Curriculo 10 11 futebol inglês


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Curriculo 10 11 futebol inglês

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Miguel Leal FOOTBALL COACH
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Miguel LealSummaryCoach graduated with Level IV - PRO / UEFA andGraduation PRO UEFA.Major clubs where he worked:Head Coach - FC Marco (2ND Portuguese League)Coach of Gaziantepspor, (1st Turkish League)Coach of SC Braga (1st Portuguese League)Coach of Beira-Mar S. C. (1st Portuguese League)Observer CF Belenenses (1st Portuguese League)Main Results:Cup final at the service Leixões S. C. against PortugalSporting CPChampion Division FC Penafiel (2nd League) 2
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Miguel Leal 1. IDENTIFICATIONNAME: António Miguel Nunes Ferraz Leal de AraújoDATE OF BIRTH: 22 de April de 1965NATIONALITY: PortugueseB.I. N.° 7423800 * ISSUE: 25/06/2010 * ARQ. DE IDENTIFICAÇÃO: PortoRESIDENCE: Avenida Futebol Clube do Marco, nº 165 4630-276 Marco de CanavesesTel.(+351) 255403784Tlm. (+351)962 438 569Email. 3
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae Miguel Leal2. FOOTBALL2.1. CoachCoach graduated with Level IV - PRO / UEFA. Since June 8, 2001Graduation UEFA PRO, June 2009Clubs coached:Season 2009/10 st• Coach of Gaziantepspor, Turkcell Super Lig (1 professional league Turkish) - 12th placeSeason 2008/09• Coach of FC Penafiel, 2nd Division of the FPF - 2nd Place, ascending divisionSeason 2007/08• Coach of the FCA Lordelo, 3th Division of the FPF - 2nd place, ascending divisionSeason 2006/07• Coach of SC Braga, Professional 1st League• Coach of Beira-Mar, Professional 1st LeagueSeason 2005/06• Coach of the U.S. Paredes, 2nd Division of the FPF• Observer Belenenses FC, Professional 1st LeagueSeason 2004/05• Head Coach of the Under-16, Department of Youth FC Porto2003/04 season•Head Coach of FC Penafiel, , Professional 2nd League - 2nd place, ascending division2002/03 season• Coordinator of the Department of Youth FC Penafiel and Coach of the Under 19 untilDecember.• Head Coach of FC Marco, professional 2nd leagueSeason 2001/02 4
  5. 5. Curriculum Vitae Miguel Leal• Coach Leixões , 2nd Division National PFF. - Finalist of the Cup of Portugal, 2nd Place3. EDUCATION- Doctor (PHD) in Health Psychology , Universidad Miguel Hernandez. Spain, 2011.- Diploma of Advanced Studies in the area of Health Psychology, Universidad MiguelHernandez. Spain, in 2008.- Master of Science in Sport in the area of specialization in Training High-Performance, theFaculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, University of Porto, on 18 January 1999.- Degree in Teaching Physical Education, the additional option of Sport Performance in theFaculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education at the University of Porto, in 1991.4. BOOKS PUBLISHED* Leal, M. & Quinta, R. (2001). Treino no Futebol – Uma concepção para a formação. Edited byAPPACM Braga.5. PUBLISHED WORKSLeal, M. (1999). Congruence between the game model of the coach and the team gameplayed. The Counter-attack, a case study. Master Thesis, FCDEF-UP.* Leal, M. & Garganta, J. (2002). The game model the game played the coach for the team. Astudy on the counterattack, high performance in soccer. In Research in football. Academicstudies (2002). Editors Júlio Garganta , Antonio A. Carlos Suarez L. Feathers. Publisher FCDEF-UP.* Leal, M. (2001). The Counter-attack, High Performance in Soccer. Revista Training, 6, 20-27.* Leal, M. (2011). The training of players in Portugal. Revista treino científico, 1, 10-11.6. Teacher Coaches 5
  6. 6. Curriculum Vitae Miguel LealTeacher of the courses Coaches Football, Level I and II, conducted by the Football Associationof Aveiro, Vila Real, Viana do Castelo and Porto since 1998.7. LANGUAGES• Knowledge oral and written Portuguese language• Knowledge oral and written French language• Knowledge oral and written English language• Knowledge oral and written Spanish language• Understanding Italian and Turkish. 6