New Historic Hotels Of Slovakia For Hhe


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Historic Hotels of Slovakia -presentation at general assembly Historic Hotels of Europe, Portugal OC 2009

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New Historic Hotels Of Slovakia For Hhe

  1. 1. 24 th October 2009, Guimarães, Portugal General Assembly of Historic Hotel of Europe Collection of the best hotels in Slovakia Kurt J. Bichler, Vice President
  2. 2. Slovakia - Slovak Republic The centre of Europe Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  3. 3. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Slovakia is a country that gained independence only in 1993. Until then, the Slovakia was a part of Czechoslovakia. Slovakia has since 1 May 2004 Member of the European Union. On 1 January 2009, Slovakia introduced the euro. Area: 49 035 km 2 Population: 5 , 4 million (This corresponds m² a population density of 109 inhabitants per km.) Slovakia has the following lengths border with neighboring countries: Austria 91 km, Czech Republic 215 km, Poland 444 km, Ukraine 97 km, Hungary 677 km. Slovakia has a length of 410 (East-West) and a width of 100 to 190 km. The main mountains include (from west to east) the Little Carpathian (amounting to 770 m) along the border with Austria, to the northeast then the White Carpathian (Biele Karpaty, up to 1000 feet), farther east, the Small and Big Fatra (Mala / Velka Fatra, up to 1700 m), the Low Tatras (Low Tatras, and 2040 m), the Tatra Mountains (Tatry, to 2650 m). The middle of Slovakia is the Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské rudohorie, one to just under 1500 m). East align themselves with smaller ranges, and the start of the Eastern Carpathians (in this region in German also called Carpathian Forest).
  4. 4. Historic Hotels of Slovakia The main rivers are the Danube in Slovakia () to its middle section) Waag (Váh), March (Morava) and Gran (Hron. The highest point is the former Communist Peak (Gerlsdorfer peak) in the High Tatras, with 2655 m () also the highest mountain in the whole Carpathians. The history of Slovakia is closely intertwined with the history of ancient Europe. This may also not help because the country lies in the middle of the continent. So it is not surprising that many of the ancient monuments of Slovakia, mostly architectural monuments on the results of two famous royal dynasties of the ancient world.
  5. 5. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Slovakia Regions Today, the independent Slovakia is one of the most popular regions for spa and winter holiday in Central Europe. The Tatras, the Danube, the architecture of the Middle Ages, the many caves and mineral springs are the most popular Slovak places of interest. The cities of Slovakia to give the city traveler a good way to get new impressions of Eastern Europe. It is customary to visit one or another country with the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava to begin.
  6. 6. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Bratislava Bratislava, is one of the most advanced central European capitals of tourism. It is the largest city in Slovakia, which are in addition to the main administrative offices and numerous cultural sights and symbols of Slovak statehood. Bratislava is on its rich history, proud and happy to share it with his guests. Naturally Bratislava can not compete with such European beads like Prague or Budapest. But some are of the modest charm of the Slovak capital to a greater extent than charmed by noisy size of the Hungarian and Czech capitals.
  7. 7. Historic Hotels of Slovakia National Parks of Slovakia Mountains, rivers, lakes and forests in Slovakia are a very special kind of compensation for the absence of the sea, Slovakia has received from Mother Nature. The national parks of Slovakia, during the second half of the 20th Century has been created. The first and most famous of which occupies the territory of the High Tatras mountain stick, which is protected. Today it is one of the most visited parks in Slovakia. As the High Tatras is not only a nature reserve but also the most popular travel region in Slovakia, its integrity can only envy. Here are the best alpine resorts in the country, here there are hundreds of miles of travel routes. The High Tatras has excellent routes for mountain bikes and some ways for the Alpine. A special page on beautiful high mountain peaks, the peak Lomnitzer (Lomnický peak). The summit is a triangular pyramid similar. The first tourist promotion, have made in 1793, Englishman Robert Tounson, he determined the height of the Lomnitzer Peak (2633m). The main attraction of the Slovak Paradise is its caves, there are about 200. The most famous among them are the ice caves in Dobshin.
