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Simulation about english examination with Windows 8 ppt

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Windows 8

  1. 1. Twins 3 Smanda@Twins3SmandaLocked
  2. 2. Twins 3 Smanda@Twins3SmandaLocked √ Right X Wrong! !
  3. 3. Twins 3 SmandaStart “English”MODERATOR National ExamHi, good morning everyone !!! Smanda 07:30 – 09:30 15 Monday Calendar Twins3Smanda Also commented Simulation on SNMPTN‟s post. National ExamContact Apps
  4. 4. Twins 3 SmandaStart “English”PRESENTER 3rdMODERATOR2nd 1st 4th National ExamLet‟s enjoy our will beThis discussionpresentation.I hope discuss about divideWe willthis discussion willHi, good morning everyone !!!make you moreby 4 session.National Exam. understandabout English lesson. Smanda 07:30 – 09:30 15 Monday Calendar Twins3Smanda Also commented Simulation on SNMPTN‟s post. National ExamContact Apps
  5. 5. Simulation National ExamHomeListening Creative CrewText 1 Anselmus PunthoText 2 Welcome toText 3 EditorText 4 Simulation National Avianti NuansaText 5Text 6 Exam Fatima AnggiText 7Text 8 “English” Product MarketingText 9 Application Ganang PutraText 10Text 11 Software Manufacturer Miftahuddin ArsyahadijText 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  6. 6. Miftahuddin ArsyahadijSimulation Re : Listening Sounds The sounds is already to use. National ExamHomeListeningText 1Text 2Text 3Text 4Text 5Text 6 Listening Time !Text 7 Listen carefullyText 8Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  7. 7. Simulation National ExamHomeListening PlaylistText 1Text 2 1:40 Direction Part 1Text 3 1:10 Direction Part 2Text 4 0:38 Direction Part 3Text 5 Listening Time ! ... ...Text 6 0:33 Direction Part 4Text 7 Listen carefully 1:57 Question 1 to 5Text 8Text 9 1:46 Question 6 to 9Text 10 0:46 Question 10Text 11Text 12 1:30 Question 11Text 13 2:00 Question 12 to 15RearrangeParagraph
  8. 8. Simulation National Exam The answer is “B”HomeListening 1. M: Look at you.Text 1Text 2 a. To go to the canteen You look pale,areText 3 b. To go to the clinic you OK?Text 4 c. To go home W: No. I‟m feelingText 5Text 6 d. To see √ Wrong! ! Xa doctor RightText 7 e. To take a medicine little bit dizzy.Text 8Text 9 M: You better goText 10Text 11 to the clinic.Text 12Text 13 Q: What does theRearrangeParagraph man suggested? Are you sure? Yes No
  9. 9. Simulation National Exam The answer is “D”HomeListening 2. W: Sorry dear,IText 1 don’t look anythingText 2 a. They will go no where for our dinnerText 3 b. They will make dinnerText 4 together M: That’s OK. WhatText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right c. They will go shopping for X Wrong! ! their dinner did have dinner in PadangRestaurant?Text 8 d. They will have dinner outsideText 9 W: Good idea thereText 10 e. They will go to Padang many choice there?Text 11Text 12 Q: Where will theText 13 woman and theRearrange man go?Paragraph Are you sure? Yes No
  10. 10. The answer is “A”Simulation National W: Good Exam afternoon,can I talk to Tibo please?Home 3.Listening M: Tibo speaking,mayText 1 I know who I amText 2 a. She has to study math for the talking with?Text 3 test tomorrowText 4 b. She has to help her friend for W: It’s me Dita,Tibo.Text 5 the math test I’m sorry i can’t goText 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! c. Tibo has to prepare himself for with you to see the football match this the math test tomorrowText 8 aftrenoon. I have toText 9 d. She will go with Tibo to see a prepare for math testText 10 football match this afternoon tomorrowText 11 e. Tibo can’t accompany her to seeText 12 a football match this afternoon M: That’s OK Dita.Text 13 Maybe some otherRearrange time. Good luck.Paragraph Are you sure? Q: Why does the Yes No woman cancel her appoinment?
  11. 11. Simulation National The answer is “D” ExamHome 4. W: What do youListening think about this redText 1 shoes?Text 2 a. They are expensiveText 3 b. They look elegant M: Emm... TheyText 4Text 5 c. They are nice should you will andText 6Text 7 √ Right d. They are on sale X Wrong! ! e. They suit his wife they are on sale.Text 8 W: So can I haveText 9 them dear ?Text 10Text 11 M: Certainly.Text 12Text 13 W: What does theRearrange man think aboutParagraph Are you sure? the shoes? Yes No
  12. 12. The answer is “A”Simulation National M: Did you know Exam Danny our friend inHome Junior High School?Listening 5.Text 1 W: You mean,DannyText 2 a. the lazy boy? Yes what’s wrong withText 3 b. him?Text 4Text 5 c.Text 6 d. √ Right X Wrong! ! M: He got schoolarship from aText 7 e. famous university inText 8 EnglandText 9Text 10 Q: What will theText 11 woman most likelyText 12 reply?Text 13 a. It must be greatRearrange b. I’m sorry to hearParagraph that Are you sure? c. It’s a nuisance Yes No d. It can be true
  13. 13. Simulation National The answer is “C” ExamHome W: Your team won theListening 6. match do you haveText 1 problem with the boyText 2 a. at play coachText 3 b. Q: What will the manText 4Text 5 c. most likely reply?Text 6 d. √ Right X Wrong! ! a. Yes that was too badText 7 e. b. My players shouldText 8 control theirText 9 emotionText 10 c. No,I’m veryText 11 satisfied with theText 12 way they’re playedText 13 d. Yes,we still haveaRearrange chance to playParagraph better next time Are you sure? Yes No
  14. 14. Simulation National The answer is “B” ExamHome W: What do youListening 7. think about thatText 1 new student?Text 2 a.Text 3 b. Q: What will theText 4 man most likelyyText 5 c. reply?Text 6 d. √ Right X Wrong! ! a. I know whereText 7 e. she comes fromText 8 b. She isText 9 beautiful, kind, aText 10 nd smartText 11 c. She lives not farText 12 from my houseText 13Rearrange d. Let’s go to herParagraph house after Are you sure? school Yes No
  15. 15. The answer is “B”Simulation National W: Dad,our have Exam three holiday. WhereHome should we go toListening 8. spend holiday thisText 1 time?Text 2 a dText 3 M: Err... I can’t decideText 4 now I mean you haveText 5 holiday next week.Text 6Text 7 b √ Right X Wrong! ! e W: Oh...come on,you can leave your jobText 8 dadText 9Text 10 c M: I’m sorry dear,notText 11 this time. However weText 12 can go swimming orText 13 watching movies inRearrange the afternoon.Paragraph Are you sure? Q: What will the girl Yes No and the man do?
