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  1. 1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR METROPOLITAN MAYORS CAUCUS (MMC) 2010 ELECTRONIC WASTE RECYCLING (EWR) COLLECTION, RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL CONTRACT Issued by: METROPOLITAN MAYORS CAUCUS Issue date: October 30, 2009, 3:00 P.M. Proposal due date: December 22, 2009, 5:00 P.M. Proposal submittal format: Five paper copies of the proposal are to be submitted in accordance with this Request to: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Eve Pytel 177 N State Street Chicago, IL 60601 312-201-4506 312-553-4355 (fax) 1 of 38
  3. 3. H ATTACHMENTS CHECK LIST I. WHO DOES WHAT CHECK LIST INVITATION TO PROPOSE FOR A NETWORK OF ONE DAY AND SEMI-MONTHLY DROP-OFF COMPUTER & ELECTRONIC MATERIAL COLLECTION, RECYCLING CONTRACT AND TRANSPORTATION AND RECYCLING SERVICES FOR PERMANENT DROP OFF CENTERS. Proposals will be received by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, c/o Eve Pytel, 177 N State Street, 5th Floor in Chicago IL 60601 until 12:00 PM (EST) on December 22, 2009. Proposals will be scored based on lowest net cost to municipalities for electronic waste recycling; ability to fulfill requirements of Illinois legislation; highest level of service to consortium partners; environmental stewardship; and impact to local economy. Copies of the Request for Proposal may be obtained from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus 312-201-4506. 3 of 38
  4. 4. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS I. INTRODUCTION A. Purpose of the Document The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for the collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling of computer and electronic material as more specifically set forth herein. B. Contracting Agency This Request for Proposal is issued by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus as registered collector for computer and electronic material (hereinafter “EWR”) collections in the Chicago Metropolitan Region. C. Definitions Cathode Ray Tubes Glass - A cathode ray tube (CRT) is the glass video display component of an electronic device (usually a computer or television monitor). Caucus – Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC). Computer and Electronic Material (CEM) – A product or apparatus that has its primary functions performed by electronic circuitry and components. CEM refers to both CED and EED. Consortium – Consortium refers to municipalities seeking to facilitate e- waste recycling through recycling services contracted with the Caucus through this RFP process. Covered Electronic Devices (CED) – Electronic products for which manufacturers receive full credit under law that includes: Computers (including laptops), Computer Monitors, Televisions and Printers discarded through the residential waste stream only. Community Liaison – person designated to represent community needs and responsible for E-Waste Recycling for local government participating in the consortium. Contractor - The prime Contractor responsible for Contract performance whether or not subcontractors are used. 4 of 38
  5. 5. County - The County of Cook in the State of Illinois. Drop off center – A collection center with either weekly, monthly or semi- monthly hours for householders to drop off E-Waste. Eligible Electronic Devices (EED) –Manufactures may receive credit for recycling the following devices described as EEDs: Mobile Phone, Computer Cable, Mouse, or Keyboard; stand alone fax; MP3 players; PDA; Video Game Console; Video Cassette player/recorder; dvd player; zip drive or scanner. EPA - United States of America, Environmental Protection Agency. E-stewards – An accreditation for electronic recyclers. IEPA - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. ISO 9001 - is a family of standards for quality management systems. ISO 14001 - is a standard for environmental management systems that is applicable to any business, regardless of size, location or income. Manufacturer - Electronics manufacturers responsible for recycling or refurbishing E-Waste under the 2008 Electronic Products Recycling & Reuse Act. MSW - Municipal Solid Waste, as defined by The Illinois Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act (415 ILCS 15/1 et seq.) (1989). National Association for Information Destruction Certification - certification of use of established standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance (NAID). Partner – Community, local government, county, or joint action agency partnering with the Caucus to organize and manage collection events and drop off centers. Processing - Any technology used for the purpose of reducing the volume or bulk of municipal waste or any technology used to convert part or all of such waste materials for off-site reuse. Program Manager - The person designated by the Caucus to be the primary contact with the Contractor for administrative functions. 5 of 38
  6. 6. Recycling - The collection, separation, recovery, sale or reuse of materials which would otherwise be disposed of or processed as municipal waste or the mechanized separation and treatment of municipal waste and creation/recovery of usable materials other than a fuel for the operation of energy recovery. Regulations - Laws, rules and statutes applicable to activities described herein, which are in effect locally, statewide and nationally in any and all areas where the Contractor operates. Responsible Recycling Practices - is a set of guidelines for accredited certification programs to assess electronics recyclers’ environmental, worker health and safety, and security practices. (R2) Site - A EWR collection location selected by the Caucus. Vendor - Entities under Contract with the Contractor to receive Computer and Electronic Material. D. Description of the Collection Area and Types of Collection for which recycling services are sought The Caucus seeks services to provide a variety of different types of collection services. The following is a description of the services sought for various locations. Estimated pounds are based on prior events and Illinois legislation that estimates annual e-waste to be 2.5 pounds per capita. In cases in which we are introducing new services, like Southern Cook County and McHenry County we have provided our best estimate. We expect the selected recycling to help refine estimates to ensure that adequate services are provided. The Caucus will except bids for less than the total number of pounds sought. 6 of 38
