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  1. 1. The Regents of the University of California REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #UCOP/RFP Uniforms/2008 FOR UC EMPLOYEE UNIFORMS Date Issued: 4/4/2008 Issued By: The Regents of the University of California RFP Administrator: Brian N. Agius Strategic Sourcing University of California, Office of the President 1111 Franklin Street, 10th Floor Oakland, CA 94607-5200
  2. 2. The information contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP) is confidential and proprietary to the University of California and is to be used by the recipient solely for the purpose of responding to this RFP. Table of Contents General Information Section I Response Evaluation Section II Bidder Response Format and Qualification Section III Program and Product Requirements Section IV Agreement Terms and Conditions Section V Implementation Section VI Pricing Section VII Bidder Response Certification Signature Page Section VIII Exhibits & Attachments University of California Appendix A Terms and Conditions of Purchase Special Terms and Conditions for Federal Government Supplement 5 Contracts Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Proposed Exhibits A-C Debarment, and other Responsibility Matters (First Tier Subcontractor) University of California’s Presidential Policy on Sustainable Exhibit D Practices Patronage Incentive Contact List Exhibit E Commodity Team Roster Exhibit F Campus Profiles Exhibit G Pricing Schedules: Rental (Laundry), Purchase & Lease Attachments 1, 2, 3 & 3a Affidavit of Compliance with Fair Labor Practices Standards Attachment 4 University of California Business Information Form (BIF) Attachment 5 Financial Information (created by bidder) Attachment 7 Bidder’s Inquiry Form Attachment 8 Alternate Proposal (created by bidder) Attachment 9 2
  3. 3. SECTION I: GENERAL INFORMATION A. Purpose of the RFP The purpose of this Request for Proposal (the “RFP”) is to invite qualified companies to prepare and submit proposals (or “bids”) to furnish Employee Uniforms to the University of California (“UC”), in accordance with the requirements defined within this RFP. ’Employee Uniforms’ shall include garments in a rental/laundry program, garments that are directly purchased by the UC or employee and garments that are leased to the UC or employee and laundered by the UC employee. B. Background Information Known for academic excellence, the University of California is a large and complex University organization devoted to scholarship, research and public service. The University of California System currently has over 209,000 students and a workforce of over 170,000 with operating revenues of $18 billion. The campuses reside on 16,336 acres of land with an additional 150,000 acres in the University’s natural reserve system. Current estimates of UC Employee Uniforms by product category are as follows: • Total Uniform Program (uniforms, laundering, repair/replacement, secure storage for garments, excluding sports and band, law enforcement and fire): Approximately $5 million per year • In excess of 165 delivery stops to service all locations • At least 50 separate local contracts, numerous month-to-month arrangements and departmental blanket purchase orders For current maps and directions to all University locations please see: Currently, most UC locations have a Small Business Program in place for purchasing products and services from small and local businesses. The University will continue purchasing through its current Small Business Programs and these efforts are coordinated at the location level. Most of the locations’ central receiving docks can accommodate 45-ft. or larger delivery trucks; buildings without loading docks can accommodate 30-ft. and smaller delivery trucks. The above information is provided as an estimate only to assist bidders in preparing proposals. The figures provided are indicative of the potential business volume and the complexity of the UC account. The University does not and cannot guarantee any specific quantities or business volume during any awarded Agreement period or any extensions thereto. A cross-functional UC Systemwide commodity team has been formed to develop and implement a world-class procurement program for UC Employee Uniforms in accordance with the University Strategic Sourcing Initiative objectives. See Exhibit G “Campus Profiles” for further location details. C. Locations The University of California is comprised of the following locations: • Ten campuses– UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz • The remote offices associated with each campus including the UC teaching and administrative offices located in Washington, D.C. and the agricultural field stations 3
  4. 4. • The Office of the President located primarily in Oakland and Berkeley, California, with other locations throughout the State of California and in Washington, D.C. • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is owned by the Federal Government but managed by the University • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which is owned by the Federal Government but managed by Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS), a partnership between the University of California and selected business partners. • Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is owned by the Federal Government but managed by Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS), a partnership between the University of California and selected business partners. Any awarded Agreement(s) shall be extended to the UC Medical Centers and any future locations of the University as they may be announced during the Agreement term. D. Objectives The overall objective of this RFP is to leverage the UC Systemwide spend to establish the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally responsible procurement program for Employee Uniforms that maintains the highest standards of product quality and service levels achievable by working with the awarded supplier or suppliers. With that intent, the UC is interested in evaluating the costs and benefits of several alternative methods for the procurement of Employee Uniforms by UC participating locations. This project was initiated to develop a supplier/UC alliance(s) and implement a UC Systemwide, program for Employee Uniforms that will provide maximum value to the University through enhanced technology, superior customer service, streamlined processes and lower total costs. In addition, this project is intended to ensure that awarded supplier(s) providing UC Employee Uniforms (including laundry and other related services) show a strong commitment to sustainable practices and to ensure that UC suppliers meet ‘socially responsible’ practices related to the treatment of workers and their facility and working conditions Qualified bidders are invited to submit proposals based on the information provided in this RFP which will maximize the resources of both organizations to most effectively meet the Employee Uniforms needs of the University of California. E. Issuing Office and Communications Regarding the RFP This RFP, and any subsequent addenda to it, is being issued by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) Strategic Sourcing Department on behalf of The Regents of the University of California and its participating affiliates. UCOP Strategic Sourcing is the sole point of contact regarding all procurement and contractual matters relating to the requirements described in this RFP, and is the only office authorized to change, modify, clarify, etc., the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFP and any Agreement(s) awarded as a result of this RFP. All communications, including any requests for clarification concerning this RFP should be addressed in writing to: Darryl Sweet Phone: (510) 987-0473 Commodity Manager, Strategic Sourcing Fax: (510) 839-0856 University of California, Office of the President E-mail: 1111 Franklin Street, 10th Floor Oakland, California 94607 4
  5. 5. F. RFP Schedule Bidders interested in submitting proposals in response to this RFP should do so according to the following schedule. A bidder may be disqualified for failing to adhere to the dates and times for performance specified below (all times Pacific Daylight Time “PDT”): Date Time Event Friday, RFP issue date April 4, 2008 Wednesday, 9:30 AM Pre-Bid Conference (Mandatory), at UCOP April 16, 2008 Friday, 4:00 PM Bidders issuance of requests for clarification of RFP April 18, 2008 Monday, April 23, 2008 4:00 PM University response to requests for clarification of RFP Friday, April 25, 2008 4:00 PM Issuance of addenda to RFP, if necessary Friday, May 2, 2008 12:00 PM Deadline for RFP submission (bid closing date) Week of May 12 TBD Bidder presentations (2 hours) Week of May 26 TBD Site visits Week of June 2 Anticipated award date G. Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference A mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM at: University of California, Office of the President 1111 Franklin Street Oakland, CA 94697 Room 12129 This meeting will provide bidders the opportunity to ask questions about the RFP and UC requirements. Attendance at the Pre-Bid Conference, either in person or via conference call/web conference, is mandatory for bidders who intend to submit a proposal. Physical attendance must be limited to two representatives from each participating company. Any changes to the Pre-Bid Conference requirements are at the sole discretion of the UC. Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference Schedule 9:00 – 9:30 Security check-in and sign-in at conference room 12129 9:30 - 9:45 Introductions 9:45 – 10:15 Overview of RFP by Team Lead 10:15 – 10:30 UC specific items 10:30 – 10:40 Break 10:40 - Noon Open discussion PRE-BID ATTENDANCE You must RSVP for this conference in writing to Brian Agius via email or fax (510) 839-0856. Your name will be at the security kiosk for the building and a guest pass will be issued for entry. Online attendees will be required to sign in on webinar site for validation and attendance record. 5
