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RFP Concept Paper

  1. 1. (Attach E.1) Concept Paper # 114 Presented to Technology Governance Board (TGB) Date Prepared: November 9, 2009 Name of document to be reviewed: Purchase of Web Content Management Software, Design, and Service (Please check one item listed in the following two sections) Document for review and approval: X Request for Proposal (RFP) __ Sole Source Procurement __ Request for Service (RFS) __ Statement of Work __ Request for Quote (RFQ) __ Staff Augmentation __ Invitation to Qualify __ Master Agreement Purchase Document for review only: __ Master Agreement __ Request for Information (RFI) Agency: Department of Natural Resources RFP Reference #: (Not applicable for sole source procurements) Release Date: (Not Applicable for sole source procurements) Projected cost over $50,000? Yes X No ___ Projected agency staff hours over 750? Yes ___ No _X_ Project Cost, Funds and Funding Source: Please list the internal and external resources/costs for the purchase: Internal Resources/Costs: This RFP will be funded through a variety of funding sources, including federal funds and fees. External Resources/Costs: Timelines: December 2009Release RFP February 2010 Award RFP 1
  2. 2. (Attach E.1) July- August 2010 Complete software installation, training, content migration. Goal: Transition the DNR public website to a web content management system (WCMS). Select and implement a combination of content management system software and support services for creating, publishing, organizing, presenting, navigating, searching, and distributing information on the DNR’s internet and intranet. Background: The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) current system for publishing and maintaining online web material is restrictive in its functionality and increasingly difficult to manage its content. The DNR currently is using a PHP based static web page infrastructure to manage over 6000 pages of content. An objective of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) 2008 Strategic Plan is to conduct a feasibility study for enhancing the Department’s website. This project is intended to be a substantial part of that study. It will enable the DNR to keep up with the demands of our public, following industry standards and ADA compliance Currently the DNR has over 6,000 pages of information now housed in a static format on a system that is over eight years old. Hundreds of thousands of people use the site monthly to find forms, permits, information, maps, charts, hunting schedules, and other information related to Iowa recreational opportunities. With the explosive growth of the DNR Internet, fundamental content management needs have also grown. Online information must be continually reviewed and updated by program area liaisons so that other content consumers, including customers, have access to the most up-to-date version. In May 2008, the DNR established a project charter to identify the internal needs of a web content management system. By August 2008, the team had made a recommendation to senior leadership. As the DNR was preparing to move forward with an RFP for a content management system (CMS), training, and service, a separate RFP was proposed by the DOT in September 2008. The DNR decided at that time to work proactively with the DOT on the RFI and RFP for a web CMS. Since that time, other departments have pursued other web management solutions and chose not to partner on an enterprise solution. The DNR is now ready to move forward with an RFP for a web content management system, including design services and support. Expected Results: What are the tangible and intangible benefits of this purchase for this agency and/or state government? The Iowa DNR has an outdated system by which we publish and maintain our online web material. An online content management system is needed for us to keep up with the demands of our public as well as allow us to stay compliant with ADA standards as well as the industry standards for online publishing. Our current system is outdated and has proved unstable. The DNR’s strategic plan calls for a Content Management System. The Content Management system will provide ways to better publish, organize, present, navigate, search and distribute information on the DNR web site both internally and externally to the DNR. Using a CMS, program contacts can update their online information quickly and efficiently without technical intervention. This will save considerable time for the program area liaisons, the web 2
