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Devops is (not ) a buzzword

Devops is (not ) a buzzword



Talk for Porto Linux at Blip.pt in May 2013

Talk for Porto Linux at Blip.pt in May 2013



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  • Not bad. Mas antes de entrar a pé juntos no NoSQL, aviso que também a storage passa a DEV a partir do momento que passa a ser possível fazer controlo de versões de schema+data
    Database changes ? Fear Not.
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    Devops is (not ) a buzzword Devops is (not ) a buzzword Presentation Transcript

    • DEVOPSis (not?) a buzzword
    • Who am I?Miguel FonsecaLinux Application Engineer at Blip.ptContributor at Fedora Project@miguelcnflinkedintwittergithub...
    • How and Why DevOps appeared?DevOps tries to fix mentality problems- Siloisation- It works on my machine- Fear of change- Risky deploymentsThe movement really started being noticed- DevOpsDays Ghent 09- Patrick Deboishttp://www.devopsdays.org/events/2009-ghent/
    • How things used to beBig independent silos!Big software deliveries!Big delivery intervals!Lots of headaches on qa!Lots of fights between dev and ops teams!Lots of headaches on release!Lots of bugs found in production!Lots of outages!Huge time to recover!
    • How devops hopes to beSmall collaborative teams!Small software deliveries!Small delivery intervals!No headaches on qa!No fights between dev and ops teams!No headaches on release!No (Errr...) bugs found in production!No (Errr...) outages!Minimal time to recover!
    • Mentalities needs to changeBridge the gap between dev and ops teams!You know youve nailed it when you hear:- Ops asking Devs what does that http call does behindthe hood?- Devs asking Ops how high should the http timeout ofthat one call be?
    • Workflows need to changeAgile goes hand in hand with DevOps- Developers love Scrum- Operations love KanbanContinuous Delivery Pipelines- Devs are able to perform integration testing- Ops make sure apps work on production-like systems
    • Tools need to changeAutomated Testing- We still need manual QAInfrastructure as Code- No manual changesSandboxes- Quick/Complex validationsMuch more...
    • DevOps at Blip.ptBuild web and mobile applicationsAgile methodologiesContinuous deliveryMultiple technologies- HTTP is king- Java backend- Javascript frontend- NoSQL storage and caching- Linux everywhere- Python for the cool kidsUptime is mandatory
    • Toolchains at Blip.ptBuild- IntelliJ or Eclipse- Perforce- Jenkins+ Maven - Sonar - JUnit - RPM - Nexus - YUM- Build MetadataDeployment- Orchestrator+ Knife - SSH - Chef - YUM- Build Metadata- Jenkins
    • Toolchains at Blip.ptTesting- Jenkins+ Jasmine, Selenium, Mock- Build MetadataCommunication- Build Board- Reports
    • Key tools at Blip.ptBuild Pipeline- Unit testing- Smoke testing- Integration testing- Send out build reports- Show your pipeline on the big screens- Package your software
    • Key tools at Blip.ptInfrastructure as Code- Configuration management systems- Version controlHEAD goes to dev pipelineprod gets latest STABLE- No manual changes
    • Key tools at Blip.ptToggles and Throttles- Select which environment get a new feature- Features into prod before theyre live ready- Use live data to test new code- Enable a new feature for a % of users- Block an ilegal feature in a country- Disable a troubling feature without releasing
    • Key tools at Blip.ptFast and Hot Releases- Load balancers are a must- GSLB really comes in handy- Canary releases are cool- Dark deployments are essential
    • Key tools at Blip.ptTraffic Distribution and Monitoring- Load balancers+ Least connection, round-robin, etc.- Code smart endpoints to check your app by standardhttp calls- Multi-location external monitoring+ By-page monitoring+ Always monitor response times- CDNs are needed but can be tricky
    • Key tools at Blip.ptExpose and Analyse Metrics- Save your metrics for as long as you can- Generate pretty graphs with it- Use it wisely+ Detect tendencies before problems+ Expose problems within the systems
    • Key tools at Blip.ptAutomate Log Analysis- Index your prod logs and make them available to devand ops- Grep your dev and prod logs for exceptions and errors- Make sure reports are visible to both devs and ops
    • Key tools at Blip.ptBeer Sharing- Devs and Ops in the pub together+ super bock+ fosters+ estrella+ desperados+ corona...
    • So is devops a buzzword?Yes!But it is so much more than that...- Collaboration- Focus on delivery- Minimize change risks- Dev and Ops working closely together- Process automation- Toolchain instrumentation- Enable technology as a driver of the product
    • ThanksMiguel Fonseca@miguelcnf