10 Tips To Help Boost Your Midsize Organization's Computing Performance

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  • 1. 10 tips to help boost your midsize organization’s computing performance. Do more with less. Get cloud ready. Reduce downtime. These are just a few of the mantras that challenge today’s midsize organizations. But what can you do to get started today? Brought to you by
  • 2. Find Out What You Don’t Know. Start by taking inventory of your servers (both physical and virtual) as well as the middleware, applications, SaaS and other public cloud services. Brought to you by
  • 3. Locate Redundancies and Stray Licenses. Most applications can be consolidated or virtualized, and many licenses may no longer be needed. It’s the perfect time to lighten your software load. Brought to you by
  • 4. Simplify Whenever Possible. The more pieces of your infrastructure that are simplified and preintegrated, the easier it will be to implement current and future solutions. With the preintegrated IBM i, you can continue to simplify and grow with ease. Brought to you by
  • 5. Consider Hardware Made for Open System Software. By implementing hardware that works with an open source environment like IBM PowerLinuxTM, organizations have demonstrated up to twice the level of efficiency as traditional Windows systems when deploying SAP. Brought to you by
  • 6. Think Outside the Box Today, the underlying server operating system may no longer be a determining factor. It’s time to think of nontraditional approaches, like IBM Power ® running on Linux, IBM i or AIX ®. Brought to you by
  • 7. Want to learn other helpful tips to boost your computing performance? Discover these and five more in the full IT Manager’s Journal,“10 Ways to Boost Computing Performance in Midsize Organizations.” IT Manager’s Journal > Brought to you by