midas NFX 2013: Towards a New Generation of Mechanical FEA Solution


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Slides version for NFX 2013 Online Release Seminar. This webinar Introduces and demonstrates enhancements of NFX's new updates: such as Mid-Surface Extraction, Implicit Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Transient Nonlinear Heat Stress, Optimization....

NFX is a FEA generalist software committing to make your FEA work efficient and cost effective. Go achieve this goal, NFX carries 3 most distinguishable characteristics:
1) CAE/CFD solution-in-one interface: This makes NFX more multidisciplinary, and seriously saves your effort to switch between platforms.
2) Intuitive workflow and GUI: NFX is designed to carry out complicated tasks in headache-free ways. Consistent feedbacks about “fast learning curve” and “junior engineer friendly” make us confident to claim for the best in this one.
3) High-end analysis capacity with affordable price:  provides total solutions from high-end structural analysis functions such as contact analysis, nonlinear analysis, explicit dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis in addition to high-end fluid analysis functions such as moving mesh, free surface analysis and mass transfer analysis.

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midas NFX 2013: Towards a New Generation of Mechanical FEA Solution

  1. 1. midas NFX 2013Release WebinarApoorv Sharma Cyprien Rusu Piotr Stepien
  2. 2. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignI. Why midas NFX ?II. What is midas NFX?III.What is new in NFX 2013?IV.Development RoadmapV. Project applicationVI.Next EventsSummary
  3. 3. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignCAE Analysis for Product Designhttp://feaforall.com/2013/03/31/what-is-cae/
  4. 4. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven Design2. Fast analysis and resultsevaluation with Minimum Operations3. Immediate Re-Analysis in case ofchange in CAD model with the same datatransferred from the step 11. Application in practicewith Minimum Learning4. Auto generation ofCustomized Analysis ReportCAD Designer’s CAE Workflowhttp://feaforall.com/2013/06/08/5-tips-to-improve-your-fea-analysis-workflow/
  5. 5. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignCAE Analyst Workflow
  6. 6. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignAll solution-In-One InterfaceLinear StaticAnalysis(Linear Contacts,Boundary/Joints)32/64bitsHigh Performance Parallel SolversHeat Transfer/Thermal StressAnalysis(Steady / Transient)CFDAnalysis(Thermal/Fluid,Moving Mesh)FatigueAnalysisComposite MaterialsAnalysisModal/BucklingAnalysis(Prestress,Rigid/Joints)DynamicAnalysis(Time,FrequencyResponse, Random,Nonlinear Explicit)(Prestress,Rigid/Joints)Nonlinear Static/Quasi-StaticAnalysis(Material/Geometry/Contacts) Total Solutions forTrue Analysis-driven Design
  7. 7. All-in-one InterfaceLinear Static Analysis(Linear Contacts,Boundary/Joints)Modal Analysis(Prestress,Rigid/Joints)Nonlinear Static/Quasi-Static(Material/Geometry/Contacts)CFDAnalysis(Thermal/Fluid)Composite MaterialsAnalysisHeat Transfer/Thermal Stress(Steady / Transient/Nonlinear)Linear Dynamic Analysis(Time,Frequency,Random Response)BucklingAnalysis
  8. 8. All-in-one InterfaceCFD Analysis(Free Surface)CFD Analysis(Moving Mesh)Nonlinear Implicit DynamicsNonlinear Explicit DynamicsNonlinear BucklingAnalysis Topology Optimization Size OptimizationFatigue Analysis
  9. 9. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignII- What is midas NFX?