  6. 6. H. Bidder Requests for Clarification Each Bidder is expected to exercise their best professional independent judgment in analyzing the requirements of this RFP to ascertain whether additional clarification is necessary or desirable before responding. Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted using Attachment 8, which is the “Bidder’s Inquiry Form”, by the date stated in Section F (Bidder issuance of requests for clarification of RFP). Attachment 8 may be submitted via email per the instructions provided. I. Addenda to the Request for Proposal Any changes, additions or deletions to the RFP will be in the form of written addenda issued by the University and shall become a part of this RFP. Any addenda to this RFP will be distributed to all participating bidders and posted on the University of California’s Strategic Sourcing website at: . The University shall not be responsible for failure of any bidder to receive such addenda. J. Submitting Proposals Bids must follow the exact formats specified in this RFP. Bids must be signed by a company officer authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the bidding firm. The submission of a signed bid will confirm understanding and acceptance of all requirements, terms and conditions of the RFP unless specific exceptions are taken and alternative language or provisions are offered. 1. One (1) signed original hardcopy proposal and one electronic copy must be received by the UCOP Strategic Sourcing Department no later than 12:00 p.m. PDT on the bid closing date. Late bids will not be accepted. Bids sent via facsimile (FAX) will not be accepted. The mailed hard copy bids must be sealed and marked: Bid#: UCOP/RFPUniforms/2008 Bid Closing Date: Friday, May 2, 2008 This original signed hardcopy bid proposal excluding Price Quotation information (Section VII) must be received by the Strategic Sourcing Department at the address below: University of California, Office of the President Strategic Sourcing Department Attn: DARRYL SWEET 1111 Franklin St., 10th Floor Oakland, CA 94607-5200 The electronic copy excluding the Price Quotation information (Section VII) must be emailed by the bid closing date to 2. Price Quotation information (Section VII) will be also be due no later than 12:00 p.m. PDT on the bid closing date, on a CD in Excel Format and is ONLY to be mailed to: University of California, Office of the President Strategic Sourcing Department Attn: SUE BIELEN 1111 Franklin St., 10th Floor Oakland, CA 94607 6
  7. 7. K. Proposal Preparation Costs All costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals and related documentation, including bidder presentations to UC, will be borne by the bidder. L. Proposal Acceptance Period "Acceptance Period" as used in this provision, means the number of calendar days available to the University for awarding an Agreement. All bids shall remain available for University acceptance for a minimum of 180 (one hundred eighty) days following the bid closing date. M. Initial Contract Term It is anticipated that the initial term of any Agreement resulting from this RFP will be for a period of two (2) years. N. Optional Renewal Term(s) UC may, at its option, extend or renew the agreement for three (3) additional two-year periods at the same terms and conditions. O. Errors and Omissions If the bidder discovers any discrepancy, error or omission in this RFP or in any of the attached Appendices, the UC should be notified immediately and a written clarification/notification will be issued to all bidders who have been furnished a copy of this RFP for bidding purposes. No bidder will be entitled to additional compensation for any error or discrepancy that appears in the RFP where UC was not notified and a response provided. All addendums of clarification will be posted on the University of California Strategic Sourcing Systemwide bid posting website at: . P. Alternate Proposals Bidders are encouraged to submit Alternate Proposals that would further the UC’s goal of reducing expenses, offering optimum value, maximizing sustainability efforts and ensuring socially responsible practices throughout the Systemwide UC Employee Uniform supply chain. Alternate Proposals will only be considered if the original requirements of the RFP are met in the manner specified and the bidder has been selected for an award. Alternate Proposals are to be submitted at the time of original proposal; however they will NOT be considered during the award process. They are to be separate from the original proposal and clearly marked as Attachment 9 “ALTERNATE PROPOSAL”. 7
  8. 8. SECTION II: RESPONSE EVALUATION A. Proposal Evaluation The proposals will be used to help the University identify sources to provide Employee Uniforms at a reduced cost, using sustainable practices and while complying with Fair Labor Practices, all Federal and State labor codes and the UC Affidavit of Social Responsibility. Responses will also be used to determine the breadth of product and service scope available from bidders to make an assessment on the number of suppliers needed to adequately meet the UC requirements. B. Reference Checks Bidder experience is an important criterion in the selection process. To warrant consideration for an award, bidders should have provided verifiable successful experience within the last three (3) years in providing the range of products and services specified in this RFP as a primary supplier for at least two (2) accounts of similar size, complexity and business volume as the UC business model(s) you will bidding (entire UC system, regional or local.) It is preferable that at least two (2) references be located within the state of California. Bidders will be asked to provide customer reference information in the next section. C. Scoring of Bids and Contract Award This solicitation, the evaluation of proposals and the award of any resulting Agreement shall be made in conformance with applicable University policies and State of California law. The University reserves the right to withdraw this RFP at any time. All documents submitted to UC on behalf of this RFP will become the exclusive property of the UC System and will not be returned. Any Agreement(s) resulting from this RFP will be awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder whose proposal, in the opinion of the University, offers the greatest benefit to the University when considering the total value, including, but not limited to, the quality of products, service and total cost (including prompt payment discounts, trade-ins, upgrades, available volume discounts, shipping and other miscellaneous charges). Proposals will be evaluated by the University’s Employee Uniform Commodity Team using a quality points system. The evaluators will examine each proposal to determine, through the application of uniform criteria, the effectiveness of the proposal in meeting the University’s program requirements for Employee Uniforms. In addition to materials provided in the proposals, the Employee Uniform Commodity Team may utilize site visits, oral presentations, product testing, additional material/information or references (not to be scored by quality points) from the bidder and others to come to their determination of award(s). In determining what is in the best interest of the University award (s) may be made based on Systemwide, Regional (i.e. North locations / South locations), or local coverage, business model (Rental/launder, Purchase or Lease), including other bid options, and may also seek the best overall combination of the above items provided by multiple suppliers. The University of California may request additional information either from the Bidder or others, and may utilize site visits and bidder presentations, as reasonably required by the University to verify the Bidder’s ability to successfully meet the requirements of this RFP. Factors that will be used to evaluate proposals include: 1. GENERAL CAPABILITIES a. Company organization, environment and strategic direction b. National account management c. Program administration d. Expertise of personnel 8
  9. 9. e. Ability to meet the needs of all University of California locations f. Training and Marketing g. Sustainable practices (including sustainable product offerings, if any) h. Range of products i. Implementation plan j. Socially responsible practices 2. SERVICE QUALITY AND COMMITMENTS a. Quality management and continuous improvement processes b. Geographic support for customer service/delivery/repair/replacement service c. Geographic support for account management and representation 3. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT a. Alignment of bidder's technology direction with UC requirements b. Products features, performance and reliability c. Ability to provide automated systems, e-commerce and web-based order management d. Ability to provide types and frequencies of volume, usage, incentive, utilization and sustainability reports to meet UC requirements e. Ability to meet UC requirements for billing and purchase orders f. Ability to meet UC requirements for delivery, service, maintenance and non- performance penalties The weighted total of all quality points per category awarded by individual evaluators and will be averaged for each UC location. Each location will give one score representing all evaluators’ responses and will be added together to compile a quality point total. The total quoted cost will then be divided by the total quality points to determine the best proposal(s) for each bid option. The proposal(s) offering the lowest cost per quality point for any of the specified bid options which the University, in its sole discretion, elects to exercise will be recommended for award. Should the Bidder with the proposal offering lowest cost per quality point for any option refuse or fail to accept the tendered purchase contract, the award may be made successively to the Bidder with the second lowest cost per quality point, or then to the third in the event of further failure to accept. The University may elect to conduct the supplier selection process using a quality points system in two phases: • Phase I: - Selection of finalists • Phase II: - Selection of winning bidder(s) for the agreement award The University may waive irregularities in a proposal provided that, in the judgment of the University, such action will not negate fair competition and will permit proper comparative evaluation of bids submitted. The University's waiver of an immaterial deviation or defect shall in no way modify the RFP documents or excuse the bidder from full compliance with the RFP specifications in the event an Agreement is awarded to that bidder. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids on each item separately or as a whole without penalty, to split awards, to make multiple awards or no award, and to contract as the best interest of the University may require in order to put an Agreement in place which best meets the needs of the University, as expressed in this RFP. The University reserves the right to negotiate the modification of proposed prices, terms and conditions with the bidder offering the best value to the University, in conjunction with the award criteria contained herein, prior to the execution of an Agreement to ensure a satisfactory written and complete Agreement. 9
  10. 10. SECTION III: BIDDER RESPONSE FORMAT AND QUALIFICATION A. Proposal Format Guidelines Bidders must complete Sections III, IV, V and VI of this RFP by discussing each item in the exact format and order presented. The entire proposal response, (less the Pricing Quotation Section VII), must be submitted in hard copy to Darryl Sweet; and the Requested Price Quotation as outlined in Section VII, which must be submitted separately on a CD in Excel format to Sue Bielen per the submittal instructions contained herein. Proposals are to use the same section titles used below for ease of evaluation. Proposals must provide a complete response to all requirements stated in the RFP. Incomplete proposals are subject to disqualification. The proposal shall be signed by an officer or employee duly authorized to legally bind the entity submitting the proposal. Proposals shall be complete, submitted in the prescribed format or on forms provided and comply with the specifications and all legal requirements. All information furnished on the signed original copy of the bid shall be typewritten or written in ink. B. Bidder Qualification – Minimum Mandatory Requirements The intent of this solicitation is to provide for the UC the successful implementation of the program for Employee Uniforms as specified. Please state next to each numbered Minimum Mandatory Requirement whether you “Agree” or “Disagree”. In addition to the information required below, the University reserves the right to; request additional information either from the bidder or others, utilize site visits and/or bidder presentations, obtain Dun & Bradstreet or similar independent reports, etc to further verify or indicate the bidder’s ability to successfully meet the requirements of this RFP. Minimum Mandatory Requirements are defined as requirements essential to the UC for bid consideration. Automatic disqualification from the bidding process will result from bidder’s failure to provide or be in compliance with any one or more the following necessities. Please state your understanding and compliance to each requirement below by stating “Agree” or “Disagree”: 1. No late bids will be accepted. Any bid received after the specified deadline for submission (bid closing date) shall result in automatic disqualification. 2. Collusion among bidders is not allowed. If there is proof of collusion among bidders, all proposals involved in the collusive action will be rejected. 3. Proposals must not contain any provisions reserving the right to accept or reject an award or to enter into a contract containing terms and conditions that are contrary to those in this solicitation. 4. Attendance at the Pre-Bid Conference is mandatory per the requirements outlined herein. 5. Bidders must achieve a minimum Quality Point threshold of 70% as defined within this RFP to continue. 6. Bidders will be required to provide a quarterly Patronage Incentive of at least 2% of the total sales of Rental garments (rental/laundry program), Purchased garments and Leased uniform garment products resulting from an awarded Agreement. This Patronage Incentive will be used by UC to provide support in the implementation, administration and management of the successful bidder(s) program(s) in order to maximize University participation and/or for other purposes at the University’s discretion. The amount of quarterly Patronage Incentive provided to each UC location will be calculated based on the total quarterly sales (all products, uniforms/non-uniforms) to each location. Each location shall have the right to modify proposal pricing for the individual campus up to 2% in the event UC participating location(s) decide not to implement an incentive program. If you plan to offer more than the 2% minimum, please state what that percentage will be. 10
  11. 11. 7. The University of California requires that potential suppliers certify that all contractors or subcontractors who will supply uniforms to the University (including contracts for Rental, Purchase/Lease and Laundering of uniforms) attest to compliance with the Fair Labor Standards stipulated in Attachment 4. Bidders must sign the UC supplied “Affidavit of Compliance with Fair Labor Standards Practices”, Attachment 4, and include it with their bid submission. Successful bidders will need to re-certify periodically during contract term. 8. Bidders must describe their company’s commitment to sustainable practices as it applies to their commodity or service. Please refer to the University of California’s Presidential Policy on Sustainable Practices, and align your response with the categories outlined in the policy statement. State your ability to provide a catalog of garments to the UC that can be connected to these sustainable practices back through your supply chain. 11
  12. 12. C. Financial Information Under a separate document that bidders are to create and label “Attachment 7 Financial Information”, please answer and provide the following: Are you publicly or privately held? Provide information to convey your financial capability and viability to supply products and services under an awarded Agreement. The University would like to see financial statements for the past two (2) years or equivalent information in order to establish your financial viability and integrity. Information should include: • Dunn and Bradstreet rating • Recently audited (or best available) financial statements • Line(s) of credit • Successful financial track record • Adequate working capital • Third party articles D. Company Overview Bidders shall provide an introduction and general description of their Company's background, nature of business activities and experience in providing Uniform rental, lease and/or purchases and related services. 1. Bidder’s management should provide an overview of their understanding of the major objectives of this RFP and their approach to fulfilling the RFP requirements. 2. State whether your company is local, regional, national or international. Include information on any affiliates and/or subsidiaries. 3. Does your company have a National Account Program that could be tailored to a State-wide program? If so, please describe it. 4. Is your company publicly traded or privately held; and is your company a small business? 5. Please list company headquarters and number of employees. 6. List the personnel who will manage the UC program at the campus, regional and Systemwide levels. Include their industry experience with clients of comparable size and scope as the UC. Please attach resumes. 7. It is the UC’s expectation that the awarded supplier(s) provide the following program administration functions. Please state how your company intends to meet these requirements: • Project Manager to coordinate program implementation • Account Management for on-going contract monitoring and maintenance • Account Representative(s) dedicated to UC Campus(s) if requested • On-site sales representation on a regular basis to increase sales activity, assist in resolving problems, demonstrate new products, handle returned goods and provide other customer services as required for the efficient operation of the program • A “program” for regularly monitoring and comparing UC pricing with pricing available from competitors in the University of California marketplace • Monthly meetings between supplier’s account manager(s) and UC Purchasing Departments to discuss previous month’s activities and resolution of any open issues 8. Please list annual sales volumes in rental/laundry, leasing and purchase channels. 12
  13. 13. 9. Describe your company’s service/sales network within the UC territory. Specify your geographic locations, company owned or independent contracted dealerships, number of field service/sales representatives. 10. Is your company bidding for the entire UC system? If not, please list the region (Northern or Southern UC) or list individual locations you are capable of servicing. In the below table, please state from which location the UC campuses will be serviced, and complete the detail of what that facility provides. Please state if your company cannot service a location: Response: RENTAL /LAUNDRY LEASE Location to Laundry facility Inspections, Number of Number of PURCHAS Mark with ‘x’ service UC (if different) or N/ alterations, employees at delivery trucks category (- campus A if lease or repairs, this facility based at this ies) bidding purchase inventory done facility here? If not, state where. UCD UCD MC UCB UCSF UCSF MC UCM UCSC UCSB UCLA UCLA MC UCR UCI UCI MC USCD UCSD MC LBNL LLNL LANL 11. Does your company own all of its sales/service locations? If not, please provide a list of dealerships within UC territory. 12. Please furnish your company’s service standards. Include your company’s Service Level Agreement(s) and Mission Statement. 13
  14. 14. E. Company References 1. Provide three (3) references, and a description of each account, to verify bidder’s direct experience in servicing customers of a similar size, complexity and business volume as the University of California based on the bid options specified in Section IV of this RFP. 2. Provide names and contact information for three (3) accounts that have left your company within the last 24 months for reasons other than consolidation. Provide the reason they left. 3. Ensure that you provide contact information including name, title, address, e-mail address and phone number for each reference and that you have verified that the information is current for these individuals/companies. 14
  15. 15. SECTION IV: PROGRAM AND PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS This section sets forth specific product and service requirements for the University of California’s program for Employee Uniforms. Bidder proposals must address all of the listed requirements in the order presented with a response acknowledging an understanding of the requirements and the bidder’s approach to fulfilling the requirements. Note to bidders: This is your chance to showcase what qualities and service capabilities your company can offer to the University of California (UC.) The UC team that will be reviewing bid responses is looking for more than just general responses. Minimal responses will negatively impact how your response is scored. Detailed responses that thoroughly address and explain your answers to the questions will help ensure bid responses are appropriately scored and ranked. A. Bid Options As previously stated, the University wishes to consider alternative methods of acquisition and distribution of Employee Uniforms to the University of California locations. Therefore, all proposals must be based on the following standardized options. In addition, bidders may submit an Alternate Proposal so that the University can evaluate the costs and benefits of the different program(s). The University reserves the right to split this award by UC location, selecting any option or combination of options, which in the sole opinion of the University, is in its best interest. Note: For options listed below, all garments come with any necessary logo, embroidery, sewn name and/or patches required, first article proof required. For each option below UC expects that successful bidder will provide a dedicated, experienced account manager/representative for each campus. Responsible for insuring a seamless order and delivery process, including management of in sourcing or outsourcing the process for logo (silk screening or embroidery) garments. Representative will be available to work collaboratively with each department and consistently deliver optimum customer service. Meet lead time production/delivery requirements; provide design services, complimentary samples, a turn-key ordering process, order confirmation and work to resolve any billing discrepancies. Option 1: Uniform Rental / Laundry Program Successful bidders will visit each location requesting uniform services and provide: samples, sizing and outfitting, ordering and order confirmation, inventory needed for the account, schedule commencement of service with locations, introduce drivers and account representatives to appropriate UC personnel at each location, delivery, ongoing sizing adjustments, inspection and repairs and laundering. Awarded supplier is to ensure that appropriate inventory levels are agreed to in the set-up of account at each location. Replacement uniforms to be provided by supplier. Supplier will be responsible for providing program management and administration functions, customer service, inventory management, marketing, management reporting, billing, cost allocation, conversion, system development and support, program implementation, dedicated account management team, including on-site representative(s), reporting and all other services associated with the rental program. Option 2: Uniform Purchase Program (Employee-maintained) Successful bidder will provide assistance to the UC with samples, sizing, outfitting, ordering and order confirmation. The UC and/or employee will purchase and assume responsibility for garment. Delivery of non logo merchandise within one (1) week of order placement Delivery of Logo merchandise within two (2) weeks of order placement Delivery of custom work within three (3) weeks of order placement. 15
  16. 16. Supplier will be responsible for providing program management and administration functions, customer service, inventory management, marketing, management reporting, billing, cost allocation, conversion, system development and support, program implementation, dedicated account management team, including on-site representative(s), reporting and all other services associated with the rental program. Option 3: Uniform Lease Program Successful bidder will visit each location requesting uniform services and provide: samples, sizing and outfitting, ordering and order confirmation, inventory needed for the account, schedule commencement of service with locations, introduce drivers and account representatives to appropriate UC personnel at each location, delivery, ongoing sizing adjustments and repairs. Supplier will ensure with location that appropriate inventory levels are agreed to in the set-up of account. Replacement uniforms to be provided by supplier. Inspection and laundering are to be the responsibility of the UC employee. Supplier will be responsible for providing program management and administration functions, customer service, inventory management, marketing, management reporting, billing, cost allocation, conversion, system development and support, program implementation, dedicated account management team, including on-site representative(s), reporting and all other services associated with the rental program. Alternate Proposal: The UC is interested in any service, system or idea that would further our goal of reducing expenses and offering optimum value. As noted in the instructions, if a bidder has met all the original requirements of this RFP and would like to offer an Alternate Proposal, it should be submitted separately and clearly marked “ALTERNATE PROPOSAL”. NOTE: Not all of the following requirements may be applicable to all Options. Bidder should indicate where, in their opinion, a requirement is not applicable to a specific Bid Option. B. Required Product Offerings Products specified within this RFP are categorized as follows: RENTAL GARMENTS Supplied, sized and set up, delivered, picked up, laundered, repaired and replaced by vendor. SHIRTS Long or short sleeve Includes all initial set-up (patches, embroidery, sewn name/department, UC supplied logos) Pockets as requested by ordering department Color(s) and/or stripes as specified by ordering departments Industry standard fabric weight in ounces ‘Industrial Work Shirts’ Work Shirts 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (4 oz. fabric) 88/12 Cotton/Nylon-FIRE RETARDANT (FR) Arc Rating 8.7 (7 oz. twill) 100% Cotton (5 oz. twill) ‘Dress Shirts’ 16
  17. 17. Executive 100% Cotton (5 oz.) 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend (4 oz.) 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (3.6 oz.) or Oxford 100% Cotton (5 oz.) 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend (4 oz.) 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (4 oz.) 60/40 Combed Cotton/Poly Blend Polo Shirts Long or Short Sleeve 100% Cotton 100% Spun Poly 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend 50/50 Poly/Cotton Blend (5 oz.) Camp Shirts 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend Short Sleeves Left Breast Pocket PANTS Pockets as required Color(s) as specified by ordering department May be shorts in some cases ‘Industrial Work Pants’ Work Pants 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend, 88/12 Cotton/Nylon-FIRE RETARDANT (FR) 100% Cotton ‘Work Pants’ Cargo (Pants and Shorts) 65/35 Poly/Cotton Twill (7 oz.) ‘Dress Pants’ Slacks Poly/Wool Blend, pleated or flat front OUTERWEAR Includes all initial set-up (patches, embroidery, sewn name/department) Pockets as required Color(s) will be as specified by ordering department Coveralls 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (7 oz.) 88/12 Cotton/Nylon-FIRE RETARDANT (FR) Arc Rating 8.7, (7 oz.) 17
  18. 18. 100% Cotton Overalls 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (7oz.) 88/12 Cotton/Nylon-FIRE RETARDANT (FR) 100% Cotton (12 oz.) Jackets 100% Nylon (nylon shell, mixed fill) all-season 100% Poly, bonded fleece, no pill therma, elastic cuffs & bindings, zipper Jackets, Heavy-Duty All-Weather fabric Jackets, Poly/Cotton Blend, Poly Fill Jackets, Brushed Micro-fiber Shell, Poly/Cotton lined, Nylon lined sleeves, rib knit waist ban & cuffs FOOD SERVICE Chef Coats 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (7 oz.) Chefs Baggies or Chef Pants 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend, (grease release, 2” elastic waist, inside drawstrings) Cotton Blend, brushed twill Aprons 100% Poly Pockets as-needed OTHER WEAR Smocks 80/20 Poly/Cotton Blend Lab Coats 100% Cotton 100% Spun Poly (5 oz.) 80/20 Poly/Cotton Blend 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend 95/7 Poly/Carbon ESD (6 oz.) Scrubs 55/45 Cotton/Poly Blend 50/50 Cotton/Poly ‘Cardigan Sweaters’ Various Blends For rental/laundry garments, bidder proposals must include all product categories listed above (see Bid Price Matrix, Rental Tab.) PURCHASE / LEASE GARMENTS Supplied, sized and set up, delivered by vendor. Includes all initial set-up (patches, embroidery, sewn name/department, UC supplied logos) Pockets as requested by ordering department Color(s) and/or stripes as specified by ordering department Industry Standard fabric weight in ounces FOOD SERVICE 18
  19. 19. Chef Coats 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (7 oz.) Aprons 100% Poly Catering Style (long) Aprons 100% Poly Manager Style waist apron (short) Pockets as needed Chefs Baggies or Chef Pants 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend, (grease release, 2” elastic waist, inside drawstrings) (7 oz.) Catering-style Tee-Shirts 100% Cotton or slight blend (5 oz.) Catering-Style Jacket Chef’s Hats Poly/Cotton blend Velcro head strap OTHER Polos 100% Spun Poly 65/35 Cotton/Poly Blend (5 oz.) Smocks 80/20 Poly/Cotton Blend (5 oz.) V-Neck sweaters Various Blends Executive/Manager 100% Cotton (5 oz.) 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend (4 oz.) 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (3.6 oz.) or Oxford 100% Cotton (5 oz.) 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend (4 oz.) 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend (4 oz.) 60/40 Combed Cotton/Poly Blend T-Shirts 100% Cotton Various Other Blends Length, pockets, etc. TBD. For purchase/lease garments, bidder proposals should be completed for those items that bidder provides (i.e. chef coats or T-shirts). 19
  20. 20. C. Exclusions 1. Bidders are advised that some products contained in their standard catalog may be subject to pre-existing local contracts with other suppliers, or may be outside the scope of this RFP and may not be included in any Agreement resulting from this RFP or may be included on a limited basis. 2. Based on the results of this RFP process, the University reserves the right to conduct a separate bid(s) for selected items, such as (but not limited to) specialty T-shirts, with a select group of vendors, including direct manufacturers of these products, in order to secure best pricing available for the University. Based on the results of such bid(s), the University or specific location(s) may enter into contract(s) with other supplier(s) to provide those products. Remaining UC locations will continue to buy those products off the awarded Agreement(s) resulting from this RFP. 3. Bidder should list any items they wish to exclude from their standard catalog. D. Product Certification The bidder certifies and warrants that all products sold to the UC under any Agreement resulting from this RFP: 1. Shall be new and genuine, or in the case of some replacement uniforms, ‘like-new’ (as defined herein). 2. Shall be provided to the UC in the manufacturer's original packaging unless otherwise requested by the UC. 3. Shall be manufactured and sold or distributed to the supplier for retail sale in the United States. 4. Shall be sold to the supplier from legal and reputable channels, which are understood to be the manufacturer or authorized representatives of the manufacturer. 5. Shall not be altered or misbranded within the meaning of the Federal and State laws applicable to such products. 6. Shall not be produced in whole or in part by forced labor, convict labor, or indentured labor under penal sanction. E. Product Quality Control 1. State the various fabrics offered by your company, specifying the origin of each (where they are made). 2. Does your company manufacture your own products? If not, please specify who manufactures products for your company by product category, where they are manufactured and why? 3. State where uniforms are assembled. Describe the assembly process and what technologies and techniques are used. F. No Substitutions No substitutions of alternate items for products ordered will be permitted except with the express written approval from authorized UC personnel (which could be the ordering department, purchasing or other). The supplier may not substitute or exchange a different brand, generic product or package size other than the specific product ordered, without authorization. Authorization is given on a per order basis and should not be considered as approval for any future substitution requests. 20
  21. 21. In addition, supplier is not to accept any end-user substitutes at the point-of-delivery or service without the prior approval of the purchaser. Typically the purchaser is the ordering department, but in some cases will be campus purchasing or UCOP. G. Fill Rate The supplier will be expected to maintain a minimum 98% fill rate for uniform products ordered by the University of California once a rental/laundry service has commenced with a customer and on delivery stock items. In each delivery channel a filled line item is defined as: 1. Rental/Laundered: The receipt of the required uniforms during that week’s scheduled delivery. Repaired or replacement items received in delivery or as otherwise scheduled. 2. Purchase: Delivery of non logo merchandise within one (1) week of order placement Delivery of Logo merchandise within two (2) weeks of order placement Delivery of custom work within three (3) weeks of order placement 3. Lease: The receipt of the uniforms as ordered, confirmed and/or scheduled. Repaired or replacement items received in delivery or as otherwise scheduled. All items are ordered based on the service standards specified in this RFP. Suppliers shall compute the total number of items ordered each month, deducting from the total those items which are discontinued or backordered and items that were shorted. Suppliers, upon request and during the quarterly business reviews, shall provide documentation indicating an inability to ship awarded products. H. Minimum Order There shall be no minimum order, pick up or service requirements. I. Order Management and Customer Service Bidder must provide a toll-free number for UC order placement and customer service. Any changes or modifications to the agreed upon buying processes, which may vary between UC locations (delivery methods, invoice transmittals, etc.) will not be implemented without advance approval from a designated UC employee(s) representing the location(s) that will be affected by the proposed changes or modifications. J. Bidder’s On-Going Service Capability Please address your company’s capabilities as they relate to the following day to day service issues and questions. 1. Describe in detail your ongoing garment inspection/evaluation and repair/replacement process to ensure UC employees have a well-kept appearance. Who evaluates garments on an on-going basis and who has authority to make a repair versus a replacement decision? 2. What is the timeframe for repair and for replacement? Are replacements provided as New or Like-New uniforms? What does your company consider ‘like-new’? 3. Describe your methods of inventory control at the UC sites and at the servicing facilities. Who has responsibility of the UC inventory, how are pick ups and deliveries handled at these sites and is inventory hand sorted and counted or bar coded and scanned? 4. Describe the process to add new UC employees to each program option. How long does this process take and when would billing begin for the new staff. What is the process for new employees to get sized and measured for garments? 21
  22. 22. 5. Describe the process for removing employees, getting their inventory picked up and when billing would be updated to reflect deletions. Describe your process for handling credits. 6. In order to account for employee sick leave and vacation time the UC expects to be billed for actual usage on rental uniforms. Does your company invoice rental uniforms at actual usage or at a flat 52-week year, or other? Detail your invoicing procedures for rentals. (see pricing matrix) 7. What is the number one service complaint from your existing customers? Please provide a list of frequent complaints, with whom, how fast these are resolved and the corrective actions you’ve put in place to prevent future complaints. 8. Please specify your company’s performance standards in the following service categories: • Response Time • Delivery Time • Fill rate • On-time delivery • Back orders (short deliveries) and how customers are notified • Inventory accuracy • Billing accuracy • Returns • Other, please specify 9. Please provide your company’s definitions of each delivery channel (Rental (rental/laundry), Purchase and Lease), and the methods used for measuring your performance in each. 10. How do you track and what type of documentation will be provided to verify your performance for the service categories listed above? 11. Please provide a statement describing your company’s ability to supply all the products and services required by this RFP, including any plan to subcontract any portion of the work. 12. Describe how your company integrates the sales and service sides of the business. 13. Describe your company’s experience with customers in Higher Education and in dealing with customers having equivalent geographic distribution of operations as the UC. 14. Does your company have systems in place to handle, in an efficient and timely manner, emergencies during business and non-business hours? If yes, please describe and provide fee structures, if any. 15. Does your company have a tested recovery or business resumption plan in place in the event of a natural disaster or act of war or civil disturbance? If yes, please describe. 16. Describe how your company will meet our requirement for frequent on-site visitation by your account representatives to handle customer orders, problems, invoice disputes and service issues. 17. What is your company’s business strategy regarding the following; • How often you introduce new products? • If your company does not manufacture products, how often you review manufacturer performance and replace manufacturers and why? 22
