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MISD - CMS RFP 2008-09 010

  1. 1. RFP 2008-09:010 Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District • Technology Services • 312 Murray Ave., Manor, TX 78653 • (512) 278-4990 •
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 4 2. Background 5 3. Contractual Conditions 6 a. Interviews and Demonstrations b. Status Reports c. Board Approval d. Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Responsibilities 4. Proposal Packaging and Submission 6 5. Vendor Proposal Guidelines 7 6. Economy of Presentation 8 7. Confidentiality 8 8. Contract Incorporation 8 9. Costs Incurred in Responding 8 10. Negotiations 8 11. Taxes 8 12. Non-Appropriation of Funds 9 13. Proposal Format Outline and Preparation Instructions 9 a. Letter of Transmittal b. Table of Contents c. Executive Summary d. Vendor Qualifications 1. Business Organization and Company Overview 2. Similar Projects/References 3. Staff experiences e. Response to Requirements and Contractual Conditions f. Additional Information and Supporting Material g. Cost Proposal h. Payment Terms i. Authorized Contact j. Felony Conviction Notice k. Bidder’s Signature Page 14. Proposal Evaluation 12 a. Evaluation Team b. Preliminary Evaluation and Point Distribution for Evaluation of Proposal c. Final Evaluation d. Schedule of Events 15. Attachments 14 Attachment A: FELONY CONVICTION NOTIFICATION 15 Attachment B: Bidder’s Signature Page 16 16 General Proposal Requirements 17 16.1 RFP Objectives 16.1.1 General Requirements 16.1.2 Assessment Requirements 16.1.3 Reporting Requirements 2 RFP # 2008-09:010
  3. 3. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16.1.4 Curriculum Requirements 16.1.5 Student Intervention and Program Tracking Requirements 16.1.6 Parent and Student Access Requirements 16.1.7 Classroom Walkthrough/Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) 16.1.8 Support and Implementation Requirements 16.1.9 Training, Adoption and Professional Development 16.1.10 Future Support 16.1.10a Implementation of Requirements 16.2.1 System Design: Vendor-Hosted Web-based Curriculum Management System 16.2.2 Project Management Approach & Project Plan: Vendor-Hosted Web-based Curriculum Management System 16. Cost Proposal 28 a. Cost Sheets and Summary for Required Items and Services b. Multi-Year Options & Extensions c. Optional Products and Services d. Incentives 3 RFP # 2008-09:010
  4. 4. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 1. Introduction The Manor Independent School District (ISD) of Manor, Texas is requesting proposals for a comprehensive web-based Curriculum Management System (CMS). The following pages provide instructions for the preparation of a proposal that will enable the Vendor to address the technical, financial, and legal requirements necessary in this bid. This document in no way represents an offer to contract. Only the execution of a written contract will obligate Manor ISD in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in such contract. We have attempted to provide the information necessary for the vendor to respond accurately and completely to the intent of this RFP. Please direct questions or requests for additional information, via electronic communication, to Victor Valdez (victor.valdez@manorisd.net). Vendors are expected to raise any questions, exceptions, or additions they have concerning the RFP document by the date and time shown in Section 15.d., Schedule of Events. If a Vendor discovers any significant ambiguity, error, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other deficiency in this RFP, the Vendor should immediately notify the above named individual of such error and request modification or clarification of the RFP document. In the event that it becomes necessary to provide additional clarifying data or information, or to revise any part of this RFP, supplements or revisions will be provided to all recipients of this initial RFP. Please note that responses to this RFP will be expected to be included in any contract between your firm and Manor ISD. Send one original copy, three copies in three ring binders, and one electronic copy on CD (PDF) of the Bid Packet to: Manor ISD Attn: Victor Valdez Director of Information Technology Services 312 Murray Ave. Manor, TX 78653 4 RFP # 2008-09:010
  5. 5. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 2. Background Manor ISD is an accredited K-12 school system serving the Manor, Texas area. Current enrollment is approximately 6300 students. Current facilities include six (6) elementary campuses, two (2) middle school campuses, two (2) high school campuses, and one (1) alternative high school campus, and administrative offices. An additional elementary campus will open in August 2009. Manor is experiencing very moderate growth with some additional facilities needed over the next five years. The Student and Business Information System are hosted in Manor ISD and are provided by Skyward, Inc. (Skyward.com). District Curriculum and Instruction staff has identified the following benefits to be realized with the acquisition and implementation of a Curriculum Management System:  Seamlessly links and aligns all teaching, learning and assessment components so that teachers and administrators are able to focus on teaching and on meeting the needs of each and every student  Helps students, parents, teachers, and administrators focus on knowledge and skills required for promotion, course completion and success on standardized tests (e.g. TAKS)  Enables the systematic collection of data pertaining to school, district, state and national standards and assessments  Seamlessly aggregates, disaggregates and reports assessment information immediately to all appropriate stakeholders  Provides all stakeholders with a standardized Web-based system for monitoring and reporting student and group progress  Allows district and campus instructional staff to analyze and interpret the data to inform decision making and identify strengths and weaknesses in student, teacher, curriculum, program and school performance  Facilitates curriculum design and development, lesson planning, teaching and learning, standards mastery, testing, and grading  Reduces paperwork and saves time for teachers and administrators  Helps teachers improve their effectiveness in the classroom 5 RFP # 2008-09:010
  6. 6. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 3. Contractual Conditions The Vendor will be expected to meet or abide by each of the following conditions. For each item, indicate that the proposal “does comply” or “does not comply” with these specifications and include a succinct explanation of how each requirement can or cannot be met. a. Interviews and Demonstrations During the evaluation of potential vendors for this RFP, interviews may be held for those who appear to be qualified to provide the products and services described herein. On-site demonstrations/presentations of the products being bid may be required. Additionally, the selected vendor will be required to attend the Board meeting when the recommended solution is submitted for the Board of Trustees’ approval. All associated costs incurred by each vendor for interviews, demonstrations and meetings will be at the vendor’s expense. b. Status Reports The Vendor will be required to maintain at least weekly contact with the contract administrator, and may be required to submit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly status reports. c. Board Approval The contract for the comprehensive web-based Curriculum Management System will be based upon the approval of the Manor ISD Board of Trustees. The district may extend this agreement for subsequent years following satisfactory delivery of products and services as specified in the proposal. d. Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Responsibilities Any contract that may result from this RFP shall specify that the prime contractor is solely responsible for fulfillment of the contract with Manor ISD. Manor ISD will make contract payments to the prime contractor only. Use of subcontractors must be clearly explained in the proposal, and major subcontractors must be identified by name. The prime contractor shall be wholly responsible for the entire performance whether or not subcontractors are used. 4. Proposal Packaging and Submission Respondents must submit a signed original, three copies in three ring binders, and one electronic copy on CD (PDF Format) of the Proposal by the date and time indicated in the Section 14.d., Schedule of Events to Victor Valdez (victor.valdez@manorisd.net). Proposals will be accepted in person, by United States mail, by United Parcel Service, or by private courier service. No proposal will be accepted by oral communication, telephone, telegraphic transmission, or facsimile transmission. 6 RFP # 2008-09:010
  7. 7. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 5. Vendor Proposal Guidelines No participation in any act of collusion, favoritism, gratuity, or inside dealings with any member of the staff of Manor ISD or its Board of Trustees is permitted. By responding to this RFP, the Vendor acknowledges and agrees to this guideline. It is imperative that all of the requirements set forth in this RFP be addressed. Clearly identify any requirements that cannot be satisfied. Reproduce the entire section of the Proposal Format Outline (section 13). Insert your responses into the appropriate sections so that Manor ISD’s requested information is immediately followed by your responses. Please feel free to attach additional explanations, suggestions and content in areas where proposed advantages to Manor ISD are not specifically requested in this RFP. An electronic copy of this proposal written in MS Word is available. Manor ISD reserves the right to accept or reject any or all response(s) to the RFP even if all of the stated requirements are met. In addition, Manor ISD may enter into negotiations with more than one Vendor simultaneously and award the contract, or part of the contract, to any Vendor in negotiations without prior notification to any other supplier then negotiating with Manor ISD. Please respond to the proposal based on the capabilities of your corporate entity alone. Additional capability of alliances, franchiser or aggregator can be included as an attachment to this response. Clearly differentiate the capabilities of your corporate entity from the capabilities of your franchiser or aggregator (if applicable). Manor ISD reserves the right to amend this RFP in any manner prior to contract award. Manor ISD will notify all responding Suppliers in this event. Manor ISD reserves the right to cancel any proposed acquisition at any time prior to the execution of a written contract without any liability to Manor ISD, if, in its sole determination, Manor ISD ‘s best interest would be served by doing so. The potential Vendor’s proposal must include a duly authorized signed statement that indicates that the requirements of the RFP are understood by the potential Vendor’s company and that the company agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions and pricing of the proposal. The BIDDER SIGNATURE PAGE must be included as a part of your response. No potential Vendor may contact Manor ISD employee other than the designated representatives listed in this document for any reason pertaining to this RFP or this bidding process. Contact with any other current or former employees shall be grounds for immediate disqualification from participating in the RFP process. 7 RFP # 2008-09:010
  8. 8. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 6. Economy of Presentation The Vendor’s proposal shall be prepared simply and economically in strict accordance with the format and instructional requirements of the RFP. Each proposal should provide a concise delineation of the Vendor’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP, with emphasis on completeness and clarity of contents. Elaborate bindings, colorful displays, and promotional material are neither required nor desired, unless they add substance to Vendor’s proposal. 7. Confidentiality No portions of each potential Vendor’s proposal will be divulged to any other potential vendor. Manor ISD reserves the right to share with any Vendor of our choosing the RFP and any resultant proposal in order to secure expert opinion. Additionally, Manor ISD reserves the right to share pricing and terms and conditions with third party financing or leasing concerns. Information pertaining to Manor ISD obtained by the potential Vendor as a result of its participation in relation to this RFP is confidential and shall not be disclosed or used by the Vendor except as authorized herein or Manor ISD. If the Vendor desires to release any of this information to a third party for the purpose of preparing for its proposal, the Vendor must obtain the prior written consent of Manor ISD. 8. Contract Incorporation All proposals, information and responses submitted by a potential Vendor will be incorporated into and made a part of any final agreement between Manor ISD and such Vendor at the sole discretion of Manor ISD. No such information or other material should be submitted that cannot be so incorporated into the agreement. Manor ISD reserves the right to disqualify any vendor that submits a proposal or contract that directly or indirectly attempts to preclude or limit the effect of this requirement. 9. Costs Incurred in Responding All costs directly or indirectly related to preparation of a response to the RFP or any oral presentation required to supplement and/or clarify a proposal which may be required by Manor ISD shall be the sole responsibility of and shall be borne by the Respondent. 10. Negotiations Manor ISD reserves the right to negotiate all elements that comprise the Vendor's proposal to ensure that the best possible consideration be afforded to all concerned. Manor ISD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to re-solicit for proposals in such an event. Manor ISD reserves the right to renew and extend without competing the awarded RFP for three additional, one-year terms based on the satisfactory fulfillment of the requirements put forth in this proposal. 8 RFP # 2008-09:010
  9. 9. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Manor ISD reserves the right to terminate without cause by giving at least 30-days written notices to the vendor. The Manor ISD Director of Information Technology Services shall act as the District representative in the issuance and administration of this contract, and shall issue and receive all documents, notices, and correspondence. Such documents, notices and correspondence not issued by or received by the Director of Information Technology Services shall be null and void. 11. Taxes Manor ISD is tax exempt. Federal and state tax exemptions apply. 12. Non-Appropriation of Funds In the event funds are not appropriated by the Manor Independent School District’s governing body in any fiscal period for payments due under RFP# 2008-09:010, Curriculum Management System, then the Technology Director, or Superintendents designee(s), will immediately notify the successful vendor(s), or designee(s), of such occurrence and this Contract will terminate on the last day of the fiscal period for which appropriations were received without penalty or expense to Manor Independent School District of any kind whatsoever, except other payments herein agreed upon for which funds will have been appropriated and budgeted or are otherwise available. AWARD OF SOME OR THIS ENTIRE PROJECT MAY BE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF DISTRICT FUNDING AND PROJECT NEEDS. 13. Proposal Format Outline and Preparation Instructions The proposal itself shall be organized in the following format and must contain, as a minimum, all listed items in the sequence indicated. All listed items must be thoroughly addressed and included in the appropriate section of the proposal. Any proposal that does not adhere to these requirements may be deemed non-responsive and rejected on that basis. a. Letter of Transmittal A letter of transmittal must accompany each proposal. The letter of transmittal must:  identify the submitting organization;  identify the primary point of contact, including name, title, telephone number and e-mail address;  identify the name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of the person(s) authorized to contractually obligate the organization, negotiate contract terms and render binding decisions on contract matters on behalf of the organization. 9 RFP # 2008-09:010
  10. 10. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District b. Table of Contents The proposal must include a Table of Contents with section references and page numbers. c. Executive Summary This section should provide an overview of the entire project. This summary is the Vendor’s opportunity to tell Manor ISD how the solution meets and exceeds expectations, and to point out features in the solution that differentiates it from the competition. The executive summary must be no longer than 2000 words. d. Vendor Qualifications 1. Business Organization and Company Overview. State full name and address of your organization. If you are a subsidiary, indicate your parent company. A brief description of the vendor’s organization and its history may also be included. Specify the branch office or other subordinate element that will perform, or assist in performing, work herein. Indicate whether you operate as a partnership, corporation, or individual. Include the State in which incorporated or licensed to operate. 2. Similar Projects / References Vendors should describe their relevant experience for this project and provide contact information for five (5) existing customers whose solution is similar in scope to that requested in this RFP. Each relevant project must have been done under the Vendor’s current organizational structure. The following information should be included:  Project Name;  School District Contact Information, including name, job title, address and telephone number,  Description of Services Provided, including district size / student population and project dates.  Selected organizations may be contacted to determine the quality of work performed and personnel assigned to the project. 3. Staff Experience. This section should include a description of the staff roles assigned to the project, the name of the individual in each role and the percentage of time they will devote to the project. The Vendor should include staff biographies and resumes of relevant experience. 10 RFP # 2008-09:010
  11. 11. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District e. Response to Requirements and Contractual Conditions This section should provide a description of the proposed solution including key features and functionality. Additionally the response should be organized by and respond point-by-point to each and every requirement specified in this RFP in Section 16. Responses to requirements and contractual conditions must be in the same sequence and numbered as they appear in the RFP. f. Additional Information and Supporting Material Include additional information and supporting materials, which will be essential to an understanding of the proposal. This might include sample reports, excerpts from training plans and manuals, diagrams or other explanatory documentation, which would clarify and or substantiate the proposal. g. Cost Proposal All prices, costs, and conditions outlined in the proposal shall remain fixed and valid for acceptance for 90 days starting on the due date for proposals. Provide cost proposal in accordance with general proposal requirements in Section 14. h. Payment Terms Describe your payment terms including discount terms for prompt payment and electronic funds transfer. Include procedures for disputed invoices and charges. i. Authorized Contact Include name, address, and telephone number of person in your organization authorized to respond to questions, negotiate contract terms and render binding decisions on contract matters. j. Felony Conviction Notice Complete and attach the Felony Conviction Notice included with the RFP at attachment A. k. Bidder's Signature Page Complete and attach the Bidder's Signature Page included with the RFP at attachment B. 11 RFP # 2008-09:010
  12. 12. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 14. Proposal Evaluation a. Evaluation team The evaluation team will consist of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Information Technology Services, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and other members who have been selected because of their special expertise. Other than, Director of Information Technology Services, Vendors may not contact members of the evaluation team. b. Preliminary evaluation All vendor proposals will be reviewed for compliance with the requirements stated within the RFP. Proposals deemed non-responsive will be eliminated from further consideration. Responsive proposals will be evaluated and scored by section requirements delineated in Section 13, Proposal Format Outline and Preparation Instructions, and overall responsiveness. The point distribution below will guide the preliminary evaluation process. The vendors with the highest scores will be selected as finalists based upon the proposals submitted. 12 RFP # 2008-09:010
  13. 13. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Point Distribution for Evaluation of Proposal a. Letter of Transmittal (see 14.a.) Required b. Table of Contents (see 14.b.) Required c. Executive Summary (see 14.c.) 3 points d. Vendor Qualifications (see 14.d.) 10 points  Business Organization and Company Overview (see 14.d.1.)  Similar Projects, including References (see 14.d.2.)  Staff Experience (see 14.d.3.) e. Response to Requirements and Contractual Conditions (Section 3) 50 points  RFP Objectives (see 16.1)  General Requirements (see 16.1.1.)  Assessment Requirements (see 16.1.2)  Reporting Requirements (see 16.1.3)  Curriculum and Instruction Requirements (see 3.1.4.)  Student Intervention and Program Tracking Requirements (see 16.1.5)  Parent and Student Access Requirements (see 16.1.6)  Classroom Walkthrough/PDAS (see 16.1.7)  Support and Implementation Requirements (see 16.1.8)  Training, Adoption and Professional Development (see 16.1.9)  f. Contractual Conditions (Section 5) Required  Interviews and Demonstrations (see 5.a.)  Status Reports (see 5.b.)  QISV Status (see 5.c.)  Board Approval (see 5.d.)  Prime Contractor & Subcontractor Responsibilities (see 5.e.) g. Additional Information and Supporting Material (see 14.f.) 5 points h. Cost Proposal (see 14.g. and Section 4) 25 points  Cost Sheets & Summary for Required Items & Services (see 4.a.)  Optional Products and Services (see 4.b.)  Incentives (see 4.c.) i. Payment Terms (see 14.h.) Required j. Authorized Contact (see 14.i.) Required k. Felony Conviction Notice (see 14.j. and Attachment A) Required l. Bidder’s Signature Page (see 14.k. and Attachment B) Required m. Overall Responsiveness 7 points Total 100 points 13 RFP # 2008-09:010
  14. 14. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District c. Final Evaluation Finalists may be required to make an oral presentation to an audience of district and campus administrators, teachers, and technical staff. Vendor staff that will actually be assigned to the project should make presentations of approximately one hour with 15 additional minutes for questions and answers. The evaluation team will make every reasonable attempt to schedule each oral presentation at a time that is agreeable to the Vendor. Manor ISD will arrange scheduling of the time and place for the oral presentation. Failure to comply with the oral presentation schedule, once arranged, may result in disqualification of the respondent. Upon completion of all oral presentations, the evaluation team will review the preliminary evaluation and make adjustments based on the information obtained in the oral presentation and reference checks. (Careful selection should be made of your reference sites to assure the closest possible approximation to the Manor ISD project.) The evaluation team will select the highest scoring proposal based on the preliminary scoring and final evaluation. d. Schedule of Events Event Date RFP Release Date March 30th, 2009 Deadline for RFP Questions from Vendors April 7th Answers to RFP Questions Returned to 3 Days after Submittal Vendors RFP Due Date April 13th (5:00 PM) Preliminary Evaluation of Proposals April 14th-15th Vendor Presentations by Finalists (if April 16th needed) Final Vendor Selection and April 17th Announcement, Pending Board Approval Board Approval April 20th 15. Attachments 1. Felony Conviction Notice, Attachment A 2. Bidder's Signature Page, Attachment B 3. Debarment Form 14 RFP # 2008-09:010
  15. 15. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Attachment A: FELONY CONVICTION NOTIFICATION State of Texas Legislative Senate Bill No. 1, Section 44.034, Notification of Criminal History, subsection (a), states “a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give advance notice to the district if the person or an owner or operator of the business entity has been convicted of a felony. The notice must include a general description of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony”. Subsection (b) states “ a school district may terminate a contract with a person or business entity if the district determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required by Subsection (a) or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction. The district must compensate the person or business for services performed before the termination of the contract. THIS NOTICE IS NOT REQUIRED OF A PUBLICLY HELD CORPORATION. SUSPENSION OR DEBARMENT CERTIFICATE Non-Federal entities are prohibited from contracting with or making sub awards under covered transactions to parties that are suspended or debarred or whose principals are suspended or debarred. Covered transactions include procurement for goods or services equal to or in excess of $100,000.00. Contractors receiving individual awards for $100,000.00 or more and all sub- recipients must certify that the organization and its principals are not suspended or debarred. By submitting this offer and signing this certificate, this bidder: • Certifies that the owner/operator has not been convicted of a felony, except as indicated on a separate attachment to this offer, in accordance with Sec. 44.034, Texas Education Code, and • Certifies that no suspension or disbarment is in place, which would preclude receiving a federally funded contract under the Federal OMB, A-102, Common Rule (§ .36) Vendor Name: Vendor Address: Vendor Telephone: Authorized Company Official’s Name: (Printed) Signature of Company Official: Date: 15 RFP # 2008-09:010
