A world after cloud computing by Gunter Dueck


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In his presentation "The world after Cloud Computing" during the X.DAYS 2014 author Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck explains very clearly what people should expect after cloud computing. Questions like: "What future key competencies will the worker of tomorrow need?" and "How can you deal with changes in your work and in your life" are critically examined and answered.

More information can be found at: http://www.xdays.ch/

A video of the presentation in German can be found in the last slide or you can visit the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOvzXxpge4E

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A world after cloud computing by Gunter Dueck

  1. 1. Die Welt nach Cloud Computing Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck dueck@omnisophie.com www.omnisophie.com Wilddueck@Twitter
  2. 2. Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work & In Your Life DR SPENCER JOHNSON
  3. 3. Who morphed my cheese?
  4. 4. 3D Revolution and Injection molding
  5. 5. Synthetic Biology (Solazyme / Amyris )
  6. 6. Informatik ! Engineering? •  Computers •  Networks •  Operating Systems •  Self-Learning Infrastructures •  Cyber Physical Systems •  Robot Society •  …
  7. 7. Big Data ! Engineering? •  Spreadsheets, Bean Counting, Controlling •  Data Mining & „Business Intelligence“ •  Forecasting & Strategy •  Big Data enabling Smart Systems •  Self Learning Infrastructures •  Robot 2.0 (Robotbook, …) •  …
  8. 8. IT-Professionals ! Real Life? Integration vieler Welten
  9. 9. „Work hard to stay near to the top – by much more frequent and quicker re-invention than in the good old times.“
  10. 10. Upgrade for your future or be industrialized „industrialized“ Part changer eShop Coder Just cheap Call-Center Low skill, Minimum wage „job today Mechanic Sales Rep Softwaredesign Quality Brand Bank clerk Expert „Wanted: Upgrade“ „Machine whisperer“ „Fulfill dreams“ „Solution“ „Life-Style Feeling“ Real professional Creating Professional
  11. 11. „Future“ Key Competencies?
  12. 12. Multi-competencies: which ones do you think you have resp. should have? Social competency, communication competency, cooperation competency and team work, competency in conflict resolution, expertise in your job, skill in your job, leadership competency, competency in methods, self-competency, competency to grow your personality, intercultural competency, inter- disciplinary thinking, competency to lead, competency to teach, creativity, innovativity, courage, analytical competency, competency to build processes, „process-empathy“ (ability to know what happens), competency in body language, mathematical competency for good jugdement and decisions, language competency, internet & computer literacy, selling competency (able to understand wishes and motives of clients, ability to listen, empathy, ability to establish trust, ability to be „loved“ by other people right away – on the phone, too)
  13. 13. Professional Intelligence - Keep things done •  IQ – Structure, Plan, Organization •  EQ – Understanding & „Team“ („Empathy“) •  CQ – Creativity, Openness, Curiosity •  AQ - Talent for Attraction („Intropathy“) •  VQ – Vitality, Will Power, Energy, Passion •  MQ – Sense for „Meaning“ •  PQ – Integrated Professionality
  14. 14. How to simplify your presentation without dumbing it down by Olivia Mitchell