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  1. 1. Ligonier Valley School District 339 West Main Street Ligonier, Pa. 15658 724-238-5696 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL LONG RANGE STRATEGIC FACILITIES PLAN The Ligonier Valley School is desirous of retaining a consulting firm, non- architectural, to provide a Long Range Strategic Facilities Plan in order to provide a road map for obtaining educational and facilities goals. This project will be financed by The Friends of the Ligonier Valley School District and be directed by the Board of Directors, Ligonier Valley School District. I. SCOPE OF WORK . II. GENERAL INFORMATION III. GOALS IV. FACTORS/CONSIDERATIONS V. FINAL RECOMMENDATION AND REPORTS VI. PROCESS/TIMELINE VII. QUALIFICATIONS AND SUBMITTALS Questions regarding this RFP should be addressed to: Ray Beam, Chairman, Strategic Facilities Study Committee 724-238-7743 e-mail: mattbeam@wpa.net Questions regarding student information, visitation and finance should be addressed to: Dr. Christine Oldham, Superintendent 724-238-5696 e-mail: coldham@lvsd.k12.pa.us 1
  2. 2. I. SCOPE OF WORK RESOLUTION B-08-08 June 19, 2008 That approval be given to pursue a long range feasibility study on the future usage of buildings and grounds for the Ligonier Valley School District at no cost to the District. SCOPE OF WORK To provide a long range strategic facilities study of projected future needs for all facilities within the Ligonier Valley School District. The intent of this study is to provide the District with a basis for rational decision making relative to future physical plant issues. This study shall provide a road map for future goal setting of a five and ten year plan. The study shall consider the educational and financial impact, to the District, of all possible operational scenarios. Consideration shall be given to projected student enrollment, present and projected demographics, facility design capacity and future capacity needs. 2
  3. 3. II. GENERAL INFORMATION The Ligonier Valley School District is located in eastern Westmoreland County, covering 230 square miles. It serves the students from 9 municipalities, which are somewhat organized as the Laurel Valley and Ligonier Valley communities. Laurel Valley encompasses the boroughs of Bolivar, New Florence, and Seward, as well as, the townships of St. Clair. and the eastern portion of Fairfield. Ligonier Valley encompasses the Laurel Mountain and Ligonier boroughs, as well as, the townships of Cook, Ligonier and the western portion of Fairfield. The physical plant of the district includes 2 elementary schools, one middle school, one junior-senior high school, and one high school. The following table indicates rated and current capacities of each building: Building Square Current Rated Current Footage Lockers Capacity Capacity Laurel Valley Elementary 66,216 0 763 379 Laurel Valley JR-SR/HS 104,050 573 662 311 Ligonier Valley HS 109,708 650 750 444 Ligonier Valley MS 85,932 425 808 385 Mellon Elementary 71,941 0 852 396 Total 437,847 3835 1915 > Auditorium capacity for Laurel Middle High School is: 471 > Auditorium capacity for Ligonier Senior High is: 650 3
  4. 4. Students in grades 10-12 have a half-day option for attending the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. Currently, 60 students from Laurel Valley Middle High School attend EWCTC during the morning, while 87 students from Ligonier High School attend in the afternoon. There is a principal and assistant principal at each high school, and a principal at each of the elementary and middle school buildings. The district also has a separate administrative office building and district maintenance garage. The 7,000 square foot administrative office houses the Superintendent of Schools, Director of Student Services, Business Manager, Director of Food Services, Title I/II Coordinator, and 7 clerical personnel. The maintenance garage is a separate 5,000 square foot structure. Also important to note is the reflection of the district’s demographics through the percentage of students eligible for free-reduced lunches across the district: Laurel Valley Elementary – 46% Laurel Valley Jr.-Sr. High School – 38% RK Mellon Elementary – 30% Ligonier Middle School – 26% Ligonier High School – 23% In addition to the 1,915 students enrolled in the district’s 5 schools, LVSD also has costs affiliated with 180 students who are attending 25 non-public schools (transportation), and 57 students enrolled in cyber-charter schools (tuition). Finally, it is also important to note that there are a number of outstanding bond issues which exist. The following information summarizes these commitments: Yr of Issue Size of Issue Date of last Payment 2003 $ 3,140,000.00 09/01/2018 2004 $ 6,300,000.00 09/01/2010 2006 $ 4,485,000.00 03/01/2023 2007 $18,865,000,00 03/01/2023 4
  5. 5. III. GOALS A. EDUCATONAL GOALS In support of the Ligonier Valley School District’s philosophy on education, the goal of the Board of Education’s Long Range Feasibility Study is to provide equal educational opportunities for all students while advancing the development of each student according to interests, abilities and needs. It is the belief of the Board of Education that consistency of curricular, co- curricular and extracurricular offerings is the key to the future of the Ligonier Valley School District. B. FINANCIAL GOALS To provide a quality education to all students while exercising fiscal responsibility in the use of taxpayers’ funds. To minimize the tax burden to property owners by displaying diligence in seeking improvements in efficiency and productivity. VI. FACTORS AND CONSIDERATIONS A. EDUCATIONAL: • The feasibility of combining the secondary educational programs at one facility in order to promote educational advantages for all students. • The effects on extracurricular activities of a combined secondary system, if recommended. • A logical plan for combining the secondary programs, if recommended, given the demographics and existing facilities of the Ligonier Valley School District. B. FINANCIAL: • Analyze future facilities needs with recommendations on facilities configurations with education and fiscal responsibility being primary factors • Analyze the effects to educational and support staffing that might occur with your recommendations • Analyze the financial implications of combining all varsity sports, marching bands and associated student activities 5
  6. 6. • Analyze the financial impact, to the tax payer, of declining enrollment and corresponding loss of state and federal revenues • Consider the terms of existing bond issues when making facilities use recommendations • Consider and analyze the effects on transportation costs associated with any recommendations. • If the present grade level configuration of the Laurel Valley Jr. – Sr. High School were refigured, due to the recommendation of combining the secondary program, would it be feasible to combine all remaining grade levels at that site into one building while providing the appropriate isolation between student groups. Please estimate annual cost savings and additional one time renovation costs to accomplish this goal. • Upon completion of the educational/facilities study, and not to affect that process, would it be feasible to move the District Administrative staff (3 administrators plus 3 secretaries) into office space within an existing school building. C. DEMOGRAPHICS • Provide your best professional projections of the demographics and student enrollment of the Ligonier Valley School District in school years 2013/2014 (five years) and 2018/2019 (ten years). The projections are to be just that, projections. Previous studies have greatly underestimated the continual decline in student enrollment and thereby have invalidated the data and minimized the effectiveness of the study. Industry is minimal to non-existent in the Ligonier Valley and therefore follows the lack of opportunities for the youth and young families. The primary industry of the Ligonier Valley is tourism and service related. The influx of new residents is primarily for retirement purposes. These factors are of the greatest importance when providing a 5 and 10 year “Snap Shot” of the Ligonier Valley School District, as part of your final report. These “Snap Shots” shall be based on improving educational opportunities for all students and prudent expenditure of tax payer dollars. V. FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS AND REPORTS 6
  7. 7. The FINAL REPORT shall be a timeline driven road map for the School Directors and Administration to reach the goals as stated. Improved educational opportunities for all students and fiscal responsibility to the tax payer are paramount to the effectiveness of this study. You, as an educational/facilities consultant, shall be charged with providing a logical recommendation based on the aforementioned goals and factors. The final recommendation shall be a recommendation, with timelines, based on the educational/facilities expertise of the consultants. The Board of Directors is asking for a professional recommendation as opposed to a long list of options. HOW WOULD YOU PROCEED IF CHARGED WITH ACHIEVING OUR GOALS? As part of the final report, please provide a five (5) year and (10) ten year SNAP SHOT of the Ligonier Valley School District. These snap shots shall include projected student enrollments, class configurations and building configurations. The final report shall be presented to the Strategic Facilities Study Committee prior to a public presentation to the Board of Education on May 18, 2009. VI. PROCESS/TIMELINE • October 20, 2008; Advertisement and issuance of RFP • November 18, 2008; Last day for submission of proposals • November 18 – 30, 2008; Review of proposals by the committee • Week of December 1, 2008; Committee recommends/Board approves a consulting firm • May 18, 2009; Consulting firm reports the results of the study to the Directors at a public meeting VII. QUALIFICATIONS AND SUBMITTALS 7
  8. 8. The essence of this study focuses on three main areas of expertise: educational planning, facilities planning and financial analysis. You are therefore requested to submit with your proposal the following information: A. The credentials of the principals involved with this study B. List the experience and expertise that qualifies the principals to conduct this study. C. A list of similar projects in which the principals were involved along with contact information D. A tentative timetable for accomplishing the goals of this study E. A cost estimate to include all time, travel, lodging, printing, etc., you deem necessary to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. F. Submit all information to: Mr. Ray Beam, Committee Chairman Ligonier Valley School District 339 West Main Street Ligonier, Pa. 15658 8