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Revenue Generating Web Applications


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Revenue Generating Web Applications

  1. 1. Group Business Applications Revenue Generating Web Applications Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | |
  2. 2. Group Business Applications GBX™ - Group Business Exchange The GBX™ database has been garnered from meeting and event planners who GBX™ is a highly qualified opt-in list of over submit RFPs to our ever-growing network of 100,000 professional planners made hotels and resorts that employ the PlanIt Online™ group RFP tool. These planners exclusively available to PlanIt Online TM have all opted-in to receive offers from other subscribers. properties in our network. The GBX™ database is regarded by those Product Highlights who use it to be a lucrative and highly - Query over 100,000 professional responsive method of contacting meeting planners by criteria such as State, Region, Industry type and more professional planners. Database queries and counts are a value-added service we - More cost-effective than paid search provide to our PlanIt Online™ subscribers. marketing or offline advertising These subscribers then employ our full- service email marketing department to - Drive RFPs direct through your create, execute and report on their website using PlanIt Online™ RFP product marketing effort to the list. Rates for this service are based on campaign creation and - Extremely high quality database of execution. Clients do not pay for the actual decision-making meeting and events list rental. organizers Our database is kept strictly confidential. - No list rental fees. Pay only for the cost to build and deploy your email Interactive Sites manages the frequency of campaign campaigns to the list, to maximize each and every campaign for optimum quality and responsiveness. Clients are not provided the data for their own 3rd party campaigns. However, when leads are generated, either by submitting an RFP via PlanIt Online™ or calling the property direct, that lead becomes your asset to market to in the future. Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. Group Business Applications PlanIt Online™ Increase your meetings revenue with PlanIt Online™, the only private-labeled online PlanIt Online™ has generated over 4 billion application that allows meeting planners to communicate directly with your sales team dollars-US in leads since 1999 and has and gives you access to our list of over been used by over 2000 hotels worldwide. 100,000 meeting planners. Generate leads through your web site Product Highlights PlanIt Online™ makes it easy for meeting & event planners to submit proposal requests - Allow planners to quickly and easily provide meeting information to your sales team directly through your website. Both professional and non- - Gain access to over 100,000 meeting planners in GBX database professional planners are guided step-by- step through the RFP process. Everything - Route leads directly to individual sales managers from weddings to large corporate meetings can be sent through PlanIt Online™. - Ensure quicker turnaround to customers - Collect and store customer data in a Streamline the RFP process consistent format PlanIt Online™ dynamic function scheduler - Forward leads to both Daylight and creates each event-day in detail. Rates, DelPhi times, number of attendees, room - Private label to provide seamless specifications, and function set up are all integration with your website captured in a standardized format. PlanIt - Leverage Plant Online’s proven track Online’s flexible routing schema ensures record of success that each lead is delivered to the appropriate - Be up and running within 24 hrs of individual. A variety of reporting options are request also provided. - Pay as little as $250 per month (based on a single property) Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Group Business Applications ShareIt Online™ ShareIt Online™ empowers the entire sales force to sell beyond a single property, brand “The Global Hotel Alliance is striving to or collection perspective, applying eliminate the barriers that sometimes cause enterprise-wide sales capability to every guest interactions to get 'lost in translation' account contact. across cultures, and countries. By giving our total sales force the ability to ShareIt Online™ is a web-based lead communicate and respond to inquiries referral and tracking system that allows through the private label ShareIt Online hotels to share unfulfilled group business tool, we eliminate one more barrier, leads with affiliated properties, earning providing an even higher level of customized revenue on otherwise lost business. service and recognition to our guests.” The system encompasses all aspects of the group lead generation process, including Rodd Herron rooms, banquets and function space, sales VP Sales Development Wyndham International volume tracking, incentive tracking and contact/account management. ShareIt Online™ also provides for the capture and Product Highlights management of core customer information - Retain business that may have otherwise for reporting, tracking and sales incentive been lost - Allow meetings to easily re-book at another initiatives. branded property - Turn your property sales team into a national sales team ShareIt Online™ is built on a flexible, state- - Monitor the status of all business from one of-the-art platform utilizing a robust suite of application - Track performance at all levels: individual, database and internet technologies. These property, region, or enterprise technologies facilitate the customization and - Centralize customer data for re-use - Ensure movement of business with flexible private labeling of ShareIt Online™ to fit the email notification unique needs of each client. This platform - Provide an additional incentive for your sales teams enables integration with other key customer - Creates an online sales extranet support applications such as an existing - Centralize sales communication across the entire enterprise company intranet, property information database, CRM or property-based group sales systems. Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Group Business Applications ShareIt Online™ Key Features Lead Searching All customer accounts and meeting information is stored in a searchable database. Selection criteria input into the lead creation template are used to qualify property capacities prior to lead distribution. After the lead is sent, searchable criteria include: • Lead (lead number, sales person ID, receiving hotel) • Property • Date (date of lead generation or arrival) • Lead status Lead Management The application allows a hotel to create and send complete details on qualified leads to another hotel that meets the customer’s specified criteria. All leads may be viewed and updated. ShareIt Online™ provides authorized users with the latest status of all bookings - prospect, tentative, definite and actualized. Subject to user permissions, the revenue value of any lead can be updated prior to entry of actualized numbers, which are locked in for integrity. • Lead Creation – Each lead has a number assigned to it for tracking purposes and contains key information necessary for lead processing • Incoming Leads – Each lead is automatically sent to the Property Administrator at the receiving property for assignment. Property Administrator is notified of lead by e-mail • Sales Lead Manager/Status Management – Allows modifications to the status and associated revenue information throughout the lead process (unassigned, assigned, viewed, turned down, prospect, tentative, definite, actualized, lost, or cancelled) • View Received Leads – E-mail notification is automatically triggered when the Property Administrator assigns