  23. 23. 18. Please specify your company’s normal business hours for receiving orders and providing customer service including maintenance support both during and after normal business hours. 19. Please specify if your company’s employees who are responsible for delivering products to your customers conform to the following: • Wear proper uniform • Carry badges with picture ID • Have passed background security checks • Are bonded • Carry an appropriate driver license K. Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Practices 1. Describe your company’s commitment to sustainability and include your written company policy if available. 2. Outline what has been done at your various company locations around recycling, fabric waste reduction (production process), end-of-life fabric recycling, wastewater programs and provide any certifications your company has achieved. 3. Provide information on the types of cleaning chemicals, dyes, processing agents etc that you use that are environmentally friendly or green certified. 4. The UC encourages its suppliers to utilize environmentally responsible packaging and recycling practices. Bidder proposals must include a statement indicating what measures will be taken to minimize the adverse effects of packaging on the environment per the University of California Presidential Policy on Sustainable Practices, 5. Please describe your program(s) for selling environmentally preferable and/or green products. L. Social Responsibility 1. Describe your company’s efforts to ensure compliance with the social responsibility standards set out in this section and in the Affidavit of Compliance with Fair Labor Standards, Attachment 4. Include your company’s current written policy. • Describe whether rates of hourly pay are equal to the minimum legal wage for each work category or higher than minimum. If higher than minimum wage is paid for a given work category, by what percentage does the rate of pay exceed minimum wage? • In addition, describe the extent to which the pay rate in each work category exceeds the prevailing wage rate for workers in similar work categories and the basis for your conclusion in that regard. 2. Detail working conditions at your company facilities including work hours, hourly pay rates for all work categories in facility, vacation time and other benefits, etc. 3. List any facility improvements you have implemented that affect your employees’ working conditions such as lighting, ventilation, etc. 4. Provide any third-party audits of your or your contractor’s manufacturing locations, which pertain to the matters described in the Affidavit, and describe actions taken by your company in response to any such audits. Provide any company certifications you have earned surrounding socially responsible practices and treatment of workers. 23
  24. 24. 5. Provide any record of complaints received from workers or third parties related to the matters described in the Affidavit and describe how any such complaints were investigated and resolved. 6. Provide any company certifications surrounding socially responsible practices such as freedom of association and treatment of workers. 7. State your ability to provide catalogs (electronic and hardcopy) of garments used to service the UC account that have these standards connected back through the supply chain. M. Bidder’s Technology Capability Please address your company’s capabilities as they relate to the following technology issues or questions: 1. Please describe your current capabilities for transmitting and receiving orders, including EDI, XML and EFT. 2. Please describe your company’s ability to provide the following general systems and order management capabilities at no additional cost to the University: • Multimedia catalog functionality via the Internet with search capabilities • Customer specific pricing and contract terms • Order restrictions for blocking items for ordering based upon SKU number, product code or product class • Itemized cost center/group/organization usage reports available on-line to all the UC departments • Various authorization levels for order placement • Ordering system security features • Text and picture electronic catalogs • Electronic purchasing capabilities, including e-commerce, through the use of a variety of electronic product catalog based order management systems with real-time access to product and pricing information or web-based platforms with no local or network based software requirement • Accommodation for 32-digit account numbers • Secured access for UC users • e-mail notification within a defined security hierarchy • Functionality for the UC location departments to enter receiving information into system 3. Define any system specifications and/or requirements, including costs if any, for hardware and/or software to utilize bidder’s on-line ordering system or electronic catalogs. Describe what training is provided for University employees for the use of your on-line ordering system? 4. Does your company have capability to provide specific reports to a customer level for orders placed through a third-party (e.g. SciQuest, Perfect Commerce, etc.)? If yes, please detail. 5. Please describe your company’s capabilities to provide the following on a quarterly or as- needed basis: • On-line and hard copy standard reports • On-line and hard copy specialized reports (e.g. sustainable product purchases) • Support of the University’s intranet and extranet • Information necessary to receive payments via ACH and EFT transfers 24
  25. 25. 6. Please specify your company’s capabilities to provide system updates and/or revisions, including software platforms. 7. Describe any other software packages and technologies your company has available to simplify order processing and reduce costs. 8. Please describe how your company will support the utilization of Procurement cards. • Integration within your order entry system • Authorization process (manual/automated) • Security • Timeliness and accuracy of systems authorization ability in the order entry process • Please provide a description of your level 2/3 reporting capabilities • Please provide the merchant category codes (MCC) you have assigned to your company and affiliates N. Order Packaging and Labeling Each order shall be individually wrapped using environmentally responsible packaging and labeled with the following information: 1. Purchase order number. 2. Product description, quantity and catalog number of the product(s) ordered and an open 30- character field for internal location identification (e.g., storehouse catalog numbers and/or internal customer order numbers). 3. Other information, as requested by the ordering department. Packing slips should be attached to the outside of the package such that it can be inspected at the receiving dock or requesting department. O. Receiving Locations For Rental, Lease and Purchase options, receiving locations will be located at pre-determined points suitable for each department requiring uniforms or pick-up delivery service. An approximate number of stops have been identified in the Campus Profile section, but that will vary depending upon usage at each location. P. Standard Delivery Requirements Delivery of rental garments will typically be on a scheduled weekly basis, day and time to be determined by supplier and UC department. Stock purchase and lease item orders without logos will normally be delivered directly to the specified location (“desktop delivery”) within one (1) week after the receipt of an order and no later than 3:00 PM unless requested otherwise by the ordering department. Stock purchase and lease item orders with logos will normally be delivered directly to the specified location (“desktop delivery”) within two (2) weeks after the receipt of an order and no later than 3:00 PM unless requested otherwise by the ordering department. Custom orders or made to order garments will normally be delivered within three (3) weeks. Bidders must state the latest possible time order can be received for next business day delivery. All deliveries shall be FOB Destination. Delivery charges and risk of loss shall be borne by the supplier. All regular deliveries will be made by the supplier's truck, contract carrier of supplier's choice or by utilizing a UC inbound freight carrier. 25
  26. 26. Q. Rush Delivery Requirements & Backorders Proposals must describe the availability to provide rush delivery service at no associated charge. Detail your handling of backordered items. R. Returned Goods/Restocking UC recognizes that occasional errors will occur in order placement, delivery, etc. by both itself and the supplier. For this reason, restocking charges are not authorized and supplier must accept returns for full credit regardless of reason for return. Returns of uniform products in resalable condition must be accepted by the successful bidder if made within thirty (30) days of original receipt. Requests for returns for credit can be transmitted by the ordering departments via the established order management systems (web-based, telephone, fax and/or paper return form). Chargeback credit memos will be issued to UC ordering departments in the current month’s billing period. Returns must be picked up by bidder from the ordering department location within two (2) business days. If returned products were originally purchased via purchasing card, credit must be issued to the same purchasing card account. Returned items shall be credited at cost and a corresponding credit for supplier charges shall be issued via a separate credit memo, referencing the original order and invoice to which the credit applies. Supplier will be responsible for all shipping charges. S. Vendor Supplied Catalogs 1. Proposals shall include a provision to supply, at no additional cost to the University, custom paper catalogs to be distributed to UC locations if requested. 2. Bidder must provide periodic catalog updates at no cost to the University. Please specify the frequency of catalog updates you recommend. 3. Please detail bidder’s ability to provide UC with its own e-catalog. Will this e-catalog be able to show all UC Agreement items even if just for information only (e.g. rental uniforms)? T. Activity Reports 1. Supplier shall provide the following periodic reports (by both campus and UC totals) as specified: • Monthly and year-to-date sales by product, account number, department and/or cost center • Monthly and year-to-date fill rate performance • Annual reports of UC purchases of environmentally friendly and/or green products sold including quantities and dollars • Periodic reports of ‘social responsibility’ issues, such as facility audits and findings, corrective actions, improvements, etc. 2. Supplier agrees to provide other reports as reasonably requested by UC during the term of the Agreement at no additional cost to UC. U. Quality of Service Standards 1. Bidders must acknowledge the following quality of service standards and provide minimum guarantees to consistently adhere to the standards: Normal delivery Rental/Laundry items: WEEKLY 26
  27. 27. Normal delivery Lease/Purchase items: Non-logo items: One week ARO Logo items: Two weeks ARO Custom: Three weeks ARO Rush delivery: NEXT DAY Pick up returns: Within two (2) BUSINESS DAYS Requests for reports: Within five (5) business days Delivery accuracy: 98 % Delivery, on-time: 98 % Invoice/billing accuracy: 98 % Customer service satisfaction: Minimum score of 3 points out of a 4- point scale on UC systemwide survey of Uniform Program customers 2. The minimum quality of service standards set forth above recognize that occasional errors are likely, however; the bidder further agrees to use best efforts to achieve a 100% quality of service level. Should, however, the quality levels fall below the minimum standards and the supplier does not take corrective action within 14 days following University notification, the University reserves the right to terminate the Agreement. 3. In addition to the above requirement, bidders must include a statement explaining their own internal quality standards policy and metrics used. V. Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Process Bidder shall describe their quality management plan and process for continuous improvement of the UC Employee Uniform program. In addition, bidder shall commit to participation in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) at both individual campus and UCOP locations. UC will provide advance notification of any data the awarded supplier(s) will need to provide for review. W. Supplemental Information This section has been provided to allow bidders an opportunity to inform the UC of the other services and/or products not addressed in the questions herein that they feel may be relevant to this RFP. 27
  28. 28. SECTION V: AGREEMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS Please note that if you will agree to and comply with each Agreement term or condition listed below by writing “Agree” or “Disagree”. Describe any exception or additional offering beyond what is stated: A. Invoicing Requirements 1. The UC currently requires that all invoices must include the following information: • California sales tax as a separate line item • Order or release number and the Agreement number • Description, quantity and manufacturer number of the product(s) ordered • Net cost of each item • Any applicable discount • Reference to original order and invoice number for all credit memos issued 2. Invoices will be submitted directly to each UC location’s accounting departments unless the supplier is notified otherwise. Invoices will normally be paid within 30 days of satisfactory product delivery or receipt of a correct and undisputed invoice, whichever occurs last, unless a discount for prompt payment is offered. 3. Please specify your company’s invoice dispute resolution process and time frame. The UC prefers that Agreement suppliers designate a single point of contact to handle this resolution process for UC locations. 4. Agreement suppliers cannot “penalize” an entire campus, any department or other UC locations if specific departments are preventing invoice payments. B. Price Protection 1. Prices quoted shall not increase during the first 24 month period of the awarded Agreement. Price changes after the first 24 month period, if any, shall be made on an annual basis as negotiated by both parties. Any price change requires thirty (30) day prior written notification. However, in no event shall price increases on an aggregate basis exceed three (3) percent or the most recent final (not preliminary) annual12 month percentage change in Producer Price Index (PPI), whichever is less. For the purpose of this calculation, “Producer Price Index (PPI)” shall mean the most recent and final (not preliminary) annual 12 month percentage change in: the Producer Price Index – Commodities, Series ID: WPUSOP3500 (not seasonally adjusted), Group: Stage of Processing, Item: Finished Goods Less Food and Energy, Date Base: 8200 index posted by the US Department of Labor at The Producer Price Index program measures the average change over time in selling prices received by domestic producers for their output. In the event that a certain product line has a significant price increase in excess of five (5) percent, those particular products shall be negotiated individually. Please state your acceptance. 2. Price increases for any renewal periods must be supported by documented evidence of manufacturers’ price increases. The UC shall benefit from any lower price offered to other universities, hospitals, government agencies or entities where the economic and service requirements are substantially similar. If the bidder's catalog or list price is reduced, the UC shall benefit from a corresponding price reduction. Please describe how you intend to comply with this requirement. C. Manufacturer Price Decreases Supplier is advised that there is no mandatory use policy at the University. The supplier must compete with other vendors for departmental orders. Therefore, it is essential that the awarded supplier agrees to pass on any manufacturer price decreases to the University immediately. 28
  29. 29. Further, awarded suppliers will be expected to provide notice to the UC of all such price changes in a timely manner. State how your company will support this. D. Prompt Payment Discounts Bidders are to quote discounts offered for prompt payment. UC considers thirty (30) day payment periods as standard. Additional discounts should be quoted for payments received in 5, 10, 15 and 20 days. Please list any additional financial incentives offered such as sign on bonuses. UC expects to enter into a long term alliance with successful bidder. Please provide your company’s long term pricing commitment for this contract. E. Earned Incentives In addition to a quarterly Patronage Incentive, the successful bidder(s) may be required to provide an Earned Incentive(s) to the UC for aggregating the business volume and managing the business processes. Incentives can include the following: 1. Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) for invoice payment 2. Incentive based upon reaching certain average dollar amount per order 3. Internet order incentive associated with the percentage of on-line orders (e-commerce) 4. Volume tiered discounts 5. Specify any other incentives that may be earned by UC Please include in your company’s proposal how the Earned Incentives are paid along with the frequency of payment. Provide an example or describe how Earned Incentive dollars are tracked and reported. F. Insurance Requirements If work is to be performed on University premises bidders(s) shall furnish a certificate of insurance acceptable to the UC (see Appendix “A”, Article 17 for specific coverage requirements). Certificates shall name the Regents of the University of California as an additional insured (except workers’ compensation). The certificate must be submitted to the UC Strategic Sourcing Department prior to the commencement of services and should be delivered to: University of California Office of the President Strategic Sourcing Department Attn: Brian N. Agius 1111 Franklin Street, 10th Floor Oakland, CA 94607-5200 G. University of California Terms and Conditions of Purchase The University of California Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Appendices “A” and “F”, Supplements 2 and 5 and Exhibits A-C as attached, shall be incorporated into any Agreement resulting from this RFP. The bidder acknowledges having reviewed these documents and determined that they can and will meet and abide by said attachments, including, but not limited to the insurance requirements detailed therein. H. Termination of Agreement Any Agreement resulting from this RFP may be terminated in whole or in part by University (for cause and/or for convenience) with a written sixty (60) day notice without penalty. Any Agreement resulting from this RFP may be terminated in whole or in part by the awarded supplier (for cause only) with a written sixty (60) day notice without penalty. The minimum quality of service standards set forth above recognize that occasional errors are likely, however; the bidder further agrees to use best efforts to achieve a 100% quality of service level. Should, however, the quality levels fall below the minimum standards and the supplier 29