  10. 10. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignDesigner Mode Analyst Mode CAD model-based work environment Fast and simple way to performsimulation design with variousautomated functions and minimalinput requirementBasic Operations on CAD Model -for CAD DesignersPrecise Modeling and All Type of Analysis -for Simulation Engineers and MechanicalAnalysis Specialists Complex geometric modeling Various mesh generators Accurate modeling and analysis Extensive result analysis functionsDesigner / Analyst Mode in One Software
  11. 11. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignAnalyze Large Assemblies QuicklyAutomated Contact183 defined contactsLinear Static• Analysis time : 251.515sec• 32bit 2.83GHz CPU• 3.25GB RAM105 Parts ModelHybrid elements• Nodes : 162,396• Elements : 187,456• 188.328sec
  12. 12. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignFast Meshing and Superior Mesh QualityElements: 84,629Nodes: 63,395Elements: 83,136Nodes: 162,319Hexahedral elementsPyramid elementsTetrahedral elementsPrism elementsGeneral higher ordertetrahedral meshHexahedral-TetrahedralHybrid MeshHexahedralElementPyramid Element(Hexahedral-Tetrahedrallink element)TetrahedralElementHybrid Element MeshComposition Shortened analysis time & improved analysis results
  13. 13. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignMesh Quality Checkinghttp://feaforall.com/2013/04/21/cad-model-simplification-for-fea-analysis/
  14. 14. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignEasy Contact AssignmentAssembly Modelauto contact definitionIndividual contactdefinition checkContact Manager to conveniently check,revise and manage contact definitionsDepending on the viewpoints of the contact surface, the shadedsurface changes, which allows the user to easily check the locationof the contact surface.
  15. 15. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignLarge assembly models analyzed in less timeLinear Static Analysis Linear Static Analysis Linear Static AnalysisModal Analysis(50 Modes)Linear StaticAnalysisNonlinear Static Analysis(nonlinear contact)Solid Mesh (156,862)Nodes (272,597)Degrees ofFreedom (817,791)Solid Mesh (163,143)Nodes (303,347)Degrees ofFreedom (916,890)Shell/Beam Mesh(156,862)Nodes (272,597)Degrees ofFreedom (951,378)Shell Mesh (170,123)Nodes (162,391)Degrees ofFreedom (974,346)Solid Mesh (154,320)Nodes (280,060)Degrees ofFreedom (840,180)32bits 64bits 32bits 32bits 64bits 64bitsAMG MFS AMG AMG AMG MFS MFS232 sec 149 sec 138 sec 548 sec 160 sec 1.16 Hour 51 sec1010 sec,No of iterations: 27 1 time: 37 sec※ MFS (Multi-frontal, Direct Method), AMG (Algebraic Multigrid, Iterative Method)
  16. 16. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignIII- What is new in NFX 2013?
  17. 17. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignLarge-Scale Models526 parts1,890 parts1,502 parts132 parts45 parts• New optimized framework that fully supports 64-bit systems• Memory usage reduction & GUI improvement by new graphic engine developmentoptimized for large scale model• Improvement of Database configuration and management efficiency
  18. 18. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignAnalysis WizardAnalysis WizardLinear StaticModalBucklingHeat Transfer
  19. 19. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWizards linear, modal, buckling, heat transferanalysis, practical interpretation1. Analysis Type2. CAD Model Import3. Define Material 4. Load/Boundary Condition5. Analysis6. ResultAssembly ModelImportThermalconditionsapplicationAuto-meshingAutomatic heatcontact between partsResultFor Design
  20. 20. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignSimplification tool ImprovementRemove Holes Remove FilletsRemove Faces/LinesMerge Faces Reinforcement of simplification tool Meshing Quality Improvement by Removing imprinted Face/Edges & Merging Faces
  21. 21. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignMid-Surface ExtractionMid-Surface ExtractionManualAutoAuto Manual Solid Model Shell ModelMid-Surface Extraction(Auto Manual)Meshing Primary Mode Secondary Mode
  22. 22. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWatch the demo on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1rGvsFj-8APiotr StepienMidas NFXCAE Analyst
