Building a service excellence with ms dynamics crm phua chieh sze ccc


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Building a service excellence with ms dynamics crm phua chieh sze ccc

  1. 1. Improving Sales and MarketingProductivity with MS DynamicsCRMCustomer Capital Consulting Pte Ltd Slide 1
  2. 2. WHAT IS CRM CRM is a business strategy designed to optimise profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction - Gartner
  3. 3. TYPICAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES IN MARKETING• Difficulty in demonstrating marketing ROI• Lack of real-time insight into campaigns• Poor data quality in marketing databases• Difficulty in leveraging external data sources• Inefficient processes
  4. 4. PLANNING AND BUDGETINGComprehensive capabilities for designing, Planning and Budgeting Components • Campaign definition • Target listdefining and re-using of marketing • Campaign templates • Campaign budget managementcampaigns and programs • Product catalogs • Workflow based approvalsCRM Advantage• Campaign templates for easy re-use• Intuitive tracking of estimated vs. actual costs for easy ROI analysis• Product catalogs and price lists allow for offer customization
  5. 5. DATA AND LIST MANAGEMENTSeamless management of customer data Data and List Management Components • Data import/export • Data viewsand lists and the intuitive segmentation • Data cleansing • List managementof that data • Query tools • Activity associationCRM Advantage• Data cleansing tools geared for the business user• Easy manipulation of lists and views for better segmentation• Workflow for triggers on external data sources
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTEasy execution of campaigns and seamless Campaign Management Components • Quick Campaign Wizard • Collateral managementtracking of all related communications, and • Bulk operation support • Email templatestasks for increased follow-up and results • Offer management • Outlook integrationCRM Advantage• Closed-loop campaign management• Seamless tracking of communications between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM• New campaigns just a “Next” button away
  7. 7. RESPONSE AND LEAD MANAGEMENTEnd-to-end management of responses via Response & Lead Management Components • Response tracking • Email trackingguided wizards and automated conversion • Multi channel comms support • Response conversionand follow-up of those responses • Workflow (i.e. response scoring) • Lead managementCRM Advantage• Response conversion one click away• Seamless connection to lead management enables appropriate follow-up• Powerful rules for response and lead scoring
  8. 8. MARKETING ANALYTICSFull spectrum of sales analysis capabilities Marketing Analytics Components • Dashboards • Trending and historicalranging from basic reporting to OLAP/data • Report Wizard comparisonsmining and dashboards • Standard and Custom reports • Drill-through capabilitiesCRM Advantage• Custom reports just “Next” button away• Easy report sharing and editing• Collaboration with SharePoint for audience specific portals
  9. 9. CORE COMPONENTS OF MARKETING include: • Data Import and Cleansing • List Management and Segmentation  Operational • Campaign Planning and Execution • Campaign Response Management  Analytical • Workflow across Teams and Groups • Tight Microsoft Office Integration  Collaborative • Marketing Reporting and Analytics Commonly integrated components include: • Email sending and response handling • Complex marketing resource management modules 9
  10. 10. MARKETING SCENARIOS Intelligent End-to-End Fully Targeted Holistic Lead Data Campaign Integrated Cross-Selling ManagementManagement Management Marketing and Up-SellingTools that Seamless 360° campaign Strong Insightfulempower tracking and management multi-lingual analysis formarketing conversion of with easy capabilities, identificationusers to leads across campaign seamless MS of key trendsmanage and all parts creation, Office and discoverycleanse data of the seamless integration and of hiddenacross the organization communication robust opportunitiesorganization management workflow
  11. 11. KEY BENEFITS FOR MARKETING • Clearly define the optimal marketing mix and pricing VP of • Drive new lead and revenue opportunities Marketing • Deftly articulate the ROI of marketing programs • Rapidly launch new products and offers Marketing • Efficiently plan and manage budgets of campaigns Manager • Enforce consistent branding and messaging • Achieve real-time visibility into campaign success Marketing • Effectively mange vendor and partner relationships Staff • Seamlessly track customer comms. and interactions
  12. 12. KEY BENEFITS FOR IT Chief • Achieve rapid time to value Information • Realize low total cost of ownership (TCO) Officer • Leverage consistent IT architecture & standards • Adapt to the company as it evolves and changes IT Project • Easily integrate existing applications and data Team • Extend the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Adapt to the ever-changing business requirements Business • Track key KPIs and cross-team workflows Analyst • Improve relevancy via point & click customization
  13. 13. TYPICAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES IN SALES• Poor adoption by sales staff• Lack of consistent execution in sales process• Poor productivity (limited time for actual selling)• Unreliable prospect/customer information• Limited collaboration with other groups
  14. 14. CUSTOMER, CONTACTS AND LEADS MANAGEMENTFrom capture to tracking to evaluation to Lead Management • Qualification and capture and import Scoringqualification to conversion and automatic • Monitoring of leads • Routing anddistribution. • Prospecting Assignment • ConversionCRM Advantage• Automatic association of incoming emails to leads• Effortless conversion of leads/responses to opportunities• Seamlessly integrated with marketing capabilities
  15. 15. OPPORTUNITY AND QUOTE MANAGEMENTEnd-to-end management of opportunities with Lead Management Components • Deal tracking • Products and pricingseamless integration to MS Office and strong • Competitive intelligence • Workflow and rulesworkflow helps sales reps. close the deal • Task management • Quote to OrderCRM Advantage• Seamless tracking of all associated communications• Robust workflow for repeatable best practices• Comprehensive Quote/Invoice/Order functionality
  16. 16. TERRITORY MANAGEMENT AND PLANNINGComplete set of features/tools for sales Lead Management Components • Territory definition • Quota capabilitiesplanning, territory management and • Territory association • Task assignment and routingresource allocation • Groups and permissions • Resource ManagerCRM Advantage• Resource Center ideal for sharing best practices• Robust role and group- based permission management• Strong global capabilities for team selling
  17. 17. SALES ANALYTICSFull spectrum of sales analysis capabilities Lead Management Components • Forecast and pipeline reports Trending and historical •ranging from basic reporting to data • Other sales reports analysismining and dashboards • Report Wizard • data miningCRM Advantage• Broad capabilities like dashboards• New reports just “Next” button away• Easy report sharing and editing
  18. 18. IMPROVED SALES PRODUCTIVITY Consistent Effortless Maximizing 360° View of Repeatable Online/ Forecast and Customerthe Customer Sales Process Offline Pipeline Value Experience AnalysisEnables rapid Drives greater Increases Delivers Enablesand relevant efficiencies, consistency, better effectiveresponse and lower cost of productivity forecast proactivetailored sales sale and and provides information cross-sellingactivities better team more time to and financial and up-selling selling sell planning
  19. 19. KEY BENEFITS FOR SALES • Reach customer satisfaction goals VP of • Drive new revenue opportunities Sales • Achieve true business insight and visibility • Manage key sales KPIs • Increase sales staff empowerment and morale Sales • Enforce a consistent sales process Manager • Improve personal productivity Sales • Achieve holistic view of customer needs Rep • Seamlessly track customer comms. and interactions
  20. 20. KEY BENEFITS FOR IT Chief • Achieve rapid time to value Information • Realize low total cost of ownership (TCO) Officer • Leverage consistent IT architecture & standards • Adapt to the company as it evolves and changes IT Team • Easily integrate existing applications and data Lead • Extend the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Adapt to the ever-changing business requirements Business • Track key KPIs and cross-team workflows Analyst • Improve relevancy via point & click customization
  21. 21. CORE COMPONENTS OF SALESinclude:• Lead and Opportunity Management• Account and Contact Management• Territory Management  Operational• Products, Pricing and Quotes• Forecasting and Sales Analytics  AnalyticalKey Benefit Areas• Workflow across Teams and Groups• Tight Microsoft Office Integration  Collaborative• Offline and Mobile Device AccessCommonly integrated components include:• Sales Methodology Solutions• Product Configurators 25
  22. 22. LONG TERM CRM SUCCESS “To get better CRM projects, the company must view CRM as more than just an IT project or a business project. Instead, business users and IT users must work together to implement a strategy.“ Gartner Group September 2007
  23. 23. Amplifying Productivity with the Cloud NEW REDUCED INCREASED ECONOMICS MANAGEMENT PRODUCTIVITYPay for what you use No patching, maintenance Latest software for usersLower and predictable costs Faster deployment Internet collaborationShift from capex and opex Robust multi-layered security Anywhere accessAccelerate speed to value Reliability and fault-tolerance Instant self-provisioning “SaaS growth will significantly outpace traditional software product delivery.” – IDC, Robert P. Mahowald, Worldwide Software as a Service 2010-2014 Forecast: Software Will Never Be the Same,” June, 2010. “SaaS continues to grow in importance. As recently as 2009, in markets like CRM, SaaS accounted for 20% of enterprise application spend.” – Gartner, Inc., Public Cloud Infrastructure Helps SaaS Vendor Economics,” June 4, 2010.
  24. 24. MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM AT A GLANCE• More than 1,000,000 users • Native Office experience in over 80 countries for rapid adoption• Over 20,000 customers • Multi-language with more than from small businesses to large 40 languages enterprises • Advanced SOA / Web services• Global network of software & architecture services partners • Powerful platform for rapid• Full CRM suite of marketing, application development (xRM) sales, & service Fast. Flexible. Affordable.
  27. 27. HOW CAN YOU START USING MICROSOFT CRMONLINE1. Decide the scope of CRM (sales, marketing, and /or service etc) relevant for your organisation2. Engage Microsoft CRM partner to set up and configure CRM online for your organisation and users3. CRM online is ready to use (in as short as 2 weeks)