  3. 3. (Attach E.1) content manager and IT staff. Having full content ownership expands the opportunities for subject matter experts to make their information available to their specific audiences. Can these benefits be quantified in financial terms? If yes, please explain. Currently, approximately 0.5 fte is spent coordinating web content workflow and organization. Moving content to a WCMS potentially alleviates some of the organizational and workflow issues of publishing content through current methods employed by the DNR. It is estimated that approximately 15 hours per week will be saved, providing the agency time to review site statistics which would help improve online content, usability and navigation, promoting the DNR among social networking sites, researching what other states and agencies are doing to enhance their online presence and also looking into offering more services online and meeting the needs of our public. How will you be more effective as a result of this purchase? Internal workflow would be considerably improved as it would allow multiple designated users within the content programs to manage and publish their online content rather than going through only a handful of staff who can assist with HTML coding. Also, time would be saved by using a system that will automatically handle updates, publishing and archival of outdated information. How will service to your customers be enhanced as a result of this purchase? A new, updated system will allow our customers better access to our online information in regards to navigation and up-to-date content. Old content will be able to be archived and less confusion will exist. Testing and Acceptance: The web content management system will be tested by the DNR Communications and Information Technology Bureaus, including content management and security personnel, prior to production rollout. Some of the Interested Parties: Internal and external users of the DNR’s internet and intranet sites, including staff, citizens, customers, vendors, media, other governmental groups or agencies, natural resource and environmental stakeholder groups. Some of the Recipients of this Service: See previous question. Standards: Web page accessibility standards Architecture: No answer. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery: The web CMS would run in either ITE’s hosted web environment or through a hosted solution. Either solution will provide a firewall, redundancy for mission critical applications, full backup capabilities and offsite retention of said backups. 3
  4. 4. (Attach E.1) Recommendations from Joint Chief Information Officers and IT RFP Advisory Group members: NOTE: Where applicable, all DAS GSE Procurement and IA Administrative Code 11-105 and 11-106 requirements and procedures are to be followed. Reference: http://das.gse.iowa.gov/procurement/, specifically: http://das.gse.iowa.gov/procurement/adminrules/. Duplication recommendation from the JCIO to the TGB (from 9 of 11 JCIO members): The JCIO was divided on whether to release the RFP or not, but most members submitted comments on the concept paper. Please review them below. There was also an additional report submitted on the subject. a) Is there duplication within Government? Yes, see comments below. b) Can an existing program be modified to address a new need? Yes, see comments below. c) Do you have any similar program in existence? Yes, see comments below. d) Have you sought RFP’s for similar programs in the past? Yes, see comments below. e) Do you have RFP’s for similar programs? Yes, see comments below. f) Do you have an RFP that could be used as a starting point for this program? Yes, see comments below. g) Is there anything you could provide that could assist the agency with this RFP? Yes, see comments below. h) Are there alternatives available to the agencies? Yes, see comments below. Recommendation of the JCIO to the TGB: Authorize this RFP (or Sole Source Procurement) to be released for bid Yes ___ No _X_ Alternatives suggested by the JCIO (see additional comments below) Yes _X_ No ___ Additional comments: DE: Education uses Joomla for web content management. Joomla can be used as a CMS for websites. Education can provide knowledge transfer on Joomla. There are many web CMSs that can be used by agencies. DHS: Is the RFP to select a vendor to implement a CMS for DNR and transition the existing content or is the RFP to select a content management system? Or is it to do both? It seems like it may be difficult to get objective feedback regarding a CMS if you are also evaluating vendors to work with it. DPH: What happened to the CMS project for the enterprise? Other departments may have one. DOT: Some agencies currently have a Web CMS. For example, Dept. of Education is using Joomla and DHS is using a Web CMS created by Iowa Interactive. Moss 2007 (Sharepoint) could be modified by purchasing the Internet Web CMS package. DOT has Sharepoint, but do not have the Internet Web CMS package. 4
  5. 5. (Attach E.1) DOT does not have an RFP to share with DNR, but DOT did send out an RFI and put together a report for the TGB which included the results of the RFI (this report is included as an attachment for discussion purposes). Criteria were developed from the RFI results and have been posted to the Web CMS group’s wiki - https://forge.iowa.gov/wiki/index.php/ContentManagement If DNR is allowed to send out this RFP and purchase a Web CMS, will all agencies who are interested in a Web CMS be required to purchase the same product/service? Has the Web Team report been reviewed by the RFP Advisory Group and/or TGB? Recommendation of the IT RFP Advisory Group to the TGB: Authorize this RFP (or Sole Source Procurement) to be released for bid Yes _X_ No ___ Alternatives suggested by the advisory group (see comments below) Yes ___ No _X_ Additional comments from advisory group members: None. 5