ADDITIONAL INSURED: All insurance required above with the ....doc


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ADDITIONAL INSURED: All insurance required above with the ....doc

  1. 1. COUNTY OF ALPINE Invites Proposals for Information Technology Services Implementation & On-Going IT Support Notice is hereby given that the County of Alpine invites proposals from qualified information technology consultants to assess, design, implement, maintain, and provide user support/help desk services for centralized Countywide information technology infrastructure. Sealed proposals will be received at the Alpine County Administration Office until March 6, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. performing all work necessary in accordance with the Scope of Services and other related documents provided herein. Please carefully read and follow instructions provided herein. Applicants must provide four copies of the proposal and required documentation in a sealed envelope with the proposal title marked clearly on the outside and addressed to: Alpine County Administration RFP – Information Technology Services Attn: Pamela Knorr, County Administrative Officer P.O. Box 387 Markleeville, CA 96120 NO ORAL, TELEGRAPHIC, ELECTRONIC, FACSIMILE OR TELEPHONIC PROPOSALS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS SPECIFIED. PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER THIS DEADLINE WILL BE RETURNED UNOPENED. PROPOSED TIME LINE Release of RFP: February 6, 2009 Proposal submission deadline: March 6, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. Evaluation of proposals: March 13, 2009 Consideration of contract award : March 27, 2009 Service commencement: April 6, 2009
  2. 2. COUNTY OF ALPINE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Information Technology Services February 17, 2009 I. INTRODUCTION A. Purpose This Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified information technology consultants to provide leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of a County-wide Information Technology Strategic Plan. The purpose of this project is to provide ongoing reliable, information technology infrastructure and data network for all Alpine County work sites. B. Period of Agreement To be determined by vendor responses. It is anticipated that the initial contract will be for the period of one year, from the date of commencement, with option for renewal based on performance. C. Minimum Vendor Requirements - All vendors must: 1. Have at least three (3) years experience in providing these types of services for other governmental entities or other private sector entities with multiple work sites. 2. Provide at least three (3) references for which these types of services have been performed within the past five (5) years. 3. Have no outstanding or pending complaints and no unsatisfactory record of performance with the County or any other public agency. 4. Have the fiscal and administrative capability to provide and manage the proposed services within the proposed timelines. 5, Provide evidence of all insurance, indemnifications and assurances as may be required by County, State and/or Federal law. D. Questions Questions regarding the services being requested or the contents of this RFP must be submitted to Pamela Knorr, County Administrative Officer. Questions may be submitted via facsimile (530 694-2491) or e-mail to Fax number and e-mail address may be used to submit questions only. Proposals will not be accepted by e-mail or facsimile. E. Proposal Submission Deadline All proposals must be received at the address below, no later than March 6, 2009 at 4:00 p.m . Facsimile or electronically transmitted proposals will not be accepted in lieu of actual receipt. Proposals received after the deadline will be marked “LATE” and will receive no further consideration. It is the responsibility of the vendor to make certain the proposed response is received on time. ALPINE COUNTY ADMINISTRATION RFP - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Pamela Knorr, County Administrative Officer P.O. Box 387 Markleeville, CA 96120 -2-
  3. 3. II. PROPOSAL TIMELINE Release of RFP February 6, 2009 Proposal submission deadline March 6, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. Evaluation of proposals March 13, 2009 Consideration of contract award March 27, 2009 Service commencement April 6, 2009 Completion of contract To be determined III. PROPOSAL CONDITIONS A. Contingencies - This Request for Proposal (RFP) does not commit the County of Alpine to award an agreement. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals if the County determines it is in the best interest of the County to do so. B. Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals - Proposals shall remain open, valid and subject to acceptance anytime within one hundred eighty (180) days after the proposal opening and up to the end of the agreement period. The County realizes that conditions other than price are important and will award contract(s) based on the proposal that best meets the need of the County. C. Modifications - The County reserves the right to issue addenda or amendments to this RFP. D. Proposal Submission - To be considered, all proposals must be submitted in the manner set forth in this proposal. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that its proposal arrives on or before the specified time. E. Incurred Costs - This RFP does not commit the County to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request and Vendors agree that all costs incurred in developing this proposal are the Vendor’s responsibility. F. Negotiations - The County may require the potential Vendor selected to participate in negotiations, and to submit revisions of their proposals as may result from such negotiations. G. Final Authority -The final authority to award an agreement as a result of this RFP rests solely with the Board of Supervisors of the County of Alpine. IV. OVERVIEW AND SCOPE OF WORK Alpine County is the eight smallest and least populated county in the State of California. With a work force of less than 100 full-time employees, County operations have evolved to include a number of computer operating systems used for a wide range of purposes in every department. Departments utilize a variety of software systems. Examples of the various systems include the Department of Public Works’ Cost Accounting Management System (CAMS), the Sheriff’s Department Records Information Management System (RIMS), networking in the Health and Human Services Department for the transmission of information to state and federal agencies; the Library’s LibrarySolutions© computerized cataloging system; and the Auditor’s AS-400 mainframe and Public Business Accounting (PBA) software. Additionally, the Treasurer-Tax Collector-Recorder recently obtained a comprehensive electronic system (“Crest) for computerized processing of the County’s tax assessment billing and collections. Virtually all federal and state reporting and case management in the Health and Human Services department is performed on a secure network required by the State. The County has attempted to maintain information technology (IT) operations without a coordinate approach to IT services. County IT infrastructure is inadequate, hardware is outdated, there is no standardization of equipment to achieve scales of economy, no replacement schedule for hardware, and no coordination of inventory (including licensing). Due to the sensitive nature of the data processed by the County, robust security measures and virus protection are of the utmost importance. Additionally, since local government operations are primarily comprised -3-
  4. 4. of service organizations any “down time” or loss of data results in significant monetary loss to the County and hinders the ability to provide services to constituents. Limited training is provided to employees to keep up with the pace of emerging technologies. The lack of coordination IT infrastructure and the lack of employee training have limited the County’s opportunities to take advantage of technological advancements to enhance operational efficiency. Historically, the County has hired extra-help and various consultants in a reactive approach to addressing IT issues as they occur. Due to the current economic situation, the County recognizes the need to optimize efficiency through the use of technology and develop a coordinated approach to IT infrastructure and ongoing support. SCOPE OF WORK Major activities to be coordinated and/or performed by the successful proponent include, but are not limited to: I. Improve Infrastructure 1. Implement centralized base IT infrastructure/security/backup to establish and/or optimize connectivity amongst the following departments/locations: a. Administration Building b. Sheriff’s Office/Probation c. Museum d. Library e. District Attorney f. Turtle Rock Park g. Health and Human Services h. Public Works/Community Development i. Bear Valley-Sheriff j. Bear Valley-Library k. Bear Valley-Public Works l. Bear Valley- Health & Human Services 2. Implement and ensure adequate virus protection and back-up/disaster recovery to accomplish a maximum of 36 hour turn around to regain normal operation 3. Create a new network domain with file/print and e-mail services for all County employee 4. Deploy terminal services and application technology 5. Implement video conferencing capability 6. Develop standardized IT equipment configurations for hardware, software, and networking equipment 7. Identify solution to host County website 8. Establish Countywide Intranet for posting administrative documents, policies and procedures II. Help Desk/On-going Support 1. Provide ongoing technical help desk support (including adding and deleting users) and maintain system to accomplish a maximum of 1 hour response time to end users 2. Act as the technological liaison for the implementation of new programs, software or upgrades applicable to the unique needs of the County departments (this service would be invoiced by the Vendor based on time and materials and charged directly to the associated department) -4-
  5. 5. 3. Maintain the infrastructure listed in Item I and recommend upgrades to infrastructure as appropriate and in keeping with evolving technology. III. Inventory 1. Perform a Countywide Software Inventory Audit 2. Develop and maintain hardware and software inventory system IV. Administrative Support 1. Establish refresh/recycle schedule for hardware/software with budgetary recommendations to support the recommended schedule Deliverables: 1. Existing Inventory listing & annual inventory updates with inventory control numbers, licensing information, and equipment expiration/refresh date 2. Help Desk Protocol 3. Computer Specifications and Replacement Program 4. Disaster Recovery Plan 5. Documentation of as-is, to-be network infrastructure 6. Network Migration Plan with pre-implementation testing component ABOUT THE COUNTY The workforce consists of the following departments at the following locations: Markleeville: Alpine County Library – Archives District Attorney – Victim Witness Alpine County Museum Alpine County Courthouse (Offices of the Alpine County Sheriff and Probation) Alpine County Administration (Offices of Administration, Board of Supervisors, County Clerk, Assessor, Auditor-Risk Manager, Treasurer-Tax Collector-Recorder) Turtle Rock Park: Community Center Woodfords: Public Works (Offices of Public Works - Road, Buildings and Grounds, Transportation) Community Development- County Engineer, Surveyor, Building, Planning Health and Human Services (Offices of Public Health, Social Services and Behavioral Health Services – Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health) Bear Valley: Library/Health & Human Services Public Works Sheriff Substation Perry Walther Community Center The schematic for the existing WAN is attached. -5-
  6. 6. V. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION A. GENERAL 1. All interested and qualified Vendors are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. Submission of a proposal indicates that the Vendor has read and understands the entire RFP, to include all required certification and assurances, as applicable, and all concerns regarding the RFP have been satisfied. 2. Proposals must be completed in all respects as required in this Section. A proposal may not be considered if it is conditional or incomplete. 3 All proposals and materials submitted become property of the County. All proposals received are subject to the “California Public Records Act.” B. PROPOSAL FORMAT 1. Proposals must be submitted on 8½ x 11 inch paper, with normal margins and single-spaced. One original and four copies (total of 5) of the complete proposal must be received by the deadline for receipt of RFPs specified in Section II (Proposal Timeline). The original and all copies must be in a sealed envelope stating on the outside: Vendor Name, Address, telephone Number, and RFP Title. Facsimile and electronic proposals will not be accepted. 2. Response to this RFP must be in the form of a proposal package, which must be submitted in the following format: a. Cover Page - Attachment A is to be used as the cover page for the proposal. This form must be fully completed and signed by the authorized Vendor agent. b. References – Provide references of at least three (3) references from other public agencies that you have provided these type of services within the past five (5) years. Please provide contact name, address, telephone number and dates of service. c. Proposed Costs – The schedule should clearly show the following: 1. State the hourly rates and total hours by staff classification, travel, out of pocket expenses and the resulting inclusive fees by each item listed under Section V., Scope of Work. 2. Provide hourly rates for additional consulting or technical support services if the County requests such services. 3. Provide a separate cost for each component of the projects listed in Section V, Scope of Work. d. Approach to examination – Submit a work plan to accomplish the scope defined in this RFP. Include start and completion dates, time estimates for significant segments of work, and estimated hours or staff to be assigned. The proposal should include: 1. A brief summary of the Vendor’s understanding of the County’s needs and how the Vendor plans to meet these needs. 2. An explanation of any assumptions and/or constraints. -6-
  7. 7. 3. Discuss Vendor’s ability to respond to County needs for technical support and service. e. Statement of certification – Include a one-page summary of the following certifications: 1. A statement that the offer made in the proposal is firm and binding for the period of 180 days from the date the proposal is opened and recorded. 2. A statement that Vendor agrees to provide County with any other information the County determines necessary for an accurate determination of the Vendor’s ability to perform the services as proposed. 3. A statement that the prospective Vendor, if selected, will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to certification that the Vendor is an alcohol and drug free work place. 4. A statement that the Vendor has no outstanding or pending complaints and no unsatisfactory record of performance with any public agency. f. Statement of Qualifications (resume) - Number of years the Vendor has been in business under the present business name, as well as related prior business names. VI. PROPOSAL EVALUATION AND SELECTION A. Evaluation Process – All proposals will be subject to a standard review process developed by the County. The evaluation will be based upon the written proposal as submitted, but may include an oral interview with the vendor. The evaluation team will consist of representatives of the Audit and Finance Committee, County Counsel, Alpine County Sheriff’s Department, with coordination provided by the County Administrative Officer. B. Evaluation Criteria – The Evaluation Criteria and their respective weights are as follows: Evaluation Criteria Weight A. Completeness of Response Pass/Fail Responses to this RFP must be complete. Responses that do not address each of the items listed below will be considered incomplete, be rated a Fail in the Evaluation Criteria and will receive no further