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Virtualization Realized: Chapter 4
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Virtualization Realized: Chapter 4



Register to download the full eBook: http://ibm.co/13VRAxh ...

Register to download the full eBook: http://ibm.co/13VRAxh

This interactive eBook describes how virtualization is not a device to implement, but rather a journey to realize greater and greater gains. Featuring cases from midsize companies around the world, Chapter 4 of the eBook details how your company can go beyond virtualization and experience the full benefits.



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Virtualization Realized: Chapter 4 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Virtualization Realized4 How to optimize virtualization. There’s a lot more to virtualization than just servers. The underlying concept of virtualization — abstracting the logical from the physical — is not just limited to server virtualization. If you extend it into other IT domains such as storage, desktop and network virtualization, you’ll have more control and visibility, along with increased agility and security. And with proper workload management, you’ll increase cost efficiencies and minimize human errors as well. Let’s examine each of the virtualization environments in detail. Case studies: > Fondazione MAXXI > Dutch Cloud BV > Herold > RoGrid 1 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 2. Virtualization RealizedStorage virtualization. Desktop virtualization.Logic dictates that if virtual workloads are IT can now have more control over end users’increasing, IT’s approach to storage must parallel computers and the maintenance and repair of thosethe on-demand, instant scalability and high-density units. With desktop virtualization, the desktop “lives” IBM has noticed thatattributes of server virtualization. Otherwise, storage on the server and the end user device (laptop, PC, many midmarketis at risk of becoming a costly operational tablet, etc.) becomes an interface and displaybottleneck. If designed and managed effectively, mechanism. End users benefit from having a organizationsstorage virtualization can deliver business benefitsin many areas, including: seamless workflow among devices. IT benefits by swapping out corporate-owned desktops and only go so far with laptops with thin-computing devices that cost less, virtualization,• Object centralization require less maintenance and consume less electricity. With all the advances in desktop resulting in a failure• File synchronization and version control virtualization over the last three years, businesses to realize the benefits• Electronic collaboration should include desktop virtualization as a “must have” solution to desktop computing and of a truly virtualized•  utomated storage provisioning and A data placement management. environment.•  lignment of storage costs with A performance priorities• Support of business analytics 2 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 3. Virtualization RealizedNetwork virtualization. services and resources are automatically and happens, costs are reduced by enabling resourceWhether in a server room or a high-end data transparently provisioned in the most cost-effective decisions to be made faster than manually possible.center, server-to-server and server-to-storage and reliable manner. Here, IBM’s growing portfolio Human errors are reduced, too. Automation alsocommunication will increase with virtualization. of cloud services can help form the foundation for directly supports regulatory requirements. For anyServer-based desktop virtualization further adds optimized self-service delivery. and all automation needs, IBM has just the rightto network traffic on local area networks and products and services.wide area networks, as end users access their In the next portion of the virtualization journey, thedesktops through a network. While workload goal is to automate the delivery of applications and What IBM has done for others we can alsoperformance is critical to monitor and manage in services to the business, independent of platforms do for you.this dynamic web of communication flow, it is not or operating systems. To reach this goal, the link To make the most of virtualization, look how thesethe only manageable attribute. Cost efficiency in between business priorities and IT operations must other midsize companies optimized delivery andthe use of networks is also possible if networks are entail a high level of process automation. When this automated processes.constructed with the same adaptability principlesas other forms of virtualization.To make the most of virtualization,optimize delivery and automate processes. Worth a tweetOptimizing delivery means equipping the usercommunity to serve themselves—it’s a self-service Optimize #virtualization by ensuring resources are automaticallymodel. To optimize the delivery of your virtualizedenvironments, the business side must first define its and transparently provisioned.needs. Next, IT must ensure that the business 3 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 4. Virtualization RealizedModern museum in Rome makes art more accessible,updates more convenient.The Challenge:Manual processes inhibit customer satisfaction. The Results:The Story: • The app had more than 1,250 downloads in Fondazione MAXXI operates the MAXXI National the first week of availability.Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. Dedicatedto contemporary art, they wanted to offer new •  ondazione MAXXI expects the number of Fservices that would enrich visitor experiences via a museum visitors to rise by 20% in the firstsmartphone application. To accomplish that, they few months of the app’s release.needed a partner who offered both software andaccessibility solutions. •  he museum no longer has to produce T new content for their audio guide. Now,Working together with IBM accessibility services, they simply update the app throughFondazione MAXXI created a smartphone app that their data server.guides visitors through the museum and uses smartintegration for automatic detection of rooms — all inmultiple languages. In addition, the museum can nowupdate the app automatically based on informationthey enter into their DB2® Enterprise data server. 4 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 5. Virtualization RealizedHigh-tech firm virtualizes to offer clients more,better, faster — for less.The Challenge: The solution? Dutch Cloud implemented IBMInflexible technology creates inflexible infrastructure, SmartCloud Provisioning software to simplify and The Results:slowing company growth. standardize its cloud infrastructure and improve efficiencies through dynamic provisioning and •  utch Cloud can accurately capture and DThe Story: self-service capabilities. This virtualized environment analyze highly changeable customerAs an IBM Premier Business Partner, Dutch Cloud BV identifies customers on the network level versus the requirements on an ongoing basis to betteroffers small and midsize businesses a range of service level, increasing security and flexibility to align with client needs.cloud-based services, from fully managed IaaS to deliver any type of architecture within the service layer. •  oving from the static model to highly Mdisaster-recovery solutions. Their challenge focused dynamic service delivery, the company canon three needs: offer standardization, along with provisioning, that suits each client’s workloads.1. Offer a balanced platform — standardized enough for easy scalability, yet specific enough for different Reduced time to provision •  hey can now ensure that each customer T 200 virtual machines by over 90 types of workloads. environment runs securely and in isolation —2. Enhance service levels for clients while keeping a priority in delivering true “private clouds.” costs low. •  hey increased revenue six fold while T3. Enable rapid provisioning of new cloud services operational costs remained flat. with a high degree of automation. •  he time needed to provision 200 virtual T machines was reduced by over 90%. •  he company decreased administrative T workload by 70%. 5 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 6. Virtualization RealizedVirtualization powers a rapidly growingmultimedia company forward.The Challenge:Buying more hardware to solve problems. The Results:The Story: •  erold can now deal with enormous amounts HHerold is a provider of multimedia search and loca- of data and requests quickly and efficiently.tion-based services, as well as a print-focuseddirectory services company. They’re the kind of •  he company has enough computing power, Tbusiness that must deliver innovative, highly scalable I/O and storage for the highest levels ofsolutions at low cost and high speed. Which is why, availability and performance.internally, they needed to help their teams developnew software and generate new value — withoutconstantly buying more hardware. What they reallyneeded, however, was a partner, one that could offerrobust solutions and better capacity planning, andrelieve the constant pressure to procure hardware. With this standardized platform, it is easy to use IBM tools, middleware and servers to build optimizedThe solution was for IBM to host Herold’s entireproduction environment in its data center. This development, preproduction and productionkeeps Herold ahead of their competition. And the environments.” – Jorg Weis, Herold Operations Managementpay-as-you-go model means they can add or removehardware based on need. No more buyinginfrastructure just to solve issues with capacity. 6 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 7. Virtualization RealizedResearcher in Romania fosters scientificadvancement through virtualization.The Challenge: resources, backed by fully virtualized data storageOutdated IT delays progress. with highly parallelized access. As a result, RoGrid The Results: can now scale resources up or down to meetThe Story: changing requirements in a completely seamless way. •  oGrid can tackle major scientific, medical RThe Romanian National Grid Initiative (RoGrid) and engineering challenges for cutting-edgedelivers high-performance computing for research developments in aeronautics, seismology,projects in medicine, life sciences, aerospace and Our computing image analysis and other scientific arenas.meteorology. Based at Polytechnic University ofBucharest, the company’s projects produce many resources are now •  ompany can optimize its computing Cterabytes of data that must be made available for completely distinct and resources to meet each specifichigh-speed analysis both during and after optimized for different computational requirement, with the flexibilitycomputation. They need superior performance, tasks. Yet they’re all to orchestrate resources as required.flexibility, reliability, cost-effectiveness — and theability to match different computational requirements managed in the same • mproved system and storage performance Ito the most appropriate hardware architecture. way. BladeCenter ensures optimum responsiveness and really enables diversity system availability.Partnering with IBM, RoGrid established an IBM without unnecessaryBladeCenter supercomputing environment that now • nfrastructure is now consistent and easy to Isupports multiple-processor architectures, matching cost or complexity.” manage, saving admin time.each different computational workload to the ideal — mil Slusanschi, Associate Professor, E Computer Science and Engineeringplatform. The solution also acts as a private cloud, •  ong-term operational costs are low and Lproviding an array of flexible virtualized computing cost effective. 7 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  • 8. Virtualization RealizedThe bottom line?Virtualization simply works.Coupling delivery optimization with processautomation can yield increased performance forworkloads and greater efficiency within yourinfrastructure. Best of all, it better prepares you tomeet the demands of a growing business.> Learn more about how virtualization can help you and your business. Download the full eBook or call IBM at 1-877-426-2223. 8 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion