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Guidelines for Green AV for Live Events

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  • Thank you Elizabeth. Hello everyone from sunny San Diego and Welcome to Green AV for Live Events.My name is Midori Connolly, I am CEO of Pulse Staging and Events. Headquartered in Southern CA, Pulse Staging supplies audiovisual equipment, labor and expertise for event producers and planners across the United States.If you’d like to reach me, my contact information is there in the corner.
  • Quick overview of Green(er) AV:Formerly, difficult to define. It was more of a group effort to become more responsible in our practices.Green A/V is a collective movement, a newly born collection of AV professionals using sustainable materials and best practices to fulfill their obligations to society and the environment while improving the profitability of a meeting or event.Not really enough to become a green av practitioner.
  • Anyone involved with Live events needs to know
  • Anyone involved with Live events needs to know the footprint of their event.First: RegulatoryCap & Trade Carbon Monitoring and Measuring: AV has a dramatic impact. What is the consumption and Green House emissions of our equipment? We’ve long been concerned about cups and water bottles…but simply overlooked the measurement of our activity on a showsite.CA AB32: GHG Cap Stating emissions by 2020 must equal those levels of 1990.Ewaste laws increasingList of Euro regulations: RoHSSecond:Measurement is how we achieve improvement.
  • Brief History:EPA approached the Green Meetings Industry Council. Needing solution for evaluating vendors and meetings for a measurable level of “green-ness” if you will. Knowing the CIC’s capabilities for creating Best Practices, they teamed up andCreated the GMEPPACCEPTED PRACTICES EXCHANGE: voluntary standards for the conventions industry. Structured process of peer development and review, ranging from housing & registration to contracts.Recruited and developed by hundreds of volunteers.APEX review process first.Went out to cities across North America as well as global distribution through a Virtual City Discussion Group, which is basically a town hall style meeting where groups read and comment on standards.Vetted by professionals from within and out of the industry. EPA can only use certified standards, so the standards will go through one more process, the ASTM review and approval.
  • Checklist with measurable scores.
  • Checklist with measurable scores.As you can see, there are planner scores and supplier scores, so the weight doesn’t fall solely on the supplier. It requires team effort.There are required minimum scores for each section, so each section requires a passing grade or you can fail the entire standards (you can’t make up for failing staff management by gaining all the possible points in water).
  • This is the version you will currently see, it is a narrative format as required by ASTM. Generally this would be the only means of scoring, however, the spreadsheet will be an allowed tool attached to the standards.
  • Whether pursuing certifcation or not, worth taking a look at and adapting the practices.Be proactive and start looking at your own events.Are you taking steps now to evaluate what you can do to implement more sustainable practices?
  • Created out a desire by the Olympics committee to be able to define a sustanaible event for the Summer games in London. Being able to determine the impact of such large scale events.Scope – EMS for eventsNot checklist-drivenIndividualized for each organization and eventCan be whatever an organization would like it to beEmphasis on documentation and systems approach to sustainabilityPROFITABILITY, LONG-TERM HEALTH AND VIABILITY of the organization itself.Different forms of certification – 1st, 2nd, 3rd party verfificationISO by 2012 OlympicsFor more information, click linkI can refer the only known expert/consultant in North America (Elizabeth Henderson)
  • For those event professionals on the call, InfoComm is the Association representing the Rental & Staging industry. Our annual event occurs ever summer and brings together thousands of AV professionals ranging from those in the built or integrated systems to the professionals who provide event support. Where you turn to MPI or PCMA for your education, we rely on Infocomm. They offer professional accreditation., in the form of the CTS – equivalent to a CMP.In 2008, InfoComm’s Board of Director’s created a Green AV Task Force. Brian will go into more detail on the task force, but briefly, we are a group of AV Pro’s working to make changes for a more sustainable AV industry.
  • Eco-Logo, a well-respected eco labeling entity in N America: from the firm who created the Six (now seven) sins of greenwashing, TerraChoice Marketing.Festivals, excellent standards for outdoor or special events.Another draft will be reviewed in the next year, looking for AV input.ReSport- Athletic Events – Council for Responsible Sport…needs AV input!EPA’s SmartWay for shipping and freight. Look for the logo.List of certifiations and standards for the meetings industry, see my LinkedIn SlideShare for a copy. Or contact me.
  • Project Green AV Webinar

    1. 1. Green AV Guidelines: From Lobbying to Action<br />Project Green AV Webinar<br />November 17, 2009<br />Sponsored by<br />
    2. 2. Green AV for Live Events<br />Listen to Archive<br />HERE<br />midori *at*<br />@GreenA_V #greenmeetings<br />Sponsored by<br />
    3. 3. Green AV for Live Events<br />“Green(er) AV”<br />What is happening now?<br />Where are we going?<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    4. 4. What is Happening Now?<br />Two standards you need to know – right now.<br />APEX/ASTM<br />BS8901<br />Who needs to know?<br />Rental/Staging companies<br />Event Producers<br />Event Professionals: organizers, promoters, planners, marketers<br />Sustainability Consultants/Experts<br />Government Employees or Vendors<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    5. 5. What is Happening Now?<br />Why do you need to know these standards?<br />Cap & Trade<br />CA AB32<br />Regional directives become global directives<br />Fuzzy Factoids:<br />One 5k projector left running for three days would use enough electricity to power a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb 24 hours a day for over 5 months.<br />The BTU’s generated from a 24-light stage wash is almost the correct heating specification for a 1500 sf home!<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    6. 6. What is Happening Now?<br />APEX/ASTM – LINK HERE<br />Background/Structure<br />Convention Industry Council +<br />U.S. EPA + <br />Green Meetings Industry Council<br />= Green Meetings and Events Practices Panel<br />APEX: “Accepted Practices Exchange”<br />Why ASTM?<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    7. 7. What is Happening Now?<br />APEX/ASTM<br />Scope/Purpose<br />Meetings, Conferences, Conventions (primarily corporate/association)<br />Checklist<br />9 Sectors<br />8 Categories for Scoring<br />Energy<br />Waste<br />Water<br />Air Quality<br />Procurement<br />Staff Mgmt/Policy<br />Communication/Policy<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    8. 8. Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    9. 9. Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    10. 10. What is Happening Now?<br />APEX/ASTM<br />Resources<br />Draft of APEX Standards (First Version)<br />Green Meetings Industry Council<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    11. 11. What is Happening Now?<br />BS8901 – LINK HERE<br />Background<br />Olympic Games<br />Scope/Purpose<br />EMS<br />Completely Individualized to Event and/or Organization<br />Can certify WITHOUT an event occurring where ASTM based on single event<br />Resources<br />Meeting Professionals International (Case Study)<br />US Green Building Council (Case Study)<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    12. 12. Where Are We Going?<br />InfoComm – LINK HERE<br />Vision:<br />Standards/Best Practices<br />Event Awards<br />Body of Knowledge<br />Education and Information<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />
    13. 13. Where Are We Going?<br />Eco-Logo – LINK HERE<br />Outdoor, Festival<br />ReSport – LINK HERE<br />Marathon, Triathlon<br />EPA’s SmartWay<br />Shipping/Freight<br />FSC Wood, Fair Trade products; see SlideShare or email me)<br />Individual’s Presentation Title- Midori Connolly, Pulse Staging<br />Sponsored by<br />