  7. 7. Partner Type of Collection Estimated 2.5 lb per Zip Population Annual Lbs capital Code Aurora (Projected Two Drop off 420,452.50 420,452.50 60506 168,181 based on population) locations with semi monthly collection Schaumburg (Based on Single Event 270,000.00 415,750.00 60159 166,300 2007 Event) Cook County (not 3-4 Drop off events 500,000.00 1,625,000.00 60452 including north suburbs, and a perm location west suburbs or City of at Oak Forest Chicago) Projected Hospital based on population and first year status. 650000 Lisle One day event 180000 57787.5 60532 (based on a 2009 single event) 23,115 Elk Grove (Projected Drop off location 86,817.50 86,817.50 60007 34,727 based on population) McHenry County 5 Drop off locations 400,000.00 796,602.50 60014 318,641 (projected based on population and first year status) Niles (Based on prior Single Event 36,000.00 75,170.00 60714 30,068 year event) Northbrook (Based on Drop off location 48,000.00 83,587.50 60062 33,435 prior year) Northbrook (Based on Single Event 30,000.00 60062 33,435 prior year) Oak Park Cooperative Drop off location 316,998 316,998 60302 126,799 with Berwyn Forest Park, and Rive Forest (Based on 2004 event and population) Orland Park (based on Drop off location 127,942.50 127,942.50 60462 59,000 population) Oswego (Based on Drop off location 212,035.987 33,315.00 60543 29100 prior year. Oswego serves needs of bordering communities as well). Wheeling (Based on Drop off location 96,387.50 96,387.50 60090 38,555 population and first year status) Total Projected 2,512,598 4,135,811 Pounds 7 of 38
  8. 8. Drop off location: Refers to establishment of a permanent collection site for e-waste collection. Single day event: Refers to one event for collection that will likely take place on a weekend and include other amenities such as document shredding or household hazardous waste collection. E. Purpose of the EWR Program The Caucus desires to offer a program for the collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling of computers and electronic materials as defined herein from residents in the Collection Area. The purpose of the EWR program is four-fold: 1. To provide for the safe collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling of as EWR waste from e-waste collection locations from drop off locations and one day events. 2. To educate the public on proper EWR collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling techniques in anticipation of 2012 landfill ban. 3. To enable municipalities and county governments to manage e- waste collection opportunities for their constituents. 4. To promote equity in recycling opportunity while achieving efficiency thereby benefitting the public, municipalities, recyclers and manufacturers. F. General Description of the Program Collection will occur through a network of events and drop off centers throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Region. All sites provide controlled access to the public and have sufficient paved area for vehicles to move in lines to an area where the material can be removed for analysis, inventory, and appropriate handling by the Contractor. It is required that the Contractor handle all CEM delivered to the site by the general public. This may include, without limitation, the unloading of CEM from task vehicles, identifying the materials delivered, inventorying each item, packaging the material for safe transportation and storage, manifesting the CEM and loading the material onto Contractor vehicles for ultimate processing through dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling. The Contractor will be the "generator" of the CEM from the 8 of 38
  9. 9. standpoint of the already defined term and the IEPA. All required permits and/or manifests or other forms would be the sole responsibility of the contractor. ll. SCOPE OF WORK A. Efficiency Planning The Contractor shall have a planning meeting or conference call with the Project Manager to customize services for Partners; to verify our estimated needs for collection centers; to customize web based tracking for the project manager and community liaisons. The Contractor shall agree to a live meeting or conference call with the Program Manager and Community Liaison at a minimum of one (1) time prior to the start of collection at drop off centers in calendar year 2010 or single day event to review the program, the schedule, and all operatives and coordination necessary to achieve a smooth-running collection effort. The Contractor shall provide an organizational chart with contact information to the Project Manager with complete information regarding contacts at the firm. The Contractor shall keep the Project Manager aware of staff changes impacting the project and include redundancy so that time sensitive and issues of critical importance do not undermine the collection program. B. Mobilization This section is subdivided into two separate sections to respond to the different types of collection. I. Events A. Mobilization The Contractor shall assemble all of the necessary personnel and equipment on the site of the collection effort no later than one hour in anticipation of the start time on the day of the collection, so as to be ready to begin the processing of the vehicles bringing CED and EED promptly at the event start. The Contractor shall provide for the comfort and safety of its personnel. The Contractor shall provide pallets, Gaylord boxes, pallet jacks, and fork lifts. Many members already have some of the equipment, so be sure to denote your firms capability to provide such. 9 of 38