consideration. B. Certification of Insurance and Other Requirements 10 Points C. Cost 15 Points An evaluation will be made of (a) reasonableness; (b) realism; and (c) affordability. Consideration of price in terms of overall affordability may be controlling in circumstances where two or more proposals are otherwise adjudged to be equal, or when a superior proposal is at a price that the County cannot afford. D. Implementation Plan and Schedule 25 Points An evaluation will be made of the likelihood that Bidder’s implementation plan and schedule will meet the County’s schedule and budgetary constraints. E. Relevant Experience/Demonstration of robust diversified resource pool 25 Points An evaluation will be made of the bidder’s relevant experience with public entities and the ability to demonstrate the ability to respond to a multitude of complex networking and hardware/software issues. F. References 15 Points G. Technical Criteria-Understanding of Scope of Services 25 Points VII. AWARD -7-
  8. 8. A. The committee referenced above will recommend award to the Vendor who, in its opinion, has submitted the proposal that best serves the overall interests of the County and attains the highest overall point score. Award may not necessarily be made to the bidder with the lowest price. B. The County reserves the right to reject any or all responses that materially differ from any terms contained herein or from any Exhibits attached hereto and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in responses received. C. The County reserves the right to award to a single or multiple contractors. D. Final Standard Agreement terms and conditions will be negotiated with the selected bidder. The County Board of Supervisors approval to award a contract is required. E. The RFP specifications, terms, conditions and Exhibits, RFP Addenda and Bidder’s proposal, may be incorporated into and made a part of any contract that may be awarded as a result of this RFP. F. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement. The objective of the Alpine County Equal Employment Opportunity Program is to ensure nondiscrimination in employment and whenever possible to actively recruit and include for consideration for employment minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. The objectives and purposes of the Alpine County Equal Employment Opportunity Program are extended to, and apply to, all purchases, leases, and contracts for goods and services to be obtained or secured by Alpine County and its departments. VIII. GENERAL AGREEMENT TERMS A. General Conditions 1. Independent Contractor – In accepting a proposal, the County agrees to enter into an independent contractor agreement with the successful proponent for services, in a form acceptable to the County. In the performance of the Agreement, Vendor, its agents and employees, shall act in an independent capacity and not as officers, employees or agents of the County of Alpine. 2. Vendor Primary Contact - The Vendor will designate an individual to serve as the primary contact for the Agreement. Vendor or designee must respond to County inquiries within two (2) business days. Vendor shall not change the primary contact without written acknowledgement to the County. 3. Change of Address - Vendor shall notify County in writing, of any change in mailing address within ten (10) business days of the change. 4. Subcontracting - Vendor agrees not to enter into any subcontracting agreements for work contemplated under the Agreement without first obtaining written approval from County. Any subcontracting shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as Vendor. Vendor shall be fully responsible for the performance and payments of any subcontractor’s contract. 5. Agreement Assignability - Without the prior written consent of County, the agreement is not assignable by Vendor either in whole or in part. 6. Agreement Amendments – Vendor agrees any alterations, modifications or waivers of the provisions of this Agreement shall be made in writing by mutual agreement of the parties. 7. Termination – The County for its convenience may terminate in whole or in part upon thirty (30) calendar day’s written notice to this Agreement. If such termination is effected, an equitable adjustment in the price provided for in this agreement shall be made. Such adjustment shall provide for payment to the Vendor for services satisfactorily rendered and reasonable expenses incurred prior to the effective date of the termination. Upon receipt of termination notice, Vendor -8-
  9. 9. shall promptly discontinue services unless the notice directs otherwise. Vendor shall deliver promptly to County any and all completed work, and work in progress, including drafts, documents and other related reports. 8. Litigation - If any legal action is instituted to enforce any party’s rights hereunder, each party shall bear its own costs and attorney fees. The venue of any action or claim brought by any party to this Agreement shall be the Superior Court of California, County of Alpine. 9. Licenses and Permits – Vendor shall ensure that it has all necessary licenses and permits required by the laws of Federal, State, or County ordinance, rules or regulation. The Vendor shall maintain these licenses and permits in effect for the duration of the Agreement. Vendor will notify County immediately of any loss or suspension of any such licenses and permits. Failure to maintain a required license may result in immediate termination of any agreement. 10. Notice regarding Performance - In the event of a problem or potential problem that could impact the quality or quantity of work, services or performance of the Vendor, the Vendor shall notify the County within one working day, in writing and by telephone. 11. Performance Penalty- In the event of the information technology infrastructure being inoperable, the vendor may be assessed a performance penalty for malfunctions to the information technology infrastructure resulting in the inability of the user to conduct business which lasts longer than 48 hours. 12. Conflict of Interest – Vendor shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that no County officer or employee, whose position in the County enables him or her to influence any award of an agreement shall have any direct or indirect financial interest resulting from the award of the agreement. 13. Payment – Vendor shall be paid for services under this agreement on a progress billing basis. However, no more than ninety percent (90%) of each fiscal year’s fee will be paid until specific milestones are reached. 14. Ownership of Documents – All documents, data and reports prepared by Vendor subject to an agreement with the County shall be considered property of the County upon payment for services. All such items shall be delivered to County at the completion of work under any Agreement. 15. Records Retention – The Vendor shall retain all documents, data, work papers and related audit materials for the period of five (5) years. All records shall be made available to the authorized staff of the Government Auditing Office (GAO) or other cognizant agency, in accordance with OMB-133. B. Indemnification and Insurance Requirements 1. Indemnification - The Vendor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the County and its authorized officers, employees, agents or volunteers from any and all claims, actions, losses, damages, and or liability arising from Vendor’s acts, errors or omissions and for any costs or expenses incurred by the County on account of any claim therefore, except where such indemnification is prohibited by law. 2. Insurance Coverage – The Vendor shall secure and maintain throughout the Agreement the following types of insurance coverage, as described in Attachment B to this RFP, including but not limited to Workers’ Compensation (including Employer’s Liability with Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000) limits, covering all persons providing services on behalf of the Vendor); Comprehensive General and Automobile Liability Insurance (to include contractual coverage and automobile liability coverage for owned, hired and non-owned vehicles, with combined single limits for bodily injury and property damage of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000)); Errors and Omission Liability Insurance(combined single limits of one million -9-
  10. 10. dollars ($1,000,000) for bodily injury and property damage and three million dollars ($3,000,000) in the aggregate) – or – Professional Liability (with limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per claim or occurrence); and as applicable, Additional Named Insured (additional endorsements naming the County and its officers, employees, agents and volunteers as additional named insured with respect to liabilities arising out of the performances of services). 3. Waiver of Subrogation - The Vendor shall require the carriers of the above-required coverages to waive all rights of subrogation against County and its officers, employees, agents and volunteers, vendors and subcontractors. 4. Policies Primary and Non-Contributory – All policies required above are to be primary and non-contributory with any insurance or self-insurance programs carried or administered by the County. 5. Proof of Coverage – The Vendor shall immediately furnish certificates of insurance to the County Auditor evidencing the insurance coverage, including endorsements above required, prior to commencement of performance of services hereunder, which certificates shall provide that such insurance shall not be terminated or expire without thirty (30) days written notice to the department. Vendor shall maintain such insurance from the time Vendor commences performance of services hereunder until the completion of services. Within sixty (60) days of the commencement of any agreement between the County and the Vendor, the Vendor shall furnish copies of the policies and all endorsements. 6. Insurance Review - The above insurance requirements are subject to periodic review by the County. The County’s Risk Manager is authorized, but not required, in consultation with County Counsel, to reduce or waive any of the above insurance requirements whenever it is determined that any of the above referenced insurance is not available, is unreasonably priced, or is not needed to protect the interests of the County. - 10 -
