Utility Resources for Streamlining LED Programs


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Solid-State Lighting (using LEDs) presents both a risk and an opportunity for utility incentives programs. While LEDs are rapidly becoming a feasible technology for achieving maximum lighting efficiency, high costs and uncertain performance have hampered the adoption of LED measures into lighting incentives programs.

This webinar features presentations from the DesignLights Consortium, the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership's national program that takes much of the guesswork out of identifying quality LED products, and by the Lighting Facts program of US DOE, highlighting their Energy Efficiency Partner Resource that will allow Energy Efficiency Partners to list LED lighting incentive programs in association with products from the Lighting Facts web site. An overview of the resource is provided along with an online demonstration.

Viewers also receive information on the Product Snapshot, which was developed to help energy efficiency partners navigate the rapidly changing lighting market, including upcoming standards and labeling requirements, and the impact of these changes on LED replacement lamps. The FTC Lighting Facts label will be mandatory starting January 1, 2012 and we will review the label requirements and explain how the FTC Lighting Facts label relates to the DOE Lighting Facts label.

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Utility Resources for Streamlining LED Programs

  1. 1. Utility Resources forStreamlining LED Programs Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance September 7, 2011 Chad Bulman 312.784.7275 cbulman@mwalliance.org
  2. 2. Understanding the Value of the DLC SSL QPL MEEA Webinar September 7, 2011
  4. 4. THE NEED FOR DLC• Commercial-grade integral LED luminaires – Enter the market (2008) – Suddenly Become the New Next Big Thing! 3
  5. 5. THE NEED FOR DLC• Are manufacturer claims valid?• Is the product going to last?• How comparable is the product to its conventional counterpart in terms of – Light output? – Color? – Light distribution? 4
  6. 6. THE NEED FOR DLC• Energy Efficiency Program Administrators were being urged to offer incentives for LED products• They needed a way to distinguish quality, energy efficient products from the rest 5
  7. 7. DLC TODAY• Qualified Products List for commercial-grade integral LED luminaires• Funded by utilities, regional EE organizations, and Canadian Federal Department of Energy• NEEP has engaged D&R International as Project Manager of the DLC SSL ProjectThe DLC is the premier resource for high quality, energy- efficient, commercial lighting design and information! www.designlights.org 6
  9. 9. MEMBER MAP
  10. 10. DLC OPERATION Weigh in on technical Technical and procedural Committee decisionsAssist withtechnical Technical analysis,advice, Advisors NEEP D&R Manufacturer support,as needed List maintenance Members DLC responds to Members’ needs 9
  11. 11. DLC PRODUCT CATEGORIES• Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Area • Vertical Refrigerated Case and Roadway Luminaires Lighting• Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted • Horizontal Refrigerated Case Decorative Luminaires Lighting• Outdoor Wall-Mounted Area • Linear Panels: 1x4, 2x4, 2x2 Luminaires • High-Bay & Low-Bay Fixtures for• Bollards C&I Buildings• Wall-Wash Luminaires • High-Bay Aisle Lighting• Parking Garage Luminaires • Retrofit Kits for Outdoor Area and• Fuel Pump Canopy Roadway Luminaires• Track or Mono-Point Directional • Retrofit Kits for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Decorative Luminaires• Display Case Lighting • 4’-Linear Replacement Lamps 10
  12. 12. GETTING LISTED• Standard application via www.designlights.org – LM79, IES, LM80, ISTMT, DLC Application – $500 fee per application• Separate procedure for Product Family Groupings – Testing sufficient to bracket group – $500 per test report, $20 per additional product 11
  13. 13. PRODUCTS ON THE QPL• As of 11/13/2010 – 559 Products – 18 Manufacturers• As of 9/6/2011 – 4418 Products – 84 Manufacturers … and growing!! 12
  14. 14. QPL GROWTH 5000 4500Number of Products on QPL 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 13
  15. 15. IN THE WORKS FOR 2012• Develop and Communicate Brand Identity – Logo and website redesign – Create brand development strategy• Improve the QPL – Integrate application process with Lighting Facts – Convert Excel spreadsheet QPL to searchable database – Involve manufacturers in specification setting• Increase Value for Members and Stakeholders – Technical Committee and Members meetings – Annual Members/Industry Forum• Plan for the Future – Develop 5-year Business Plan 14
  18. 18. VALUE of DLC QPL• Program Administrators: No need to create own specification criteria for SSL to claim energy savings and bring high quality, efficient products to market• Manufacturers: Submit one application for easy access to utility incentives• Designers and Specifiers: Determine which products best suit your needs and are energy efficient• Distributors and Installers: Learn which products will be in high demand due to utility incentives• Customers: Assurance of quality and performance 17
  19. 19. Thank You!Jon LinnNortheast Energy Efficiency Partnerships781-860-9177, ext 134jlinn@neep.orginfo@designlights.orgwww.neep.orgwww.designlights.org 18
  20. 20. DOE Lighting Facts® Energy Efficiency Partner ResourceMEEA PresentationSeptember 7, 2011
  21. 21. LIGHTING FACTS PRODUCTS 3,152 products listed – Largest verified database of LED product performance Product Type Distribution As of 8/23/2011
  22. 22. ANALYSIS: LED PRODUCT SNAPSHOT• Draws from the Lighting Facts database to gain insight into the changing industry• Published twice a year – First two editions focus on replacement lamps – Fall 2011 edition will focus on luminaires
  23. 23. DOE LIGHTING FACTS AND FTC LABEL Key DifferencesDOE Lighting FTC Label Facts LabelAll fixture and lamp Medium screw base types light bulbs only FTC Lighting Facts label Mandatory January 1, 2012 SSL, fluorescent, SSL only incandescent, and halogen Voluntary Mandatory Not required on Required on packaging packaging Front Label for buyers Label for Back and utilities ConsumersLifetime not listed Lifetime listed LM-79 testing No lifetime testing Information available at required, claims specified, www.lightingfacts.com/ftclab verified by DOE, Manufacturer el and ongoing QA reported claims
  24. 24. ENERGY EFFICIENCY PARTNER RESOURCE The Energy Efficiency Partner Resource was designed to help Lighting Facts utility, Lighting Pro and efficiency sponsor partners manage, support and promote LED lighting incentive programs. This effort is part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) commitment to support partner efforts to evaluate and choose quality LED products for incentive programs.
  25. 25. FUNCTION OVERVIEWKey Functions Include:• Manage Products: Designate specifications for LED lighting products to meet your program eligibility criteria. Use the resource search feature to identify products that meet a specification and mark them as qualified or unqualified for your programs.• Manage Programs: Input information associated with your organization’s LED lighting incentive programs.• Market Your Programs: Make your programs publicly available on a list of registered energy efficiency incentive programs.Administrative Features:• Manage Users: Create and manage users who can access your account information.• Email Update: Receive notification via email when new products that fit within the designated criteria for one or more of your programs receive the Lighting Facts label.
  26. 26. GETTING STARTED• All users must first establish a username and password. – Open only to organizations who have signed the pledge. • Existing partners do not need to resign the pledge to receive a username and password. – Multiple users can be allowed access to an organization’s account. • New users will receive instruction on how to be added to an existing partner account. Go to Information for: EE Sponsors tab in the left navigation bar to sign pledge or register.
  27. 27. LIVE DEMONSTRATION: BASIC FUNCTIONSThe live website demonstration was not visually recorded. To skip, please advance to 51’10” www.lightingfacts.com • Step 1: Log on and register • Step 2: Designate a product criteria specification • Step 3: Search for products • Step 4: Register a program
  28. 28. CONTACT INFORMATIONThank you! Mary Matteson Bryan, P.E. 415.305.5445marymattesonbryan@pacbell.net Marci Sanders 503.397.9831 msanders@drintl.com
  29. 29. Thank you!Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance September 7, 2011 Chad Bulman 312.784.7275 cbulman@mwalliance.org