BETT 2012: Virtualization at Havant Academy


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BETT 2012 presentation on enhancing the server infrastructure in education.

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  • So what did the poor end user experience look like to a student?
  • So how much did you approximately save in terms of actual savings?
  • So how much did you approximately save in terms of actual savings?
  • So I can see you have around 30 virtual servers Richard, but what are they actually doing?
  • So how much did you approximately save in terms of actual savings?And what software costs – do I need to buy Hyper-V?
  • So if a school has 500 PCs with an older version of Windows Deployed say Windows XPThey can upgrade them to Windows 7 – without even needing to visit them?Ans: That’s RightThat’s Pretty Impressive, a great way to remove huge cost from upgrading
  • Another great way to remove cost with config manager are the power savingsThis can show you must your pcs are costing you to run, in kwh and co2And more importantly – you can implement a power saving policy – and it show you how much you have saved
  • So configuration manager today – will give you a secure and well managed windows pc infrastructureBut what about other mobile devicesRichard dare I ask to you have any non-windows devices in your school?Ans Yes – most of the teachers have ipadsQuestion? - So Richard how do you manage your Ipad devicesWe don’t actually – we visit each oneOk – so big news for this yearSo for the first time – in the next release of Config Manager – you will be able to manage not only windows devicesBut alsoIpads but Iphones, android based devicesSo a single management solution – that is best on Windows based devicesBut also best-in-class on other devicesIn addition to asset managementYou will be able to define and enforce security policies – for these devicesAnd if someone loses a device – we can remote wipe it
  • So that was Configuration ManagerAnother option is to manage your school entirely from the CloudSo if you are school with limited resources in terms of servers and peopleUsing Windows Intune you can manage your school PCs entirely from the cloud, via a secure web portalSo no onsite servers required – and no upfront costsWindows Intune – is based on a subscription modelYou can do all the normal things you expect – from a management solutionSoftware updates, application deployment, remote controlBut it also includes – a full antivirus solution as wellWhich you manage through the same secure web portalThe fact that is a cloud based service – also means it gets regular updates – typically twice a yearUsing a product called Windows Intune – Windows Intune is a full management and security productSo how can Windows Intune help you manage and secure PCs anywhere? The cloud service component in Windows Intune is delivered through a single, easy-to-use Web-based console. Thru this console, IT professionalscan complete a broad range of PC management and security tasks for all Windows Intune-managed PCs. All that’s needed is an Internet connection and the Windows Intune client installed on each PC they wish to manage. With Windows Intune, IT can:(Italic items are examples)Help Protect PCs from malware with centralized protection built on the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine. This leverages the same trusted technologies as Forefront Endpoint Protection and Microsoft Security Essentials. Centrally manage the deployment of updates to Microsoft® and now, most third-party software, keeping the applications your workers need currentDistribute software: One of the top feature requests for Intune since we’ve been in market has been software distribution. And with this release, we are pleased to share that we’ve now added this capability. Deploy most software like Microsoft Office 2010 or third-party applications, to PC located nearly anywhere.You don’t need to have a server infrastructure or physically touch each PC to install the software or update. Proactively monitor PCs: Receive alerts on updates, threats, offline PCs and more so that you can proactively identify and resolve problems with your PCs virtually anywhere. With this latest release, you can configure alert types to be reported according to a specified threshold, frequency, or number or percent of computers affected. This helps IT pros be as proactive as they would like about potential issues and provides them early insight into the magnitude of the issue. With remote assistance included,IT can deliver remote management and protection to keep both IT and end-users productive from virtually anywhere. And with this October release, we’ve further enhanced remote support that can be delivered - IT can now remotely perform the following tasks on Windows Intune managed PCs from the administration console - Full scan, Quick scan, Restart, Update Malware Definitions.  Track hardware and software inventory to help customers in IT planning and asset management purposes. Manage your licenses: Manage Microsoft Volume License Agreements and other license agreements - such as Microsoft retail and OEM licenses, as well as third party software - to track how many licenses you’ve purchased against what you’ve installed. Increase insight with reporting: Generate and save reports on updates, software, hardware, and licenses. Export data as a comma separated value file and import it directly into Microsoft Excel® for further analysis. With the new hardware filters, you can create detailed hardware reports. Across all report types, you can now save report parameters, making it easy to run a specific report again in the future if your environment has changed. For example, you can now create reports identifying PCs with low disk space or PCs with less than 2GB RAM and be more proactive about potential hardware issues so they can recommend next steps or needed upgrades before a user runs out of hard disk space and experiences performance issues. Set security policies. Centrally manage update, firewall, and malware protection settings across all PCs, even on remote machines outside the corporate network.We’re excited to share our second release this year with these latest features and enhancements. It’s important to note however that the core architecture remains unchanged - each new update builds upon the prior version, so regardless of when Windows Intune customers purchase the service, they will automatically get the latest and greatest features available. Microsoft continues to evolve Windows Intune, delivering richer functionality without compromising simplicity. These updates will further help IT professionals ad partners deliver proactive PC management and security - in new ways but with less costs and higher IT and end-user productivity.
  • BETT 2012: Virtualization at Havant Academy