  10. 10. The Partner will furnish site security personnel, traffic control barriers and signs to assist in orderly traffic movement. B. Site Operations Before a vehicle reaches the unloading area, a volunteer will distribute and collect survey forms from each householder and assist as necessary. Additionally, volunteers will distribute any educational and promotional items. Organization and monitoring of volunteer personnel shall be the responsibility of the Partner; instruction shall be provided by both the Contractor and the Partner as determined in a pre-event meeting. The Contractor shall be responsible for all site operations from the point where vehicles containing the CED and EED move to the unloading area until such vehicles leave the unloading area. Upon a vehicle’s arrival at the collection point, such Contractor personnel, with the driver’s permission, shall open the doors of the vehicle and remove the CED and EED. The Contractor shall have sufficient personnel to promptly handle at least two (2) vehicles at one time, leaving any non-acceptable materials in each vehicle and taking the acceptable materials to an area established for preparing materials for transportation. Acceptable materials for collection are listed in Attachment A. At the end of the collection event, the Contractor shall provide to the Program Manager an estimated total weight for all EED collected from residents/households. Reporting requirements are provided in appendix *. C. De-Mobilization The Contractor shall load all collected material into trucks, clean up and stow all equipment at the end of the collection event. The Contractor shall ensure that nothing is left behind from the collection effort and shall ensure that the site is in as good as or better condition in all respects than it was prior to set-up and preparation for the collection. The Contractor shall meet with the Community Liaison on site to ensure that the site is fully restored to its original condition. No vehicles or equipment shall remain at the collection site overnight after the day of collection, unless approved by the Program Manager. II Service to drop off locations A. Collection Site: 10 of 38
  11. 11. Contractor shall have live meeting or conference call with the Project Manager and Community Liaison to ensure successful collection. Establish optimal traffic pattern, use of proper storage material and equipment, establishment of protocol for pick up. B. De-Mobilization The Contractor shall load all collected material into trucks, clean up and stow all equipment at the end of the collection event. The Contractor shall ensure that nothing is left behind from the collection effort and shall ensure that the site is in as good as or better condition in all respects than it was prior to set-up and preparation for the collection. The Contractor shall meet with the Program Manager on site to ensure that the site is fully restored to its original condition. No vehicles or equipment shall remain at the collection site overnight after the day of collection, unless approved by the Program Manager. D. Transportation, Dismantling, Salvage, Sale, Reuse, and Recycling The Contractor shall assume title and ownership for all CED and EED collected at the site. The Contractor shall transport, dismantle, salvage, sell, reuse, and recycle of the CED and EED with the vendors specified in their proposal. The Contractor shall provide written documentation (i.e. recycling/disposal certificate or other tracking documentation) of the ultimate dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling sites for EED and CED collected at the collection event. The Contractor shall also verify that any hazardous substances contained in the EED and CED collected and disposed in a manner that constitutes strict adherence with EPA regulations and Illinois Legislation. E. Recordkeeping, Administration, Reporting and Compliance Recyclers must enable the Caucus to comply with Illinois Legislation while enabling the Caucus to best avail itself of your services and provide a high quality service to its partners and their residents. Record Keeping and Reporting: The following information must be available to the Caucus within a month of a Collection events: • The total weight of televisions, the total weight of computers, the total weight of monitors, and the total weight of printers collected 11 of 38
  12. 12. or received for each manufacturer with which the collector is receiving CEDs and/or EEDs. The total weight of each product type should be listed separately. There is no requirement to break down CEDs by brand. • The total weight of EEDs, as a group. There is no requirement to break down EEDs by brand, product type, or other category. • The phrase "collected or received for each manufacturer" means the manufacturer for which the collector is receiving material to help that manufacturer achieve its annual recycling/refurbishment goal. III. Requirements for Award of Contract A. Licenses, Permits and Certifications Proposers must provide documentation that the bidder possesses any federal, state, county and local licenses, certifications and/or permits needed to provide the services requested in this RFP. The Contractor shall supply copies of any and all relevant permits, licenses and other regulatory items required under Federal, State or local statutes, regulations or standards for the collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling of CEM. The Contractor must possess all applicable EPA permits to perform the collection as well as to recycle of the CED and EED collected. The successful respondent must provide to the Caucus the methods and locations of recovery and/or disposal of electronic materials and the end users of same. Contact names and telephone numbers from the end user location must be provided. The end user shall provide to the respondent a certificate of recycling, disposal or re-use. Contractors must work in good faith with the Caucus to enable year round collection. Through planning, communication, and program management we will do our best not to exceed estimated pounds; however, it is reasonable to expect that there is latent demand and our actual pounds will exceed our estimated pounds. Please respond to this issue with your capability recycle overage and to secure arrangement with OEMs to fund overage collection. B. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations All services provided under this contract must be carried out in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. 12 of 38
