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  1. 1. ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership Annual Meeting & Expo 2010 - Call for Proposals August 21 - 24, 2010 Los Angeles, CA 2009 has definitely sparked the innovation wheel as organizations are tasked with doing more with less. At ASAE & The Center’s 2010 Annual Meeting & Expo we want to hear how you’ve used your creative prowess to increase your membership retention, found ways to cut corners at your conference without cutting the quality of content or service, and how you’ve used social media to increase awareness and advance your organization goals. Conference attendees are looking for new and better ways of doing things in their professional and personal life. We're looking for session topic submissions in all areas of association management that will help participants in their work and personal lives. Some possible topics are: • Have a new approach to helping organizations be more socially responsible? • Tried a new membership model? • Do you offer a fresh look on a leadership topic? • Want to share an original approach to improving association meetings? • Have you found ways to generate positive results by using social media? • Do you have technology solutions for varying organization sizes? • Discovered a breakthrough on working more efficiently with volunteers? • What are the trends? What are the cutting-edge topics affecting your special interest area? There will be approximately 120 Learning Labs, each 75 minutes in length. Registration and Travel Info All content leaders are able to register for the Conference at the reduced rate of $245 and are responsible for all related travel costs. Content Leader Expectations Please note that all accepted content leaders are expected to meet ALL posted dates and deadlines. We reserve the right to make adjustments to any session that does not meet deadlines. Selection Process Submit your session ideas by Friday, December 4, 2009. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your submission. Keep this confirmation in your files. Each submission will be reviewed by a team of volunteers and staff. You will be notified no later than the week of January 11, 2010 on the status of your submission. PLEASE NOTE: Upon acceptance, ASAE & The Center will modify the session title and description to fit into our marketing style and format for the purpose of the brochure, website and onsite guide. NOTE: Presentations cannot be sales pitches. If you are supplier of association products and/or services, please coordinate your session with an association client. It is important to have both perspectives. IMPORTANT! We suggest that you first develop your submission proposal in Word to save your work, and then copy and paste the information into the appropriate sections in the online form. The online form does not have spell check so editing your information in advance and then copying and pasting will ensure greater accuracy. If you have questions please contact Brian Kirkland at
  2. 2. Annual Meeting & Expo 2010 Proposal Form **indicates a REQUIRED field **Are you submitting this proposal on behalf of a volunteer council, committee, or leadership development program? (i.e. DELP, Leadership Academy, membership council, etc.) Yes or No *If YES, please list that below. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Contact Information for Content Leaders ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership recommends having no more than two content leaders per Learning Lab (except if the proposed session is to be a panel with Q&A). If you plan on having a panel with Q&A please be sure to have a variety of expertise on the panel. Also, if you are a consultant or industry partner we recommend you pair up with an association executive. **Content Leader Contact Information (REQUIRED) The information you provide here will be what we post online and in the brochure, upon acceptance so please be accurate. Full Name: __________________________________________________________ Credentials (CAE, CMP, etc.): _______________________________ Title: _______________________________________________________________ Organization: ________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________________ *Co-Content Leader (if applicable – REQUIRED) *Please note that on the online RFP form, you will have an opportunity on the last page (the preview page) to add an additional speaker(s) so it will be good to have that information readily available. Contact Information Full Name: __________________________________________________________ Credentials (CAE, CMP, etc.): ___________________________________________ Title: _______________________________________________________________ Organization: ________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________________ **Have you or your co-content leaders given this presentation or another similar at a previous event? (yes or no) *If yes, when was the last time you made a presentation (this topic or another one) to a large audience? Please describe when and where, and any feedback you received? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ LEARNING LAB INFORMATION **What is your suggested title for your Learning Lab? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. **What is your suggested Learning Lab description? Describe the session content and format. The information you provide below will help us understand the purpose of your session. If selected, the description below will be modified and used in the marketing brochure and website. You are limited to 150 words. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Learning Objectives & Key Takeaways: [REQUIRED] Following your session what do you hope the participants will be able to do? What are the key takeaways attendees will be walking away with following your 75 minute session? Objective 1: __ _______________________________________________________________________________ Objective 2: __ _______________________________________________________________________________ Objective 3: __ _______________________________________________________________________________ **Who is the target audience? What job function should that individual have to get the most out of your Learning Lab? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ **How are you going to keep the energy level up in the room? While you are the content leader for this proposed Learning Lab, we recognize there is a great deal of knowledge among the attendees. As such, how will you engage the participants and allow them to network, connect and learn from one another? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion are integral in ASAE & The Center’s operations and programs. Please describe how your session proposal will incorporate elements of social responsibility, diversity and inclusion. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ **What type of Instructional Method will you use for this Learning Lab? Please select ONE from the list below. Case Study Provide a case study on a topic where an organization has exemplified the topic you are presenting on. Interactive The content leader acts more as a moderator as the attendees interact with one another on a topic. Could be a game, debate, table discussions, etc. Listen n' Learn More traditional presentation style where the content leader share information on a specific topic. Panel with Q & A Three or four content leaders presenting on a topic allowing for questions from attendees. Other : Please describe ______________________________
  4. 4. What is the primary of focus for your Learning Lab? Please select ONE topic below: • Communication • Membership • Component Relations • Meeting & Exposition • Diversity & Inclusion • Personal/Career Development • Finance & Business Operations (includes HR) • Professional Development • Governance • Social Media/Web 2.0 • Government Relations • Social Responsibility • International • Strategic Management • Leadership • Technology • Legal • Other • Marketing CONTENT LEADER TERMS OF AGREEMENT By submitting this form, you acknowledge that the presenter registration fee is $245, and that all travel costs related to presenting are your responsibility. In addition, by submitting this proposal you agree to meet ALL posted dates and deadlines and understand that if deadlines are missed we reserve the right to make adjustments or cancel your session. Thank you for your proposal. You will be notified no later than the week of January 11, 2010 on the status of your submission. Should you have questions please contact Brian Kirkland at