The Impact of Future Technologies on Teaching & Learning: 2012 SIMS Independent Annual Conference


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Keynote presentation on the Impact of Future Technologies on Teaching & Learning from the Capita 2012 SIMS Independent Annual Conference.

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  • Digitising the existing methods of teaching and learning?
  • Let’s go to another example of how students are using technology to access content. Let’s say a student is asked to look up incarceration rates in the US. Most likely, he/she will go to Wikepedia….
  • Can this same content be delivered through the use of technology in a new way? Can this new way help the student more aptly remember and absorb the content? (Give Chris Jordan example) Can technology completely change the impact of learning outcomes?
  • Key Talking Points:Technology can serve the device with engaging content Option to talk about deep zoom
  • Key Talking Points:Why is it that this signals the onset of demotivation for the learner, and often also means the opportunity has ended…
  • Personalized learning hopes to engage students, and one of the ways I believe we can do this is through what Jane McGonigal calls “epic win moments” – if you haven’t heard Jane speak then I would definitely recommend heading over to and taking a look at her most recent talk. Epic win moments, like the one pictured here… anxiety, nerves, hope, excitement, commitment… these are the emotions we can inspire in learners, and these are the emotions we should inspire in learners… so what can we take from gaming – an industry transformed by technology – and apply to education?
  • The Impact of Future Technologies on Teaching & Learning: 2012 SIMS Independent Annual Conference

    1. 1. The Impact of FutureTim BushMarketing Manager Technologies onUK EducationMicrosoft Teaching & Learning
    2. 2. @tbush
    3. 3. Productivity Future Vision• Touch• Mobile• Location• Devices• Anytime, Anywhere working/learning• Foundation for what we are going to discuss
    4. 4. Trends
    5. 5. Economic Trends• Budget cuts - schools need to do more with less• The world economy is changing and it is affecting education• Education needs to become more relevant
    6. 6. IDC in the next decade 77% of all jobs will require technical skills yet there are many countries that are notproducing STEM graduates at a rate to fill those jobs
    7. 7. Social Connections• The world is increasingly interconnected as economies and cultures intertwine more and more• It’s not uncommon today for students teachers and faculty in completely different geographic locations to connect virtually• Social Media now dominates as a real time feed for news and stories and world sentiment
    8. 8. NUI
    9. 9. NUI
    10. 10. Devices (BYOD)
    11. 11. The Cloud• Shift in how software and services are purchased• On demand model that is more elastic• Open access to computer horsepower that before would have been unaffordable
    12. 12. Trends: Education & Learning
    13. 13. Blending of informal and formal learning
    14. 14. Digital Content Revolution• eBooks• Apps• Website• Search
    15. 15. Personalised Learning• Increase in data• Cost effectiveness of cloud computing• personalized learning environment for each student where he/she learns best and most effectively is quickly becoming more and more possible
    16. 16. Our current use of technology ineducation is a vehicle for telling us how far we havent come
    17. 17. • Much of the advances in technology in education have been around automating age old ways of learning
    18. 18. eBooks: Prime Example• eBooks not necessarily the future of technology in education‘• eBooks with the addition of the internet which connects readers with a global reading group, is more exciting
    19. 19. Future Impact of Tech on Teaching & Learning: Key Driver• Social connections/Internet and more…• Surely technology should change what we learn and how we teach
    20. 20. Furthermore… Young learners are attending classalready prewired with content thatthey have discovered online (and if they havent, they easily could)!
    21. 21. Impact: Role of the Teacher is Changing• Content curator• Being a guide• Developing opportunities for young learners to have a connection with their learning material.
    22. 22. Role of the teacher more important than ever!
    23. 23. With teachers in mind: Tech and bad teachers has no impactand little scale, whereas tech and great teachers have the ability to help learner achieve their full potential
    24. 24. Devices• Digital devices has improved attainment by 20%• The devices didnt make anyone smarter• The teachers and the students improved attainment. The tech just serviced this journey
    25. 25. Creating emotional and personalized experiences using that technologyrather than simply digitizing traditional methods is going to be key
    26. 26.
    27. 27. technology to serveengaging content
    28. 28. it requires technology to serveengaging content
    29. 29. technology that enablesimmersive experiences
    30. 30. Tech in education should be more about this and creating personalisedexperiences and not simply automated
    31. 31. Gaming in Education: Perfect reflection of this…
    32. 32. Gaming focuses on emotion - funnygames, scary games etc - I believe thatwe need to get to this same place with the use of tech in education
    33. 33. Gaming in Education• Games offer: – Challenge – Progression – Reward – Personalised real-time experiences
    34. 34. Games based learning supports this brilliantly!
    35. 35. Jane McGonical (TED)
    36. 36. Games• Failure is a positive thing• Within a new game you die/fail often• Improve with time until you become an expert• Why not the same in education assessment?
    37. 37. and the creation ofmoments like these
    38. 38. Skills & Culture
    39. 39. Impact on Teaching and Learning• Anytime, Anywhere learning• Devices/BYOD• Cloud• Teachers• Emotional connections to learning• Gaming in Education• STEM
    41. 41. Images• Crytstal Ball• Budget Cuts• STEM• Arab Spring :• BYOD• Cloud Image• Students in coffee shop• Kindle :• Social graph• Lecture hall• Super teacher :• Super Powers &first=0&FORM=IDFRIR• Face =0&FORM=IDFRIR• Beatles st=0&FORM=IDFRIR• Back to the future - 0503ADB6422&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR• Baby iPad 9F3BA&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR• STEM 1&FORM=IDFRIR