  13. 13. Regulations to be complied with include but are not limited to environmental protection, occupational health and safety and transportation. The Caucus, in an effort to reaffirm its policy of non-discrimination, encourages the efforts of contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action in providing for Equal Employment Opportunity without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, handicap unrelated to ability to perform the job or protected veteran’s status. C. Hold Harmless The Contractor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Caucus and its officers, directors, employees, customers, contractors and agents, against any and all losses, claims, actions, demands, rights, damages, costs, loss of service expenses, compensation, court costs and attorneys’ fees which the undersigned now has/have or which may hereafter accrue, directly or indirectly, for or on account of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, including but not limited to those in connection with loss of life, bodily and personal injury, or any death at any time resulting from such injury, or damage to any property and the consequences thereof, which may arise or which may be alleged to have arisen out of the CED and EED collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling. D. Insurance The Contractor shall obtain and maintain in full force and effect at all times during the performance of the contract insurance as required herein. Contractor shall no commence work under the contract until all the required insurance has been obtained and until the Caucus has been furnished with Certificates of Insurance stating that such policies will not be cancelled, transferred or terminated prior to written notice to the Caucus. The Contractor shall not allow any subcontractors to commence work on any subcontract until insurance as required by the contract has been obtained and certificates furnished. All insurance shall be in form and substance and issued by companies satisfactory to the Village and shall be of the following kinds and with at least the following limits of coverage: 1. Worker's Compensation Insurance with amounts of coverage as mandated by the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act and Illinois Worker’s Occupational Disease Act. The insurer shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against the Village, its officers, employees and volunteers. 13 of 38
  14. 14. 2. The Caucus, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers shall be named as additional insured on the Contractor’s General Liability policy sufficient to cover the following: liability arising out of activities performed by or on behalf of the Contractor; products and completed operations of the Contractor; premises owned, occupied or used by the Contractor. 3. An automobile/truck liability insurance policy covering owned, non- owned and hired vehicles. Limits for the above coverage will be at $1,000,000/$1,000,000 per occurrence for both bodily injury and property damage. The Contractor shall provide proof of insurability with submission of the proposal. Such proof shall include a description of the liability limits of each required policy. E. Purchase Extension: This contract shall be offered for purchases to be made by other counties and governmental units within the State of Illinois as authorized by the Government Joint Purchasing Act. All purchases and payments made under this authority shall be made directly by the governmental unit to the Contractor. The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus shall not be responsible in any way for such purchase orders or payments. All terms and conditions of this contract shall apply to all orders placed by another governmental unit, however, the contractor may receive a mileage allowance, for locations greater than 100 miles from Chicago. lV. REQUIREMENTS FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSION A proposal shall be submitted in four (4) parts: A. Description of the Collection Event The Contractor shall provide in the proposal a complete description of how the work is to be performed. This description shall include at least the following nine (9) elements: 1. Provide the total e-waste recycling in pounds that your firm is bidding on (page 7 describes total needs). Provide a typical or generic site set-up plan, including the estimated times required for mobilization and demobilization each the site. Please describe this 14 of 38
  15. 15. for both single day event collection and permanent drop off location collections. 2. A list of acceptable CED and EED has been provided in Attachment A; the Contractor must confirm that it will accept all or portions of the proposed acceptable CED and EED and add any additional items that are acceptable for this event. To date many partners has historically collected electronics outside the category of CED or EED. Please provide a list of description of the electronics that you do and do not collect. Will partners be able to negotiate with you to coordinate collection of other materials? 3. Describe the method of handling the CED and EED at the site and how the various items of CED and EED accepted will be inventoried and manifested. 4. List the services, materials and other assistance, which the Contractor can provide both prior to and on the day of the collection to enhance the public CEM awareness program. Does Contractor provide pallets, Gaylord boxes, pallet jacks, and forklifts? Many partners already have some of the equipment, so be sure to denote your firm’s capability to provide such. 5. While we will do our best to keep the collector from managing Non CED and EED materials, it is likely that your firm will end up with some not covered material. Please describe your process for dealing with Non CED or Non EED materials. 6. List the number of employees, pieces of equipment and other related items or materials that will be supplied for the collection event. 7. List any subcontractors or consultants to be used and describe the specific activities for which they are to be used. If your company or your subcontractor hires laborers to work at single day events, please describe that agent doing the hiring and that process. How are those workers trained and who will manage them? 8. Please describe logistics capabilities. Does your firm own its fleet? Describe fleet vehicles? Describe any clean diesel technology installed in diesel trucks and fuel used. If your transportation services are subcontracted describe the responsible party and their fleet capabilities. 9. Many municipalities would like to provide e-waste recycling for businesses, schools, local governments and institutions, in addition to 15 of 38
  16. 16. residential recycling. Do you have a mechanism for enabling municipalities to do this? Could municipalities weigh the non- residential e-waste and be billed for that e-waste recycling separately from the residential e-waste. B. CED and EED Dismantling, Salvage, Sale, Reuse, and Recycling The Contractor shall describe the method of dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, recycling and/or disposal to be employed for each type of CED and EED collected. The following must be addressed in the response: 1. The Caucus is not responsible for any data/information remaining on computer hard drives delivered to the collection event by residents and householders of Cook County. The Contractor shall warrant that all data is destroyed prior to any salvage, reuse, recycling and/or disposal. Please describe security at your facility and your process for destroying data. Does your firm have NAID certification? 2. Will the Caucus be able to track equipment through de-manufacturing process? Has your firm conducted its own downstream audit or been subject to a downstream audit? Please describe findings. 3. Describe your firm’s process for handling CRT glass and its end point? 4. Can your firm provide a certificate of destruction? C. Qualifications of the Contractor The Contractor shall demonstrate that it has substantial expertise in all areas relating to the collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, reuse, recycling and/or recycling of CEM. The Contractor shall include in the proposal a brief description of the firm, its general nature and background, its general experience in the field of Computer and Electronic Material (CEM) and its specific experience in CEM including number of projects, references from two (2) former CEM Collection Event Program Managers, one of whom should have experience with a program in Illinois, length of experience, skilled personnel and specialized equipment available, and other resources or particular expertise. In particular, the following information shall be provided: 1. Name and address of the firm (and its parent firm if the firm is owned by or a subcomponent of a larger firm), and name, address 16 of 38
  17. 17. and telephone number of the particular office to be responsible for the CEM program (if different from those of the firm's headquarters). 2. Name, title, address and telephone number of the responsible person or point of contact for the proposal, and the same information for the person to be responsible for the on-site activities of the firm (if different from those of the responsible person). 3. Characteristics of the firm, including number of employees, number of office and field locations, types of work undertaken by the firm, typical clients, and other relevant general information with emphasis on previous and current experience in the field of CEM. Please provide total lbs of E-Waste recycling processed in your most recent fiscal year or calendar year for the last three years. Describe point of contact once contract is executed and provider/relationship management strategy. 4. A list of specific CEM collection projects completed or under Contract by the firm and two (2) references from the Program Manager of the events. Include a brief description of the location of the project and the activities conducted by the firm. 5. Describe qualifications and number of personnel who will be at the collection site. 6. Responders must provide documentation of their regulatory history, identifying any incidences of noncompliance with federal, state or local laws and regulations. Proposers shall document any past notices of violation they have received from the EPA or any state or local regulatory body within the last three (3) years and provide a brief description of when, where and what the violation was. 7. If any subcontractors and/or consultants are to be used, similar information Items A through F shall be provided. 8. Does your firm meet the requirements of the IL 2008 legislation? Please respond to each of the following questions: a. Have you registered with IL EPA as a Recycler and Refurbisher? b. Have you completed an Environmental Health and Safety Audit? c. Provide assurance that no prison labor will be used in the recycling of E-Waste Collected through our consortium? d. Can you provide proof of worker compensation and employer liability insurance? 17 of 38
  18. 18. e. Can you provide adequate assurance to cover cost of closure of a facility? f. Do you have a documented EMS plan? g. Can you demonstrate downstream transparency? h. Can you provide tracking of components to destination facilities? i. How do you document inbound and outbound e-scrap? j. Demonstrate use of industry accepted procedures for destruction/sanitization of data. k. Assurance that prison labor will not be used. D. Monetary Proposal Based on population and experience with other special collection events, the Caucus estimates the collection network may collect over 3.5 million pounds of CEM. The estimated weight of CEM to be collected is hypothetical and is provided only for responding purposes. The actual weight of CEM collected may vary. The Caucus reserves the right to reprogram E-Waste Collection pounds based on collection facility. Therefore if site “a” is over collecting and site “b” is under collecting, site “b’s” pounds may be reallocated to allow site “a” to continue to collect. The Contractor shall provide a price per pound for all CEM collected, which shall include the cost of the collection, transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, and recycling. The price per pound must be accompanied by an offset from a manufacturer. The successful bidder must show the lowest net cost for recycling and collection and may include Manufacturer price offsets, collection fees to municipalities and include services taken by the recycler that are frequently executed by the Partner. Contractors are advised to describe pricing for different types of collection. It is known that single day events can be more costly than permanent collection sites. Please disclose price differentials for different types of collections. Also, disclose how that might impact collection fee. Per our estimates, partners spend an average of 2 cents per pound on staff and marketing/promotion for collection. All blank spaces in the Monetary Proposal form (See Attachment C) must be completed, containing the name of the bidder, bidder entity, contact person, authorized signature and date. Failure to complete the entire form shall result in automatic rejection of the proposal. Each bidder shall submit a cashier's check, bid bond or an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of 10% of the total amount of their bid to 18 of 38