  23. 23. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignCreep Material Models and Heat Transferby RadiationNodes: 263,283Elements: 222,048Total CPU time: 54,903.6 secWall clock time: 46,720.9 secImprovement of Heat transfer by radiation90%Creep MaterialCreepEmpirical Law (Class1)Empirical Law (Class1)Input from tableDeformationby self loadDeformation byCreep effectTotal CPU time: 6,737.8 secWall clock time: 3,963.6 sec
  24. 24. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignImplicit Nonlinear Dynamic AnalysisMaterial Prop. (2D Orthotropic)[0/90/45/-45]s : 8Ply (2.03mm)ValueLongitudinal Modulus 38.61GPaLateral Modulus 8.27GPaPoisson’s Ratio 0.26In-Plane Shear Modulus 4.14GPaLongitudinal Transverse ShearModulus4.14GPaLateral Transverse Shear Modulus 4.14GPaLongitudinal Tensile Failure Stress 1,061.79MPaLateral Tensile Failure Stress 31.03MPaLongitudinal Compressive FailureStress610.19MPaLateral Compressive Failure Stress 117.90MPaShear Failure Stress 71.71MPaPlate : Composite MaterialRigid Body : SteelInitial Velocity: 12.74m/sec fall / crash analysis on composite board
  25. 25. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWatch the demo on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcv56kJDLIs&feature=youtu.bePiotr StepienMidas NFXCAE Analyst
  26. 26. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignTransient Non-linear Heat Stress AnalysisStep - 1 : Transient Heat Transfer AnalysisStep - 2 : Temperature Extract by timeperiodStep - 3 : Temperature  Heat StressStep – 4 : Non-linear AnalysisTransient Heat Transfer AnalysisTemperature change in timeShape change in timeTransient Non-linearHeat Stress Analysis(Automated Process)Nonlinear Static Analysisconsidering thermal load&
  27. 27. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWatch the demo on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbahTRdJhK0Piotr StepienMidas NFXCAE Analyst
  28. 28. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignDesign Optimization in All AreasThermal/Fluid Analysis• Steady state/transient thermal Analysis• Thermal stress/deformation• Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Stiffness/Resistance/Durability• Linear Static• Buckling• Nonlinear Static• Nonlinear Explicit Dynamic• Fatigue/ durability Analysis• Topology optimizationDynamics/Motion Analysis• Random Dynamics• Spectrum Response•Multi Body Dynamics•Modal Analysis• Transient Response• Frequency ResponseOptimum Design• Topology and Size Optimization•Optimized model generation
  29. 29. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignTopology optimization of Design Related Analysis Type: Linear Static, Modal, Frequency Response Design limitation condition on Stress, Strain, Volume, Draw Direction/Symmetric Condition Concurrent Optimization for various operation/load conditions Analysis Model Automatic Re-Generation/Mesh Smoothing without additional CAD operation convenient features: Mode Detection, Design/Non-design area definitionDefine Design Area OptimizationOptimization with Unique Max ValueEigen ValueDesign condition (Draw Direction)Design EvaluationNo conditionModel GenerationOptimization with Design
  30. 30. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWatch the demo on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQunlvU-WuoPiotr StepienMidas NFXCAE Analyst
  31. 31. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignSize Optimization of Design Interact with all types of Heat/Structural Optimization Design Variable of property/material : Intuitive size optimization Design SamplingVarious Methods (FFD, CCD, OA, LHD) & 1D Parameter StudyCorrelation between Design variable & response Analysis Size Optimization by Approximate Model: Kriging model, Polynomial Regression model2D/3D Graphic tool for approximate model analysis00Sampling & Response Face Generation1.Design Area Set4.Size optimization 3.Parameter ModelingDV1DV2DV3DV4DV3DV22. Topology Optimization
  32. 32. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignWatch the demo on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx63UdvCnvwPiotr StepienMidas NFXCAE Analyst
  33. 33. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignIV- Development Roadmap
  34. 34. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignDevelopment RoadmapNFX 2014•Direct mesh edit/control• GPU based high performance matrix calculationsolver• Optimization (Size 2nd, Bead)NFX 2015• GPU based high performance dynamic solver(Explicit)• Optimization (reliability)• Materials (Crash/damage models)NFX 2016•Optimization (shape)• Noise/Sound Analysis• Rotor Dynamics• High Performance Dynamic Analysis
