Office 365 & IT Academy Training


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Office 365 & IT Academy Training

  1. 1. Network Manager & IT Pro Teachers & Staff StudentsCertification MCP 70-321: Deploying Office 365 MOS 77-891: Microsoft Office 365 MOS 77-891: Microsoft Office 365 MCP 70-323: Administering Office 365E-Learning Administering Office 365 (prep for 70-323) Sharing and Working with Teams using Sharing and Working with Teams using •“Getting Started with Office 365” Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 •“Managing Office 365 Users, Roles and Identities” (prep for exam 77-891) (prep for exam 77-891) •“Installing Client Computers with Remote Connectivity for Office 365” Communicating and Collaborating with Communicating and Collaborating with •“Administering Exchange Online Mailboxes and Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 Groups in Office 365” (prep for exam 77-891) (prep for exam 77-891) •“Managing Exchange Online Security and Compliance in Office 365” •“Configuring Exchange Online in a Hybrid Environment for Office 365” •“Integrating SharePoint Online with Office 365” •“Integrating Lync Online with Office 365”E-Reference MOS Study Guide for Office 365 MOS Study Guide for Office 365Additional • +50% Discount on MCP exam fees (e.g. £48 vs. • 10 x Free MOS Vouchers p.a.IT Academy Benefits £99 RRP) • Free Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) • Free Technical E-Learning catalogue Membership • +50% Discount on Microsoft Official Courseware • 5 x E-Reference Library Subscriptions (MOC) • Academic Pricing on Site Licenses for MOS
  2. 2. Seamless AccessSingle Sign-On: IT Academy Programintegration with O365
  3. 3. SOURCE: E-Skills, Technology Insights 2011
  4. 4. Proficiency and deep expertise of MicrosoftMicrosoft Office Specialist Office programs MASTER Requires 4 exams: Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, and either Outlook or AccessMicrosoft Office Specialist Advanced skills in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel EXPERT Core skills in Microsoft Office:Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SPECIALIST Outlook, OneNote, and SharePoint
  5. 5. SOURCE: Post Microsoft Office Certification Impact on the Job (Certiport Survey, 2007)
  6. 6. 250 E-learning One low cost Teacher Prepare students Member websiteCourses provides Certification Start by validating skills with logos, posters, curriculum for Kits: through curriculum FAQ’sLesson Plans every student, 20 x MTA aligned to faculty and staff 10 x MOS Microsoft Support throughDigital Literacy certifications Regional Supportcurriculum and DreamSpark – free Microsoft Certified Centre andresources software for staff Trainer (MCT) Leverage partner Microsoft and teachers membership with awarding AcademicTest Banks bodies e.g. AQA Partners (MASP) Academic UNESCO CFT-ICT GCSE600 Title E- discounts on curriculum and Connection andReference Library official courseware assessment Certification community with all and certification mapped to QCF IT Academies licenses
  7. 7. Education Leaders see Value in ITA“Thanks to the NCDPI’s partnershipwith Microsoft, school districts are “I am especially pleased that we willsaving up to $5M a year in software, be able to level the playing fieldprofessional development, and other from school to school and fromcosts; teachers are improving their district to district. In today’stechnology knowledge; and students economy, providing the Microsoft ITare building the twenty-first century Academy to high schools just makesskills that will make them more sense and takes our students onemarketable to future employers.” step closer to being career and college ready.” -Dr June Atkinson, NC Superintendent of Public Instruction
  8. 8. MOS-Information MCTS/MCITP E- E-Reference Library (5 Microsoft Certified Worker E-Learning Learning Collection for licenses) Trainer (MCT) (one Collection for 30 30 students and staff MCT) studentsMarketing Materials, MOS & MTA Exams MCTS/MCITP E- Actual Cost per ITA:Collateral Teacher Starter Kit (10 Learning Collection for MOS & 20 MTA Teachers and Staff vouchers) Total Value: