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  • 1. 1. Relevance of these 10 slides • It may be be trivial • It may be wrong • It all depends on you
  • 2. 2. Context • Products that depend on an organically growing active user base • Get a massive amount of users ‘for free’ (zero advertisement budget) • Creating value first, monetize later
  • 3. 3. “Mobile Marketing” Do you need it; seriously? • Why?! • To get users? • What kind? • Actives! • Very active actives • How is mobile marketing going to help you?! • (In case you wonder; getting e.g. paid downloads is a different kind of business, see context)
  • 4. 4. When do you need to think about “growth hacking” • Depends on your product • You can do all the growth hacking you want, if you have a leaky bucket it’ll going nowhere • Focus on retention and engagement first
  • 5. 5. Growth hacking? • Usually seen in a pretty technical context in startups - be careful • In-app ‘invites’ • Sharing in existing social graphs (discover) • Nothing wrong with the tools, but double check relevance to your product and be open to other ideas
  • 6. 6. WOM • The holy grail - very strong, and very free *when it works • “People talking about your stuff” AND make other people excited and curious • Why would they do that?
  • 7. 7. WOM 2 • Journalists, mainstream media, celebreties, etc. talking about your stuff • Why would they do that?
  • 8. 8. Why do people talk about your stuff • They are excited about it (ranging from value they get, experiences, to cool animations *think about sustainability…) • The value of the product is increased if your peers are on it too • They want to brag about something *not directly related to the product itself • Their imagination just runs wild thinking about it • Journalists can create a story that attracts a lot of readers *they obviously have their own interest
  • 9. 9. Chaos • Some stuff is just unpredictable • Generate and try tons of ideas • Observe with great curiosity
  • 10. Focus on understanding