  16. 16. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Attachment B: Bidder's Signature Page Signatures below signify agreement and acceptance of these terms: 1. The potential Supplier and its undersigned representatives agree that they have read the RFP for which this Proposal is being submitted, that they understand such RFP, and that this Proposal is responsive and complies with the instructions and conditions to the RFP. 2. The potential Supplier understands and agrees that this Proposal (including any and all attachments, exhibits and documents of potential Supplier referenced herein) must be included in any contract between Supplier and Manor ISD covering the acquisitions specified in this Proposal. 3. The potential Supplier agrees to be bound by the representations, terms, and conditions contained in this Proposal. 4. The Potential Supplier agrees that the contract provision incorporating this Proposal into the agreement, if any, between Manor ISD and the potential Supplier shall state as follows: _________________________ hereby agrees that its Proposal(s) dated ___________, including any and all attachments and exhibits thereto and exhibits referenced therein, shall be and hereby are incorporated into this Agreement. ________________________ and Manor ISD agree that any provision of this Agreement or of any such Proposal that conflicts with the preceding sentence, or seeks to exclude any portion of such Proposal from this Agreement or from any express warranty or any warranty provided by statue or implied by law, shall be void and of no force or effect. AGREED AND ACCEPTED (Name of Bidder) By: _________________________ Name: ______________________ Title: _______________________ Date: _______________________ 16 RFP # 2008-09:010
  17. 17. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16. General Proposal Requirements 16.1 RFP Objectives District Curriculum and Instruction and Technology Services staff have identified several immediate and future requirements of a comprehensive web-based Curriculum Management System (CMS). These requirements are listed and categorized below, according to overall and specific components.   16.1.1 General Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  The system integrates data elements used throughout the    educational process‐‐Student Information, Student Performance,  Instructional Planning, Program and Intervention,  Assessment—all  aligned to state and local standards.  The system allows students, parents, teachers, administrators to    collaborate in raising student achievement.  System must come pre‐loaded with the state standards    System must have the ability to incorporate and utilize multiple sets    of standards (state, district, 21st Learning, etc) for alignment and  reporting purposes.  Vendor has a thorough understanding of and system integration with    federal legislation (i.e. NCLB, IDEA, FERPA)  Components can be purchased separately, allowing for phased    integration of the system over a two or more year period  Provides encrypted and highly secure access from home, via the    World Wide Web  Proposed solution is comprised of ONE technology built by one    company, not multiple/disparate applications that have been joined  together through partnerships or obtained through acquisitions. This  will aid in adoption (one user interface) and performance (data will  automatically move throughout the application).    If an Application Service Provider (ASP), Vendor provides hot backups    and at least 99.99% uptime 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days  a year  Vendor will allow for Manor ISD to host software on District server in    District Data Center  Provides for nightly import of SIS data (Skyward)    Demonstrated ability to integrate with existing district systems and    modify components to adapt to district needs  Allows for easy collaboration and electronic sharing of content    between district and campus staff that includes peer‐review (test  questions, assessments, lesson plans, activities, etc.)  17 RFP # 2008-09:010
  18. 18. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Demonstrated history (5+ years) of providing such services to K‐12    districts.  Demonstrated history (5+ year) of providing such services to districts    in Texas.  System efficiently operates on the current district infrastructure,    including at least one previous implementation with the current  student information system  System allows for authentication against LDAP/Active Directory    System provides method for district‐determined downloads of    content and data throughout the contract period      16.1.2 Assessment Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Accommodates a large expandable bank of juried test questions    (vendor‐provided, district‐developed, and district‐ purchased) for TAKS  content areas  Accommodates a wide range of test item content and materials of a    variety of types (i.e. state‐adopted, district‐adopted, district‐created,  teacher‐created, district licensed).  System comes pre‐loaded, at no cost and at district’s request, with    TAKS released items.  Graphics insert directly into question content    (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.)  Allows for entry of district‐developed benchmark assessments (English    and Spanish)  Provides at least the following methods of input of assessment data:   OMR scanning of student answer sheets     “plain‐paper” scanning through desktop scanners     online bubble sheet     online keying of student answers by the teacher     students able to take  tests online     online keying of student assessment data (e.g. rubric‐scored,     observational/checklist,  numeric score, etc.) by the teacher     delimited text file batch import     third party “clicker” response systems‐clickers must be able to    provide real time data into the system.  Tests using clickers must be  accessible within the system.  Online test component allows for tests to be taken via the following methods:   Whole test (timed and untimed)     Item by item test (timed and untimed)    18 RFP # 2008-09:010
