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Evidencias de consultas

  1. 1. EVIDENCIAS DE CONSULTASIngles1. Types of insecticidesThe types of insecticides used depend on the kind ofpest in question. Herbicides are used to kill weeds.The most widely used worldwide and is the nationalherbicide glyphosate sold under the trade logoRoundup, are so named because they are resistant toglyphosate Roundup, have a mechanism thatbypasses the poison and allowing it to be sprayedindiscriminately. The pure glyphosate, according tomanuals and records, is classified as harmless tohumans. However, when formulated, and adherentsare added problems begin. The herbicide is meteredand added to the adhesive to stick to pulverize thebetter sheet and distributed for this purpose use akind of detergent and to be more efficient in theabsorption of the plant compounds are added, all hightoxicity .Insects is called every creature that walksand damage to production. A variety of widely usedinsecticides are pyrethroids but today it is certain thatthey are not as safe as once thought. It also is usedas pesticide endosulfan is a chlorinated compound.Endosulfan is a chemical used to kill caterpillars. Thisdrug is in the grain of the Soya Solidarity that isdistributed in our country eaters. It is highly toxic.Fungicides are used to fungal diseases and preventiveuse. At present, strongly promotes the use ofproducts against soybean rust, then when rust spotsappear similar in plants must pulverize. It has been
  2. 2. considered that fungicides are safer than insecticides,but are banned in many countries some of them, suchas carbonates.Hazardous InsecticidesOther agrochemicals being used are called secondgeneration effect because many of them are hormonaldistractors, such as D 2-4If you look at a contaminated person, did not find anyresidue or toxic agro effect, but if you find it in theiroffspring. This has been tested in birds, mice, andeven mammals can be checked every day morechildren with birth defects and deficiencies as a resultof these contaminations. Todays generations aretrying to find ways to control pests in order to becompatible with the nature and the purpose ofconserving ecosystems. One of the main alternativesto follow is to integrate various control measures, towhat we mean by this is a production system togetherto achieve sustained production at economicallyacceptable and ensuring the welfare of mankind.Another factor toconsideristhe legal action.2.Insecticide for PlantsPerformance 1/2 liter approximatelyPreparation Time 2 hoursSavings Up to 50 percent of the market valueingredients
  3. 3. • 1/2 liter of clean water, about 2 cups• the snuff of 5 cigars• 1 tablespoon grated soap pasteUtensils• pewter pan with lid and capacity of 2 liters• metal spoon• funnel• spray bottle and one liter capacity• strainer• decalprocedure:1. Heat water in saucepan over high heat (try to coverit).2. When you release the boil, add the soap and snuff,mix with spoon and reduce theflame in half, boil for five minutes.3. Remove from heat, cover the pan and let themixture sit.
  4. 4. Canning and preservingUsing the funnel, pour the insecticide previously castin the spray bottle. close itperfectly, and label with product name, date ofpreparation andexpiration. Let stand for two hours insecticide beforeuse. Store in afresh and safely out of reach of children. Under theseconditions retain their propertiesuptosevenmonths.3.PESTICIDE PRODUCTION PLANT.Man has developed technology to eliminate manydiseases, aggressive animals and insects annoying.Mans desire to control the insect population has beencreated to eliminate these diseases as well as topreserve their food. According to recent estimates bythe World Health Organization (WHO), the third of theglobal agricultural products are consumed ordestroyed by insects. The number of diseases caused,directly or indirectly, by these insects can not beestimated.The development of pesticides has achieved limitedsuccess in combating these pests. Furthermore,numerous problems caused by the use of pesticides.These products contain different types of poisonsdespite kill insects causing damage to plants and / oranimals. There are also pesticides that are harmless
  5. 5. to plants and / or animals, but unfortunately it kills allthe insects. An insecticide can kill aphids or fleas willnot necessarily be able to kill certain types of beetlesor beetle.Methamidophos development not only safe to use onmany kinds of plants, it is also capable of effectivelyreducing the population of a wide variety of insects.There are many companies around the world,producing and exporting methamidophos. The price ofthese imported products is high, so the manufacturersin Taiwan are boosting the export of these plants. Atthe completion of this plant, they were able to adaptproduction processes that make the product cost lessthan the price of imported products. Accordingly,methamidophos quality produced in Taiwan iscomparable with products produced externally. Inaddition to the above benefits, these plants are not atrisk of accidents, such as an explosion. This is due inpart to the fact that the automated machineryrequires little manpower for its operation.The cheapest way to create an army of plants for yourgarden is to grow them from seed. Not the fastest,but you can save a lot of money. And as with anynewborn, learn to understand and love him from dayone.Whether flowering plants, vegetables or fruit, theprocess by planting the seed is quite similar betweenthem. However there are many factors that can affect
  6. 6. favorably or unfavorably the germination process ofthe seeds.Seed germinationWhen speaking of a seed is germinating, refers to theprocess that goes the same from his time sleepinguntil activated to begin to develop. Under a weakgerminating your seeds develop weak plants that cannot be easily adapted once the transplant to yourgarden. So the germination process is critical to thefuture growth of your plants. So if you grow themfrom seed ponle much emphasis on this stage.SeedqualityFirst choose the seeds. Think about the type of plantyou want to grow. Whether or ornamental plants forconsumption, first make sure that you want to growplants are well adapted to the climate zone where youlive. If not, it passes the germination stage and haveto take them to your yard or garden, these plantsmay not survive the transplant.Once Determines the type of plant you want, its timeto buy the seeds. It is important to buy good qualityseeds to ensure better germination process. Readlabels and find out what youre buying. In them willtell you what are the best practices for growth. Thesespecifications can determine the success or failure ofyour seeds.It is also good that you make sure that the packageyou buy is as fresh as possible. Seeds stored for morethan one year or under uncontrolled conditions tend
  7. 7. to reduce their ability to germinate. A better qualitypackage should use by date or at least packaging.If you see that the seed packet says "hybrid", do notpanic. These are seeds that have been manipulated byman to create stronger species of the same plant.Thereforeeasiertocultivate.Español4 .CARACTERISTICAS DE UNA PLANTALos embriones de muchas angiospermas pasan por unperíodo de latencia antes de que germine la semilla. Conla germinación se reinicia el crecimiento, se rompe lacubierta de la semilla y surge el esporofito joven. Lasprimeras hojas de follaje se abren hacia el Sol y comienzan ahacerfotosíntesis, mientras que, internamente, continúa elproceso de crecimiento que da origen al cuerpo de la planta.En los primeros estadios del desarrollo, el crecimiento deljoven esporofito depende de las reservas acumuladas en lasemilla.Antes de la germinación, la semilla absorbe agua y se hincha,rompiendo la cubierta seminal. Primero emerge la raíz joven,seguida del hipocótilo ("debajo de los cotiledones").Los cotiledones finalmente se marchitarán y caerán. Luegoemerge el epicótilo que se encuentra entre cotiledón y haz dehojas.La primera estructura que aparece por encima del suelo esel coleóptilo, que forma una vaina cilíndrica sobre el vástago en crecimiento de la planta. Típicamente, el restode endosperma, con el escudete (el cotiledón único) en suinterior, está presente en la joven plántula.
  8. 8. El crecimiento primario de la planta implica la diferenciaciónde los tres sistemas de tejido, el alargamiento de las raícesy tallos, y la formación de las raíces laterales y de las ramas.Después de completarse el desarrollo del embrión, elcrecimiento primario posterior se origina en los meristemas apicales de la raíz y del vástago. Las plantas, a diferencia delos animales, continúan creciendo durante todo su ciclo devida.5.cuanto tiempo tarda en germinar una semillaPlantar un árbol de durazno es un proyecto fácil, pero requierepaciencia. Las semillas durazno son lentas para germinar y losárboles tardan en dar sus frutos. Siembra la semilla de durazno en elotoño.Preparación de la semillaAsegúrate de tener todas las frutas de durazno fuera de lasemilla. Si no lo haces, se pudre cuando la semillaestáplantada. Después de fregarla, se pone en remojodurante 24 horas en un recipiente con agua, luego seenvuelve en musgo de turba húmeda, se coloca en una bolsade plástico y se refrigera por 60 días.La siembraLa preparación de un lecho de germinación adecuado es laclave para la germinación de las semillas de durazno. Mezcla2 pulgadas (5,08 cm) de arena y 2 pulgadas (5,08 cm)de composten el suelo en un lugar soleado jardín. Siembra lasemilla a 2 pulgadas (5,08 cm) de profundidad y se cubre conmusgo de turba.GerminaciónMantén las primeras 4 pulgadas (10,16 cm) del suelo húmedoen todo momento, mientras que la semilla de duraznogermina. La semilla de durazno no germinarán hasta laprimavera siguiente, por lo que marca la ubicación de la
  9. 9. plantación claramente para que no te olvide de donde seplantó.