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Dot Net Framework   An Overview
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Dot Net Framework An Overview


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. MAJU TechCon 2009 21st November, 2009 Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio An Overview Adil Ahmed Mughal
  • 2. Little About Me • Adil Ahmed Mughal • Development Executive at Telenor Pakistan • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional • Microsoft Certified Professional • INETA, User Group Leader • I blog at • Actively participates in community
  • 3. Agenda • Overview • CLR • Version History • Why learn .NET? • Web Development in .NET • Windows Client Development • .NET 4.0 Beta
  • 4. .NET Framework Overview • Microsoft's platform for building enterprise applications – Visually stunning UX – Seamless and secure communication – Model range of business processes • The .NET Framework consists of: – Common Language Runtime – Base Classes – Development Frameworks and Technologies
  • 5. .NET Framework Overview • Secure, Multi-Language Development Platform – CLR, DLR, Compact Framework • Next-Generation User Experiences – Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight • Cutting-Edge Web Application Development – ASP.NET, AJAX • Secure, Reliable Web Services – Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) • Mission-Critical Business Processes – Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) • Flexible Data Access Options – ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Data Services
  • 6. Common Language Runtime (CLR) • Run-time execution environment • Code that targets the runtime is called managed code • Compilation of code in.NET Framework occurs in two steps – Compilation of Source Code into Microsoft Intermediate Language (IL) – Compilation of IL to platform specific code by the CLR
  • 7. Benefits of CLR • Language Interoperability • Platform Independence • Performance Improvements • Automatic Memory Management • Security
  • 8. .NET Framework History
  • 9. Why Learn .NET? • 92% share of market are Windows users • 70% of development jobs on portals are for .NET • Rapid Application Development • Support development of enterprise application • Apply common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks • Integrate with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work
  • 10. Web Development in .NET • ASP.NET – Free Web development framework – From personal to enterprise class dynamic websites – Built on CLR with support of any .NET Language – A huge collection of controls available out of the box – Build compelling websites faster – Easy integration with SQL Server and other databases using ADO.NET and Entity Framework
  • 11. MAJU TechCon 2009 21st November, 2009 DEMO – ASP.NET
  • 12. Windows Client in .NET • Windows Presentation Foundation – Next generation presentation system for building windows client application – Visually stunning user experience – Vector based rendering engine – Utilizes modern graphics hardware – Support 2D and 3D graphics and animation – Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
  • 13. MAJU TechCon 2009 21st November, 2009 DEMO – WPF
  • 14. .NET 4.0 • Currently Beta version is available • Expected to released in March 2010 • Parallel Extensions to address multi core systems • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) enables support for dynamic typed languages • Improvements in C# 4.0 • New Features in ASP.NET • Better support with Windows Azure
  • 15. MAJU TechCon 2009 21st November, 2009 DEMO – .NET 4
  • 16. MAJU TechCon 2009 21st November, 2009 Q&A Adil Ahmed Mughal
  • 17. Thank You