  19. 19. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District System accommodates multiple question types including:    Choose Many     Choose One     Short Answer     Fill‐In‐The‐Blank     Essay     Matching      Grid‐able     Rubric Scored/Based     Multiple Choice     Observational/Checklist    Allows for uncomplicated and straightforward entry of campus‐   developed assessments   Allows for uncomplicated and straightforward entry of teacher‐   developed assessments   Ability to search for test items based on TEKS objectives, TEKS sub‐   objectives, district academic performance standards, level of  difficulty/understanding, and keywords  Allows for separation of district benchmark test items from other    district‐developed test items   Allows for separation of district‐developed test items from campus‐   developed test items   System enables teachers to effortlessly create answer sheets for all    types of assessments  System enables teachers to effortlessly generate individualized and    group assessments, based on student performance data and needs  Ability to label items for difficulty by standard or district determined    criteria  System allows for Inter/Intra District Collaboration (content    creation/sharing within and between districts) Ability to label answer choices for diagnostic analysis                          19 RFP # 2008-09:010
  20. 20. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16.1.3 Reporting Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial   Must include the ability to import and report on the following test data:     Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)     Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI)     Tejas/LEE     TELPAS     Individual Reading Inventory (IRI)     District Benchmarks     Campus Assessments      Classroom Assessments      Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)     Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)     American College Test (ACT)     Advanced Placement Exams (AP)     State‐Developed Alternative Assessment (SDAA)     Language Assessment Scales (LAS)     Reading Proficiency Test Scores in English (RPTE)     Other Placement and Screening Assessments (GT, dyslexia,    bilingual/ESL, etc)   DIBELS     COGAT    Must allow for reporting to include student information including:     Grades     Attendance     Discipline     Programs (including entry and withdrawal dates)     Teachers     Courses    Provides complete “online cumulative folder” of historical information    from the time a student enters school.  This would include all of the  information listed above including student and assessment data.  Ability to track and show effectiveness of short‐term (e.g. Read 180) and    long‐term (e.g. Content Mastery Center) intervention programs  Proven ability to manage multiple years of assessment data for a school    district with 6,000+ students  Provides immediate access to a multitude of pre‐formatted reports (i.e.    50+), based on system data, in easy to understand formats (e.g. color  coding, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, tables, etc.)  Allows for reports to be generated both into PDF and MS Excel.    Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of multiple formative    20 RFP # 2008-09:010
  21. 21. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District assessment data (i.e. not averaged for grade reporting purposes),  correlated to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for individual students  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of summative    assessment data (i.e. averaged for grade reporting purposes), correlated  to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for individual students  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for individual teachers  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for individual campuses  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for NCLB‐based student  groups and subgroups  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to TEKS objectives and sub‐objectives, for program‐based  student groups and subgroups (Special Education, GT, bilingual/ESL,  dyslexia, at‐risk, etc.)   Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of multiple formative    assessment data (i.e. not averaged for grade reporting purposes),  correlated to district academic standards, for individual students  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of summative    assessment data (i.e. averaged for grade reporting purposes), correlated  to district academic standards, for individual students  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to district academic standards, for individual teachers  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to district academic standards, for individual campuses  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to district academic standards, for PEIMS‐based student  groups and subgroups  Provides longitudinal item analysis and reporting of assessment data,    correlated to district academic standards, for program‐based student  groups and subgroups (Special Education, GT, bilingual/ESL, dyslexia, at‐ risk, etc.)  Provide advanced item analysis information must include the following    measures:   Percent responding    Difficulty Factor    Discrimination Index (based on point ‐ bimeasure correlation method)    Test Reliability (KR20)    Test Score Frequency    Provide the user with the ability to filter and create a group of students.     Included should be the ability to filter by grade, subject, course, test,  21 RFP # 2008-09:010