  16. 16. Simulation National The answer is “B” ExamHome M: Did you gotListening 9. invitation to attendText 1 the OSIS meetingText 2 a d this afternoon?Text 3Text 4 W: Yes,and you?Text 5Text 6 b √ Right X Wrong! ! e M: Me too,will youText 7 go with me?Text 8Text 9 W: SureText 10 cText 11 Q: What’s picturesText 12 shows what theText 13Rearrange speakers will doParagraph this afternoon? Are you sure? Yes No
  17. 17. Simulation National The answer is “B” ExamHome I have home work toListening 10. make composition before starting doing myText 1 job, I always prepareText 2 a d everything. TheText 3 writing….. and also theText 4 dictionary. But this timeText 5 I couldn’t find myText 6Text 7 b √ Right X Wrong! ! e dictionary. I tried to find it bookshelves, but It wasn’t there. Then I askText 8 my sister who may useText 9 it. That was right, sheText 10 c use it. When everythingText 11 is ready, I start doing my homework. I hope I canText 12 get a good mark.Text 13Rearrange Q: Which pictures showParagraph the writer looking for? Are you sure? Yes No
  18. 18. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 11.Text 1Text 2 a dText 3Text 4Text 5 The answer is “B”Text 6Text 7 b √ Right X Wrong! ! e Q : Which pictures close with the news?Text 8Text 9Text 10 cText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  19. 19. Simulation National ExamHomeListening Here is a headline news for today. The match had not yet been lastedText 1 for one minute after the kickoff. Indonesia had score a goal. It happenText 2 when Garuda Muda play against Singapore in group A. FootballText 3 match of 26th 2011, Sea Games, Friday 11 November 2011. PatrichText 4 Wanggai’s goal when the match just run in 45 seconds shock TheText 5 Young Lions and Indonesian viewers.Text 6 Patrich make the goal in the counter attack, he had a goodText 7 corporation with Titus Bonai. Tibo, Titus Bonai’s nickname whoText 8 getting passing short from the center field through the ball forward and pass it to Patrich in front of him. Patrich who plays for PersidafonText 9 immediately brought the ball forward. He pass the defender of theText 10 Singaporean team and face the Singaporean goalkeeper MohammadText 11 Izwan.Text 12 After playing the ball, Patrich successfully pass to the goal with hisText 13 left foot from the right side. Indonesia lead 1-0 .RearrangeParagraph “Adapted from 16 November 2011”
  20. 20. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 12.Text 1Text 2 a. What chameleons useText 3 their color forText 4Text 5 b. Changing colors The answer is “B”Text 6 √ Right X Wrong! ! c. Chameleons Q: What is the text about?Text 7 d. Types of chameleonsText 8Text 9 e. Scientists opinion aboutText 10 chameleonsText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  21. 21. Simulation National ExamHome 13.ListeningText 1Text 2 a. In two secondsText 3 b. In twenty secondsText 4 c. In two minutes The answer is “B”Text 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. In twelve minutes e. In twenty minutes Q : How long do chameleon change theirText 8 colors ?Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  22. 22. Simulation National ExamHomeListeningText 1Text 2Text 3Text 4 There are more than one hundred types of chameleon. MostText 5Text 6 changes from brown to green and black. But some turn almost anyText 7 colors. The changes in 20 seconds. Many people things chameleonText 8 change colors to blending with surrounding. Scientist disagree. TheText 9 studies is shows that like temperature and mood cause chameleonText 10 to change colors. Sometimes changing color can make chameleonText 11 more comfortable. Sometimes it helps animal communicate withText 12 other chameleons.Text 13 Adapted from magma National 16 November 2011RearrangeParagraph
  23. 23. Simulation National ExamHome 14.ListeningText 1Text 2 a. On a cruise shipText 3 b. In a aero planeText 4 c. In a harbor The answer is “B”Text 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. In an airport e. In a bus station Q : Where do you probably hear theText 8 announcement?Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  24. 24. Simulation National ExamHome 15.ListeningText 1Text 2 a. The passengers need porters assistanceText 3 b. The passengers should go off board quicklyText 4 c. The passengers should understand where The answer is “B”Text 5 the exitText 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. The passengers should meet the captain of the ship before living Q : what should the passenger do beforeText 8 going off board ? e. The passengers should check theirText 9 belongings before leaving the shipText 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  25. 25. Simulation National ExamHomeListeningText 1Text 2Text 3Text 4Text 5Text 6Text 7Text 8Text 9 Attention please, the ships will be dock in about 15 minutes. TheText 10 passenger expected to calm down, check your belongings beforeText 11 leaving the ship. And sure that no item are miss. Lifted a good are notText 12 our responsibility. At the time leaving the ship, do not rush remainText 13 causes. Thank you for using our services. And see you again onRearrange another occasionParagraph
  26. 26. Avianti NuansaSimulation Re : Question 16 - 17 The questions is already to use. National Exam Merry Marketing CompanyHome 244 Merry WayListening Boston, MA 01106 Concern = NoticeText 1 July 17, 2001 “Berkepentingan” To whom it may concern:Text 2 Alice Newbold has worked for the Merry Way up = -Text 3 Marketing Company for the past five years. She “Membawanya”Text 4 started as an administrative assistant and workedText 5 her way up Assistant Director of Research, in which Willing = EagerText 6 position she has been working for two years. “Bersedia”Text 7 Ms. Newbold is a highly motivated and industrious worker. She is willing to put in long hours Necessary =Needed =Text 8 if necessary to get job done. She is also skilled RequireText 9 manager and works well with those she supervises. “Membutuhkan”Text 10 Ms. Newbold has contributed a great dealText 11 to this company. We will sorry to lose her. I can Requiring = NecessaryText 12 highly recommend her for any position requiring “Membutuhkan”Text 13 independence, creativity, and supervisory skills.Rearrange Sincerely,Paragraph James Jones, Director
  27. 27. Simulation National ExamHome 16. What is the purpose of the letter ?ListeningText 1Text 2 a. To ask for a jobText 3 b. To advertise a positionText 4 c. To describe a company Every sentenceText 5 in that letter tell √ Right d. To introduce who Alice Newbolt isText 6Text 7 X Wrong! ! e. To recommend an employer for new job us about whoText 8 Alice Nebold is.Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  28. 28. Simulation National Exam Paragraph 1Home 17. What has Alice done for the past five years ?Listening Alice Newbold hasText 1 a. She has looked for a job worked for theText 2 Merry MarketingText 3 b. She has supervised James Jones Company for theText 4 c. She has been an administrative assistant past five years. SheText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. She has been working for a marketing company e. She has been secretary to the company chairman started as an administrativeText 8 assistant andText 9 worked her way upText 10 Assistant DirectorText 11 of Research, inText 12 which position sheText 13 has been workingRearrange for two years.Paragraph Are you sure? Yes No
  29. 29. Avianti NuansaSimulation Re : Question 16 - 17 The questions is already to use. National ExamHomeListeningText 1 Reservation are required for all first-class Reservation Compartments = CoachesText 2 compartment. Second-and third-class s “Gerbong”Text 3 coaches do not require reservationText 4 Trains that not have first-class cars will Coaches = CarriageText 5 Dining not have a dining car. Sandwich and “Gerbong”Text 6 beverage carts will be on all trainsText 7 Dining car = -Text 8 Passengers may carry up to for pieces of “Troli Makan”Text 9 Baggage luggage on the train. Additional baggage may be checked. Luggage = BaggageText 10 “Bagasi”Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  30. 30. Simulation National ExamHome 18. According the passage, which ofListening he following have dining cars? Paragraph 2Text 1Text 2 a. All trainsText 3 b. Trains with first-class cars Trains that notText 4 c. Trains with third-class cars have first-classText 5 cars will notText 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. Trains with second-class cars have a diningText 8 e. Trains with second- and third-class car. SandwichText 9 cars and beverageText 10Text 11 carts will be onText 12 all trainsText 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  31. 31. Simulation National ExamHome 19. “Additional baggage may be checked.” (Point 3)Listening The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....Text 1Text 2 a. MostText 3 b. ExtraText 4 c. LargeText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! d. Inessential e. OverweightText 8Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  32. 32. Simulation National Exam Henry Hudson (1565-1611) was and Settlement = HabitationHome English explorer and navigator who explored parts of “Pemukiman”Listening the Arctic Ocean and northeastern of North America.Text 1 Employed by Holland, he made trips to find a Appointed = Selected waterway from Europe to India. “Dipilih”Text 2 In 1609, on a trip in a ship called the HalfText 3 Moon, Hudson found what is now called Hudson Fleet = NavyText 4 River. He also discovered Manhattan Island. The “Armada”Text 5 Dutch then built a settlement there, and called it NewText 6 Amsterdam. A governor was appointed, a one-legged Sailed =Text 7 Dutchmen, called Peter Stuyvesant. This was too “” much provocation for the English settler. A fleet sentText 8 by James, Duke of York, sail from England and Anchored off= BerthText 9 anchored off New Amsterdam. The town gave in “Berlabuh”Text 10 without firing a shot, although the governor did all heText 11 could to make his men fight. Later, its named was Gave in = SurrenderText 12 changed from “New Amsterdam” to “New York” to “Menyerah”Text 13 honor the royal duke who had financed the invasionRearrange FiringParagraph
  33. 33. Avianti NuansaSimulation Re : Question 16 - 17 The questions is already to use. National ExamHomeListening Hudson sailed into New Yorks harbor on September 3, 1609 and noted what an excellentText 1 harbor it was. He sailed up the river about 150 milesText 2 (240 km) and noted the abundance of rich land, butText 3 realized that this was not a waterway to India.Text 4 Hudson died in 1611 after his crew Mutinied = Revolted mutinied and left Hudson, his son, and seven crewText 5 “Memberontak”Text 6 members adrift in a small, open boat in Hudson BayText 7 Adrift = FloatingText 8 “Mengapung”Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  34. 34. Simulation National ExamHome 20. What is the text about ? The answer is “A”ListeningText 1 Henry HudsonText 2 a. Henry Hudson‟s discoveries (1565-1611) was andText 3 b. Henry Hudson‟s personal life English explorer andText 4 c. How Henry Hudson found the navigator whoText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! route to America explored parts of the Arctic Ocean andText 8 d. How the Dutch established New northeastern of NorthText 9 Amsterdam America. EmployedText 10 by Holland, he madeText 11 e. The history of Holland trips to find aText 12 waterway fromText 13 Europe to India.RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  35. 35. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 21. Which statement is TRUE The answer is “E”Text 1 about Henry Hudson ? He …..Text 2 Hudson sailed into NewText 3 a. Was Dutch Yorks harbor onText 4 b. Came from Netherlands September 3, 1609 andText 5 noted what an excellentText 6 √ Right c. Bought Manhattan Island X Wrong! ! harbor it was. He sailed up the river about 150Text 7 d. Financed the invasion ofText 8 miles (240 km) andText 9 New Amsterdam noted the abundance ofText 10 e. Did not succeed in discovering rich land, but realizedText 11 a route to India that this was not aText 12 waterway to India.Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  36. 36. Simulation National COLOMBO STOPOVER Exam Three days, two nights, forHome $145Listening Sri Lanka, An Indian Ocean Stopover =Text 1 island with 3000 years of Sojourn history.Text 2 “Persinggahan”Text 3Text 4 The lovely island ofText 5 Sri Lanka is a proof that small Ancient = Antique is beautiful. Only 300 milesText 6 from north to south, its “Kuno”Text 7 landscape varies from jungle-Text 8 covered mountains to acres of Ruined =Text 9 coconut plantations and someText 10 of the finest beaches in Asia. DestroyedText 11 Add to this, a history “Hancur”Text 12 over 300 years old with ancientText 13 ruined cities, temples, festivals,Rearrange and beautiful colonialParagraph buildings, and you have enough to fascinate and delight any traveler.