  19. 19. serve as a guarantee that the Contractor shall enter into a contract with CAUCUS to perform the work identified herein, at the price bid. V. INSTRUCTIONS TO RESPONDENTS A. General All blank spaces in this proposal package must be filled in completely wherever indicated, either typed or written in ink. The package must be submitted with all pages stapled in their numerical sequence. Electronic submissions must be in PDF format for standard printing format (Letter size paper and black and white print). Responders shall not insert in their proposals or in the Technical Specifications or General Conditions any written statement which will have the effect of making any material change or changes in the same or in any contract between the parties covering subject matter thereof. All Responders must comply with the Technical Specifications and General Conditions. Responders must sign and submit the attached EEO Report, Non-Collusion Affidavit and Adherence Statement (Attachments B, D and E). Failure to comply with any part of this Request for Proposal may result in disqualification of the proposal and/or cancellation of the Request for Proposal at the discretion of the Caucus. All proposals should be printed on recycled content copy paper. B. Clarification of the Specifications If additional information is necessary to assist the vendor in interpreting these specifications, the CEM Program Manager will accept written questions: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Eve Pytel 177 N State Street Chicago, IL 60601 312-201-4506 312-553-4355 (fax) If a Contractor discovers any significant ambiguity, error, conflict, omission or other deficiency in this Request for Proposal, the Contractor must immediately notify the above-named individual of such an error and request modification or clarification. 19 of 38
  20. 20. If prior to the date fixed for submissions of proposals, a Contractor fails to notify the Village of a known error in the Request for Proposal or an error that should have been reasonably known to the Contractor, the successful Contractor shall not be entitled to any additional compensation or time by reason of the error or its later correction. C. Revisions to the Request for Proposal No changes or exceptions will be made to this Request for Proposal without the Caucus issuing an immediate written notice (by FAX, email or certified mail) to all recipients of this Request for Proposal. Recipients should advise the Caucus of their FAX number, address and email address and the name of their representative responsible for the response upon requesting this Request for Proposal in order to facilitate any necessary communication. D. Response Submission In order to be considered in the proposal evaluation process, all proposals must be packaged, sealed and show the following information on the outside of the package: Contractor's name and address Bid: Computer and Electronic Materials Contractors must submit all materials required for acceptance of their proposal no later than 12:00 PM, prevailing time on December 20, 2009 to: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Eve Pytel 177 N State Street Chicago, IL 60601 312-201-4506 312-553-4355 (fax) Note: Emailed proposals must be transmitted as a single PDF. Facsimiles are not acceptable. E. Contract Award A contract may be awarded to the highest collector fee, cost neutral contract or lowest responsible proposer who meets all of the requirements of the specifications and qualifications contained in this Request for 20 of 38
  21. 21. Proposal and who complies with all standards, rules and regulations of the IEPA and the EPA. The Caucus reserves the right to award or not to award a contract. The Caucus will not sign an exclusivity agreement with recyclers or the manufacturers they represent. Furthermore, the Caucus reserves the right to enter into contracts with numerous contractors based on needs of Consortium and abilities of the Contractors. The Caucus reserves the right to reallocate estimated CEM pounds based on need. A copy of the Contract, which the successful bidder will be required to execute, is appended and marked as Attachment F. The successful proposer will be required to sign, execute and return these documents within 5 calendar days of notice to the successful proposer. F. Caucus Right of Rejection The Caucus reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, to waive any technical defects and to accept or reject any part of any proposal, if in the judgment of the Caucus the best interest of the County will be served. The proposer’s performance on behalf of other entities (public or private) may be considered. G. Payment for Contractor Services All consortium members are tax exempt from all excise taxes as well as Illinois Sales Tax. No tax shall be included in the proposal price. Invoices are to be received by the Program Manager after completion of all work, including submission of all forms and reports to the Program Manager. If the Contractor has satisfactorily complied with all requirements, the invoice shall be paid within thirty (30) days of the contract completion or invoice submission, whichever is the later less any withholding as detailed herein. 21 of 38
  22. 22. 22 of 38
  23. 23. ATTACHMENT A Acceptable CEM for Collection CED Covered Electronic Devices (CED) – Computers (including laptops), Computer Monitors, Televisions and Printers. Eligible Electronic Devices (EED) – Mobile Phone, MP3 Players, Computer Cable, Mouse, power supplies; modem or Keyboard; stand alone fax; MP3 players; PDA; Video Game Console; Video Cassette player/recorder; dvd player; zip drive or scanner. ATTACHMENT B E.E.O. REPORT 23 of 38
