A17.1 and A18.1a as appropriate. The Contractor shall submit via electronic inspection reports per the Electronic Data Interface (EDI) guidelines written reports on the results of such inspections in letter form or upon such forms as requested by the Department. The report shall certify to the operation of the conveyance, or itemize the existing violations, citing the appropriate sections of ch. Comm 18 and ASME A17.1 and A18.1a. The Contractor will be a deputy, as defined in s. 101.02, Stats. When the Contractor identifies violations, it will issue corrective orders. 5.2.3 The Contractor shall submit via electronic mode on a weekly basis reports to the Department in letter form or upon such forms as requested by the Department. The report shall summarize the status of each inspection pending before the Contractor or closed within the reporting period. 5.2.4 Except as otherwise specified in this Proposal, all equipment, materials, and supplies required to carry out the provisions of the Proposal, and to perform the services described above shall be furnished by the Contractor. 5.2.5 The Contractor must provide its own transportation and furnish the necessary equipment for use in conducting periodic inspections, which includes, but may not be limited to the following: A flashlight with a non-conductive case for inspecting wire ropes and other equipment in locations where sufficient natural or artificial light is not available. A 6-foot ruler of non-conductive material.
  15. 15. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 14 of 26 Pages A set of thickness gauges. A small hammer, preferably a one-half (1/2) pound ball peen. Chalk or crayon. A small metal mirror to be used in examining wire ropes or other parts of equipment normally inaccessible. Safety hat (non-conductive). Rope caliper. Sheave groove gauge. A copy of Chapters IND.4, ILHR/Comm 16, 18, and 50-64, Wisconsin Administrative Code. copy of the 1980 through current edition of the American National Standard, Safety Code for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, and Moving Walks, ASME/ANSI A17.1 and Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts, ASME A18.1. copy of the 1980 through current editions of the National Electrical Code A stop watch. A fifty (50) foot non-conductive tape. A tachometer, preferably one provided with a one (1) foot circumference wheel for measuring speeds, or one that reads directly in feet per minute. A meter, to check grounding continuity, and verify of voltages. A spirit level. A door test scale (gauge) to check closing door force. Pressure gauge with suitable adapters. A light meter for measuring light level in foot-candles. Governor speed and safety/pressure test seals. 5.2.6 Within one week of receipt of a Contract, the Contractor will develop and submit to the Department a schedule for completing the inspections.
  16. 16. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 15 of 26 Pages 5.2.7 Each elevator will be identified as requiring acceptance inspections as described in Comm 18. The appropriate inspection will be conducted, as identified. Inspections shall include, but not be limited to, the activities identified as follows: Acceptance Inspections, Passenger and Freight Elevators Inspections of Hoistway and Car Doors or Gates and Their Operating, Locking, and Contact Devices hoistway doors hoistway door or gate interlock-locking functions and closed position hoistway door interlocks-auxiliary locks hoistway door or gate-separate or combination mechanical locks and electric contacts power operation of door systems car door or gates and electric contacts emergency doors in blind hoistways emergency-release switch in car Inspections Made From Inside the Car car enclosures car illumination operating and control devices car floor, sills, and landing sills protection of projections and recesses in hoistways car emergency signals for elevators Inspections Made Outside of Hoistways hoistway enclosures and doors firefighters service hoistway access switches parking devices and hoistway door unlocking devices rope and rope fastening inspection-counterweight in separate hoistways car platform guards Inspections Made From Top of Car top car clearance counterweight and counterweight buffer wire rope fastening and sheaves wire rope inspection compensating chain inspection normal terminal stopping devices final terminal stopping devices car and counterweight horizontal clearances car and counterweight guide rails, rail fastenings, car crossheads, and car guiding members alignment of rails