  37. 37. Avianti NuansaSimulation Re : Question 16 - 17 The questions is already to use. National Exam Your ColomboHome Stopover holiday gives you aListening few days to explore Sri Lankas Livery = ColorsText 1 livery, pleasant capital, “Beraneka ragam”Text 2 Colombo.Text 3 On your arrival in Delightful =Text 4 Colombo, youll be met and WonderfulText 5 taken to your hotel in an air- “Menakjubkan”Text 6 conditioned bus. Colombo is aText 7 delightful mixture of the old Charming =Text 8 and the new, with wide streets Delightful and charming colonialText 9 buildings. Take a quiet walk “Menawan”Text 10Text 11 through the older part of the city and enjoy the warm, Curry = -Text 12 tropical air, and the friendly “Kari”Text 13Rearrange atmosphere. Tonight, try a delicious Sri Lanka curry.Paragraph Restaurants usually serve both mild and hot curries
  38. 38. Simulation National ExamHome 22. What does the text tell us about?ListeningText 1Text 2 a. Coconut plantations The answer is “E”Text 3 b. Beautiful colonial buildingsText 4 COLOMBO STOPOVText 5 ERText 6Text 7 √ Right c. Jungle covered - mountains X Wrong! ! Three days, two nights, for $145Text 8 d. Colombo and its surroundings Sri Lanka, An IndianText 9 Ocean island with e. Sri Lanka, an India Ocean IslandText 10 3000 years of historyText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  39. 39. Simulation National The lovely island of Sri Exam Lanka is a proof thatHome small is beautiful. Only 23. The following are places to 300 miles from north toListeningText 1 visit, EXCEPT ….. south, its landscapeText 2 varies from jungle-Text 3 a. Temples covered mountains to acres of coconutText 4 b. Fine beaches plantations and someText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right c. Handicraft center X Wrong! ! of the finest beaches in Asia. d. Ancient ruined cities Add to this, aText 8 history over 300 yearsText 9 e. Beautiful colonial buildings old with ancient ruinedText 10 cities, temples,Text 11 festivals, and beautifulText 12 colonial buildings, andText 13 you have enough toRearrange fascinate and delightParagraph any traveler. Are you sure? Yes No
  40. 40. Simulation National ExamHome “The Moon Trap” is a new film made by a youngListening Canadian director called Melvin Strang. The mainText 1 parts in the film are played by Sid Cheung and JulieText 2 Plein who last appeared in „Music For Ever‟. Appeared = AriseText 3 In this new film, they star as young married couple who buy an old house in the country. After “Muncul”Text 4 living there for few weeks, strange things begin toText 5 happen.Text 6 Some of furniture in the house dissapear and Strange = WeirdText 7 can‟t be found; windows break and pictures falls off “Aneh”Text 8 walls. At night they hear crying noises, and when the moon is up, loud screams can be heard from woodsText 9 nearby. Murder = KillingText 10Text 11 As you expect, the young couple try to discover the reason for all these strange events and this leads “Pembunuham”Text 12 them into some very frightening situations. If you areText 13 easily scared, don‟t go and see this film. But if youRearrange enjoy the films with much of adventure and murder, then this is the film for you.Paragraph
  41. 41. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 24. What is the text about ?Text 1 The answer is “B”Text 2 a. Music everText 3 “The Moon Trap” is aText 4 b. A review of a film new film made by aText 5 young Canadian c. A young married coupleText 6 √ Right X Wrong! ! director called Melvin Strang. The main partsText 7 d. Sid Cheung and Julie Plein in the film are playedText 8 e. An old house and Julie Plain by Sid Cheung andText 9 Julie Plein who lastText 10 appeared in „Music ForText 11 Ever‟Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  42. 42. Simulation National Exam The answer is “D”HomeListening 25. “The Moon Trap” is a film forText 1 those who like …. As you expect, theText 2 young couple try toText 3 a. Sports discover the reason forText 4 all these strangeText 5 b. Comedy events and this leadsText 6Text 7 √ c. Romance Right ! ! X Wrong them into some very frightening situations. IfText 8 d. Adventure you are easily scared, don‟t go andText 9 e. Documenter see this film. But if youText 10 enjoy the films withText 11 much of adventure andText 12 murder, then this is theText 13 film for you.RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  43. 43. Simulation National Exam Soon everybody in the village knew what hadHome happened. People were worried. They knew thatListening Badru should be the new chief because this was their Worried = AnxiousText 1 custom. But they also knew that Bendot was a good “Cemas” and famous fighter and a very hot-tempered man.Text 2 “If enemies come, Bendot will certainly be Quarrels = FightText 3 the better leader,” some of the men said. “Penrtengkaran”Text 4 “But if there are quarrels. Badru is fairer than hisText 5 brother,” the others answered. “Badru knows ourText 6 laws and he is very wise.” Fairer = More Equitable The elders of the village talked to each pther “Lebih adil”Text 7 before the meeting started “We have to follow theText 8 custom,” they said. “Badru must be the new chief.” Ancestors = ProgenitorText 9 In the evening, all the village men met on the “Nenak Moyang”Text 10 verandah of their Old chief‟s house. The oldest man,Text 11 tall and thin and white-haired, spoke first. Mourned = SorrowText 12 “Our late chief has gone back to our ancestors,” he said “Leaving behind him three sons. We have “Berduka”Text 13 mourned for him for one hundred days. How is theRearrange time to appoint a new chief. The eldest son, Badru,Paragraph shall be chief over us. I pray that he will rule us wisely.”
  44. 44. Simulation National Exam “Badru is a good fellow,” Bendot called out.Home “But he‟s a bit soft-boned. What use would heListening be as a chief?”Text 1 “A chief doesn‟t have to be a strong man!” Fellow = PersonText 2 one of the elders answered. “Your late father “Orang”Text 3 was very old, but he was the best chief we everText 4 had.”Text 5 “Ah, we were just lucky that there was no Soft-Boned = -Text 6 war! I respect my late father very much, but he “Lemah Lembut”Text 7 would have been useless in a fight.”Text 8 Everybody stared at young man. HowText 9 could he say such a thing about his own Customs =Text 10 father? CivilizationText 11 But some of the other men agreed. “Yes, “Adat Istiadat”Text 12 what use is a weak, soft-bonned chief if there isText 13 a war?” they shouted. “Badru knows the lawsRearrange and the customs, but does he know how toParagraph fight? We want Bendot for our chief!”.