  35. 35. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignV- Project Applications
  36. 36. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignNFX ApplicationAutomotive Construction ConsumerGoodsElectronics & Semi-conductorEquipment & Machinery Materials & Chemical Energy Medical
  37. 37. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignMidas NFX Automotive Applications
  38. 38. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignRCAR Low Speed Impact AnalysisNodes: 187 512Elements: 185 351RBE2 ElementBarrier : 1,400kgConcentrated mass (COG)Simplification to assess the damage to the vehicle rear structureVehicle : 1,119kgConcentrated mass (COG)RBE2 element
  39. 39. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignRCAR Low Speed Impact Analysis-RearDisplacement -Bottom ViewEffective Plastic Strain and Crush CAN - ProgressiveCollapseDisplacement -Side View
  40. 40. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignPerformed by midas NFX explicit non-linearDynamic AnalysisRear Structure Damage (Rear View) Rear Structure Damage (Bottom View)Trunk LidSide memberRear EndPanelRear floorRockerRHRocker LH
  41. 41. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignStacker ReclaimerThis model have been generously provided by Excellutions, South Africa (www.excellutions.co.za)Analysis Intent:Evaluating the transfer ofConveyor, Gearbox andBucket Wheel of an oldermachine onto a newerlightweight structure.0
  42. 42. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignCrane Stability Check Analysis Type• Linear Static Analysis• Sliding Contact62kgf62kgf420kgf420kgf300kgf300kgf< Deformation Shape& Stress Distribution><Stress Distribution of bolts><Fixed boundary Deformation Shape > Loads/Boundaryconditions
  43. 43. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignHeat Transfer of TV LCD panelAnalysis of Thermal StressResult of Stress distribution< Maximum Frame banded : 0.2mm>Result of Deformation<Maximum Frame banded : 0.2mm>Analysis of ThermalTransfer<Front>010203040506070800 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3Temperature(℃)Time (sec)A<Front>B<Back>AB Analysis Type• Heat Transfer• Thermal Stress Target ModelA
  44. 44. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignStair Lift Stability Check Loads & Boundary ConditionFootrestPlate Seat SquabSpineArmrestArmrest Results<Deformation Shape> <Stress Distribution> FE Model Target Model
  45. 45. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignStructural StabilityInternalpressure loadFrame analysis resultFrame bending shapeFrame of Bending MomentDiagramConcentrated StressdistributionHoop Stress(On-Curve Diagram)Silo DeformationShape andStress distributionUpper Siloanalysis result RkYekRq /1   22cossin qpq  Analysis Type• Linear Static Analysis•1D, 2D Elements
  46. 46. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignVI- Next Events
  47. 47. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignTechnical Webinar Series (All Free)Time: end, June ~ JulyBeginner Level Topics• Work with complex shapes• Contact analysis in easy way• Nonlinear analysis for beginnersMid-level Topics• Optimization• Non linear (geometric & material)• Dynamic Analysis• BenchmarksHigh-end Topics• Fatigue analysis• Composite analysis• Frequency vs. Spectrum response• Explicit cases (Impact + post buckling behavior + ....)Industry Application Sessions• Automotive
  48. 48. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignMore from NFX NetworkmidasNFX.comStacker Reclaimer Model:Typical Application: Bulk Material Handling - Thestacking and Reclaiming of Coal/Iron Ore frommaterial heaps in Bulk Storage YardsAnalysis Intent:Evaluating the transfer of Conveyor, Gearbox andBucket Wheel of an older machine onto a newerlightweight structure.FEAApplication :Evaluate the stress distribution through the structure as the counterweight is slowly being increased to apoint where the existing luffing hydraulicscan accommodate the out of balance portion of the boom and operational payload. Highly stresses areaswill have to be modified/changed.Different structural solutions can now be evaluated to ensure structural integrity during operations. Oncethe needed modifications have been decided on,Download Model andTry by yourself
  49. 49. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignMore from NFX NetworkmidasNFX.com
  50. 50. Total Solutions for True Analysis-driven DesignTry midas NFXhttp://www.midasnfx.com/Downloads/trial.asp