  17. 17. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 16 of 26 Pages car and hoistway door and gate operating, locking, and contact devices and interlock retiring cams hoistway and car door and gate hangers and associated equipment, interconnections of multisection door panels and hoistway door vision panels top of car operating devices and working platforms governor-rope releasing carrier car frame stiles car-leveling devices hoistway junction box and traveling cables overhead and deflecting sheaves protection of projections and recesses in hoistways glass curtain walls floor numbers installation of pipes, wiring, and ducts in hoistways hoistway protection in case of fire Inspections Made in Overhead Machinery Spaces and in Machine Rooms inspection of wire rope and rope fastenings overhead secondary and deflecting sheaves overhead beams and fastenings overhead grating or platforms top counterweight clearances speed governor traction driving sheaves guards of exposed equipment winding drum machines driving-machine terminal stopping switches, slack rope devices, and normal terminal stopping switches gears and bearings driving-machine motor driving-machine brake motor-generator sets used with generator-field control controller mechanisms, wiring, and fuses absorption of regenerated power belt- or chain-driven machines light, fire extinguishers, housekeeping, and ventilation installation of pipes, wiring, and ducts in machine rooms, and machinery spaces hoistway protection in case of fire Inspections Made in Pit pit, pit stop switch, and pit light car and counterweight oil buffers car and counterweight spring buffers car and counterweight solid bumpers counterweight guards speed governor rope-tension sheave compensating chains, rope and compensating-rope tension-sheaves compensating-rope tension-sheaves locking devices rope, wheel, and lever operating devices
  18. 18. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 17 of 26 Pages final terminal stopping switch bottom car and counterweight runby and clearance traveling cable car frame and platform car and counterweight bottom guide shoes and safety parts Any other applicable requirements that the equipment was required to at the time of installation and/or any major alteration. Additional requirements for Hydraulic Elevators anti-creep leveling devices pumps drives relief and check valves flexible hydraulic hose and fitting assemblies storage and discharge tanks drip pans pressure tanks control valves sheaves of roped-hydraulics elevators cylinders plungers plunger fastenings operating valves mechanically controlled hydraulic elevators bypass openings piping drifting of cars Acceptance Inspections of Escalators and Moving Walks balustrades and ceiling intersection guards handrails steps of escalators moving walk treadways and treadway supports normal operating inspections step tread and landing light escalator combplates and demarcation lighting moving walk threshold plates speed governors escalator broken step-chain device broken drive-chain device moving walk broken treadway devices stop switches fire shutters escalator skirt-obstruction devices brakes starting switches escalator reversal stop device escalator step upthrust devices
  19. 19. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 18 of 26 Pages handrail entry device comb-step impact devices comb-pallet impact devices step lateral displacement device 5.2.8 Orders shall be issued in accordance with the code in effect at the date of contract. 5.2.9 The elevator shall not be released for use and Permit to Operate (PTO) shall not be issued until it complies with the provisions of Comm 18. Violations identified during inspections will be processed as follows: The contractor will issue an order to the building owner or his/her agent. The order will specify the specific code or standard section violated, the nature of the violation, how the violation should be corrected, and the date of the reinspection. The order may be handwritten and will be presented to the owner or agent at the time of the inspection. A copy will be forwarded to the Department. 5.2.10 Within one (1) week of receipt of a Contract, the Contractor will propose practices and forms that can be used for all elevator inspections. The Contractor shall use any forms or procedures as requested by the Department or agreed upon. 5.2.11 The contractor shall be responsible for collecting from the building owner the authorized elevator inspection/reinspection fee and shall report on a monthly basis to the Department the dollar amount of fees collected for the month and for the contract period. If it is determined by the Department that the contractor has collected a fee to which they are not entitled, the contractor shall refund the fee to the building owner. Fee for Inspection An owner may be charged fees for all reinspections required under this contract. 5.2.12 The inspector’s decision to require a reinspection may be appealed to the Department by the building owner. 5.2.13 If the building owner fails to take the corrective actions specified within the allowed time period, the contractor shall notify the Department to begin enforcement action. 5.2.14 The Contractor shall provide, at his own expense, a toll free business telephone number for building owners to contact staff. The toll free number shall be staffed for business calls a minimum of eight (8) consecutive hours per day Monday through Friday. 5.2.15 The Contractor shall appear as a witness, if required, regarding inspections it conducts.