  24. 24. Please fill out this form completely. Failure to respond truthfully to any questions on this form, or failure to cooperate fully with further inquiry by the CAUCUS will result in disqualification of proposal. An incomplete form will disqualify a proposal. An EEO-1 Report may be submitted in lieu of this report. 1. Consultant Name: 2. Check here if your firm is: MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise) WBE (Woman Owned Business Enterprise) Non MBE/WBE 3. What is the size of the firm’s current stable work force? Number of full-time employees Number of part-time employees 4. Complete, sign and notarize the following chart. 5. Similar information will be requested of all subcontractors working on this contract. Forms will be furnished to the low responsible Consultant with the notice of contract award, and these forms must be completed and submitted to the Village before the execution of the contract by the Village. 24 of 38
  25. 25. EEO REPORT, page 2 of 3 CONSULTANT NAME: ____________________TOTAL # OF EMPLOYEES: _______ Male Female Job Total Total Total Amer. Indian Asian & Amer. Indian Asian and & Alaskan Pacific & Alaskan Pacific Categories Employees Males Females Black Hispanic Black Hispanic Nat. Islander Nat. Islander Officials & Managers Professionals Technicians Sales Workers Office & Clerical Semi-Skilled Laborers Service Workers Management Trainees Apprentices TOTALS This completed and notarized report must accompany your proposal. It should be attached to your Affidavit of Compliance. Failure to include it with your proposal will disqualify your company from consideration. 25 of 38
  26. 26. EEO REPORT, page 3 of 3 ____________________________, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that he/she is (Name of Person Making Affidavit) the _______________________________________ and that the above EEO Report (Title of Officer) information is true and accurate and is submitted with the intent that it be relied upon. Subscribed and sworn to before me ______________________________________________________ (Notary Public) on this _______ day of ______________________, 2004. ______________________________________________________ Notary Public’s seal 26 of 38
  27. 27. ATTACHMENT C MONETARY PROPOSAL FORM Price per pound for all Residential CEM Collected $_________ (Line 1) Price per pound for CEM Collected at Single Day Event $ Price per pound for CEM Collected at permanent drop off location $ Number of pounds collected: ___________________________________ Estimated CEM Collected* 3,000,000 lbs (Line 2) Total Cost = (Line 1) X (Line 2) $__________ Manufacturer Offset $__________ Total Recycling Cost $__________ Collector Fee to Consortium $ ___________ *The estimated weight of CEM collected is hypothetical and is provided only for proposing purposes. The actual weight of CEM collected may vary. ________________________________________________________________ (Name of Proposer) ________________________________________________________________ (Address) ________________________________________________________________ (Telephone number) Entity of Proposer Sole Proprietor Partnership** Corporation LLC (circle one) _________________________________ (Tax ID Number) _________________________________ (Social Security Number) ________________________________________________________________ (Signature of Proposer) (Date) 27 of 38
  28. 28. ________________________________________________________________ (Attest) ________________________________________________________________ (Corporate Seal) **If Partnership, all partners and their addresses must be listed. 28 of 38
  29. 29. ATTACHMENT D NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT State of _________________________ County of __________________ I state that I am ______________________ of _______________________________ (Title) (Entity) and that I am authorized to make this affidavit on behalf of said entity. 1. The price(s) and amount(s) of this proposal have been arrived at independently and without consultation, communication or agreement with any other Contractor, bidder or potential bidder. 2. Neither the price(s) nor the amount(s) of this proposal, and neither the approximate price(s) nor approximate amount(s) of this proposal, have been disclosed to any other firm or person who is a proposer or potential proposer, and they will not be disclosed before proposal opening. 3. No attempt has been made or will be made to induce any firm or person to refrain from proposing on this contract, or to submit a proposal higher than this proposal, or to submit any intentionally high or noncompetitive proposal or other form of complementary proposal. 4. The proposal of my firm is made in good faith and not pursuant to any agreement or discussion with, or inducement from, any firm or person to submit a complementary or other noncompetitive proposal. 5. _____________________________, its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, (Entity) and employees are not currently under the investigation by any governmental agency and have not in the last four years been convicted of or found liable for any act prohibited by State or Federal law in any jurisdiction, involving conspiracy or collusion with respect to bidding of any public contract, except as follows: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ I state that _________________________________understands and (Entity) acknowledges that the above representations are material and important, and will be relied on by the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus in awarding the contract for which this proposal is submitted. I understand and my firm understands that any misstatement in this affidavit is and shall be treated as fraudulent concealment from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus of the true facts relating to the submission of proposals for this contract. _______________________________ (Authorized Signature and Title) Sworn to me and subscribed Before me this _______ day Of _____________, 2004. 29 of 38
  30. 30. ATTACHMENT E ADHERENCE STATEMENT The undersigned being duly authorized by _______________________________________ does (Name of Entity) hereby understand, agree and accept all provisions set forth in the aforesaid Technical Specifications and General Conditions and agrees to be contractually bound thereby: ______________________________ ________________________________ (Entity) (Authorized Signature and Title) ______________________________ ________________________________ (Address of Entity) (Print Name and Title of Signer) ______________________________ (City, State and Zip Code) 30 of 38
