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DreamSpark Standard Getting Started Guide DreamSpark Standard Getting Started Guide Presentation Transcript

  • DreamSpark StandardGetting Started Guidefor Academic Volume LicensingcustomersAgreements: EES, OVS-ES, Campus,School Agreement
  • Table of ContentsWhat is DreamSpark?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Slide 3-7Instructions: How to Enroll or Renew a Subscription . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Slide 8-18Access to Software and Tools via DreamSpark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Slide 19-25Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Slide 26-29Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Slide 30-31
  • A unique opportunity for students and educatorsDreamSpark • Access to the latest professional designer and development tools fromprovides: Microsoft. • No cost for verified students and educators. • A chance to learn and teach the newest technologies. • Helps students chase their dreams and achieve their full potential. • Helps educators to expand their professional portfolio.
  • Why DreamSpark?For students: For faculty:• Makes learning more • DreamSpark provides tools motivating, engaging and and resources to challenge, relevant for today’s students. engage and excite their• Helps students raise their students in the classroom. skills to prepare for a • Faculty can learn new technology career. technologies to help students• Free access to developer achieve their career goals. software gives them a chance to create apps they dream about.
  • 3 DreamSpark Standard Licensing• Perpetual rights: Software can be used after DreamSpark Licensing graduation according to EULA terms (non- Standard commercial use).• Software can be used for research, training, learning Perpetual Rights  purposes only. Academic/Non-commercial usage• Two copies of software for each student enrolled in (exception (development of Win 8,  at least 1 course and faculty members (for use in WP apps and games) school and on a personal machine).• Only physical lab machines that do not leave campus Usage grounds qualify for “naked PC’’ clause, i.e. can install Campus Wide Distribution  without having previous version of Windows. (K-12, HED) STEM Department Only Note: • Detailed usage guidelines can be accessed on these pages: Lab Installation  • DreamSpark Standard • End-user Licensing information can be accessed on these pages: • DreamSpark Standard Students and Faculty Machines 
  • 4 What is Included in DreamSpark Standard? DreamSpark Product Categories Line-up • DreamSpark Standard: Over 30 products, Standard mainly developer, gaming and designer Operating Systems tools, plus Microsoft Windows Server, Visual Windows Server  Studio Professional, Expression, and SQL Developer & Design Tools Server.  Visual Studio Professional Expression  Windows Embedded  Servers SQL Server 
  • DreamSpark renewal pathAs of January 16th,2012, customers are no longer able to buy MSDN Designer AA orMSDN High School AA.• Designer AA and High School AA have been retired (current accounts can be used until expiration, then the renewal path will be DreamSpark Standard).• DreamSpark Standard subscription is a new subscription type with a new product catalog which is for all institution types (from K12 to Higher Education).
  • Instructions:How to enroll or renew asubscription
  • Step 1: Go to DreamSpark.com 1The person enrolling must be the personthat will act as Program Administrator forthe subscription.1. From DreamSpark.com, click on “Academic Institutions.”2. Click on tab 3 ‘’Enroll.’’ 2
  • Step 2: select your country and subscription level1. Users must select their country to get to region-specific order form.2. Then select DreamSpark Standard3. Click “continue” to proceed. 1 2 3
  • Step 3: specify if it is a new or existing subscriptionUsers must select whether they are enrolling in a new or renewal subscription.
  • Step 4: Renewal – add your existing subscription detailsIn case of renewals, users need to input the First and Last name of the current subscription administrator(account holder) and the current subscription ID # of the subscription they wish to renew. Note: If you had previously activated an Electronic License Management System Webstore as part of your subscription, please make sure to renew within 60 days from your expiration date to keep your current subscriber ID and ensure that you can continue to use the same ELMS webstore.
  • Step 5: fill in the institution information1. This is where the user inputs the DreamSpark Standard promotion code. This will set the price to $0.2. The user must input his Academic agreement number.
  • Step 6: select the subscription typeThe user must choose the type ofsubscription to enroll in. Price isset $0 because of the previouslyentered promo code.
  • Step 7: sign in with your Microsoft accountUsers sign in with theirMicrosoft Account (previouslyWindows Live ID). This emailaddress will be associated withthe subscription, i.e. as theProgram Administrator.
  • Step 8: complete the order formUser will need to complete the order form, whichrequires: • Contact information. • Institution’s information. • Tax information is not required since you are enrolling using a 100% off promo code.
  • Step 9: review the form and place the order1. Review the form2. Select “I Agree” at the bottom of the screen if you agree with the Terms and Conditions.3. Select “Place Order”4. Keep a copy of the Order Receipt
  • What to Expect After EnrollingReview Fulfillment You receive an email that confirms your order After the eligibility check is information.Once the order is completed, the subscription Once you subscription issubmitted, a Microsoft approved, you receive arepresentative reviews the will be activated within 5 Welcome email with yourinformation. Allow up to 7 days. subscriber ID#.business days.Note:The entire process from Eligibility check to Activation could take up to three weeks (10 business days + 5 business days)You must first wait for your subscription to be active before moving to the next steps of accessing the MSDN portal and ELMS store.
  • Access tosoftware andtools
  • Two methods to access software – via MSDN Subscription Portal Once your institution is enrolled in DreamSpark, there are two ways to get your software. 1 For Administrators can download software and product keys. Administrators only Administrators then make them available to students via the Institution’s intranet or by burning DVDs for check-out.Access through MSDNSubscription Portal
  • Two methods to access software – via ELMS WebStores 2 For students, • ELMS is a WebStore that allows your Program Administrator faculty and to distribute user accounts for students, faculty and labs, administrators provide individual product keys and restrict the product catalog if required. • A benefit offered by Microsoft to customers at no cost via our partner Kivuto (formerly known as E-academy).Access through ELMS (ElectronicLicense Management System)*WebStores*Important Note:When choosing to activate DreamSpark through the ELMS WebStore, the Administrator must create an MSDNSubscription Portal account. This is required to get access to products keys for lab installations for certainproducts, like Windows Server.
  • Subscription accessProgram Administrators can accesstheir MSDN Subscription Portal andtheir ELMS WebStore at any timethrough their academic institution’sSubscription Access page found onDreamSpark.com, in the Academicinstitution section.Note: MSDN Subscription Portalaccess is for administrators ONLY,and not for students.
  • Student access to the DreamSpark WebStores ELMS WebStores are the recommended way to deploy software to students and faculty.ELMS URLS can be hard to Step 1:remember. For students to Go to ‘More Software for youreasily access your ELMS School’ tab on the StudentWebStore, they can follow Overview page.these easy steps:Step 2: Step 3:Enter the name of your school Click on ‘Visit the WebStore.’in the Search box.
  • For details on how to deploy softwareGo to:www.DreamSpark.com/Institution/Subscription.aspx and click on Download the Deployment Guide
  • Program Administrator responsibilitiesThe PA is the person who enrolled in the DreamSpark subscription. Here are the responsibilities:Required• Enroll in DreamSpark subscription – this is the person that will have access to MSDN Subscription Portal.• Deploy software to students and educators (ELMS is recommended method.)• Provide software and product keys to students and faculty for their home/personal use directly – only required if ELMS WebStore is not deployed as software distribution method since with ELMS WebStore, students/educators can download products and keys independently.• Ensure License terms are followed and software is only used for academic developmental and research purposes.• Make any changes to membership (e.g. phone number, e-mail address, etc.) when required.• Ensure software is installed on lab machines when required.• Provide additional product keys when requested by students (e.g. their system crashed and they need to re-install) – On ELMS WebStore a student gets 2 keys but the PA can issue one additional key.• Request additional activations on Lab keys and additional individual retail product keys as needed – only applicable to products requiring activations keys like Windows, for example.• Provide Lab keys to the IT staff for assistance in installing software on lab machines for Windows since lab keys are only accessible to the PA on MSDN Subscription Portal. However, for other products, the PA can activate ELMS WebStore and request Kivuto to add other administrators so that each administrator can manage their own lab installs. This can be more easily managed if each school enrolls in a subscription and has its own PA.Recommended• Request ELMS WebStore and additional System Administrators for ELMS if needed to dreamspark@kivuto.com• Set up and maintain ELMS WebStore accounts for students and educators
  • Frequentlyaskedquestions
  • FAQsCan I have a single subscription and a single ELMS Webstore for all sites? Will I still be able to havemultiple administrators?Yes, but you need to be aware of the following limitations:- Only 1 administrator will be able to access the MSDN Subscription Portal, which means that only that administrator will be able to get access to Microsoft Operating Systems lab keys. So s/he will need to distribute keys to all other institutions’ lab administrators (and the software too if you do not deploy a ELMS). The administrator needs to be the person enrolling in the DreamSpark subscription. MSDN Subscriber portal does not allow to have multiple administrators under one subscription.- The ELMS Webstore allows multiple administrators but you need to contact dreamspark@kivuto.com to set them up. You can then organize the users of your single webstore in different user groups (one per institution/school), each with an administrator if you prefer, or just have the one administrator manage the site and software access for all institutions, whatever you prefer. Sub-administrators will be able to download products for labs but not all product keys since certain keys can only be found in the MSDN portal.