  45. 45. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 26. Who is described as a good The answer is “C”Text 1 fighter ?Text 2 Soon everybody in the a. Badru village knew what hadText 3 happened. PeopleText 4 b. Bendot were worried. TheyText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right c. The oldest man X Wrong! ! knew that Badru should be the new chiefText 8 d. The elders because this was their custom. But they alsoText 9 e. The late chief knew that Bendot wasText 10 a good and famousText 11 fighter and a very hot-Text 12 tempered manText 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  46. 46. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 27. What is one of the reasonsText 1 the elders chose Badru as theText 2 new chief ? Because he is ….Text 3 The answer is “C”Text 4 a. Older and understands “But if there areText 5 the quarrels quarrels. Badru is fairerText 6Text 7 √ Right b. FairerX Wrong! ! and stronger than the than his brother,” theText 8 elders others answered. “Badru knows our lawsText 9 c. Wise and knows the village laws and he is very wise.”Text 10Text 11 d. Older than most of the villagersText 12Text 13 e. A hot-tempered manRearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  47. 47. Simulation National Exam 112 Nations Now Recognize PalestineHomeListening After Iceland‟s recognition of theText 1 Palestinian state on Thursday, at least 112Text 2 countries around the world have recognizedText 3 Palestine.Text 4 In Latin America, Uruguay and Peru Recognize = AdmitText 5 joined the growing ranks of countries which “Mengakui”Text 6 recognized Palestine this year, with 12 out ofText 7 the region‟s 13 countries formally recognizing it Notably = EspecilallyText 8 as a state. Arab countries have also recognized “Terutama”Text 9 Palestine, notably Syria in July of this year.Text 10 In Europe, Iceland became one of fewText 11 Western European countries and NATOText 12 members to do so, joining the Czech Republic,Text 13 Hungary, Malta, and Poland.Rearrange Around 150 countries have some formParagraph of diplomatic relations with Palestine.
  48. 48. Simulation National ExamHome 28. How many NATO members inListeningText 1 Europe have recognizedText 2 Palestine ? The answer is “B”Text 3Text 4 a. 3 In Europe, IcelandText 5 became one of few b. 5Text 6Text 7 c. 12 √ Right X Wrong! ! Western European countries and NATO members to doText 8 d. 13 so, joining the CzechText 9 Republic, Hungary, MalText 10 e. 28 ta, and Poland.Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  49. 49. Simulation National ExamHome 29. around the world have recognize The answer is “E”Listening Palestine.” (Paragraph 1)Text 1 The underline word means …. Noticed = RegardText 2 “Memperhatikan”Text 3 a. NoticedText 4 b. Recalled Recalled =Text 5Text 6Text 7 c. Detected d. Accepted √ Right X Wrong! ! Retrospect “Mengingat Kembali”Text 8 e. Identified Detected = FindedText 9Text 10 “Menemukan”Text 11Text 12 Accepted = AgreeText 13 “Menyetujui”RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  50. 50. Simulation National Exam Lichens are unique group ofHome complex, flowerless plants growing onListeningText 1 rocks and trees. There are thousandsText 2 kinds of lichens, which come in a wideText 3 variety of colors. They are composed ofText 4 algae and fungi which unite to satisfy the Through = ThruText 5 needs of the lichens. “Melalui”Text 6 The autotrophic green algaeText 7 produce all their own food through a Depends = HingeText 8 process called photosynthesis and provideText 9 the lichen with nutritional elements. On the “Tergantung”Text 10 other hand, the heterotrophic fungus,Text 11 which depends on the other elements toText 12 provide its food, not only absorbs andText 13 stores water for the plant, but also helpsRearrange and protects it. This union by which twoParagraph dissimiliar organisms live together is called „symbiosis‟.
  51. 51. Simulation National Exam This sharing enables lichens toHome Resist = RefuseListening resist the most adverse “Menolak”Text 1 environmental conditions found onText 2 Earth. They can be found in some Adverse = HostileText 3 very unlikely places such as the “Merugikan”Text 4Text 5 polar ice caps as well as in tropical Resistance =Text 6 zones, in dry aras well as in wet OppositionText 7Text 8 ones, on mountain peaks and “Perlawanan”Text 9 along coastal areas.Text 10 The lichen‟s strong resistance Consider = ExamineText 11 “Mempertimbangkan to its hostile environment and itsText 12 ”Text 13 ability to live in harmony with suchRearrange environments is one example thatParagraph humanity should consider in trying to solve its own problems.
  52. 52. Simulation National Exam 30. The topic of the text is about ….Home The answer is “D”ListeningText 1 Lichens are uniqueText 2 a. What symbiosis is group of complex,Text 3 b. Heterotrophic plants and flowerless plantsText 4 growing on rocks and autotrophic plantsText 5 trees. There are c. Lichen‟s strong resistance to itsText 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! hostile environment thousands kinds of lichens, which come inText 8 d. Lichens, a unique group of a wide variety of colors.Text 9 They are composed ofText 10 complex, flowerless plants algae and fungi whichText 11 e. What makes lichens able to unite to satisfy the needs of the lichens.Text 12 resist hostile environmentText 13Rearrange conditionsParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  53. 53. Simulation National Exam The answer is “D”Home 31. Which of the following is NOT true ?Listening Lichens are unique groupText 1 of complex,….Text 2 a. Lichens are not simple plants (Paragraph 1)Text 3 b. Lichen‟s life depends on algae and They are composed ofText 4 fungi algae and fungi ….Text 5 c. Lichens can resist a hostileText 6Text 7 environment√ Right X Wrong! ! (Paragraph 1) d. The lichen habitat is limited to the The lichen‟s strongText 8 polar ice caps resistance to its hostileText 9 e. Heterotrophic plants depend on order environment ….Text 10 (Paragraph 4)Text 11 elements to supply their foodText 12 On the other hand, theText 13 heterotrophic fungus ….Rearrange (Paragraph 2)Paragraph Are you sure? Yes No
  54. 54. Simulation National Exam The answer is “D”Home 32. What can be said about autotrophic The autotrophic greenListening plants and heterotrophic plants ? algae produce all theirText 1 own food through aText 2 process calledText 3 a. Both depend their food on lichens photosynthesis andText 4 b. They produce their food in same provide the lichen withText 5 manner nutritional elements.Text 6Text 7 own food √ Right c. Heterotrophic plants produce all their X Wrong! ! On the other hand, the heterotrophic fungus,Text 8 d. Their methods of food production are which depends on theText 9 completely different other elements toText 10 provide its food, notText 11 e. Autotrophic plats need other only absorbs andText 12 elements to supply their foods stores water for theText 13 plant, but also helpsRearrange and protects it. ….Paragraph (Paragraph 2) Are you sure? Yes No
  55. 55. Simulation National Exam Dear producer,Home I have watched your programme forListening years and have always enjoyed it. In fact, it‟sText 1 one of the few programmes which is alsoText 2 suitable for children and I know that many Quite = Really families like ours watch it together. However,Text 3 “Sungguh”Text 4 last week I was very dissapointed and also very angry that no warning was given at theText 5 Unnecessary = Non-Text 6 beginning of the programme that was going essentialText 7 to be shown was unusuitable for children. It is “Tidak perlu”Text 8 quite unnecessary to show closeup picturesText 9 of people who have been murdered. I know Murdered = KilledText 10 it‟s not real blood but children don‟t always “Pembunuhan”Text 11 realize this and my children were veryText 12 frightened. There is also no need for peopleText 13 to use all sorts of bad language. ChildrenRearrange very quickly copy what they hear, and swearParagraph words and suchlike are very bad things that parents don‟t want their children to use.
