Membership Webinar 2012-06-04


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  • Welcome to all; won’t go around at the moment; too many folks out there;17 congregations, and four (at least) who have full boards watching; could be as many as 70 people – so no intros tonightI am DE of HL; lifelong UU; minister for 20 years; serving my 5th year in HL as DE (two stints)With this many people – won’t be able to stop for comments, or have 70 people ask questions; so – post questions on the chat portion of SlideShare; can stay on for a bit of time after the “official call” or can email me with questions after the fact. Overwhelmed by the numbers; if get through the “prepared” material, will open it up to questions/conversations
  • Recorded webinar – will end up archiving on web for future reference; can use whenever you want; on demand
  • Membership Webinar 2012-06-04

    1. 1. Webinar They Joined, They Love Us, Now What? will begin soon!
    2. 2. They Joined, They Love Us – Now What? How to keep your newer members active and involved!
    3. 3. Brought to you by MidAmerica Region Central MidWest, Heartland and Prairie Star Districts
    4. 4. Welcome! Welcome Introductions Technical Issues
    5. 5. This Webinar is Being Recorded
    6. 6. They Joined, They Love Us – Now What? How to keep your newer members active and involved!
    7. 7. Connections - create 6-7 strong relationships
    8. 8. Beyond New UU > Faith Formation <  Many books at UUA bookstore with free study guides  Turn participants into leaders  Use articles on the web for reading and reflection
    9. 9. Meaningful Contributions / Making a Difference
    10. 10. Sacred Dimensions at Every Gathering, Meeting, or Event
    11. 11. Support members in living their UU values everyday  Why are we here?  What difference will we make in our neighborhood, community, the world?  How can we help each other with this?
    12. 12. Include education & spiritual reflection with all SJ work
    13. 13. Reframe committee work, tasks into forms of ministry. Be creative, adopt attitude of experimentation, get input from ALL!
    14. 14. Leadership development is constant, consistent & fun!
    15. 15. Spiritual growth central to leadership; new leaders constantly being trained
    16. 16. Create online networks to reinforce and extend faith formation Use social media to connect all members with congregation and each other
    17. 17. Endless variety of free online resources to link to!  TED talks  YouTube videos  Food for the Soul  Recorded sermons, podcasts from UU congregations
    18. 18. Use themes to develop theological concepts
    19. 19. Invite trusted members to be part of a team to create ideas & resources to extend learning experiences for deeper faith development.