  11. 11. ATTACHMENT A – Cover Sheet PROPOSAL FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES VENDOR (name of firm, entity or organization): __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: MAILING ADDRESS: Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER: ________________________________________________________ FAX NUMBER: ________________________________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________ VENDOR’S ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: ________ Corporation* _________ Partnership __________ Proprietorship *If Corporation, please indicate date incorporated and state in which incorporated. __________________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Joint Venture _________ Other VENDOR’S AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE The undersigned hereby certifies that this proposal is submitted in response to this solicitation. Signed: _______________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________________________ Print name: _______________________________________________________ Title: _______________________________________________________ - 11 -
  12. 12. ATTACHMENT B – Insurance Requirements Without limiting any other obligation or liability under this Agreement, the Contractor, at its sole cost and expense, shall secure and keep in force during the entire term of the Agreement or longer, as may be specified below, the following insurance coverage, limits and endorsements: TYPE OF INSURANCE COVERAGES MINIMUM LIMITS A Commercial General Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence (CSL) Premises Liability; Products and Completed Operations; Contractual Liability; Bodily Injury and Property Damage Personal Injury and Advertising Liability B Commercial or Business Automobile Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence (CSL) All owned vehicles, hired or leased vehicles, non-owned, borrowed and Any Auto permissive uses. Personal Automobile Liability is acceptable for individual Bodily Injury and Property Damage contractors with no transportation or hauling related activities C Workers’ Compensation (WC) and Employers Liability (EL) WC: Statutory Limits Required for all contractors with employees EL: $1,000,000 per accident for bodily injury or disease D Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions $2,000,000 per occurrence Includes endorsements of contractual liability and defense and indemnification $4,000,000 project aggregate of the County E Endorsements and Conditions: 1. ADDITIONAL INSURED: All insurance required above with the exception of Professional Liability, Personal Automobile Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability, shall be endorsed to name as additional insured: County of Alpine, its Board of Supervisors, the individual members thereof, and all County officers, agents, employees and representatives. 2. DURATION OF COVERAGE: All required insurance shall be maintained during the entire term of the Agreement with the following exception: Insurance policies and coverage(s) written on a claims-made basis shall be maintained during the entire term of the Agreement and until 3 years following termination and acceptance of all work provided under the Agreement, with the retroactive date of said insurance (as may be applicable) concurrent with the commencement of activities pursuant to this Agreement. 3. REDUCTION OR LIMIT OF OBLIGATION: All insurance policies shall be primary insurance to any insurance available to the Indemnified Parties and Additional Insured(s). Pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, insurance effected or procured by the Contractor shall not reduce or limit Contractor’s contractual obligation to indemnify and defend the Indemnified Parties. 4. INSURER FINANCIAL RATING: Insurance shall be maintained through an insurer with a minimum A.M. Best Rating of A- or better, with deductible amounts acceptable to the County. Acceptance of Contractor’s insurance by County shall not relieve or decrease the liability of Contractor hereunder. Any deductible or self-insured retention amount or other similar obligation under the policies shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor. Any deductible or self-insured retention amount or other similar obligation under the policies shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor. 5. SUBCONTRACTORS: Contractor shall include all subcontractors as an insured (covered party) under its policies or shall furnish separate certificates and endorsements for each subcontractor. All coverages for subcontractors shall be subject to all of the requirements stated herein. 6. JOINT VENTURES: If Contractor is an association, partnership or other joint business venture, required insurance shall be provided by any one of the following methods: – Separate insurance policies issued for each individual entity, with each entity included as a “Named Insured (covered party), or at minimum named as an “Additional Insured” on the other’s policies. – Joint insurance program with the association, partnership or other joint business venture included as a “Named Insured. 7. CANCELLATION OF INSURANCE: All required insurance shall be endorsed to provide thirty (30) days advance written notice to the County of cancellation. 8. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Before commencing operations under this Agreement, Contractor shall provide Certificate(s) of Insurance and applicable insurance endorsements, in form and satisfactory to County, evidencing that all required insurance coverage is in effect. The County reserves the rights to require the Contractor to provide complete, certified copies of all required insurance policies. The require certificate(s) and endorsements must be sent to: - Department/Agency issuing the contract - With a copy to Alpine County Auditor - Risk Management Unit (P.O. Box 266, Markleeville, CA 96120) - 12 -