  20. 20. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 19 of 26 Pages 5.2.16The Contractor shall have an inspector available for emergencies that may arise after working hours. An after-hours telephone number shall be furnished to the Elevator Program Section Chief. All emergencies shall be responded to within two (2) hours of the time of notification. 5.3 Starting date The services required of the Contractor pursuant to this proposal shall commence on a date agreeable to both the Contractor and the Department. Services for work required by this Proposal shall not commence until such time as a Contract has been duly executed and validated by the Contractor and the Department. 6.0 COST PROPOSAL 6.1 General instructions on preparing cost proposals The cost proposal should be submitted in a separate envelope with the written proposal. The cost proposal will be scored using a standard quantitative calculation where the most points in each category will be awarded to the proposal with the lowest total cost per category. After the scoring of the written and on site demonstration are complete, cost will be scored. The maximum number of points will be awarded to the contractor with the lowest price total for each of the categories listed below. The formula which follows will be used to award cost points. Lowest Bid X Maximum Points For Cost Category = Points Awarded Proposer’s bid 6.2 Format for submitting cost proposals Submit a bid price on the Cost Proposal Sheet (Attachment B) identifying the bid District number where the proposal applies. A separate cost proposal form shall be provided for each bid District number listed on Attachment G. It is not required that you bid on all bid areas. Attachment G provides information about the number of estimated elevators in the counties of each bid Districts. Note that counties for which the Contractor will be responsible for actual enforcement could change. Complete and submit Attachment B Cost Proposal for any or all districts. The Cost Proposal scoring will have the following criteria: POINTS A. Inspection/Reinspection Acceptance & Reinspection 1. Per 0 to 4 landings 70 2. Per 5 to 10 landings 12 3. Per 11 or more landings 4 4. Per escalator 2 5. Per remodeled elevator or escalator 12 Total: 100
  21. 21. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 20 of 26 Pages 6.3 Cost Proposal Limit The cost proposal(s) for acceptance and reinspections shall not exceed those values given in the last column of Comm Table 2.15-1, Reinspection Fee. 6.4 Fixed price period All prices, costs and conditions outlined in the proposal shall remain fixed and valid for acceptance for sixty (60) calendar days starting on the due date for proposals. 7.0 SPECIAL CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS In addition to any other standards, procedures, rules or regulation adopted by the Department, the Contractor shall comply with the following: 7.1 Payment requirements The Department is not responsible for the payment of any services to the contractor. The contractor shall provide its own invoicing and fee collection system for those services the contractor provides. No fees shall be collected for services provided until an inspection/reinspection has been completed. The department shall review and approve the payment system provided prior to contracting. 7.2 Elevator Industry Conflict of Interests The Contractor affirms that it does not and will not engage in, or have any interest, direct or indirect, in any wholesale or retail operation involving elevators, that transacts business in the State of Wisconsin, and further states that the Contractor does not engage in the work of installing or repairing elevators in the State of Wisconsin. 7.3 Employment The Contractor will not engage the services of any person or persons employed by the State, including any department, commission or board thereof, for a period of 2 years. 7.4 Department Oversight All inspections shall be subject to re-inspection, examination, and tests by the Department at any and all times during the course of the work and at any and all places where such work is being carried on. The Department shall have the right to reject substandard inspections or reports and require reinspection or resubmission of reports within five (5) working days. The department may inspect any installation which is also inspected by a contractor’s inspector. When
  22. 22. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 21 of 26 Pages the department inspection confirms that the inspection report is incomplete, invalid or unacceptable, the department shall assess the contractor a fee determined in accordance with sub. (2). 7.5 Department Follow-Up The Contractor shall notify the Department of, and release to the Department compliance enforcement of any elevator for which the Contractor will be required to conduct a third reinspection. 7.6 Inspection Responsibility In the case of failure by the Contractor to comply with the prescribed performance of any part on inspection, or if any inspection is omitted on any occasion when scheduled for performance, the Contractor will be notified of this failure or omission and will be required by the State to perform the omitted inspection within two (2) working days. 7.7 Department Meetings The Contractor agrees to meet with the Department at reasonable times and with reasonable notice. All records, data, and files created from the performance of duties outlined in this document shall be available to the Department at all times. 7.8 Activity Reporting The Contractor agrees to provide appropriate monthly reports as required by the Elevator Program Section Chief. 7.9 Scheduling of Work 7.9.1 The Contractor will be responsible for performing acceptance inspections and tests within two (2) working days of the date scheduled. The Contractor may observe all State Government holidays. Inspections shall generally be conducted during regular working hours of regular working days of the State Government unless otherwise ordered by the Elevator Program Section Chief. Inspections shall be performed during other hours when necessary to prevent disruption of normal work activities or when requested by the building owner or manager. 7.9.2 The Contractor, at his option, and with the consent of the building owner or his authorized representative, may work on State holidays and at other than regular working hours if it is at no additional cost to the elevator owner. 7.9.3 The Contractor shall work with the Department to establish a schedule that minimizes travel. Travel will be minimized by methods including, but not limited to, adjusting certificate of operation expiration dates to correspond
