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Call for Conference Presentations
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Call for Conference Presentations


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  • 1. Call for Conference Presentations 2009 ICF Annual International Conference Orlando, Florida, USA - December 2-5 STEP 1: Enter your proposal into the official template below and save to your computer. STEP 2: Return to the online RFP system to complete steps 3-5. ICF members will be directed to the online submissions form. Non-members will be required to enter some preliminary information prior to submitting their proposal. Proposal to Present an ICF Conference Educational Breakout All questions must be responded to and all requested information must be provided. Failure to do so may jeopardize the review and selection of your proposal. If you have any problems, please e-mail Jackie Burton at Name of Individual Submitting Proposal:       E-mail Address:       Names of all Presenters (No more than 4). The ICF will gather contact information later. 1. Name       Country:       2. Name       Country:       3. Name       Country:       4. Name       Country:       Session Title (Please no longer than 75 characters. Create a title that is clear and enticing.)       Short Session Description (200 words or less). Make this compelling and provide complete information of what is being presented! This will be posted to the conference Web site and used to market the session to attendees and drive attendance to your session.      
  • 2. Area of Focus Presentation is Being Submitted To (select only one - refer to the descriptions posted in the Call for Presentations): Coaching & Leadership Impact in the World Coaching & Science Mind, Body, Spirit Connection Coaching & Organizations Innovations & Coaching Audience Coaching Level (select only one): Beginning Coach (0-2 Years Experience) Experienced Coach (2-5 Years Experience) Senior/Master Coach (+5 Years Experience) Session Format (select two and highlight in bold the first preference): Theatre (chairs set in rows in front of speaker) Theater-in-the round (chairs set in circles around speaker) Round tables/10-chairs (group work/work surface necessary) Conversation circles (chairs group in circles of 10) Conversation café (small table/4 chairs) Method of Delivery: Illustrated Lecture Group Discussions/Panel Experiential Demonstration Other:       What Coaching Core Competencies Will This Session Address? (check all that apply) Meeting Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards Establishing the Coaching Agreement Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the Client Coaching Presence Active Listening Powerful Questioning Direct Communication Creating Awareness Designing Actions Planning & Goal Setting Managing Progress & Accountability
  • 3. What Coaching Continuing Education Units (CCEUs), including percentage if more than one, do you recommend assigning to this session? Note percentages must be in increments of 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent. Coaching Core Competencies      % Personal Development      % Business Development & Marketing      % Other Skills & Tools      % Audio Visual Requirements (ICF will provide the following equipment as necessary for the presentation). *Speaker(s) must provide the laptop if required for the presentation (PowerPoint, etc.) I will have a presentation and my laptop is a: Mac PC LCD Projector/Screen (computer presentation) LCD Projector/Screen (video presentation) Format:       Length:       Flip Chart and Markers Qty:       *No more than 4 wireless microphones per room. Q&A microphones are standard and do not need to be ordered -- they will be placed in the aisle(s) and are required to be wired. Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Qty:       Wireless Hand-Held Microphone Qty:       Wired, Table-Top Microphone (2 per mic) Qty:       The following questions are what the peer review team will focus on in their evaluation and consideration of your proposal. Make sure your response is completely representative of the “essence” of your proposal -- sell us! Long Session Description: Provide complete and detailed information about the session, framework, tools that may be used; how the audience will be engaged in learning, etc. Make sure to demonstrate that what is being proposed and the key elements can be delivered in the time allowed (90-minutes). NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS MAXIMUM.       Goals: What short and long term goals and tools will attendees take away with them and/or work on in the long term? Be clear, concise and specific in your response.       What specific tools/exercises will you use to engage the audience in learning and growth?      
  • 4. How will this session expand the knowledge and wisdom base of the coach and the profession as a whole?       Has this session been presented at a coaching related conference before by you or any co- presenters? Yes No If yes, provide the name of the organization presented to, including contact name and e-mail address, as well as date presented.       What is your motivation for presenting and what are your strengths?       Education & Experience: Indicate overall education and/or professional experience of all presenters. (What, where and when).       Brief Biography for Each Presenter: (no more than 200 words per presenter). This will be used with the short description in promoting the speaker(s). 1.       2.       3.       4.       Speaking References for Each Presenter: Include any reference from /individuals who have heard you speak on this subject or an evaluation/feedback from a previous engagement. 1.      2.      List any books presenter(s) have actually written or contributed to and published (not interviewed for or edited (Include ISBN number and publisher please):       Provide the URL if you have video streams available for viewing: (such as YouTube, Web site address, etc.):