  8. 8. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Castles in Slovakia Slovakia is called the "land of castles". Almost every Stad of Slovakia has its own castle - and one is more beautiful than the other. The Slovaks are proud of their history and their castles. A tour of the castles of Slovakia has been among foreign tourists in recent years, very popular.
  9. 9. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Slovak cuisine / Wine The Slovak cuisine repeats the behavior of other Slavic cuisines. Their bases are the Paps, the courts made of potato and other vegetables, the fried, stewed and smoked meat, dairy products. The courts of geese are also popular in Slovakia. Traditional Slovak food is "lokshami" (potato pancakes), "spishska pohutka" (goulash with potato pancakes), fried duck with brown Kendliks, duck with sauerkraut, pies from venison, which for the whole region of the Carpathians, traditional dumplings and the famous dish " petscheno veprevo koleno "(roast pork leg), which is more known as a Czech court. The fish played on the Slovak tables also have an important role. The Cheese Festival is celebrated in May in the city Lipovski Mikulas. When the "main trading pieces" of the festival is the sheep's cheese, which is known for its high quality in the whole Europe. Slovak wine is undeservedly ignored by most famous wine guides. The Slovaks are convinced that this is a temporary phenomenon. Because the wine is in Slovakia, the national priority. There's even an official wine route to visit a number of famous Slovak wine centers in the area of the Little Carpathian Mountains of the country's capital Bratislava to small settlements such as Pesinok includes.
  10. 10. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Economy The start of the free market economy with the state was founded on 01 January 1993 was complicated. The route was successful. Slovakia is now an economically emerging country. Focus on mechanical engineering, the petrochemical industry, power generation and transport equipment. Many German companies as Siemens, Volkswagen and others involved in Slovakia.
  11. 11. Name: Historick é Hotel y Slovenska Legal entity : non profit organisation Founded: February 2009 Organization structure President: Mrs Dani e la Mih áliková Vice Prezident : Mr Kurt J Bichler Chairman : Mr Michal Curidlo Num Members: 7 1 property ***** 3 properties **** 3 properties *** 2 properties in ownership of original aristocratic families Historic Hotels of Slovakia Overview of association Official CREST
  12. 12. <ul><li>  hotels with a historical background </li></ul><ul><li>(castle, mansion, palace, manor house, country house ) </li></ul><ul><li>at least 3 star rating based on the Slovak hotel classification system </li></ul><ul><li>privately owned businesses (no chain operations) </li></ul><ul><li>personal service, friendliness, heartfelt hospitality, high quality of service </li></ul><ul><li>preservation of tradition and authentic atmosphere </li></ul>Historic Hotels of Slovakia Membership criteria:
  13. 13. Idea:                             To form an association of hotels with the highest quality of services in accommodation and gastronomy and to promote this association and each member to the target group in Slovakia and abroad. Objectives:                    To promote thematic packages of the member hotels - holidays, weddings & honeymoons, hunting & horse riding, Spa& wellness, golf and family holidays. Vision:                   Develop association representing highest standards in accommodation and hospitality of its nation. Through Integration to the European association “Historic Hotels of Europe” to gain support from well established and respected organization with tradition. Historic Hotels of Slovakia What we want to achieve?
