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The Direct Line to Success in Central and Eastern Europe

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Brochure Ldc

  1. 1. tHE DIrECt LINE tO suCCEss IN CENtrAL AND EAstErN EurOPE n Albania n Bosnia and Herzegovina n Bulgaria n Croatia n Czech republic n Estonia n Hungary n Kosovo n Latvia n Lithuania n Macedonia n Poland n romania n russia n serbia n slovakia n slovenia n turkey n ukraine LINEA DIrECtA COMMuNICAtIONs
  2. 2. Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn abOut us the better you understand your customers the more you can do for them - and the higher the revenue they will bring you. At Linea Directa Communications our primary focus is on making the most of your every customer contact (whether current, potential or lapsed). Our efficient multi-channel customer dialogue We perform our systems will deliver you greater sales by building better relationships with your customers, services for: invoking increased loyalty and encouraging repeat business. ACI Global We drive sales and improve every customer interaction via our multi-channel response- Citibank generating campaigns (tV, online, postal mailings, cold calling) - maximizing the value of every Cetelem customer contact, every time. uniCreditBank IBM Key cOmpany facts EMC 2 • Leading Direct Marketing services network in CEE consisting of local multi-channel Customer Oracle Management Centers. Xerox • Main services: Call Center, DataLab and Loyalty Programs. Citrix • Owned by Studio Moderna Group, headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia. topshop • Over 700 employees across 19 CEE countries allows significant economics of scale: Kosmodisk - reaching customers in local language Dormeo - faster identification and resolution of issues in specific areas, thanks to constant exchange Drogerie Markt of information and ideas L’OrÉAL - development and execution of consistent campaigns in different countries simultaneously Procter & Gamble - quicker campaign implementation , thanks to standardization of content and reporting unilever structures reader’s Digest • Clients include well-known companies in a variety of industries: IT, Banking, Insurances, Editions Atlas Automotive, retail and FMCG. Provea shell remark ursa Kia Motors Audi Honda sava tires INss/synovate
  3. 3. yOur need tO OutsOurce learn direct marKeting activities • Marketers have increasingly limited resources (time, people, budgets). sHOWCAsE - Headcount changes are limited by financial objectives and labor laws. tOpshOp - FtE’s are unable to effectively perform part-time specialist services. electronic retailer - Existing technical capabilities are ineffective. Original assignment: handle all orders (telephone, print, internet) generated from their • Efficiency benefit of outsourcing. advertising campaigns. - Cost saving. linea directa success: - Flexibility to exploit the right talent at the right time. we deliver over 30% additional - Access to larger geographies. sales (every month!) with aggressive cross-sell campaigns - Faster and better delivery/project turnaround. enabling significant and - Allows you to focus on the skills you have. sustainable business growth. findings Of linea directa cee survey cOnducted in summer 2008 • DM is still very much in stage of infancy. • Many companies rely on only few communication channels. • DM budgets are heavily underweighted vs. mass media-budgets. • Low penetration of Customer Management Centers throughout CEE region. • Limited outsourcing of operational DM tasks (database management, customer dialogues). • Little use of external databases. • Most DM practioners work with low amounts of data. gOOd tO KnOW 8 tips for effective outsourcing. How to keep control over the performance of your outsourced partner. • Clearly explaining your business model helps your partner to understand and share the responsibility for success. • Write detailed rFP/brief about what needs to be done and when. • Define reporting requirements (require specific service levels). • Define communication requirements (who meets who, how, how often). • Benchmark performance (define KPI’s). • safeguard personal customer records (data). • Agree on confidentiality and non-disclosure. • Out-Task before Out-Sourcing, make a trial project. LINEA DIrECtA COMMuNICAtIONs
  4. 4. Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn call center basic services • Inbound Order Taking sHOWCAsE editiOns atlas • Infoline/Helpdesk publisher of collectibles responding to product information and promotional campaigns. Original assignment: • Outbound List Cleaning process inbound coupon- • Inbound Customer Services orders generated from their Managing customer after-sales experiences or complaints (call, mails). advertising efforts and handle all customer service traffic. linea directa success: added-value services we provided over 30.000 new • Outbound Telesales subscribers last year through • Relationship Management cold call telesales. • Market Research and Profiling nearshOring Our multi-lingual CEE regional coverage enables us to provide Call Center services to markets in Western Europe in Italian, French and German language. gOOd tO KnOW regional call center on one Quality platform. • Our operators are trained as Front Office Agents - the first direct contact with your customer. • During our customer dialogues we collect valuable information and feedback. these learnings are used to continuously improve our dialogues. • We use real-time technology and management control software which allows us to operate at maximum efficiency. • Our call handling technology and data-processing platform includes IVr, CtI, sMs-server. • We use customized CrM software (CatPro) that guarantees efficient data-capture and processing.