  56. 56. Simulation National ExamHome Newspaper and news programmesListening are full of all terrible happenings in theText 1 world and I think we can expect televisionText 2 to provide us with an escape reality. I don‟tText 3 know whether you actually enjoyText 4 unpleasant and shocking scenes but sinceText 5 Unpleasant = last week, I know that I, for one, will neverText 6 watch the series again and I hope that UnpalatableText 7Text 8 more viewers like me will feel the same “Tidak Enak”Text 9 and simply off their sets.Text 10Text 11 SincerelyText 12 RukmanText 13RearrangeParagraph
  57. 57. Simulation The answer is “B” National Exam I have watched your programme for years 33. The letter is about ….Home and have alwaysListening enjoyed it. In fact, it‟sText 1 one of the fewText 2 a. TV programs programmes which isText 3 also suitable forText 4 b. A complaint a TV viewer children and I knowText 5 that many families like c. Programs suitable for childrenText 6Text 7 d. Terrible √ Wrong! X happenings!in the world Right ours watch it together. However, last week IText 8 was very dissapointedText 9 e. Unpleasant and shocking and also very angryText 10 scenes that no warning wasText 11 given at the beginningText 12 of the programme thatText 13 was going to be shownRearrange was unusuitable forParagraph children. Are you sure? Yes No
  58. 58. Simulation The answer is “C” National Exam However, last week I was very dissapointedHome 34. The following are reason why the and also very angryListening writer was disappointed, EXCEPT that no warning wasText 1 given at the beginningText 2 of the programme thatText 3 a. The people use bad language was going to be shownText 4 b. The scenes frightened the children was unusuitable forText 5 children. It is quiteText 6 √ Right X Wrong! ! c. It was the only program suitable for unnecessary to showText 7 children closeup pictures ofText 8 d. It showed closed up pictures of people who have beenText 9 murdered. I know it‟sText 10 people who were murdered not real blood butText 11 e. There was no warning that the children don‟t alwaysText 12 program was not for children realize this and myText 13 children were veryRearrange frightened. There isParagraph also no need for people Are you sure? to use all sorts of bad Yes No language.
  59. 59. Simulation National You must have been aware of the Exam growing need to conserve our forest. One of Perhaps = MaybeHome the ways to ensure that fewer trees are cut “Mungkin”Listening down is by recycling waste paper. This is theText 1 reason why our Conservation Club has Soaked = SteepText 2 embarked on our Old Newspaper Collection “Merendam”Text 3 Campaign.Text 4 Perhaps you would be interested in Pulp = PorridgeText 5 knowing what will happen to your old “Bubur”Text 6 newpapers after they arrive at the paperText 7 recycling center. Dirt = ShitText 8 Firstly, the old newspapers are “Kotoran”Text 9 soaked in water and then put into theText 10 hydropulper. This machine, which has Bleach = WhitenerText 11 rotating blades, cuts the paper finely into a “Pemutih”Text 12 pulp.Text 13 Whitens = Bleach Next, the pulp is ped into the washer.Rearrange “Memutihkan” Here, all dirt is washed off. Staples and clipsParagraph are removed. The pulp is then fed into the chemical tank where bleach is added to it. This whitens the pulp.
  60. 60. Simulation National Exam Excess = SurplusHome After being bleached, the pulp is “Kelebihan”Listening passed through rollers. All excess water isText 1 Spools = Spindle now squeezed out of the pulp. This makesText 2 “Kumparan” the drying process faster. The drying isText 3 done in a dryer. The pulp comes out of Cardboard = PasteText 4 dryer as large sheets of paper, which are boardText 5Text 6 rolled on spools. “Karton”Text 7 This recycled paper is used for many things, for example, to make Consider = ExamineText 8 cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet rolls, “Mempertimbangkan”Text 9Text 10 poster paper, and even gift wrapping paper. Further = MoreText 11 When you consider that you have no “Lebih lanjut”Text 12 further use for your old newspapers, youText 13 will be glad to contribute them to our Glad = HappyRearrange campaign. “Senang”Paragraph
  61. 61. Simulation National ExamHome 35. It is NOT mentioned in The answer is “B”ListeningText 1 paragraph 6 that the recycled This recycled paper isText 2 paper is used for …. used for many things,Text 3 for example, to make a. Toilet rollsText 4 cardboard boxes, eggText 5 b. Table tissue cartons, toilet rolls,Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! c. Egg cartons poster paper, and even gift wrapping paper.Text 8 When you consider thatText 9 d. Gift wrapping paper you have no further useText 10 for your oldText 11 e. Cardboard boxes newspapers, you willText 12 be glad to contributeText 13 them to our campaign.RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  62. 62. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 36. The purpose of the text is toText 1 tell the readers about ….Text 2Text 3 a. The advantages of recyclingText 4 old newspaper The answer is “D”Text 5 b. The benefit of using theText 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! recycled papers Paragraph 3,4,5 tell us about the process ofText 8 c. The use of recycled paper recycling paperText 9Text 10 d. The of process of recyclingText 11 old newspaperText 12Text 13 e. How to send the old newsRearrange paper to the recycling centerParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  63. 63. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 37. “you must have been aware The answer is “D”Text 1 of the growing need to conserveText 2 our forest” (Paragraph 1) Cut = SlashText 3 The underlined word is “Memotong”Text 4Text 5 synonymous with…. Chop = Slice = CutText 6Text 7 a. Cut √ Right X Wrong! ! “Memotong”Text 8 b. Chop Saw = ProverbText 9 “Pribahasa”Text 10 c. SawText 11 Rip = TearText 12 d. Save “Merobek”Text 13 e. RipRearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  64. 64. Simulation National Exam We often hear many complaintsHome about work in factories. They often say thatListening the work is very boring, heavy, andText 1 repetitive. Sometimes the work is too Repetitive = RepeatedText 2 dangerous for the workers. The operatives “Mengulang”Text 3 do not get job satisfaction.Text 4 One answer to this problem is Strike = AttackText 5 using a robot. For many kinds of jobs, “Menyerang”Text 6 using a robot is much better than a humanText 7 Demand = Request operative. Once it has been programmed, itText 8 “Permintaan”Text 9 will do its job. It will do its job over and overText 10 again. It will never get bored; it will work at Wages = SalaryText 11 a constant speed; it will never make “Gaji”Text 12 mistakes; its work is always of the sameText 13 standard. It will never feel tired; it won‟t goRearrange on strike or demand for higher wages. ItParagraph can work 24 hours a day without breaks, rest, or sleep.
  65. 65. Simulation National ExamHome Robots can be designed to doListening many different kinds of jobs. You can‟tText 1 change the form or function of a human According = SuitText 2 body, but you can change or form some “Sesuai”Text 3 parts of the robot according to their function.Text 4 For example, you can make a robot‟s arms Unimaginable =Text 5 to be able to move in any direction. IneffableText 6 Robots can also do a very heavy “Tak Terbayangkan”Text 7 and dangerous work. They can be operatedText 8 under almost unimaginable conditions or Circumstances =Text 9Text 10 circumstances. They can work under water, SituationText 11 in poisonous gas and even in radioactive “Situasi”Text 12 areas. And on top of all this is that robotsText 13 never complain.Rearrange It can be concluded that robot canParagraph help factories to become more productive.
  66. 66. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 38. The text is about ….Text 1Text 2 a. Job satisfactionText 3Text 4 b. Work in factories The answer is “E”Text 5 c. Programmed jobsText 6Text 7 √ complaints X Wrong! ! d. Workers Right Paragraph 2, 3, 4, and 5 tell about the advantages of usingText 8 e. Robots as ideal workers robots as workersText 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  67. 67. The answer is “A”Simulation National One answer to this Exam problem is using aHome robot. For many kinds 39. The following are the advantages of of jobs, using a robot isListening using robots, EXCEPT …. much better than aText 1Text 2 human operative. OnceText 3 a. They often do mistakes it has beenText 4 programmed, it will do b. They will not complain its job. It will do its jobText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Rightprogrammed c. They work at constant speed X Wrong! ! d. They do their jobs as over and over again. It will never get bored; it will work at a constantText 8 e. They work much better than human speed; it will neverText 9 beings make mistakes; itsText 10 work is always of theText 11 same standard. It willText 12 never feel tired; it won‟tText 13 go on strike or demandRearrange for higher wages. It canParagraph work 24 hours a day Are you sure? without breaks, rest, or Yes No sleep.
  68. 68. Simulation National ExamHome 40. Which statement is NOT TRUEListening about robots?Text 1Text 2 a. Robots can create unemploymentText 3 b. Robots can only do what isText 4 programmedText 5Text 6Text 7 √ Right c. Robots can do what they want to do X Wrong! ! The answer is “C” d. Robots can replace people at workText 8Text 9 e. Robots sometimes are better thanText 10 human beingsText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  69. 69. Simulation National Exam Of the six outer planets, Mars,Home Along = Through commonly called the Red Planet, is the “Sepanjang”Listening closest to Earth. Mars, 4200 miles inText 1Text 2 diameter and 55% of the size of Earth, is Supposedly = AllegedlyText 3 34,600,000 miles from Earth, and “Menurut dugaan”Text 4 141,000,000 miles from the Sun. It takesText 5 this planet, along with its two moons, Discovered = FindText 6 Phobs and Deimos, 1.88 years to circle “Menemukan”Text 7 the Sun, compared to 365 days for the Spacecraft =Text 8 earth. SpaceshipText 9 For many years, Mars had been “Kendaraan luarText 10 thought of as the planet with the man-made angkasa”Text 11 canals, supposedly discovered by anText 12 Italian astronomner, Schiaparelli, in 1877. Myth = LegendText 13 With the United States spacecraft Viking I‟s “Mitos”Rearrange landing on Mars in 1976, the man-madeParagraph canal theory was proven to be only a myth.
  70. 70. Simulation National Reddish = Rosy Exam “Kemerah-merahan”Home Viking I, after landing on the soil of Speculated =Listening Mars, performed many scientific ConjectureText 1 experiments and took numerous pictures. “Berspekulasi”Text 2 The pictures showed that the red color ofText 3 the planet is due to the reddish, rocky Violent = ViciousText 4 Martian soil. No biological life was found, “Ganas”Text 5 though it had been speculated by manyText 6 scientists. The Viking also monitored many Permafrost = -Text 7 weather changes including violent dust “Lapisan Es”Text 8 storms. Some water vapor, polar ice andText 9 Frost = RimeText 10 permafrost (frost below the surface) were “Beku”Text 11 found, indicating that at one time thereText 12 were significant quantities of water on this Evidence = ProofText 13 distant planet. Evidence collected by the “Bukti”Rearrange spacecraft shows some present volcanicParagraph action, through the volcanoes are believed Dormant = Neglected to be dormant, if not extinct. “Terbengkalai”
  71. 71. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 41. What is text about ?Text 1Text 2 a. Martial soilText 3Text 4 b. Phobos and Deimos The answer is “A”Text 5 c. Mars, the Red PlanetText 6Text 7 √ Right d. Viking I, United ! ! X Wrong All paragraph tellText 8 States spacecraft describe aboutText 9 e. Schiaparelli, an Italian Mars.Text 10 astronomerText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  72. 72. Simulation National The answer is “C” Exam … due to theHomeListening 42. Which of the following is reddish, rocky Martian soil. (Paragraph 3)Text 1 NOT true ?Text 2 a. Martial soil is rocky …along with its twoText 3 moons, Phobs andText 4 b. Mars has two moons Deimos,…Text 5 c. Mars is larger than earth (Paragraph 1)Text 6Text 7 √ Right X Wrong! ! was d. The man-made canal … the man-made canalText 8 only a myth theory was proven toText 9 be only a myth.Text 10 e. It takes longer for Mars to circle (Paragraph 2)Text 11 the Sun than it takes by EarthText 12 … 1.88 years to circleText 13 the Sun, compared toRearrange 365 days for the earth.Paragraph (Paragraph 1) Are you sure? Yes No
  73. 73. Simulation National Exam The answer is “E”HomeListening 43. Man-made canals were For many years, MarsText 1 supposedly discovered by …. had been thought of asText 2 the planet with theText 3 a. Viking I man-made canals,Text 4 supposedly discoveredText 5 b. Phobos by an ItalianText 6Text 7 √ c. Deimos Wrong! ! X Right astronomner, Schiaparelli, in 1877.Text 8 d. Martian With the United StatesText 9 e. Schiaparelli spacecraft Viking I‟sText 10 landing on Mars inText 11 1976, the man-madeText 12 canal theory wasText 13 proven to be only aRearrange myth.Paragraph Are you sure? Yes No
  74. 74. Simulation National Exam It seems quite clearly unjust to pay two people different amounts of money forHome doing the same work. But it is not as easy as itListening appears at first sight to introduce equal pay forText 1 the same work equal work. Unjust = UnfairText 2 First of all, one must be sure that the “Tidak Adil”Text 3 work is in fact equal. Two people may beText 4 working side by side in a factory and doing theText 5 same work, but one may be doing it twice as Rates = ChargeText 6 fast as the other; or one may be making no “Tingkat”Text 7 mistakes, while the other is making a lot. InText 8 some kinds of work, one can solve the problemText 9 of speed if one pays by the amount of work Reasonable =Text 10 done and not by the hour: work paid for in this Rational way is called piece-work. But it is not alwaysText 11 possible to do this, so it is sometimes useful to “Masuk Akal”Text 12Text 13 pay workers at different rates, which takesRearrange differences in skill into account. This usuallyParagraph means that the younger and therefore less experienced worker gets less than the older and more experienced one, which seems reasonable enough.