  30. 30. does not take corrective action within 14 days following University notification, the University reserves the right to terminate the Agreement. I. Disclosure of Records All bids, supporting materials and related documentation will become the property of University. This RFP, together with copies of all documents pertaining to any award, if issued, shall be kept for a period of five years from date of contract expiration or termination and made part of a file or record which shall be open to public inspection. If the response contains any trade secrets that should not be disclosed to the public or used by the University for any purpose other than evaluation of the bidder’s approach, the top of each sheet containing such information must be marked with the following legend: "CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION" All information submitted as part of the bid must be open to public inspection (except items marked as “Confidential Information” and considered trade secrets under the California Public Records Act) after the award has been made. Should a request be made of University for information that has been designated as Confidential Information by the bidder and on the basis of that designation, University denies the request for that information; the bidder shall be responsible for all legal costs necessary to defend such action if the denial is challenged in a court of law. J. Audit Requirements Any Agreement resulting from this RFP, and all subsequent purchase orders, shall be subject to examination and audit by the University, the Federal Sponsoring Agency, the Office of Naval Research, the State of California, the Comptroller General of the United States or any of their duly authorized representatives for a period of three (3) years after final payment. The examination and audit shall be confined to those matters connected with the performance of the Agreement, including but not limited to, the costs of administering the Agreement. K. Marketing References The successful bidder shall be prohibited from making any reference to University, in any literature, promotional material, brochures or sales presentations without the express written consent of the University of California Office of the President, Strategic Sourcing Department. L. Licensing Requirements Bidders must possess all trade, professional and/or business licenses as may be required by the work contemplated by this RFP and must be able to furnish proof, if requested, prior to Agreement award. M. First Garment Approval Suppliers must provide a “first garment” for approval of items with logo(s) for new items, as well as for changes to existing uniforms. 30
  31. 31. SECTION VI: IMPLEMENTATION A. Phased Plan Approach UC may adopt a phased implementation plan as follows: • Phase I: Implement a pilot program and test the successful bidder’s products, including services within selected UC department(s) for a three month period and complete the program evaluation. • Phase II: Conduct a UC Systemwide implementation following the successful implementation and testing of the pilot program. The level of success of the pilot program will be determined by UC through a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of the test period, in all of the campus department(s) selected by UC for the pilot program. What information, other than what has been provided in this RFP, will you need for implementation? B. Conversion Plan and Timeline Bidders must provide a transition plan and timeline of their proposed conversion and program implementation activities for the various bid options. Bidder should also outline any requirements on the UC’s part in order to make the transition seamless and successful. Include any contingencies which may restrict bidder from a successful transition. Additionally, there are a number of existing uniform rental, purchase and lease agreements throughout the UC System. These departmental contracts will expire at various times following commencement of the initial Agreement period. Be advised that not all UC departments will be available for conversion immediately after execution of any awarded Agreement(s). The UC will assist with identifying those departments and the timing of the termination of their specific existing contracts; some of those are noted in the Campus Profiles. New uniforms, for new or converting user departments are expected to be priced with no initial set-up costs. Please state if you will meet this expectation. C. Partnering to Market New Agreement Benefits Since increased utilization of this program by UC locations will result in increased sales for the supplier, the UC encourages awarded suppliers to partner with the UC with respect to marketing and sales of Employee Uniform products on UC campuses and encourages bidders to discuss innovative approaches to partnering on objectives such as: • Improving supplier performance • Improving product quality • Increasing garment sales and/or conversion to the Agreement programs through product show sponsorship and other marketing assistance • Reduction of paperwork and increased efficiency through consolidated invoicing and other methods • Competitive pricing strategies • Reviewing and revising departmental inventories and delivery channels Marketing and sales efforts should be coordinated with the purchasing and/or strategic sourcing units at each location. Bidders are encouraged to discuss costs versus benefits of various aspects of partnering with which bidders may have past experience. 31
  32. 32. D. Non-Mandated Environment Please describe your company’s capability to market your products and services to a customer operating in a non-mandated environment. Please include different successful marketing alternatives for a non-mandated environment. 32
  33. 33. SECTION VII: PRICING A. Price Quotation 1. Please complete the attached Pricing Schedules, Attachments 1, 2 and 3, based on specified UC requirements as defined in this RFP. Please provide your pricing proposal in hard copy and on CD in Excel. 2. Bidders must, without reformatting the excel spreadsheet, provide the following pricing data: a) Rental Garments: Current lowest UC price(s) for garment, new bid price for garment. Bid per-garment / per-week price, 52- & 46-week billing cycles for UC for each garment (46-week billing is to account for sick leave and vacation time as noted herein. Detail if you bill for 100% of uniforms or 50% each week Provide: Cost for replacement garment as well as the cost for sewn name, patch, logo, embroidery on replacement garments, expected useful life of each garment Lease Garments: Current lowest UC price(s) for garment, new bid price for garment. Bid is per garment per week, 52- & 46-week billing. Detail if you bill for 100% of uniforms or 50% each week Provide: Cost for replacement garment as well as the cost for sewn name, patch, logo, embroidery on replacement garments, expected useful life of each garment Purchase Garments: Current lowest UC price(s) for garment, new bid price for garment. Bid is per garment one-time net cost purchase price, only add sales tax to bid price. Provide: Cost for replacement garment as well as the cost for sewn name, patch, logo, embroidery on replacement garments, expected useful life of each garment b) UC may request other uniform garments and products not specified on the bid form. State UC discount from your list price for entire catalog. Each location may have transactions related to each delivery channel (Rental, Lease and Purchase). Individual departments may also be customized and utilize multiple delivery channels. 3. Bidders are required to provide a price quotation as follows: Rental/Laundry, etc: ALL ITEMS ON RENTAL TAB (attachment 1) Purchase: All items in the category your company supplies (att. 2) Lease: All items in the category your company supplies (att. 3) Misc. Any items that can be supplied (att. 3a) 4. The prices quoted in response to this section shall be the UC net price including the various services to be provided. There shall be no separate charges, fees, handling or other incidental costs for new items and for replacement items within the normal wear and tear or within the expected useful life of the items. New uniforms, for new or converting user departments, are expected to be priced with no initial set-up costs. 5. Populate the ‘replacement cost’ column for items requiring replacement based on other than normal wear and tear. 33
  34. 34. 6. University customers expect to receive preferred pricing, which generally means lowest price offered. User departments may, based upon new Agreement(s), make changes to their uniform inventories, styles, types, delivery channels (i.e., change from purchasing to renting) and/or other components of their uniform program. Prices offered are to be the same for each uniform at each location, regardless of the quantity of garments. 34
  35. 35. SECTION VIII: Bidder Response Certification Signature Page AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: Each response must be signed with the full name and address of the bidder’s company; if a corporation, by an authorized officer thereof in the corporate name. The below-named individual, submitting and signing this response, verifies that he/she is a duly authorized officer of the company, and that his/her signature attests that all information, terms and conditions contained in this RFP, RFP #UCOP/RFP Uniforms-2008, for UC Employee Uniforms, are understood and accepted. __________________ _______________________________________ DATE AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ______________________________________ COMPANY NAME ______________________________________ ADDRESS ______________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP CODE ______________________________________ PRINT NAME OF AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE (_______)______________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER WITH AREA CODE ______________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS Completing this checklist will help to ensure that your response provides the information we have requested. Response Certification Signature Page (Section VIII) signed ____ Bidder Response, (Sections III through VI) completed ____ Pricing Schedules (Attachments 1-3, 3a) completed ____ Affidavit of Compliance with Fair Labor Practices Standards (Attachment 4) signed ____ Business Information Form (Attachment 5) completed ____ Exhibits A, B and C signed ____ Attachment 7, Financial Information ____ Supplementary Information, if any (attachment __) ____ 35