  14. 14. <ul><li>launch the website in Slovak and English </li></ul><ul><li>optimize the website for search engine (SEO) </li></ul><ul><li>produce printed version of HHS directory </li></ul><ul><li>establish relationship with Slovak journalists </li></ul><ul><li>regular distribution of press releases about activities of the </li></ul><ul><li>association </li></ul><ul><li>to collect email addresses for direct mail </li></ul><ul><li>arrangement for tourism trade fairs abroad in cooperation with </li></ul><ul><li>Slovak Tourist Board </li></ul><ul><li>organize and participate on individual and group press trips and </li></ul><ul><li>FAM trips (familiarization trips - for travel agents) </li></ul><ul><li>creation of gift vouchers with validity at all HHS members </li></ul><ul><li>language mutations of the website - DE, FR, RU, HU, PL , CZ </li></ul>Historic Hotels of Slovakia Marketing priorities for 2009/10
  15. 15. Hotel Château Béla       Historic Hotels of Slovakia The historic Château Béla, in the midst of the picturesque landscape of southern Slovakia, is where luxury and tradition meet. The hotel, the rooms and suites are especially remarkable due to their first-class, individual comfort. Situated amidst a sweeping park landscape, the 5 star Hotel Château Béla provides a premium gastronomic concept, numerous sports and cultural activities, and a choice of relaxing wellness options. The ideal location for a luxurious holiday.   Build: 1732
  16. 16. Hotel Bankov      Hotel Bankov is situated in the surroundings of forest park which is located 5 minutes of the center of Kosice. Location of versatile options allow guests to walk, hiking and winter sports. Hotel Bankov is an elegant and built taking into account all the requirements of European standard 4 * hotel, so will satisfy even the most demanding customers.       Build: 1869 Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  17. 17. Hotel Sandor Pavillon       The international famous spa town Piešťany, located 80 km from the capital city Bratislava offers you a connection of an architectonical jewel and a former art noveau spa guest house with modern architecture. The hotel keeps the tradition of the founder of the Health Spa in Piešťany – Ľudovíť Winter and offers high standard hotel services with great gastronomical adventure and original relaxation, manager, golf a and romantic stays. Just like in the past times of Mr. Winter, today in Sandor Pavillon we keep the motto “the most important is the the guest and we are his servants .“ Build: 1912 Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  18. 18.    Hotel U Leva   Historic Hotels of Slovakia Hotel U Leva in Levoca will satisfy your desire for the unique atmosphere, the elegance and the luxury for a reasonable price. Every room has it´s own character and colors. Mysterious niches of the newly restored medieval building fit perfectly with up to date comfort. From the windows of this family hotel you can see most of the beautiful square, which is dominated by the renaissance town hall, the bell-tower, the cage of shame and the Gothic church of St. James, with its unique collection of medieval Gothic winged altars and the tallest Gothic altar in the world. Build: 14th century
  19. 19. Mansion Péchy, Hunting house & park       „ Tuscany of the East – The holiday residence with History“Péchy Castle and its Hunting Lodge, standing in the middle of a beautiful, three-hectare English Park, is a family estate in Eastern Slovakia, which belonged to the Péchy family for centuries. Today, rebuilt by the former owners, its doors are open again for discerning guests. The holiday residence provides the impression of the former landlord-lifestyle; it is ready to welcome its guests for various wellness and sport activities as well as to discover the cultural jewels of the region. Build: Mansion Péchy –18th century, Hunting House1927 Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  20. 20. Mansion Villa Nečas    The manor-house Villa Nečas was built in a baroque style and after its overall recontruction it has become a combination of the 18th-century history and the most modern elements of its facilities. The Villa Nečas offers its guests accomodation, dining, saloons, wineroom and summer teracce.     Build: 18 th century Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  21. 21. Grand Castle     Grand Castle Chateau Hotel offers you accommodation in 15 chambers. The manor house offers you 3 spacious luxury apartments where you will feel like a King or Queen. Offering relaxation and intimate comfort within a historic setting for few pampered guests seeking untraditional concepts and unforgettable evenings.     Build: 1 4th century Historic Hotels of Slovakia
  22. 22. Historic Hotels of Slovakia Thank you for your attention Contact Details: Historické Hotely Slovenska , Prístavná 11, 921 01 Piešťany , Slovak republic Tel: 00421 948 039 080 , [email_address] ,