  22. 22. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District programs, ethnicity, gender, etc.  Vendor must have the ability to seamlessly import and report on data    from a/current third‐party benchmark assessment system (if necessary)  Allows for teachers to generate a report that shows students broken out    by test score group by standard, and then a correlation of those  standards to recommended lessons and resources within the curriculum  management system.  In detailed student view, user can see not only the test results from the    district assessment but also the test items.     16.1.4 Curriculum and Instruction Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Accommodates a wide range of curriculum and instruction resources    and materials of a variety of types (i.e. state‐adopted, district‐adopted,  district‐created, teacher‐created, district licensed instructional  software) and formats (i.e. PDF documents, Word documents, web  pages, image files, audio files, video files)  Vendor entry and upkeep of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills    (TEKS) for all subjects, courses and grade levels (English and Spanish)  Ability to enter district‐developed academic standards (English and    Spanish)  Ability to enter district‐selected national standards    Allows for uncomplicated and straightforward entry of district‐   developed and/or district‐adopted curriculum and instruction  resources and materials, such as curriculum guides, scope and  sequences, lesson plans, activities, etc.  Allows district to use and choose multiple nationally recognized or    district developed curriculum mapping frameworks, including but not  limited to Curriculum Mapping, Understanding by Design, Concept  Based Units, etc.  Allows district to use different frameworks/structures/terminology by    level, subject, grade, etc.  Allows teacher to personalize curriculum maps without impact on the    district master  Allows a teacher to use and choose from among several district‐   developed lesson plan formats, based on grade level and content  requirements   Provides a process for teachers to submit activities, lessons, etc. for    review and approval for inclusion in the district master  Allows a teacher to drag and drop instructional activities from district    curriculum into instructional calendar   Provide teachers various views of their Lesson Planner:  22 RFP # 2008-09:010
  23. 23. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District  Daily     Weekly     Monthly     By Class Period/Course    Allows for uncomplicated and straightforward entry of teacher‐   developed resources and activities   Ability to search all curriculum and instruction resources and materials    based on TEKS objectives, TEKS sub‐objectives, district academic  standards, and keywords  Ability to develop multiple curriculum displays (teacher, student,    parent, public) to allow appropriate access by multiple audiences  Provides calendar system/capability to notify stakeholders of district    testing events, scope and sequence timelines, etc.  Vendor loads current and following year calendar for alignment of    instructional activities to appropriate instructional day, making it easy  to copy calendared curriculum from current to future years.  Vendor loads current and following year calendar for alignment of    instructional activities to appropriate instructional day making it easy  to copy a teacher’s lesson plan calendar from current to future years.  Ability to search for a resource based on the following criteria:   Content collection area at which the material is published (school,    District, PLC, teacher team, etc)   Level (i.e. Algebra I)     Subject      Grade range      Keyword     Resource type     Standards    Allows for easy collaboration and electronic sharing of content (test    questions, assessments, lesson plans, activities, etc.) among multiple  content groups including, at least, the ability to share by grade level, in  ad‐hoc content collection groups, with teams, in PLCs (Professional  Learning Communities), at a campus and across the district.  Allows for the user to view curriculum, the standards (TEKS) that are to    be taught in the curriculum, and be able to see, in that same screen,  how students have performed on that TEK on the district test. Views of  that data should be by class, by teacher, by campus, and for the entire  district.        23 RFP # 2008-09:010
  24. 24. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16.1.5 Student Intervention and Program Tracking Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Provides the ability to capture data via a web form on the following    programs and interventions:  (Must include the ability to capture data via drop downs, check boxes,  radio buttons, numeric, date, rubrics, free form text/observations, etc)     Accommodation Plan (504)     ARI     AMI     BIL‐ESL‐OLPT‐ELL      CATE Management     Dyslexia     Health Information      Literacy Assessments     RtI (Response to Intervention)     4 Year Graduation Plans     LEP     Special Education Tracking    Although data is captured for individual students the data must be able    to be reported on by program, by campus, by district, combined with  test scores, etc.  Must produce printed individual student summary reports, pre‐   populated with data from within the system which match existing  district forms, state forms, etc.  Must be able to add/modify programs as needed in a timely manner                               24 RFP # 2008-09:010
  25. 25. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District   16.1.6 Parent and Student Access Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial      Provides family‐friendly web portals for parents and students to access    appropriate information, based on individual login and password   Supports multiple languages other than English for student and parent    components  Students and parents should have the ability to access the following:   Assignments     Online tests (for students)     Grades     Attendance     Curriculum     Teacher contact information (emails)    System enables teachers to effortlessly generate individualized reviews    and homework assignments, based on student performance data and  individual needs      16.1.7 Classroom Walkthrough/PDAS   (Professional Development Appraisal System)  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Users are able to customize district and state evaluations to fit their    needs  Staff members are able to view their evaluations online at any time    All reports automatically stored electronically and able to print in PDF.     Reports automatically archived and stored  District wide reports are available to look for trends among teaching    staff and evaluation outcomes All documents and information are stored in one place, for quick and    easy access  Evaluation progress can be tracked at any time of the year     Template available from any computer with internet connection.    Principals can easily log on from any computer.  Non‐teaching staff evaluations  available    District‐wide evaluators and viewers supported     Principals can view their staff list easily and track how many walk‐   throughs have been performed, whether the staff member has had a  formal evaluation, and if the summative has been completed  25 RFP # 2008-09:010
