Explore the Age of the Customer


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Presentation by Fiona Shanley, Director Marketing & Operations, Microsoft Schweiz, @ Executive Circle Summit December 2013, about enabling marketing in the age of the customer, advertising and trends.

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Explore the Age of the Customer

  1. 1. The Age of the Customer 03 December 2013 Executive Circle Summit Fiona Shanley, Director of Marketing and Operations
  2. 2. Changes in how we work 65% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool 80% Rise of the social customer 4 Average of consumer devices used every day 44% of 84% of organizations have remote workers of Fortune 500 companies will deploy new mobile applications this year consumers complain via social media 20% expect a response within 1 hour via social media Buyers today are over of the way through the buying cycle before they contact you 57%
  3. 3. >4.5 billion >400 million people on social tweets per day about product, services, and brands >6.8 billion on mobile 150 average number of times a person checks their phone each day
  4. 4. Mobile media use in Switzerland Executive Circle Summit
  5. 5. Trends
  6. 6. Trends Mobility 91% of organizations expect to spend on mobile devices in 2013 In 2013, mobile devices will outship PCs by more than 2:1 and generate more revenue than PCs for the first time 85 BILLION mobile apps will be downloaded in 2012 Mobility = Data security concerns Social Social networking will follow not just people but also appliances, devices and products 1/2 of companies expect to use internal social network apps in 2013 Cloud >80%distributed/ in of new apps 2012 will be deployed on clouds The strategic focus in the cloud will shift in 2013 from infrastructure to application platforms 34% of CIOs say technology as a service (cloud) will have the most profound effect on IT in the future Big data 49% ofpriority for BI as the CIOs rank top project 2013 Total digital content will grow 48% from 2011 2/3 of mobile appsintegrate developed in 2012 will with analytics offerings 2.7 zettabytes in 2012 32% of businesse are likely to invest in BI and analytics in 2012
  7. 7. Enabling marketing in the Age of the Customer Create great experiences Engage with advertising Reach mobile consumers Windows Store Xbox SmartGlass Manage an effective org Gain insights from data
  8. 8. Differentiate brands through unique customer experiences Create engaging, personal advertising Connect to the mobile consumer Achieve world-class marketing effectiveness Gain customer insights from data
  9. 9. Differentiate brands through unique customer experiences
  10. 10. A consistent experience, anywhere, on any device… …with global scale and impact
  11. 11. Create engaging, personal advertising
  12. 12. Create engaging, personal advertising Reach your audience through Advertising More amazing consumer connections Quality engagement at scale PC Operating System Our fastest growing OS ever Console + ServiceHub The Home Media with more than 40 MM users, and 2B hrs/ mo. WindowsVoice for Video & Live Messenger Users 280MM Loyal MSN & inspire over Reach 480MM engaged fans monthly Bing Search that helps you “do” with more relevance and the help of friends
  13. 13. Achieve world-class marketing effectiveness
  14. 14. Achieve world-class marketing effectiveness Integrating your marketing management Increasing ROMI with end-to-end systems and automation Media planning Topline Revenue Catalog management BUDGET MANAGEMENT Segmentation analysis Pricing and promotion Plan Omni-channel sales Execute Marketing resource management Digital asset management Event Planning Multi-channel campaign management Analyze CLOSED LOOP ROI BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS SOCIAL MARKETING Loyalty management By 2014, companies that develop an Integrated Marketing Management strategy will deliver a 50% higher Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) than those who don't." —Gartner, Inc., “Focus on Integrated Marketing Management”
  15. 15. People-first experience designed to bring you closer to your customers Pervasive connections and communications inside and outside the organization Personal experiences delivered across every interaction and engagement