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Java introduction



Java- Introduction

Java- Introduction

We Provide Java Training at Migrant Systems Chennai



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  • First Class: Introduction, Prerequisites, Advices, Syllabus <br /> Lab 1: Create a Java Project, Compile, and Run. <br /> Show syntax errors <br /> Print program <br /> Capture screen shots, and save it in Word, and print it. <br /> Homework One: Check in the class randomly. <br />

Java introduction Java introduction Presentation Transcript

  • Java Training
  • 2 Course Syllabus Java Training Course Content Overview of Object-Oriented Programming Language Introduction to JAVA Array in Java Control Statement in Java
  • 3 Course Syllabus, cont. Important Concept in Java static,final,interface,abstractclass,super keyword Wrapper classes Exception Handling User-Defined Package IO Package(File Handling) Lang Package
  • Course Syllabus, cont. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Collections and Generics Framework Threads J2EE JSP & Servlet XML Struts 4
  • Computer Programming The history of computer programming is a steady move away from machine-oriented views of programming towards concepts and metaphors that more closely reflect the way in which we ourselves understand the world Programming has progressed through: – machine code – assembly language – machine-independent programming languages – procedures & functions – objects 5
  • Machine Language 6 0000 1001 1100 0110 1010 1111 0101 1000 1010 1111 0101 1000 0000 1001 1100 0110 1100 0110 1010 1111 0101 1000 0000 1001 0101 1000 0000 1001 1100 0110 1010 1111
  • Assembly Language 7 MOV R1, 34 / GET 1st VALUE MOV R2, 36 /GET 2nd VALUE ADD R3, R1, R2; /R3=R1+R2 END
  • Machine-Independent Programming Languages – Fortran This example program solves for roots of the quadratic equation, ! ax^2 +bx +c =0,for given values of a, b and c. ! PROGRAM bisection IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER :: iteration DOUBLE PRECISION :: CC, Er, xl, x0, x0_old, xr ! Set convergence criterion and guess for xl, xr. CC = 1.d-4 xl = 8.d-1 xr = 11.d-1 ! Bisection method. Er =CC +1 iteration = 0 DO WHILE (Er > CC) iteration = iteration + 1 ! Compute x0 and the error. x0_old = x0 x0 = (xl + xr) / 2.d0 Er = DABS((x0 - x0_old)/x0)*100.d0 WRITE (*,10) iteration, x0_old, x0, Er 10 FORMAT (1X,I4,3(2X,E10.4)) 8
  • Procedures & Functions – Pascal program ValueArg(output); {Shows how to arrange for a procedure to have arguments.} procedure PrintInitials(First, Last : char); {Within this procedure, the names First and Last represent the argument values. We’ll call write to print them.} begin write(‘My initials are: ’); write(First); writeln(Last) end; {PrintInitials} begin PrintInitials (‘D’, ‘C’); {Any two characters can be arguments.} PrintInitials (‘Q’, ‘T’); {Like strings, characters are quoted.} PrintInitials (‘&’, ‘#’) end. {ValueArg} 9
  • Objects 10 class Time { private int hour, minute; public Time (int h, int m) { hour = h; minute = m; } public void addMinutes (int m) { int totalMinutes = ((60*hour) + minute + m) % (24*60); if (totalMinutes<0) totalMinutes = totalMinutes + (24*60); hour = totalMinutes / 60; minute = totalMinutes % 60; } } Java
  • 11 Java What Is Java? Getting Started With Java Programming – Create, Compile and Running a Java Application
  • 12 What Is Java? History Characteristics of Java
  • 13 History James Gosling and Sun Microsystems Oak Java, May 20, 1995, Sun World HotJava – The first Java-enabled Web browser JDK Evolutions J2SE, J2ME, and J2EE (not mentioned in the book, but could discuss here optionally)
  • 14 Characteristics of Java simple object-oriented distributed interpreted robust secure architecture-neutral portable performance multithreaded dynamic
  • 15 JDK Versions JDK 1.02 (1995) JDK 1.1 (1996) Java 2 JDK 1.2,(1998) Java 2 JDK 1.3(2000) JDK1.8(2014) Latest
  • 16 JDK Editions Java Standard Edition (J2SE) – J2SE can be used to develop client-side standalone applications or applets. Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) – J2EE can be used to develop server-side applications such as Java Servlet and Java Server Pages. Java Micro Edition (J2ME). – J2ME can be used to develop applications for mobile devices such as cell phones. Java Enterprise Edition 5(JEE5) – Framework such as Struts,hibernet,spring
  • 17 Java IDE Tools Forte by Sun Microsystems Borland JBuilder Microsoft Visual J++ Web Gain Café IBM Visual Age for Java Eclipse Helios Net Beans
  • 18 Getting Started with Java Programming A Simple Java Application Compiling Programs Executing Applications
  • 19 A Simple Application Example 1.1 //This application program prints Welcome //to Java! package chapter1; public class Welcome { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Welcome to Java!"); } } RunRunSourceSource NOTE: To run the program, install slide files on hard disk.
  • 20 Creating and Compiling Programs On command line – javac Source Code Create/Modify Source Code Compile Source Code i.e. javac Bytecode Run Byteode i.e. java Welcome Result If compilation errors If runtime errors or incorrect result
  • 21 Executing Applications On command line – java classname Java Interpreter on Windows Java Interpreter on Sun Solaris Java Interpreter on Linux Bytecode ...
  • 22 Example javac java Welcome output:...
  • 23 Compiling and Running a Program Where are the files stored in the directory?c:example chapter1 Welcome.class chapter2 . . . Java source files and class files for Chapter 2 chapter19 Java source files and class files for Chapter 19
  • Evolutions 24 Core Java J2EE JEE5 J2EE - Its a Technology used to develop Enterprise Applications like 2,3 or n-tire architecture using a Client/Server model over Distributed Enterprise environment.It Application Uses Java as Programming Language J2SE - Java Standard Edition is a Programming Language using we can develop Desktop Application, Web Enterprise Application, Mobile Application and much more thing.
  • 25 Major Areas of a Java Program Exception Collection(utill package) Lang package JDBC I/O Package
  • Fees Structure Fees is not Constant. If u refer friend it will be varied. Registration fees will be 1000/- and remaining 4000 /- pay on during the class. Batch on :Saturday & Sunday and One week days 26
  • Thank U 27