  26. 26. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District   16.1.8 Support and Implementation Requirements  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Vendor provides robust staff development on the system (trainer‐of‐   trainer model, printed training materials, online help, etc.)  Provide clear project team member roles and responsibilities for both    vendor and District  Thorough software implementation methodology in place, ensuring    technical success, and more importantly, user adoption for the client  Provide processes to ensure baseline setting of client expectations, on‐   time work products and budget management, and the method by  which each will be accomplished  Provide a system for District to report system bugs and product    enhancement requests  Provides a timeline for responses to questions, problems, and crisis    situations.  On‐going evaluation of program success — modified and adjusted as    needed  On‐going reporting of client satisfaction and clear escalation path for    issue resolution  Consultative services for data and instructional audits    Experienced project management package to drive a successful    implementation with an assigned Project Manager to oversee product  implementation, training, and overall client support  Vendor provides just‐in‐time online/telephone support and face‐to‐   face support as needed  Technical staff who can assist in troubleshooting implementation    efforts  26 RFP # 2008-09:010
  27. 27. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16.1.9 Training, Adoption, and Professional Development  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Train‐the‐trainer training model.    Thorough training documents – have separate administrator,    principal, and teacher guides  Training documents in MSWord, with the ability for District  to  edit    company provided documents   Online, context‐sensitive, in‐product help to support end‐users    End‐user training programs available.    District access to training database to provide a realistic user    experience when training  Access to a help desk or other knowledgeable resource at a level    needed by and appropriate for trainers when creating materials and  when asked an unexpected question in a training session.  16.1.10 Future Support  Requirement  Yes/No/Partial  Vendor provides description of how they will support and recreate    the Project Based Learning/Rubric Scoring model currently at Manor  New Tech High School throughout the district.  27 RFP # 2008-09:010
  28. 28. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District 16.2.1 System Design All features of the Curriculum Management System must be operational on any Manor ISD-provided computer hardware and/or network equipment without modification. The system must have an architecture that supports scaling to 1,000 simultaneous users or more. The proposal must describe the infrastructure that supports the solution, including open standards and platform independence. Manor ISD prefers that all solutions be hosted internally in the Manor ISD Data Center and vendors providing this option shall be considered in a greater capacity. 16.2.2 Project Management Approach and Project Plan The proposal must address how the project will be conducted and managed. A narrative description of the approach and a detailed project plan are required. At a minimum, the project plan must include a milestone chart including tasks (for all phases of the project) to be performed, the timeframe and proposed staff member(s) designated for the completion of each task. 17. Cost Proposal a. Cost Sheets and Summary for Required Items and Services Web-based Curriculum Management System Present all itemized costs and total cost associated with the purchase, installation, and implementation of the proposed web-based Curriculum Management System for Manor ISD. Any costs associated with vendor based hosting solutions must be represented in this area. Any costs not identified in this section will not be reimbursed. Your cost proposal should include, but is not limited to the following required components:  Vendor Based Hosting Costs (Hardware, etc.)  Software Licensing Costs (per student, per site, per module, etc.)  System Maintenance and Upgrades  Data Import  Software Development and Customizations  Consultant Services  Project Management  End-user Training  System Management / Technical training  Post-implementation Support b. Multi-Year Options and Extension Provide costs for Year 2-3 of continued support and product enhancement. Cost estimates shall be based on the aforementioned modules and shall be based on the following estimates listed below: 28 RFP # 2008-09:010
  29. 29. Request for Proposal for Web-based Curriculum Management System Manor Independent School District Estimated Enrollment and Campus Figures (Future Expansion)  Year 2 (2010‐11)  Year 3 (2011‐12)  ‐ 6,700 Students  ‐ 7,000 Students  ‐ 7 Elementary Schools  ‐ 7 Elementary Schools  ‐ 2 Middle Schools  ‐ 2 Middle Schools  ‐ 2 High Schools  ‐ 2 High Schools  ‐ 1 Alternative High School  ‐ 1 Alternative High School  c. Optional Products and Services Identify itemized costs and total cost of other recommended products and services that would bring additional benefits associated with the Curriculum Management System to Manor ISD. (These items should be clearly identified as optional.) d. Incentives Preference will be given to vendors that provide comprehensive, cost-effective, single-vendor solutions for current specifications, future capacity requirements, and on-going service and support. Preferred consideration will be given to vendors who provide value-added incentives at no additional cost to Manor ISD. Examples of incentives include extension of technical training, consulting services, technical support, end-user training, district based internal hosting of software, etc. These incentives should be clearly enumerated in the proposal. 29 RFP # 2008-09:010