  5. 5. learn telesales • Call Center systems designed to deliver sales. sHOWCAsE - The best dialogues (door-openers, objection handling, closing the deal). cetelem slOvensKO - Highly motivated and committed agents. financial services company - Crosssell and upsell of our client’s products/services. Original assignment: service their loan info-line • We work with a variety of databases (b2c, b2b), either delivered by client or acquired by answering over 90% of all ourselves. responses generated from their loan-advertising campaigns. relatiOnship management linea directa success: • Our Partner Relationship Management services help our clients to communicate we convert over 50% of responders to apply for a particular loan. more effectively with b2b channel partners. - Partner listing and mapping (profiling/lead qualification). - Partner Information Center. - Partner Engagement Programs (prospect warming and finetuning relationship). - Appointment setting, event registration. marKet research • Our Call Center is fully set up to effectively perform telephone inquiries, opinion polls and customer satisfaction surveys. • For clients in the b2b segment we deliver special profiling gOOd tO KnOW services that help qualify prospects and identify leads. the channel challenge. • the b2b relationship between Partners and Vendors is complex, characterized by multiple goals, large sets of expectations and a wide variety of requirements in order to grow marketshare and run a successful business. • Vendors are driven by the impact of marketing a brand and expect the Partner to sell their (technology) solution. • Channel Partners are primarily interested in increasing marketshare and improving the bottom-line. • Channel Partners often do not have the people and financial resources to conduct marketing services and Vendors often provide only basic support in the form of rebates and/or agency selection. • Finding the right partners and developing the Partner relationships requires a lot of resources, time and money. • to manage and nurture this relationship Vendors need to develop Partner Programs with valuable and relevant benefits. LINEA DIrECtA COMMuNICAtIONs
  6. 6. Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn Our missiOn is tO maximise the value Of yOur custOmers thrOugh direct cOmmunicatiOn datalab services Our central DataLab focusses on managing and brokering quality customer data, with the aim of providing the most complete and accurate view of your customer. sHOWCAsE xerOx administratiOn office machine manufacturer Original assignment: Basic services such as capturing and processing consumer and business data (b2c and b2b lists). perform an outsourced Information Center verificatiOn servicing resellers with Programs that detect and eliminate duplicates and incorrect addresses. product information. linea directa success: selectiOn we turned the information center throughout CEE region we have built a proprietary b2b list which is regularly updated. into a pro-active channel marketing service unit. segmentatiOn We provide partner programs and develop lead generation We have developed a database analysis tool to identify the most valuable records. campaigns for end-users. We work with statistical programs that investigate the profile of different customers in the database (needs assessment, customer value analysis). gOOd tO KnOW The better marketer is the more informed marketer. Marketing Intelligence starts with knowing your customers. • How to grow Marketing Intelligence? - Have the ability to clearly identify and reach the best possible audience (customer-base and leads/prospects). - Have the ability to establish an interaction and to finetune the profile of every single customer to take advantage of new sales opportunities and more effectively tailor your commercial messages. • Intelligent use of data is the heart of Direct Marketing. • Marketing Intelligence requires interactive database-driven communication aiming at generating response. • No campaign is better than the list.
  7. 7. lOyalty prOgrams learn Customer engagement is one of the key drivers of marketing success. We offer multi-channel engagement programs that allow our clients to connect and interact with their customers in a sHOWCAsE relevant and engaging way, either online or by phone or mail. sava tires tire manufacturer Most of these programs are institutionalised in (best customer) Loyalty Clubs where members are Original assignment: engaged by regular activities, rewards and bonuses. develop and execute a retail Partner Engagement Program. linea directa success: student navigatOr for 4 consecutive years we manage • In several CEE markets we conduct yearly student sampling programs at universities and high schools. an incentive based sales program • Joint-participation. The sample-bag contains a large variety of attractive offers and products engaging over 100 tire-retailers. (hair/beauty, mobile phone, snacks, gaming, sport, fashion, drinks, magazines). Not only has the program helped • Each program generates over 25000 fresh records. to strengthen the relationship with • The student database shows basic contact details plus lifestyle and shopping habits. retailpartners, but each year it • Marketers to students can follow-up with tailor-made interactive campaigns (SMS, e-mail). delivered a significant increase in sales and marketshare. gOOd tO KnOW Your marketing checklist • What’s the potential in the market? • What are the opportunities for innovation and introduction? • Which consumer segments can be identified? • What niches can be exploited? • What are the consumer trends? • Which criteria influence consumers’ buying decisions? • What’s the present position of the brand? • How strong is the brand on the market compared to competitors? • Has the advertising campaign been effective? LINEA DIrECtA COMMuNICAtIONs
  8. 8. Linea Directa Communications Memberships: Federation of European Direct Marketing Direct Marketing Association InterDirect Network Our core competency is to create and build valuable customer relationships through a variety of crossborder database-driven communication activities in the CEE region. Customer Management Center services n Appointment setting n Customer Care services n Data Cleaning n Database Design n Data Entry n Database Hosting n Email/sMs services n Helpdesk/Info-center n Lead Generation n Listbroking/Data renting n List selection n Loyalty Programs n Profiling n relationship Marketing n response Generating Campaigns n tele-research n telesales LINEA DIrECtA COMMuNICAtIONs