  • FAQsHow can I determine if my institution is already a member of the DreamSpark program?Go to the Subscription Access page and enter your institution’s name in the “find your academic institution”textbox. If your school or institution does not appear in the search box, your institution is not currently amember of the DreamSpark subscription program.How do I change the Program Administrator for the subscription if needed?In the event you need to, you will need to update the mailing address and the name of the contact person.Email the customer service department for your region. A full list of our Regional Service Center is available onthe Institution Support Institution Support page. Make sure to provide your Subscriber ID # and name of theinstitution/school.I have seen that the DreamSpark for Student program (direct to student offering), offers free access tostudents to post their apps on the Windows Store, Windows Phone Dev Center etc. How can mystudents avail of these offers?Your students will need to have a verified DreamSpark.com account, which is separate from their ELMSaccount. They can sign up through the Create Account page. You can find more information in the AppDevelopment pages on DreamSpark.com. Note that we have added functionality to the ELMS to getDreamSpark verification codes to simplify the DreamSpark account verification process. Look for an ad relatedto ‘’Free Windows Store access for students’’ on the ELMS Home Page to learn more.
  • FAQsHow can I find out when my subscription is expiring?Go to the MSDN Subscription Portal and check the details and expiration date under "My Account".How can I find my current Subscriber ID?Go to the MSDN Subscription Portal to find the subscriber ID under “My Subscription” in "My Account“ page.Can I renew again at no cost?In order for you to renew again at no cost, you need to first renew your Academic VL subscription or renew yourIT Academy. You will receive again the DreamSpark promo codes in your Welcome letter.I have an ELMS webstore, what do I need to do to ensure that I do not lose my webstore if myDreamSpark subscription is expiring?You will receive a DreamSpark renewal notice 60 days before you subscription expires, and then again at regularintervals as reminder. We recommend that you renew your subscription within 60 days to be able to keep thesame subscriber ID and webstore. All your student accounts, product catalog and settings will be preserved.Does my DreamSpark subscription expire at the same time as my Academic VL Agreement or IT Academy?Not in most cases: the DreamSpark subscription is valid for 1 or 3 years, depending on the promo code, from themoment you enrolled and your subscription became active.For the full list of FAQs click here.
  • Resources
  • Resources for new subscribersSoftware Deployment:New Software Deployment guide for institutions, www.dreamspark.com/Institution/Software-Deployment-Guide-en-us.pdf,detailing step by step how administrators can provide software access to students, faculty and labs via MSDN Subscriber.Portal and ELMS WebStores (available in more languages on https://www.dreamspark.com/institution/subscription.aspx)ELMS WebStore overview: www.dreamspark.com/Institution/ELMS-Overview.aspxLicensing and Usage:DreamSpark Standard usage guidelines: www.dreamspark.com/Institution/DS-Usage-Guidelines.aspxDreamSpark Standard License Agreement: www.dreamspark.com/Institution/DS-EULA.aspxSupport:DreamSpark subscription support: www.dreamspark.com/Institution/Support.aspxELMS WebStores support: dreamspark@kivuto.comFAQs:https://www.dreamspark.com/Support/FAQ/Default.aspx (Click on Institution tile.)