    1. 1. Virtualization at Havant AcademyEnhancing the server infrastructure in educationRichard Markey | Assistant PrincipalRich Lane | Microsoft BETT 2012
    2. 2. Introductions• Secondary 11-16• 1st Academy in Hampshire• 450 Students• BSF project• Microsoft Innovative School Member• Curriculum underpinned by IT
    3. 3. Inherited IT Services Hardware Software Performance Inadequate disaster 13 physical servers Office 2000 and 2003 recovery solution No UPS Windows XP Limited resources Lack of expansion Limited storage Server 2003 capability Limited management of Limited memory services Limited CPU Poor end user experience
    4. 4. The Solution
    5. 5. Replacement of Existing ServersExisting Servers Hyper-V
    6. 6. Replacement of Existing ServersExisting Servers Hyper-V
    7. 7. Hyper-V Configuration Running 29 Virtual Servers Hyper-V physical hosts Highly available storage Intelligent UPS
    8. 8. Hyper-V Benefits
    9. 9. Hyper-V BenefitsFinancial Resilience Performance Scalability Take advantage of Dynamic Memory High availability of More responsive Microsoft School maximises full potential Servers services Agreement of resources Reduction of server Virtual Servers can be On going server Physical servers are hardware refreshment backed up whilst upgrades are fully utilised costs running simplified Server Infrastructure Effortless provision of Reduced support time Granular restoration can grow to support new servers Academy requirements Electrical costs and Complete Virtual Easier to plan and cooling requirements Server restoration perform maintenance are reduced More time to focus on Dynamic load handling strategy Integration with Microsoft System Center Products
    10. 10. Hyper-V With System Center
    11. 11. Hyper-V withVirtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)Features• Enhances Hyper-V manager• Convert physical to virtual• Provision VM’s from template• Tag and filter Servers• Store resources within library• Integration with PRO
    12. 12. Hyper-V withOperations Manager (SCOM)Features• Management packs to monitor Servers and applications• Integrates with SCVMM to provide PRO Tips• Can perform tasks if required
    13. 13. Hyper-V withData Protection Manager (SCDPM)Features• Complete protection of Hyper-V environment• Multiple live backups through out day• Restore entire Virtual Machines• Granular restore of files and folders• Protection for Microsoft Application Servers
    14. 14. Desktop Management
    15. 15. Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM)Features• Software Inventory• Management and deployment of Academy software• “Zero Touch” deployment for Operating Systems
    16. 16. Configuration Manager 2007 R3: Power SavingsMonitor – usagePlan - policyApply - non-peak user activity periodsand then check for exceptionsCheck - compliance and remediatenon-complianceReduce energy costsassociated with power and carbondioxide (CO2) emissionsReport savings in power consumptionand costs
    17. 17. Announcing Configuration Manager 2012Support includes:• Discovery/Inventory• Settings policy• Remote Wipe
    18. 18. Manage your School from the CloudIntroducing Windows Intune         
    19. 19. Further InformationHyper-V System Center Windows IntuneMicrosoft Stand Microsoft StandPrivate Cloud Pod Public Cloud @richlane
    20. 20. Civica UK Ltd K54Dell Corporation Limited B20European Electronique D80Hewlett Packard J40Misco UK G50