leads to a Sales Lead Manager • View Unsent Leads – Allows Sales Managers to revisit and complete lead details in order to send leads • View Sent Leads – Allows Sales Managers to view all leads they have sent in order track the status in order to project commissions • Change Active Property – Allows Managers to work and view status on behalf of all properties to which they are associated • E-mail Notification of Leads - ShareIt Online TM contains several pre-set notifications to assure managers are appropriately following up on all leads, and includes a copy feature to notify others, assuring responsiveness and follow-through in key system activity Incentive Management The application employs tools for setting goals/quotas for each user, including reporting of how users are measuring up against their goals/quotas. • Sales staff (Global, Field and Property) participation Account/Client Profile Management ShareIt Online™ provides for the management of key accounts and contacts. All account activity transacted through the system is captured and stored for analysis and reporting. • Account/contact creation, deletion and maintenance • Account/contact integration with lead management • Account/contact lead and sales reporting and tracking • “Auto-populate” feature which identifies existing profiles and populate the lead on request Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Group Business Applications Key Reporting All information is stored in a secured centralized database. The application provides an array of valuable reports which can be viewed by date range, region, area or property. All reports can be viewed, printed or saved to a file for use in other applications. Operational Reports include: • User Profile - Listing of all users showing user profile details • User Aging - Listing of all users showing system activity • Past Decision Date - Listing of all leads past the decision date • Quality Performance - Statistics on leads past the decision date and that have been turned down • Participation - Statistics on the participation of properties and users Management Reports include: • Summary Revenue - Summarized revenue report with drill-down capability • Detail Revenue - Detailed information about leads and lead revenue • Comparison Revenue - Summary revenue report with the ability to compare revenue over date ranges • Performance Actualized - Summary of revenue related to Actualized leads • Activity - Summary of system activity • Conversion - Received Lead Conversion statistics • Quota - Property and User Sent lead statistics versus established quotas Financial Reports include: • Property Definite – Allows user to manually run the Definite Finance report • Property Actualized – Allows user to manually run the Actualized Finance report • Monthly Definite / Actualized Stored Reports - View the stored monthly reports; full Actualized and Definite reports are run on the 4th of every month for the previous month Administration & Security ShareIt Online™ provides high level administrators all the tools necessary to manage users and data. Property Information Administration The property information can be provided by the client’s existing property information database provided that the data is provided in the required format. Account/Client Administration This area allows administrators based on permissions to add new clients and accounts, including the ability to modify addresses, phone numbers and other key contact information. Property and Regional Sales Office Administration This area allows administrators, based on permissions, to change information about the regional office or property itself, once the initial data has been imported into the system and set-up by Interactive Sites. Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Group Business Applications Administration & Security Contd. Property Sales System Activation Administration The Property Administration area allows administrators to activate or deactivate a property’s ability to participate in ShareIt Online TM. Message Board Administration The Message Board allows select administrators to update text messages targeted to specific regions, properties or corporate users. Recognition Page Administration This Recognition Page allows select administrators to recognize the performance of top producers or properties. User Account Administration Each user profile may be retrieved by accessing the User Account Administration area. Administrators may add, edit, transfer or delete the profiles of all users in the system, or edit their own profile. All users are assigned log-in identification and a password for access to the site. All users must have a complete profile associated with a role in the system so that other sections on the site will auto-populate correctly. Knowledge Center The Knowledge Center provides web-based tutorial & training in the use and navigation of ShareIt Online™. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section allows administrators to add, update or delete information in this section for easy reference. Recognition Page This allows the organization to recognize top producers and top properties on a distinct page of the site, reinforcing the success and use of ShareIt Online™ while encouraging others through testimonials of what can be achieved. Message Board The message board includes text messages that rotate, one at a time, in a pre-defined area on the Home Page which may be written in any western language. Featured Properties Listing Post up to 5 property photographs, including property names, in a pre-defined area on the Home Page of the site. This provides for highlighting properties that may have distressed inventory or are associated with other promotional campaigns. Interactive Sites | 480 707 1600 | | Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Group Business Applications About Interactive Sites Locating Us Interactive Sites is a leading developer of web-based products and solutions to the global hospitality industry. For over 12 years, Interactive Sites has been dedicated to providing unrivaled web design and revenue generating products and services to more than 14,000 hotels, resorts and casinos worldwide. Our clients range from limited-service to the most From Sky Harbor Airport luxurious hotels and resorts in the world – you’re assured our range and depth of • Take the East Sky Harbor Blvd to the 202 • Go East on the 202 to the 101 experience is unsurpassed. • Go North on the 101 to Raintree • Turn West onto Raintree • Go past Hayden then turn right at the Request a Proposal stop sign onto 78th Way • Turn left at the second building on the left To request a proposal from us, please call 480 707 1600. You can also email a From Northwest Valley request. Please send a brief description of • Take the 101 East to Raintree the project you are tendering to the following • Turn West onto Raintree • Go past Hayden then turn right at the address - stop sign onto 78th Way • Turn left at the second building on the left Available Interactive Sites PDF Guides From South West Valley • Take the 60 West to the 101 Hands-On™ Web CMS • Go North on the 101 to Raintree Group Business Applications • Turn West onto Raintree • Go past Hayden then turn right at the Web Development stop sign onto 78th Way E-Marketing • Turn left at the second building on the left Interactive Sites Inc. - 14988 N 78th Way, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260 – USA Tel: 480 707 1600 Fax: 480 707 1601 Hands-On, ShareIt Online, PlanIt Online, GBX, the taglines, logo and service marks are trademarks of Interactive Sites, Inc., which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Interactive Sites | 480 other trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Copyright 2005 Interactive Sites, Inc. All rights reserved. All 707 1600 | | Page 8 of 8