BETT 2012: Microsoft School in a Box - You Teach: We Deliver


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BETT 2012 presentation looking at the future of ICT management in schools.

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  • DTI Micros in Schools SchemeThe Departments of Trade and Industry ran the Micros in Schools Scheme from June 1 1981 to 1984, initially offering first secondary then primary schools 50% funding on purchases of microcomputers to stimulate both education and industry.This was under the Thatcher government, but it was Ken Clarke who was credited with driving it forward
  • Alongside this, the National Grid for Learning in its first phase (1998-99) provided £100 million for hardware, software and Internet connectivity for 8,000 schools; between 1998 and 2002, £657 million of grant funding was made available to schools in England through the Standards Fund to help develop provision (infrastructure, services and content). a further £710 million of expenditure was allocated between 2002 and 2004
  • In 1998 there was funding of £23 million givento supply 10,000 teachers and heads with a laptop. They were targeted for use with Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) which offered an individualised route through material very often in the context of numeracy and literacy.
  • For the last 18 months, Microsoft has been working with schools and our partners to think about how the new world is affecting you, and what the future of ICT in schools will look like
  • Joel – pausing live TV and internet on holiday for club penguin
  • Fast moving climateMore and more cheap technology in the homeOh – and schools have no money!
  • Loads of talk about School in a Box out there. James Review. Post BSF. Free Schools. Academy converters. Cloud. IT as a Service. We’re going to help you see through the fog and tell you what its all about.
  • There are over 25k schools in the UK – if you ask most of them to list their top 10 ict needs, they will tell you a lot of the same stuff. Nobody is saying all schools should be the same, but lets be realistic about what can and should be common across them all.
  • INSERT DEMO’s HERELive@EduWeb AppsSkyDrivePHONE?
  • BETT 2012: Microsoft School in a Box - You Teach: We Deliver

    1. 1. School in a BoxYou teach. We deliver.
    2. 2. Sean O’Shea@seanofthenorthMark Reynolds@themarkreynolds
    3. 3. For the firsttime in 30years, there isno ring fencedmoney for IT.
    4. 4. 1981 DTI “Micros in Schools” Scheme4
    5. 5. 1983First “mobile”computers
    6. 6. a PC on every desk and in1985 every home..Launch ofWindows
    7. 7. 1992First steps intothe internet age.
    8. 8. 1998Broadband grants for schools
    9. 9. 1999Laptops for Teachers
    10. 10. 2002 InteractiveWhiteboards
    11. 11. 2005Curriculum Software (and lots of it)
    12. 12. 2008 LearningPlatforms
    13. 13. 2010HarnessingTechnology
    14. 14. 2011
    15. 15. How can you ensure the childrensexperience of IT in schools remains relevant?
    16. 16. Its time todecide what isimportant inyour school...and whatisn’t.
    17. 17. School in a BoxYou teach. We deliver.
    18. 18. A little less conversation..
    19. 19. What is School in a Box?
    20. 20. Who is this for?
    21. 21. Celebrate difference. Accept similarity.
    22. 22. Demo
    23. 23. Early adopters.
    24. 24. “The IT as a Service model should save us money and hopefully make IT just likeany other utility. When we need more, we’ll just turn the tap and pay a bit more.” Toby Young West London Free School
    25. 25. What next? @microsoft_ed_uk Get the School in a Box eBook Join the conversation: #siab Talk to a Microsoft partner D80 D60 K54
    26. 26. @seanofthenorth Thankyou for your time.• @themarkreynolds