Case Study: Office 365 - Infinity Retail


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Microsoft Office 365 through Exchange Online helped Infinity Retail to reduce its TCO by 25 to 30% and overcome the limitations of the on-premise infrastructure. The deployment of Office 365 enabled Infinity Retail to infuse agility in its operations, have a unified experience across devices and no administrative overheads. If you’re interested in giving your business the Cloud advantage with Office 365, call us toll-free at 1800-102-1100. You can also write to us at or SMS MS Cloud to 56060.

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Case Study: Office 365 - Infinity Retail

  1. 1. Infiniti Retail reduces its TCO by 30% with their new Cloud based email solution
  2. 2. Retail today is all about being ready for change Changing consumer preferences New trends in technology Global connectivity
  3. 3. Over 64 stores 2,500 products Croma is a multi-brand electronics store under Infiniti Retail with… 180+ brands
  4. 4. And 2,700 employees, of whom 700 are e-mail enabled only…
  5. 5. With rapid growth, 10-25 new mail IDs need to be added every month…
  6. 6. Infinite Retail was using two on-premise mail servers, over 5 years old
  7. 7. Which meant support for its infrastructure had ended long back…
  8. 8. Resulting in… No disaster recovery solutions Expensive disk back-up systems Manual intervention for trouble-shooting Problems scaling in a short time
  9. 9. Plus, employees now needed more modern ways to stay in touch.
  10. 10. “We needed to provide stateof-the-art IT services without the need for large on-site infrastructure.” Mr. Nadeem Malim Senior Manager, IT
  11. 11. Infinite Retail chose to run a pilot of Exchange Online on Office 365…
  12. 12. And migrated 700 email users in just 60 days.
  13. 13. Giving employees the advantages of… Secure data with constant back-ups Better email, calendar and task mangement Creating bulk IDs in minutes Work from anywhere capabilities No worry about server storage
  14. 14. And providing Infinite Retail with… Saving 25-30 work hours every month on IT administration Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership by 25%-30% Work from anywhere capabilities Increased productivity and better time management across teams
  15. 15. Ensuring that nothing comes in the way of giving customers a great retail experience.
  16. 16. “We just pay a monthly fee and it’s all managed for us. Eliminating the need to buy or manage infrastructure means tangible savings. We estimate that our TCO will reduce by 25 to 30 percent.” Mr. Avijit Mitra Chief Information Officer
  17. 17. Read in detail about Infiniti Retail’s story Here
  18. 18. Catch us on our social channels for a quick word Or Log on to the Office 365 page and do more
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