  75. 75. Simulation National Exam What does not appear to be soHome reasonable is when two equally skilled,Listening equally fast workers receive different ratesText 1 of pay. In some countries, for instance,Text 2 woman are paid less than men for theText 3 same work. Instance =Text 4 The employers‟ argue that men Example “Contoh”Text 5 should have higher salary because theyText 6Text 7 usually have a wife and children to support. They believe that most womenText 8 Argue = Deny workers are either unmarried and have noText 9 one to support, or have husbands who “Membantah”Text 10Text 11 also work and bring home money.Text 12 Therefore, it would be unjust for them toText 13 be paid as much as a man who has a wifeRearrange who does not work because she hasParagraph several children at home to look after.
  76. 76. Simulation National ExamHome This, of course, is quite true; but you doListening find some men workers who are unmarriedText 1 and have no one to support, and someText 2 women workers who are widows and haveText 3 children to support. Other women workers, Taxation = DutyText 4 though they have no children, may have “Perpajakan”Text 5Text 6 old sick parents and young brothers andText 7 sisters who cannot yet work. Allowances = The fact is that the problem of SubventionText 8 paying workers according to their family “Tunjangan”Text 9Text 10 needs cannot be solved simply by givingText 11 the men more and the woman less. TheText 12 answer is to pay both alike, and to leave itText 13 to the state to see that justice is done byRearrange means of taxation and allowances.Paragraph
  77. 77. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 44. Which of the following is theText 1 most suitable title for the The answer is “C”Text 2 passage above ?Text 3 It seems quite clearlyText 4 a. Family needs unjust to pay twoText 5 b. Factory workers people differentText 6Text 7 √ for work c. EqualX Wrong! ! payRight amounts of money for doing the same work.Text 8 d. Men and women workers But it is not as easy as e. Skilled and unskilled workers it appears at first sightText 9 to introduce equal payText 10 for he same work equalText 11 work.Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  78. 78. Simulation National The answer is “C” Exam … the younger andHomeListening 45. The workers are paid based therefore less experienced workerText 1 on the following gets less than the olderText 2 considerations, EXCEPT …. and more experiencedText 3 one….Text 4 a. Age (Paragraph 2)Text 5 b. Skills … takes differences inText 6Text 7 √ c. Gender Wrong! ! X Right skill into account. (Paragraph 2)Text 8 d. Marital status … woman are paid lessText 9 e. Working hours than men for the sameText 10 work….Text 11 (Paragraph 3)Text 12 … a factory and doingText 13 the same work, but oneRearrange may be doing it twiceParagraph as fast as the other…. Are you sure? (Paragraph 2) Yes No
  79. 79. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 46. “Piece-work” is a kind of paidText 1 work based on ….Text 2 a. Work speed The answer is “D”Text 3 b. PerformanceText 4 one can solve theText 5 c. The time consumed problem of speed if oneText 6Text 7 √ Right d. The amount of work!done X Wrong! pays by the amount of work done and not byText 8 e. The mistakes done the hour: work paid forText 9 in this way is calledText 10 piece-workText 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph Are you sure? Yes No
  80. 80. Simulation National ExamHomeListeningText 1Text 2Text 3Text 4Text 5 REARRANGEText 6Text 7Text 8Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  81. 81. Simulation National ExamHomeListening 1. They were afraid of the explorer, and soText 1 they locked him up in a wooden cage.Text 2 2. They didn‟t even know that there wasText 3 anything different in the world from theText 4 trees and the vines and the muddyText 5 rivers in the jungle.Text 6 3. Once upon a time-so the story goes anText 7 explorer was captured by people ofText 8 natives in the jungle.Text 9 4. The jungle people had no books orText 10 television or radio.Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph
  82. 82. Simulation National The answer is “B” Exam 3. Once upon a time-soHomeListening 47. The right arrangement the story goes an explorer was capturedText 1 of the sentence above is …. by people of natives inText 2 the jungle.Text 3 a. 1, 3, 2, 4 1. They were afraid of theText 4 b. 3, 1, 4, 2 explorer, and so theyText 5 c,. 4, 1, 2, 3 locked him up in aText 6 d. 2, 4, 1,√ Wrong! ! X3 Right wooden cage.Text 7 4. The jungle people hadText 8 e. 4, 2, 3, 1 no books or televisionText 9 or radio.Text 10 2. They didn‟t even knowText 11 that there wasText 12 anything different inText 13 the world from theRearrange trees and the vinesParagraph and the muddy rivers Are you sure? in the jungle. Yes No
  83. 83. Simulation National ExamHomeListeningText 1Text 2Text 3Text 4Text 5Text 6Text 7 PARAGRAPHText 8Text 9Text 10Text 11Text 12Text 13RearrangeParagraph