  31. 31. ATTACHMENT F METROPOLITAN MAYORS CAUCUS CONTRACT FOR COLLECTION, RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL OF COMPUTER AND ELECTRONIC MATERIAL THIS CONTRACT dated this ____ day of _____________, 20__, between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (thereafter "CAUCUS"), AND _______________________________________________________________ (hereafter "Contractor") WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, the CAUCUS proposes to Contract 1 year of Computer and Electronic Recycling Services, as specified in the Technical Specifications. WHEREAS, the Contract documents for the Project consist of: 1. This Contract, 2. Technical Specifications and General Conditions, and 3. Attachments A – I 4. Each bidder shall submit a cashier's check, bid bond or an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of 10% of the total amount of their bid to serve as a guarantee that the Contractor shall enter into a contract with CAUCUS to perform the work identified herein, at the price bid. WHEREAS, the parties desire to set forth in writing the terms and conditions of this Contract concerning the Project. NOW THEREFORE, the parties intending to be legally bound hereby agree as follows: 1. The aforementioned recitals are by reference incorporated herein. 2. Contractor will complete the Project in accordance with the Contract documents. 3. Village shall pay Contractor as follows: Net thirty (30) days after invoice from Contractor, in an amount not to exceed __________________. 31 of 38
  32. 32. 4. Contractor shall commence Project on January 1, 2010 and complete Project on December 31, 2010. 5. Contractor is performing this Contract as a ___________________, consisting of the following Principal office at: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Telephone: (____) __________________________ Fax: (____) __________________________ Email: ________________________________ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have herein set their hands and seals on the dates set forth. ATTEST: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus ________________________________ __________________________ __________________________ DATE: ____________________ ATTEST: __________________________ __________________________ _______________________________ By: __________________________ __________________________ 32 of 38
  33. 33. __________________________ DATE: ____________________ 33 of 38
  34. 34. ATTACHMENT G Metropolitan Mayors Caucus 1 Recycler Information Instructions: Please complete the information requested below for each shipment of eCycling Project electronics. If a requested field does not apply, please indicate by writing “N/A” in that field. Feel free to attach any supplementary data or information you think is relevant. Please return form along with your invoice for the Collection Event listed above. 1. Contact Information Your company Contact person Address City, State, Zip Code Phone number E-mail Address 2. Products Collected Quantity (units) Weight (lbs) Televisions Monitors CPUs Peripherals* Printers Scanners Keyboards/Mice Other: VCR Stereo/Tape/CD Player Fax/Copy Machines Misc. Computer Parts Laptops 34 of 38
  35. 35. Other: Totals *Providing breakdown by peripherals is optional. 3. Commodity Breakdown Plastics Glass Copper Metal Circuit Waste (lbs) (lbs) Breakage Breakage Boards (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) Televisions Monitors CPUs Peripherals* Printers Scanners Keyboards/Mice Other: VCR Stereo/Tape/CD Player Fax/Copy Machines Misc. Computer Parts Laptops Other: Total Materials Processed *Providing breakdown by peripherals is optional. 4. Overall Processing Results Total Tonnage (lbs) Material Recycled Material Reused (if applicable) Material Disposed (landfilled or incinerated) Total Materials Processed 5. Transportation Costs (from collection point to the de-manufacturer) Number of Trips 35 of 38
  36. 36. Miles Traveled Transportation Cost ($) 6. Commodity Markets* Plastics Shipped to**:________________________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Plastics ($): Glass Shipped to Glass Recycler**:___________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Glass Recycler ($): Shipped to Lead Smelter**:_____________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Lead Smelter ($): Copper Breakage Shipped to**:________________________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Copper Breakage ($): Metal Breakage Shipped to**:________________________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Metal Breakage ($): Circuit Boards Shipped to**:________________________________________________ Tonnage Shipped (lbs):_____________ Cost to ship ($):_____________  Cost or  Revenue (check one) from Circuit Boards ($): *For confidentiality or competitive reasons, you may not be able to disclose this information. If this is true, please leave this section blank. In addition, cost ranges are acceptable for this section. **Please provide company name, city, state, and country. Appendix H Attachments Check List 1. ISO 14001 2. ISO 9001 3. E-STEWARDS MEMBER 4. NAID MEMBER 5. CUSTMARY REPORT 36 of 38
  38. 38. APPENDIX I- WHO DOES WHAT CHECKLIST PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TABLE FOR SINGLE DAY EVENT AND FOR PERMANENT DROP OFF COLLECTION SITE. FOR TASKS THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED BY EITHER THE CONTRACTOR OR THE COMMUNITY LIAISON PLEASE PROVIDE BOTH AND NOTE YOUR PREFERENCE. ROLES: C = CONTRACTOR- (YOU) PM = PROJECT MANAGER – CAUCUS STAFF PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERALL ADMINISTRATION OF E-WASTE CONSORTIUM CL= COMMUNITY LIAISON – COLLECTON PARTNER STAFF PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR EXECUTING COLLECTION TASK RESPONSIBLE PARTY Identify location, date, time CL Planning Meeting C, PM, CL Promotion of collection + Press releases For One Day Events who provides the following: Pallet Pallet Jack Gaylords Boxes Dumpster Safety Supplies Plastic Covering For Drop off Centers following: Pallet Pallet Jack Gaylords Boxes Dumpster Safety Supplies Plastic Covering If not existing facility, who provide Trailer. Provides labor for the event for removing CEM from Cars Provides traffic signage Provides traffic control Provides registrant/welcome person Manages team from recycler for one day events. Clean up after event 38 of 38