  23. 23. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 22 of 26 Pages to those of surrounding elevators and scheduling for inspection at the same time elevators located in proximity to each other. 7.10 Amendments to the Elevator Inspection List 7.10.1 Number of elevators assigned Vendors should be aware that the number of elevators is subject to change. Future inspections may include elevators or lifts within dwelling units with the passage of 2005 Wisconsin Act 456. 7.10.2 Errors and Omissions The elevator list was compiled from a translated file. Errors and omissions may have resulted during the translations. The Contractor would be made aware of the additional elevators requiring inspection. Likewise, the list may contain duplicate listings, and the Contractor will be made aware of duplicate listings. 7.10.3 Vacancies, Illness, and Competing Workloads The Contractor may be requested to add to its workload, inspections normally assigned Department employees. Such a request would result when a position vacancy, inspector illness, or inspector competing workload prevented the Department from completing an annual inspection within time limits. The additional elevators may be removed from the Contractor’s list when the vacancy is filled. 7.10.4 Agent Municipality Inspections Municipalities may petition the Department to conduct their own elevator inspection programs regardless of this contract. 7.11 Insurance Requirements: Workers Compensation: The contractor shall maintain workers compensation insurance for all employees engaged in work under this contract. A copy of the contractor’s insurance policy or certificate of insurance must be filed with the state’s contract administrator prior to execution of the contract. The contractor shall maintain commercial general liability and property damage insurance including Completed Products and Completed Operations, as well as Errors and Omissions for all claims that might occur in carrying out the work under this contract. Minimum coverage shall be General Liability and Property Damage: $2 mil. – Errors & Omissions, $2 mil. – General Liability & $2 mil. – Umbrella. Motor Vehicle Insurance: The contractor shall maintain motor vehicle insurance for all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles that are used in carrying out work
  24. 24. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 23 of 26 Pages under this contract. Minimum coverage shall be $1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for automobile liability and property damage. State of Wisconsin Named: The State of Wisconsin shall be named as an additional insured on the commercial general liability and property damage and automobile liability policies. Insurer: The insurer shall be licensed to do business in the state of Wisconsin and rated A- or better by A.M. Best Co. The insurer shall be required to give the Department a 60 day notice of cancellation or changes in coverage, except 10 days for non-payment premium. Certificate of Insurance: The contractor shall provide the Department with a certificate of insurance indicating that the required coverage is in place prior to commencement of any work under the contract. Insurance Limits: The Department reserves the right to require higher or lower limits where warranted. 7.12 Termination of contract The Department may terminate this contract at any time for performance reasons at its sole discretion by delivering a written notice to the Contractor. For other reasons, termination by the Department shall be upon delivering a written notice 90 days before termination. Upon termination, the agency’s liability will be limited to the pro rata cost of the services performed as of the date of termination plus expenses incurred with the prior written approval of the agency. In the event that the contractor terminates the contract, for any reason whatsoever, it will require written notice to that effect to be delivered by the contractor to the agency not less than 90 days prior to said termination. 7.12.1 Prime Contractor and minority business subcontractors The prime Contractor will be responsible for contract performance when subcontractors are used. However, when subcontractors are used, they must abide by all terms and conditions of the contract. If subcontractors are to be used, the Contractor must clearly explain their participation. The Department is committed to the promotion of minority business in the state’s purchasing program. Authority for this program is found in ss. 15.107(2), 16.75(4), 16.755, and 540.036, Wis. Stats. The successful Contractor will be encouraged to purchase services and supplies from minority businesses certified by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Bureau of Minority Business Development. The Department will require from the successful Contractor a quarterly report of purchases of such supplies and services necessary for the implementation of the contract.
  25. 25. RFP #DDGSB0002-Elevator Inspection Services Page 24 of 26 Pages The supplier/contractor shall furnish appropriate quarterly information about its effort to achieve this goal, including the identities of such enterprises certified by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and their contract amount. A listing of certified minority businesses, as well as the services and commodities they provide, is available from the Department of Administration, Office of the Minority Business Program, 608/267-7806. The listing is published on the Internet at: http://www.doa.state.wi.us/dsas/ mbe/index.asp 7.12.2 Executed contract to constitute entire agreement In the event of contract award, the contents of this RFP (including all attachments), RFP addenda and revisions, and the proposal of the successful proposer, and additional terms agreed to, in writing, by the Department and the contractor shall become part of the contract. Failure of the successful proposer to accept these as a contractual agreement may result in a cancellation of award. The following priority of contract documents will be used if there are conflicts or disputes. Contractor’s Proposal Dated (09/05/06) State Request for Proposal Dated 07/20/06 Standard Terms and Conditions 8.0 STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Department reserves the right to incorporate standard State contract provisions into any contract negotiated with any proposal submitted responding to this RFP Attachment A(Standard Terms and Conditions (DOA-3054) and Supplemental Standard Terms and Conditions for Procurements for Services (DOA-3681)). Failure of the successful proposer to accept these obligations in a contractual agreement may result in cancellation of the award. 9.0 REQUIRED FORMS The following forms must be completed and submitted with the proposal in accordance with the instructions given in Section 2.4. Blank forms are attached. Cover Form Request for Proposal Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information (DOA-3027) Vendor Information (DOA-3477) Vendor Reference (DOA-3478) Cost Proposal(s) (Attachment B)