Teen Pregnancy Issue 1


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Teen Pregnancy Issue 1

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 1 September/October Young Mums and Maori Antenatal Classes Teenage pregnancy: An overview New Zealand continues children born to teenage Special points of to have one of the high- mothers have been found tors, personal adjust- interest: est to have higher rates of ment, educational  An Overview teenage pregnancy rates health problems, physical opportunities, cultural in the developed world, injury, behavioural identification, and family  Making Classes culturally appropri- being second only to the difficulties, cognitive experiences contribute to ate United States when problems, and educa- their risk of an early  Joan Donley Re- compared with similar tional under- pregnancy. search Forum OECD countries. achievement. In a cohort For young women, there study of teenage preg- Reference  Common problems is an increased risk of nancy in Christchurch Woodward, L.J, Hor-  Blended format for antenatal complications rates of early pregnancy classes wood, L.J & Fergusson, and mortality, failure to were elevated D.M. (2001) Teenage complete schooling, amongst young women Pregnancy: Cause for socio-economic disad- who identified them- concern. New Zealand vantage, welfare depend- selves as Maori. Medical Journal.114 ence, marital difficulties, Teenage (1135): 301-303 maternal depression, and pregnancy is a highly less competent parenting. dependant on several fac- Making Classes culturally appropriate Making classes culturally ap- birth educator. thought to be kinder to the propriate often means investi- baby‟s skin and aids in pre- gating some traditional prac- Making muka strands from venting infection. tices. inside flax which will be used to tie off the umbilical Discussing the birthing of the Cord is another idea from placenta whilst making a clay classes which are held in pot is an idea I was given by Auckland. In Maori tradition another midwife and Child- this natural technique is
  2. 2. Young Mums and Maori Antenatal Classes News from the Joan Donley Research Forum I was delighted to hear one comment from one of the pre- senters at the forum. Emma Farmer in her research into the question, “Do ecbolics influence exclusive breastfeed- ing rates at two weeks postpar- tum”, found that teenagers were achieving the highest breast- feeding rates. This has to mean that the mes- sage and support given to this vulnerable group has to be working. Common problems One of the problems most of us I was surprised when a local town face as educators is one of apa- café was named by one young thy amongst this group of mum as the place that they all women about attending classes. hang out and socialize at. “Where to hold the I have recently put a call out to Now it comes down to how to classes” the local PHO for help to find a plan the sessions and how to n appropriate venue. make the service more noticeable in the community. I want to hold more weekly drop in sessions. Short and sweet sessions packed full of information. Blended format for classes ing of information as the infor- the DVD information, watch it I have been in the process of mation often picked up by in the privacy of their own developing a creative blended young pregnant mums is done homes, discuss it amongst format to the antenatal classes on relatives computers. This themselves and come back with which includes using such tools means that the information has questions. It is easy to forget as making DVD‟s, YouTube more of a reach amongst the that as a young person you videos, text messaging, Email whanau on the other side of the dislike being thrown into a along with more traditional screen. group setting and being asked methods of class get together. questions in front of others. There is often the ability to I have enjoyed the email shar- allow participants to take away Page 2
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Future Considerations Many youngsters now use text They have won awards for this messaging as their main means service, which include an All of communicating. Parliamentary Award and has been highly commended by the I would like to develop a text Royal College of Midwives. messaging service which sends out regular educational text messages to them This has worked well in Bir- mingham where the texting service reminds the young women about the classes and also sends out pregnancy infor- mation sound bites. Maori women continue to smoke during pregnancy that even though The rates of Maori rates were coming women who smoke down 50% of Maori in pregnancy must women continued to come down. This is smoke during preg- “50% of Maori the message that is women continue to nancy. being encouraged from Irene Walker, smoke during As childbirth educa- Auahi Kore Manager pregnancy” tors we are uniquely for Te Hotu Manawa positioned to rein- Māori, Speaking at a force the message in Public Health Asso- support of the ciation conference in LMC‟s. 2008 she explained Why bother with young mums classes? Studies that do look specifi- classes where they felt they Reference: cally at teenage antenatal would receive less scrutiny Croydon Primary Care Trust classes contain useful learn- from older pregnant women (2006) Qualitative Evalua- ing regarding appropriate (Rozette et al). One study tion Study of Teenage Ante- style and content of those also demonstrated an in- natal Classes and an evalua- classes. While mothers in creased tion Review of Teenage one study did not feel their attendance rate (Mollart Parent Support Groups pro- needs were any different to 1995). vided in Croydon. older mums, they did appre- Caption describing ciate special antenatal picture or graphic. Page 3
  4. 4. Young Mums and Maori Antenatal Classes Nelson/Marlborough DHB I currently hold a contract with Nelson/Marlborough DHB to provide ante- Pamela Harnden 20 Isobel Place natal classes for Young Mums and Maori. Rarangi Blenheim I endeavor to do this in a creative and engaging way. Phone: 0275005111 If you don’t use it we’ll lose it! Fax E-mail: pam.harnden@gmail.com I depend on you for referrals see the book behind the desk on ward one. Because our future depends on education http:// pamdh.wordpress.com Society’s attitude Society‟s attitude towards the pregnant teen- To contribute to this newsletter email ager can leave them with feelings of cultural me pam.harnden@gmail.com disapproval and some government initiatives put them alongside drug abuse and crime as issues to be tackled. They often face attitudes of disapproval and deviations from the norm as becoming preg- nant when young is seen as being a „bad‟ thing (Baker 1999). As childbirth educators we are uniquely positioned to inform, educate and provide a specialist service to a vulnerable section of society.