Will Screen Protection Be Necessary for iPhone 6
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Will Screen Protection Be Necessary for iPhone 6






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Will Screen Protection Be Necessary for iPhone 6 Will Screen Protection Be Necessary for iPhone 6 Presentation Transcript

  • Will Screen Protection Be Necessary for iPhone 6?
  • Why This Year Could Be Groundbreaking • Apple plans to release the iPhone 6 in 2014 • All the rumors point to a vastly improved version of the iPhone, which could change the market. • The screen is the subject of the most speculation for iPhone 6.
  • iPhone 6 Screen Size • Most rumors indicate the screen will increase to 4.7 inches. • Phablet size may be released, with a 5.7-inch screen. • There may also be a mini size, just under 4 inches. View slide
  • Bezels or No? • Recent leaks suggested that the iPhone 6 will be completely bezelless. View slide
  • Quantum Dots • Quantum Dots help with coloration and bleed. • Apple is improving the technology to include in iPhone 6.
  • Sapphire Screens? • Sapphire is tougher than Gorilla Glass • Almost as tough as diamonds • iPhone 6 could have a sapphire screen
  • If Sapphire Does Happen… • If sapphire screens are part of iPhone 6, that could change the screen protection world. • Screen protectors wouldn’t be very necessary. • Could be necessary for anti-glare or antifingerprint properties.
  • Protection Should Still Be an Option • Screen protectors may be less necessary, but iPhone 6 cases could still be a possibility • For personalization and grip. • Phone protection market will have to adjust.
  • 2014 Release • Release could happen as early as June or July • September has been the release month for last two iPhone 5 releases • Pricing may go up slightly to adjust to inflation
  • It All Depends on iPhone 6 • Rumors are rumors • We can’t be sure how much things will change until the iPhone 6 is released. • iPhone 6 cases and screen protection will probably still be around.