Meet the MidAmerica Board 2013-06-27


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Meet the MidAmerica Board 2013-06-27

  1. 1. Meet Your Board MidAmerica Board of Trustees 2013-2014
  2. 2. Rev. Bill Sasso President Term: 2015 • Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship Carbondale, Illinois • 13 years of UU parish ministry (now retired), and President of the Central Midwest District • Sharing my life with Kathy, my wife; Elena, my daughter; and Molly, our lab-shepherd mix • I celebrate autumn with hikes in the forest amid the gorgeous fall colors.
  3. 3. Charlotte Preston Vice President • White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church • Mahtomedi, Minnesota • Prairie Star District Board; I also led Linchpin, communicating about forming the MidAmerica Region. • Small business owner working in the global jewelry industry. • Fall fun for me is sharing a scooter ride with my partner Mary and son Jake. Term: 2015
  4. 4. Eric Huffer Secretary Term: 2016 • Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington Lexington, Kentucky • Heartland District Nominating Committee; I am chairing the Denominational Affairs committee in my congregation. • I work in administration for a large ambulatory surgery center; every day is different. • I look forward to a fall of hiking, farmers' markets, and gardening.
  5. 5. Tom Sommerfeld Treasurer Term: 2016 • Northwoods UU Fellowship Woodruff, Wisconsin • 7 years as treasurer for the congregation • Living on a lake in the woods, making/listening to music, preparing my Classical radio show. • I enjoy visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan for friends and football in the fall.
  6. 6. Amy Taylor Trustee Term: 2014 • Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana • OWL Facilitator, Heartland District President • Professionally, I am a Commodities Manager/ Procurement Specialist. • In the fall I love to go "leaf peeping," visit orchards and sample apple cider.
  7. 7. Rev. Cindy Landrum Trustee • • • • Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty Clarklake (Jackson County), Michigan Parish ministry for 12 years, chapter president for Heartland’s UU Ministers’ Association. My husband, Peter Morrison, our daughter and I, are active in art. Fall means back-to-school for husband and daughter, pumpkin carving, hay rides, and apple-picking. Term: 2015
  8. 8. Dave Martin Trustee Term: 2016 • Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City Iowa City, Iowa • I have been Secretary and Vice-President of the Prairie Star District Board. • I work in library administration at the University of Iowa. • I look forward to a fall of hiking, biking, and golf.
  9. 9. Erin McElroy Trustee • Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist Kenosha, Wisconsin • I have served as youth chair on my church’s Religious Education Committee as well as aided in the planning of Youth CONs (Conferences). • I make music to share with those I hold dearest. • Fall is a time of change and new starts with the school semester. Term: 2014 No photo is shown of this board member due to our Youth Safety policies.
  10. 10. Kathy Burek Trustee Term: 2014 • Michael Servetus Unitarian Society Fridley, Minnesota • Prairie Star District President, District Presidents’ Association President • Self-employed management consultant. Married nearly 43 years. Three adult children; no grandchildren. One cat. • In the fall, we love hiking in Minnesota’s state parks.
  11. 11. Rev. Ian Evison Ex-Officio • • • • Beverly Unitarian Church Chicago, Illinois Part of staff team that created the vision for administrative structure & program of MidAmerica; former Congregational Services Director, Central MidWest District A UU minister, I have long ministered in reinventing UU organizations. Love going on amazing adventures with good friends and family—like canoeing in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. Congregational Life Consultant